Yoko Ono. We Were Like One Soul

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Yoko Ono. We Were Like One Soul
Yoko Ono. We Were Like One Soul

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Yoko Ono. We were like one soul …

It seems incredible, but she did not know anything about the Beatles, although she had lived in England for quite some time. Once in a cafe, Yoko heard a song that literally turned her world upside down. Like a flash of a thousand suns, voice, music, meanings - everything was so familiar, so her, that instantly she understood - here he is …

"I would agree to sleep all my life just for the sake of

waking up just before death, to see her face …"

John Lennon

Half a century ago, they became husband and wife, and since then the gossip, gossip and backbiting that accompanied this marriage from the very beginning have not subsided. And this is despite the fact that one of the spouses has long been dead, and the other lives and lives, not hiding either his age, or his thoughts, or his views on modernity. Who is interested in this? Yes, everyone! After all, they are John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The Beatles' creativity has left the brightest mark on modern music. Sincere admiration, crowds of fans and inexhaustible interest in every minute of the life of the members of the phenomenal group exceeded every conceivable limit.

The story of the acquaintance and life of John and Yoko has been described thousands of times. It has been taken apart to pieces by various music critics and experts, the creators of the Beatles museums and collectors, fans and all caring amateurs who consider themselves "connoisseurs". Divided into two opposing camps, they still argue about the role of Yoko Ono in the life of John Lennon.

Some consider her to be the culprit of the collapse of the group, the witch who foolish the brains of the brilliant musician, and blame all the deadly sins. And these are the absolute majority. Others, relying on a real story, interviews and testimonies of close people, assure that the breakup of the group was outlined much earlier, and the relationship between John and Yoko was filled with love and mutual understanding.

Let's not stand on someone's side and read the tea leaves. With the help of the knowledge gained at Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", we will discover the sound vector and perfectly accurately reveal the secret of their relationship. We will understand why, after the first meeting with John, an entry appeared in Yoko's diary: "Finally I found a man whom I can truly love."

Two hearts pounding in silence

It seems incredible, but she did not know anything about the Beatles, although she had lived in England for quite some time. Once in a cafe, Yoko heard a song that literally turned her world upside down. Like a flash of a thousand suns, a voice, music, meanings - everything was so familiar, so much of her that she instantly understood - here he is … I don't know who he is, how and with whom he lives, I don't know how old he is, but he - the other half of my soul, my heart and mind. And that's enough - I see us together, I see our future.

Not a word was said about love, but it was more than love in the usual sense of the word. Yoko felt happiness bursting out from within. A joyful exhalation - she finally found what she had been looking for in men for a long time - a soul mate. And everything was decided. When she found out who her chosen one was, this did not shake the young woman's determination for a second. From the very first moment, Yoko was sure that their fates were closely linked forever.

Yoko Ono photo
Yoko Ono photo

Mystic? Madness? Cold calculation? What motivated the thoughts and actions of an unknown young avant-garde artist when she decided to win the heart of the idol of millions - the genius John Lennon? Yes, she was educated, had her own style, perhaps talent. But that was not enough. What then prompted Yoko to be so decisive in actions, and John - so pliable to her will?

A woman who has a sound vector in her psychic is unusual. She is strikingly different from other representatives of the fair sex. The sonic woman's desires are focused on finding the meaning of her existence. Material benefits are far from the main thing for her. Children are not important either. The meaning of what she does in this life is important, and most importantly - with whom! What kind of man is there.

Yoko Ono is a woman with a skin-sound bunch of vectors, purposeful, resolute, not understood by anyone and trying to express the content of her inner world through artistic images and installations. Depression, suicidal attempts, a psychiatric hospital are the result of a total misunderstanding. Society does not understand and does not accept her, but she does not understand herself, does not understand her searches, her actions, the people around her. This imperfect and empty world does not accept.

No man can stand such a restless creature next to him. Except for one - a man who has a sound vector, similar to her in everything - in search of the meaning of life, illumination with ideas, in revealing some important concepts for himself, in conversations about spiritual or cozy silence together.

John said more than once in an interview that from the very first acquaintance he was struck by her eyes - black, deep, mysterious. A gentle crystal voice, a face devoid of emotion, without a shadow of a smile, and a complete lack of subservience, which he is used to seeing from his fans, added mystery to her image. And although he did not like the exhibition, this little Japanese woman quietly penetrated into his heart and remained there.

