Suicidal Depression - Learn What To Do For Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

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Suicidal Depression - Learn What To Do For Depression And Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Depression - Learn What To Do For Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Video: Suicidal Depression - Learn What To Do For Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Video: Suicidal Depression - Learn What To Do For Depression And Suicidal Thoughts
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Suicidal depression: when the severity of life is no longer able to bear

Everyone has heard that modern life is rife with stress. However, not every person develops symptoms of depression, suicidal thoughts and intentions appear. Is there a suicidal risk group for depression? Who and for what reasons can get into it?

A kaleidoscope of meaningless days is just a flicker of faces, dates and some events merging into a solid gray background. Only the excruciating pain inside is real. It throbs, expands like a black hole, drinking the last drop of joy, the last hope. At such times, suicide seems like the only way to get rid of the suffering. They say I have suicidal depression. Yes, I really don't want to live.

Would you like to? Anyone in their right mind might want to live like this? As if through a cloudy veil, I see how other people enjoy eating, working, falling in love, raising children. Sometimes I just feel disgusting to look at them. And sometimes I feel sick of myself - why am I not like everyone else and not able to live like them?

I feel nothing but pain. Probably, once I was able to rejoice - a long time ago, maybe even as a child. But the endless pain of my soul sucked all this ability out of me. There is no end to this black depression, suicidal thoughts are coming more and more often. Sometimes it seems that suicide is the only way out of this hell.

Suicidal risk in depression: who and why seeks to die

Everyone has heard that modern life is rife with stress. However, not every person develops symptoms of depression, suicidal thoughts and intentions appear. Is there a suicidal risk group for depression? Who and for what reasons can get into it?

The answer to this question is given by the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan, for the first time precisely differentiating any features, inclinations and properties of the human psyche. According to this science, thoughts of suicide occur only to the owners of two vectors - visual and sound.

The reasons why depression and suicidal thoughts arise in each of these cases are completely different.

Suicidal depression in "not like everyone else"

The sound person is a person “out of this world” from birth, but suicidal aspirations and depression do not arise immediately. Initially, he is distinguished from other people by special natural aspirations and desires: unlike the carriers of the remaining seven vectors, the sound engineer is indifferent to the values of the material world, he is striving to cognize the metaphysical issues of life.

Money and a career, a cozy home and family, "love until the grave" and everything else that people usually strive for, he is not interested, it does not fill a person with a sound vector. His inner questions can be expressed like this: “Who am I and why was I born on Earth? How is our universe arranged, according to what hidden laws does it live? " When for a long time the sound engineer does not find an answer to his internal questions, he gradually develops chronic depression, and later suicidal thoughts appear.

Depression and suicidal behavior as a result of self-isolation

It is not easy for a sound engineer to find a common language with people - those around him consider his interests and views strange. And he himself is a natural introvert, focused on his thoughts.

Going deeper and deeper into himself, shutting himself off from the noisy crowd with its alien values, the sound engineer dooms himself to an ever deeper depression, suicidal thoughts visit him more and more often. Sometimes there is a fear of going crazy - getting sick with schizophrenia or other mental disorder. And this is no coincidence: the risk of schizophrenia, autism, TIR exists only in the owners of the sound vector.

Deep depression with suicidal thoughts prompts to seek some kind of treatment. However, shock courses of antidepressants and other drugs relieve symptoms only for a while, because the cause of the problem has not gone away from medication treatment - the exhausting pain of the soul and a sense of the meaninglessness of life.

Suicidal depression: when to watch out

If someone close to you has depression with suicidal thoughts, you should be seriously wary if:

  • the person has serious sleep disturbances;
  • he may not eat for several days and does not notice it;
  • he wants nothing, nothing pleases him;
  • he expresses his depression by reasoning about the meaninglessness of life, voicing his suicidal thoughts;
  • before, he openly expressed depression, suicidal thoughts, but now he has completely withdrawn into himself and does not even try to share his experiences.

