In The Shackles Of Resentment. Bitter Thoughts On A Squeezed Couch

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In The Shackles Of Resentment. Bitter Thoughts On A Squeezed Couch
In The Shackles Of Resentment. Bitter Thoughts On A Squeezed Couch
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In the shackles of resentment. Bitter thoughts on a squeezed couch

What is real offense? What is the psychology of resentment in a person with an anal vector? Why can it arise for the most seemingly insignificant reason, poisoning his existence, and through his frustrations, rancor, endless whining - and his loved ones?

Every person at least once in his life experienced resentment. Resentment is an annoying and destructive feeling.

True, some deal with resentment easily, forgetting about it in five minutes and not keeping in mind the very event that gave rise to it. Here the principle is simple: if it didn't work out, I'll go further. This behavior is typical of people with a skin vector, some of them say: "Spit in the eyes - God's dew." They don't dwell on negative states.

Skinners do not know what resentment is when a mixture of aggression, self-criticism, internal and external destruction occupies the entire living space, drawing into this funnel all those who are near. They do not know how for decades the inevitable feeling of resentment, accumulated on dissatisfaction, irritation, anger and self-examination, has been gnawing at the inevitable feeling of resentment, in search of an answer to the question: "For what?" In the psychic skin people, resentment against friends, resentment against loved ones is not formed. They have the ability to quickly change states, as they say, "I took a shower - I forgot everything." Even some psychologists in their arsenal have similar recommendations with a naive argument that water takes away all sorrows, resentments and sorrows.

In one thing, psychologists are right - this method works. However, they do not know that it does not work for everyone, but only for leather workers. And the rest, especially touchy ones, to which the system-vector psychology classifies people with an anal vector, “skin” recommendations - that a dead poultice. Give the anal guy just an excuse to worry, he will immediately perch on the sofa, sit next to a multi-ton resentment and enjoy her presence for the rest of his life, feeding this carcass with the most expensive delicacies.


What is real offense? What is the psychology of resentment in a person with an anal vector? Why can it arise for the most seemingly insignificant reason, poisoning his existence, and through his frustrations, rancor, endless whining - and his loved ones? The reasons for resentment are searched for everywhere. It sometimes becomes simply impossible to endure the presence of such a relative who has accumulated resentment against parents, mother, friends, colleagues at work, resentment against the boss and even against his own children.

There are four types of grievances or four stages that people who have an anal vector often go through. The first and root of these is resentment against mom. In this negative attitude of the little man, who by its nature is closely connected with the most important being for him in the world - his mother, as a rule, all further grievances that deform his life scenario are hidden. Often they provoke absolutely unpredictable events concerning both the offended person and those around him. The scale and methods of venting this personal grievance can be very unforeseen - from verbal sadism to mass murder.

Resentment against the mother as a predisposition to mass murder

And it's not a joke. For the anal child, the mother becomes the first person who opens the world for him and keeps it in it. He clings to his mother's hand, fearing to get lost in a strange and hostile crowd, just as having matured, he will cling to the past, which was calm, gave him stability and confidence in the future. This is its nature, and it cannot be fought against in the same way as it is impossible to fight against the onset of day and night. Creator-nature does not do anything superfluous and does not send tests beyond its strength, therefore, every person on Earth should be accepted as he is, trying not to reshape him for himself, but to understand his natural desires through the properties and characteristics of his vectors.

If an anal child tries to spend more time with his mother, expecting support from her in everything, then you should not reject him for the sake of some temporary relationship or minor events. Breaking communication with her son, a demonstration of neglect, unjustified reproaches against him, lies, unethical, uncivilized or overly vulgar behavior of the mother in the society of men - all this greatly wounds the baby, fixing in his subconscious with deep disgust and bitterness of resentment.


People with an anal vector have a division into clean and dirty, which applies to all areas of life, to all relationships. What kind of environment a child finds himself in during the upbringing process, so he will grow up, enjoying savoring mud or bleaching white. If his mother becomes the ideal of a woman for him, he will look for the same ideal in a friend who is destined to create a family. If the mother was the complete opposite, all women will receive the same nicknames from the anal sex: "whore", "bitch", "prostitute". And no power in the world will be able to change his opinions. Eternal grudge against women is guaranteed to him.

