The Body Tells Everything! Interview With A Systemic Masseur

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The Body Tells Everything! Interview With A Systemic Masseur
The Body Tells Everything! Interview With A Systemic Masseur
Video: The Body Tells Everything! Interview With A Systemic Masseur
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The body tells everything! Interview with a systemic masseur

The body tells everything. Reveals all the secrets of the owner. Talks about resentments, fears, inability to keep stress. About sleepless nights and lack of sex, about mistrust of the masseur and falling in love …

I wonder what secrets of his profession a person who has undergone training in System Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan can tell. Tatiana, a massage nurse with twenty years of experience, got acquainted with system knowledge in the summer of 2016.

Tatiana, has your approach to work changed after the training?

A lot of things can be said, in a completely different way now I approach the profession and people.

What is the body telling you?

The body tells everything! Reveals all the secrets of the owner. Talks about resentments, fears, inability to keep stress. About sleepless nights and lack of sex, about mistrust of the masseur and falling in love. The body, when you touch a person, when he undresses, when you do a massage, it speaks. I put my hands on the person, and right under my arms I feel the tension change. It's a very personal massage. If you don't trust or don't like the massage therapist, you don't have to go at all. Nothing good will come of it. No, the result will be in any case, but the psyche cannot be worked out with massage. Over time, everything will return, the psyche will rebuild the body.

How are we different from each other? People with cutaneous or anal vectors, with upper vectors, no upper ones?

For people with a visual vector, the emotional connection and environment, smells, and the structure of the massage means are important. Many are in fear, fixated on themselves. You need to reorient, show the beauty of love. Love is about other people, it is your feelings brought out. When you forget yourself, helping others. Not worrying about yourself, darling, not being obsessed with your difficulties. When you pay attention to the people around you, their desires and needs. And you feed them. Then the fears go away. Many go with their problems, talk. And although I am in favor of silence during the massage, if it is not painful, sometimes I talk. Silence makes you feel the body to the fullest, conversation - the psyche.

Anal-visual people often exaggerate the problems, they really make an elephant out of a fly. Then you need to disassemble the situation, and muscle tightness is removed. It is necessary to give a feeling of security and safety, which is in good hands, with a specialist.

Skin-visual - enjoy the touch. Both need to feel beautiful. The anal-visual ones are shy, the dermal-visual ones are not able. And there, and there you need your own approach. How to become confident / self-confident, someone just assert themselves in it. It happens that partners or exes hang anchors. This must be helped to remove, to help to realize reality. And what a pleasure anal-visual women have from massage of the buttocks, when they stop being shy and get used to their hands! It is important to create a comfortable environment to help them overcome this shyness and relax.

But anal people without upper vectors are the sadness of the masseur.

Why? Massaging them - hard physical labor?

The structure of the body is special, rough. The skin is rigid, like the psyche. Often soldered to the underlying tissue. They don't like sports, they don't change the load pattern on the body. And from the monotony, the body fixes them with muscle blocks. Do not massage deeply, they are in pain. It happens that they are offended right during the massage for pain. The buttocks are not allowed to be touched, only after an enlightening long conversation, for it is a taboo. Well, all masseuses, in the opinion of most anal men, - send … She is a woman, not her husband, touches different men during the day. So we need to have a conversation about a wife, children, profession, cars. And "What am I, woman, or what, to go to the masseurs?" And women just endure, they come when they cannot do without massage. Or they want to lose weight. He will not dare, not get together.

Interview with a systemic masseur
Interview with a systemic masseur

How are grievances expressed?

How offended? Shoulders lifted, shrunken, head lowered, neck strained. "Will not forgive!" Brushes into a fist. The body is clamped. In the blocks of the muscular back. Yes, resentment stops a person, extends to everything - both the body and actions, or rather, their absence.

What is a body without muscle?

Without muscle, the body is sad. Muscles cannot withstand the load, in poor condition. And a small volume, filling.

What is their reason for the visit?

Pain, weakness. The muscles are not able to withstand the load of bipedal locomotion and static long postures. Curvature of the spine is frequent. Some muscles spasm, others overstretch. You need to balance the body in order to bring it into a harmonious state.

Tatyana, what kind of relationship do you have with men during the sessions, because a rather close bond is established between you?

Before the training, I took for a massage only those whose wives I knew before that everything was fine with them with this simple matter. And now it is already clear who has what shortages. Who is dangerous, who is safe. And how to behave so as not to wait for "continuation".