What to do if the listed signs are observed in you or your loved ones? First of all, to realize that thoughts of suicide in case of depression in a sound specialist really have a high risk of ending in suicide. Suicidal depression can bring such a person to the windowsill. As a rule, at this stage, he no longer voices anything to others, the most difficult condition drives him to complete suicide.

A desperate sound engineer can be saved by one conversation of a person who truly understands what is happening to him, one article that reveals to him the reasons for his conditions.

You can try to “talk to the sound engineer in his language,” say that you understand the cause of his suffering, that the subject of his search is outside the material world, so nothing here pleases. That he is not the only one in the world - about 5% of people with a sound vector are born.

You should not try to "help" with unnecessary emotions: "Oh, look what a sun, life is wonderful!" - nothing but rejection in a person tormented by the pain of the soul, it will not cause.

In suicidal depression, the sound engineer is guided solely to get rid of unbearable mental pain. For his suffering, he blames the body, which seems to "bind" him to this world full of suffering. The soundman unconsciously hopes that by getting rid of the body, he will get rid of the pain that torments him for so long. However, “to get to God through the back door” is impossible, this is not provided by nature:

There is a way out only in the realization and realization of one's natural talents and aspirations of the soul. Here is what people with a sound vector say about it, who have been trained in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan and have got rid of depression, suicidal intentions and behavior forever:

Nobody loves me, no one regrets me: depression and suicidal thoughts among the owners of the visual vector

Outgoing and emotional extroverts with a visual vector are not at all like withdrawn and self-absorbed sound people. On the contrary, they are actively looking for emotional connections with other people, vividly express their feelings. Nevertheless, such people may well complain of stress and depression, voice their suicidal thoughts.

In fact, in the case of the owners of the visual vector, it is not at all about deep, chronic depression, and the suicidal behavior of such a person does not carry a genuine intent to commit suicide. Where do suicidal thoughts come from in the absence of deep depression?

By nature, visual people have a huge emotional range. Such properties are assigned to the visual person to realize their properties for the benefit of society. All volunteer organizations, peace movements, and work with people with disabilities are based on spectators. In a word, all areas of our life that require compassion for people.

However, in the absence of adequate implementation, this entire incredible range of emotions remains closed inside the psyche of the visual person, which is why he has tantrums and emotional swings. Instead of giving love and compassion to others, he begins to demand this to himself. No matter how many close ones assure that he is needed and loved, it does not help for long: time passes, and again there is a need to fill his emotional emptiness.

In this state, the viewer can voice suicidal intentions, talk about depression and the intolerance of life. However, these suicidal statements are not filled with depression at all, but with emotional hunger, the desire to receive attention and compassion for oneself. In the absence of the desired reaction of others, the owner of the visual vector in this state may attempt a demonstrative suicide.

The suicidal risk in the so-called depression (it would be more correct to say - dissatisfaction) in the visual vector is minimal, but it still exists. Sometimes an attempt at demonstration does end in suicide. In addition, the viewer, as a rule, is not aware of the reasons for his condition, does not deliberately try to manipulate someone, but in fact suffers.

What to do if someone close to you is experiencing such stress, demonstrating suicidal intentions, complaining about symptoms of depression because no one loves him and no one needs him?

  • at a critical moment, give the viewer the emotions of love and empathy so desired by him;
  • when his condition evens out, try to switch his attention to the real troubles of other people, to involve him in active assistance to the suffering.

These tips will help as a temporary measure. To eliminate the risk of repetition of such situations, a deep study of psychological problems and traumas that prevent visual people from realizing themselves for the benefit of society is needed.

At the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, many people successfully managed to get rid of tantrums, emotional pains, panic attacks and other symptoms of visual shortage:

Suicidal depression: there is a way out

Regardless of the reason why you or your loved ones have symptoms of suicidal depression, the path to deliverance can only be found through understanding the deep, psychological reasons for this condition. Already at the first free introductory online trainings on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, people get massive results in getting rid of depression and suicidal thoughts. Register here.

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