People with an anal vector are distinguished by a unique memory and the ability to collect, filter, systematize life events, including their own, bit by bit. If a suspicious anal child does not find explanations for himself and the reasons why his mother does not love him, then he plunges into a heavy resentment, projecting it onto any relationship in the future, whether it concerns women or the world in general. In such a situation, resentment and guilt always go hand in hand, complementing each other.

If you analyze the biographies of criminals who committed their actions against individuals, for example, Mark Chapman - the killer of John Lennon, or against groups of people - from Breivik to Lanza, then the first thing you should pay attention to is their problematic relationship with their mother.

In addition, for the above-mentioned killers, the properties of other natural vectors that are in conjunction with the anal are included in the game, thereby giving the reprisals a special ideological “coloring”. But without anal resentment, it is difficult to imagine a reason for writing a manifesto, shooting colleagues at work or your own boss. Resentment against the boss for machinations, for unjust dismissal, can also result in his physical destruction, manifested in the so-called "postman complex". Frustrated, undervalued, as it seems to him, the anal, fortunately, does not always take up arms in order to take revenge on colleagues and the boss. More often he confines himself to a long wait with reproaches against them: "They will crawl to me on their knees, ask me to stay …"


Resentment against his wife. All women … are the same

No one is going to crawl on their knees, just like most of the women to whom he predicts this, with whom anal men, who have a hidden grudge against their mother, always have a difficult relationship. Maternal dislike, which provoked dislike, creeps into relationships with any woman, even the most honest and pure, provoking conflicts interspersed with various forms of sadism.

In fact, when a person is offended, he thereby gives a signal to the one who is next to him that something is wrong with him and for a start it would not be bad at all to find out what the reasons for the offense are. Of course, people with an anal vector are distrustful, doubtful and will not always deign to explain what is happening to them. Therefore, the conversation should be very careful and unobtrusive, taking into account all the features of their natural properties. You should never speak negatively about his mother in the presence of an anal husband, even if their relationship was not ideal. In his view, “mother is sacred”, how much she corresponds to this status is another question. The topic touched upon, an inadvertently spoken word will lead to the fact that he will not only have an insult to his wife, but also an aggressive reaction.

The nature of the resentment, as a rule, is based on the properties of the anal vector. On the values ​​that a man cherishes, formed by his specific role for millennia and firmly assimilated by him in the process of development. If they put home, family, children, friendship, honor and respect at the forefront, then violation of one of these criteria always contains a time bomb. The power of the explosion, the place and time will be determined by external circumstances, the stage of resentment and the degree of irritation.


Through childhood relationship experiences, the anal person may develop resentment towards the parents. Skin dad saved on a sweet tooth, his son, trying to accustom him to asceticism, mom did not give all the love, but shared it with her younger sister. When a baby appears in a family where an anal child is growing up, and all the attention of the parents is switched to the newborn, this is a difficult ordeal that can manifest itself as resentment towards the parents, resentment towards the sister.

An anal person, by nature an honest and just person, who has not been able to cultivate the same qualities in his own children, according to the properties of his vectors do not accept the father's "rules of the game with life" any "woman forgot her place." Resentment against a daughter can be caused by her public profession, for example, acting, multiple divorces, or simply inattention to the old father.

Living by past ideals and interests, the anal father is very detached from his children, and even more from his grandchildren, who are not interested in sawing out whatnot with a jigsaw or hammering in nails along a ruler. It is not easy for an anal person with rigid thinking to master modern means of communication, and his super-smart grandson does not need to communicate with his slow-witted grandfather. The gap between generations carries its irreparable drama, intensifying the pain of resentment, pushing people who do not succeed in keeping up with the times with an anal vector into the background. And today, in a new phase of development, they are thrown to the outskirts of life. Unable to find fulfillment in work and family, they sink even deeper into the quagmires of emotional grievances, pouring them over with alcohol.

There is no drug treatment for resentment, because pills cannot cure a character, as some psychologists try to do by prescribing antidepressants or, conversely, happiness stimulants to all those who stopped for a moment in thought. Resentment in the psychology of an anal person is a scourge with which, first of all, he punishes himself, deleting the best years from his own life.

You cannot find the same recipes for everyone, because we are all different and for someone an offense is something unknown, but for someone it is a dear mother who loves, doves and does not let go of herself. How to say goodbye to resentment, understanding and realizing it, you will be taught at the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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