A man getting a massage is a whole story. Men with a skin vector are drawn to massage because they enjoy touching, and this is a new sensation during the day. The new man is admitted so close to the body. It happens, at the very beginning, when there is a novelty, they cuddle. Therefore, in my speech I use: "As usual … like last time … I repeat … it has become habitual." It gives the feeling of a repetition of events, I'm not that interesting anymore. And the massage is pleasant, every time I do it in a new way, alternating techniques. I share - myself and massage. Then they continue to go for skin sensations, pleasure from massage, this is both conscious and unconscious. But I, as a new person, are no longer interesting.

With the visual vector, emotional connections are built, attached with all their soul. Skin-visual translates into the category of girlfriends, anal-visual - can become attached, fall in love with the captivity of emotions, sensuality, rapprochement. Training helps to anticipate these situations.

And if a man with anal frustrations, then trouble will not wait long. They are attracted to the dirty, and the masseuse - well, just "send..". Therefore, I avoid them. This can also be recorded as a plus from the training, it helps to build the right relationships with patients, men and women, without crossing borders. And in time to discern the problematic, with whom it is better not to deal at all.

Skin-sound is obsessed with the idea, it can be admired. The main thing is not to become this very idea. In general, the sound suppresses. The skin vector already has a low libido. Although they do not usually feel their needs, massage revives bodily experiences. Some are surprised to realize that the body can be a source of pleasant sensations, and they briefly leave the world of ideas. At the time of the massage.

Anal-sound - double absence of a man for a massage. Anality, in principle, does not like massage, but the sound somehow doesn't care. But the wives bring, give them gifts in the form of massage.

By the way, with women who are from minorities, you also need an eye and an eye with them. In order not to cross the line beyond which their attraction may turn on. Otherwise, they then feel cheated.

Interview with a masseur
Interview with a masseur

And feelings need to be protected. The training helps to fully understand what it means "do no harm". If you build relationships, then you become a family member, almost a relative. Admitted to body and soul. This is a special relationship with people with an anal vector, with or without riding. For dermal ones without tops, it is often "nothing personal, just a service" - they pay, I do it. They easily go to different masseurs until you show why the benefit-benefit is on your side. And people with an anal vector, on the contrary, are rigid: if they go again, then only to a trusted specialist who is trusted. Over time, you become a part of the past, which is overvalued in itself. Once found, they will not change it for anything.

Does the skin vector also exist in different states? Someone hurts, but someone, on the contrary, wants more pain? How do you define masochistic desires?

The skin is completely different. Agile, thin, delicate, sensitive. Skinners who were beaten in childhood are interesting, they are also businessmen. They replace trips to dominatresses with painful massage, and they don't just go for massage, but for body shaping - and this is tough, painful.

When you hurt, often without it, you look at the reaction. If after painfully relaxed and smoothed the face - beaten in childhood. If squeezed into a ball and frowned - not broken: annoyed. I want a gentle soft touch on sensitive skin, and then there is pain. It just hurts. And the body tenses. Then you need to change the technique to a softer one.

The beaten relax through the pain. Sometimes I clarify whether it hurts or is painful-pleasant? Jokingly, I ask if there is a desire to give change to the masseur? Some dermal ones directly say that they like it when it hurts.

Is it possible to determine the sound vector by the body?

I just couldn't do it on my body. Usually I communicate with the person in advance. If the sound is realized, then nothing is clear from the body, at least to me. Well, apart from the obvious - what is already noticeable: high forehead, height. But not everyone has growth. A lot of sound professionals of average height. A lot depends on the lower vectors. If depression or suicidal thoughts, they seem to be not here, so in themselves that they can not immediately reach the feeling of the massage itself. But touch usually extraverts them. They have a separate body, a separate psyche. Massage helps to connect them, to give a sense of living in the moment. Not immediately, on the fifth day. The massage gives the feeling that you are understood, felt, occupied with you and only you. [Note. ed. It is clear that massage is a temporary relief. Without a psychological study of their states, they gradually return to depression.It is important for a sound engineer to realize the meaning of any phenomenon, this literally "awakens" him].

Are the sound people so separate from the body that they don't feel contact with it?

Yes, the feeling that the avatar was brought in and laid down. And they themselves retired on business. And yet, we have a favorite: “What's the point? Yes, it's all pointless. " Those who manage to be detained longer than a couple of times come again. Sound needs meaning. If you give them, then the sound will come for them. Well, if the genius is unrecognized, you have to let him talk, ask. Then, too, can be useful.

Interview with a masseur
Interview with a masseur

What is the most important thing in the profession that training gives? Is there more than understanding people's desires?

What's the most important thing? Understanding the development of the moment. What will happen next. Once she refused to work with an anal-sound man because he had strong grievances, the source of grievances continued to be exposed, and there was a feeling of senselessness of work. It's hopeless. Everything that I do will overstrain again, at night he does not even sleep without relaxing. The whole is clamped. This can be seen in the body. He has a visual mother at home who is constantly hysterical, and he does not have the wisdom to react otherwise.

Does the lack of meaning in life also affect the body?

The psyche turns off the body so much as the source of the meaninglessness of being that the legs do not go, the lungs do not breathe. It literally hurts to breathe, hurts behind the breastbone, discomfort. This is different - just bad, or the body feels so. Psychiatrists even have such a concept - vital longing and vital sensations. Vital anguish - when mental pain is felt as physical, it is equivalent to it. She lives somewhere in the region of the heart. And vital sensations are general weakness, lethargy, lack of strength and weakness. This applies to the whole body.

Is it when signals from the psyche are stubbornly ignored by us?

Yes, it is, the body declares that it cannot go on like this. Something needs to be changed. More precisely, the psyche through the body. Somewhere they wrote about sound numbness. The body stops feeling, feeling. Subjectively, at the level of emotions, it is perceived as a leg that has served. And no facial expressions, no gestures.

Sometimes such a person comes, lost and torn off, and then desires are clarified. Skin especially: "And you can once again this technique, very pleasant, but this is not necessary." A person suddenly finds the body a source of pleasure. Many people have a tactile hunger.

Tatiana, can you give advice to people suffering from pain of unknown origin, which doctors do not diagnose?

Yes, even with chronic fatigue syndrome, when there is pain, massage is recommended.

Massage starts the body, this is also important: the endocrine glands begin to work more intensively, the neurohumoral mechanism is triggered. Blood circulation is restored, which means that the body is saturated with oxygen. And toxins - they are not in the intestines. These are decay products in the intercellular fluid, when there is no full blood circulation - most of the capillaries are not involved in everyday life. The massage also restores this. Fresh blood comes in, venous blood and lymph outflows, edema associated with circulatory disorders disappears.

Reflexively, what do we do when we hit? Three hurt. When rubbed, a kind of analgesic substances are produced. The mechanism starts. But if a person is morally bad with his environment, then you need to understand the mental.

And what can you tell your colleagues whether they need training in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, if, for example, there is no shortage of clients, and they are trained in different techniques and methods?

Mmm … there is an unmistakable definition of technology, selection for each person. There are many techniques, all of them can be adapted, combined depending on who is in front of you. Understanding vectors gives a point hit in techniques: to whom, what, with what intensity you can do it. After all, the result can be achieved in different ways. There is no need to waste time in order to find a technique for a person and to establish a strong connection and trust. Massage is also communication. Understanding the vector set helps to correct the emotional state, not just work on the body. Hence the improvement in human well-being.

Interview with a systemic masseur
Interview with a systemic masseur

If you already have a developed customer base, this will help to qualitatively improve the result of massage. Immediately find an approach to beginners so that they come back and go only to this specialist. And a broken leatherman can generally become a pass to life. To be that same belt folder that balanced the rest of a person's life. There was a commentary on an article about masochism, a boy in a village or town lived with a folder, who beat him, scolded, humiliated him. And everything went well with the boy in life, only he did not want to go home. And he grew up and left the folder, and it began … No study, no work, and personal failures. The script for failure worked in life, not balanced, without opiates.

Tatyana, thank you for sharing systemic observations in your profession! Would you like to ask your colleagues, who were also trained by Yuri Burlan, a question?

I would like to ask about a systematic approach to clients with an anal vector (without skin and without upper vectors) on anti-cellulite massage and body shaping, modeling.

They lose weight well, but gain back because they seize stress. It is useless to encourage them to go to the gym, do exercises, limit themselves in food. Here's how to arrange the work so that a person does not become disappointed in himself? It is clear that everyone needs to attend training with Yuri Burlan. That there should be realization of anal properties, so that food is not the only source of inspiration and pleasure. And that you need to love the body as it is. But if it's 100-120 kg, it's sadness.

Well, when there are upper vectors, you can reach the intellect in the sound vector or emotions in the visual vector, sometimes scare you with diseases. And if only the lower vectors? How to motivate yourself not to abandon yourself with lasting effect? For the sake of family, children, husband, it does not always work. I become a friend and listener. But this is not enough when stress or frustration breaks through, when they are offended once again at someone or are guilty. When the night, sadness and refrigerator …

The interview was recorded by Tatyana Annenkova, recruiting specialist

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