He also felt a kindred spirit. Yoko was very similar to him - shocking, a little crazy. She felt freedom, a desire to change the world and an inner strength that would help her achieve what she wanted. The letters of a stranger with short phrases-meanings - "Breathe", "Be", "Look at the stars until dawn", which she sent, attracted him with irresistible force. These were, as it were, answers to questions not yet asked that opened his inner world. He felt like a book read. For the first time he met such an understanding, and soon for him there was no one more desirable and closer than this stranger who knew everything about him.

There has not yet been a single smile, not a single hug. There was no laughter, tears, emotions - there was nothing that is usually called falling in love. It was just that there was something much greater in the sensations that came from the depths, from the very essence, from some unknown lack that filled John's whole life, preventing him from enjoying the success of the group, money, and wild popularity. This emptiness took away strength, made all his work and life meaningless. And when their new meeting took place, understanding instantly came: he finally found the one he had been waiting for, as it seemed to him, a whole life.

We were like one soul photo
We were like one soul photo

Little Japanese angel with a samurai sword in his bosom

John could not believe the miracle that had happened. No, this does not happen - they understood each other from a half-word, from a half-glance, from a half-sigh. Just thoughts for two, ideas, endless conversations, discussion of everything in the world. She awakened in him the desire to live again, to create. With Yoko, he escaped from the cage, the key to which was lost, and finally found freedom, which was considered a pipe dream.

It seemed to John that in this little black-haired woman he found everything that he had been deprived of all his life - a lost mother, a wise teacher, a devoted and understanding friend, a beloved woman and a like-minded person. Yoko was "of the same blood" with him. She inspired him, supported all ideas, and with him comprehended the meaning of social phenomena. And she also solved business issues, ran a joint business and participated in all of John's creative ideas.

Yoko's range of interests was unusually wide. This little Japanese girl loved chess! According to her, she approached any business like a chess game. And her business acumen was amazing, as was her ability to conduct business in a wide variety of areas. Buying, selling, organizing, making money - all this gave Yoko, who has a skin vector, great pleasure. She was proud to have always been a breadwinner - determined, boldly going straight to the goal … such a macho woman.

They always had something to talk about … and be silent. The harmony that filled their relationship was manifested in everything. John has grown. He changed his view on the surrounding reality, on pair relationships and the role of women in a man's life, on the problems of war and peace. His work reached a new level and began to reflect their joint inner world. He became more mature, calmer. Composition Imagine (Imagine), considered the best in Lennon's solo career, appeared only thanks to Yoko, who actively participated in the creation of the song. They were always together, even when they parted.

The birth of a long-awaited son brought even more depth to their relationship. The decision made by John and Yoko was unusual and "scandalous" for the entire public. She began to run the business and all financial affairs, and he - to take care of the house and raise little Sean. It was a shock. Great John Lennon became a housewife! This Yoko could not be forgiven, and indignation flared up with renewed vigor.

And John was proud that he was able to be with his son for the first 5 years of his life, that he learned to bake bread and was free. He was happy that he was on the crest of a wave of paired relations of the future: when a man and a woman are like one soul, and all children are children of society, all “ours”, not divided into friends and foes. Unification of people, responsibility for the fate of the world, unconditional denial of wars on the planet … John seemed to suddenly discover the whole truth of the Universe. He knew how to solve all the issues, and understood that he was moving in the right direction.

Yoko Ono - Woman with Skin and Sound Ligaments vectors photo
Yoko Ono - Woman with Skin and Sound Ligaments vectors photo

“Yoko has inspired all my creativity.

She did not inspire songs, but myself …"

John Lennon

Over the past years of life together, they have become one and indivisible. As in communicating vessels, in them everything was equal and equal - one for two meanings, ideas, opinions. They breathed with each other, merged in soul and sprouted with thoughts. Yoko said that she and John were like two lost halves, which were found and merged with hearts.

Love requires nothing in return, now John knew for sure. The smile of his beloved woman, who became his life and support, gave him strength. Her wise advice, conversations filled with meaning, gave him a completely new vision of the reality in which they lived, in which their children will live, the reality that he wanted to change by changing himself. But most importantly, she was with him - his Woman, who was completely him, who gave him all of herself, simply because she loved. Yoko was his inspiration, motivation for creativity, motivation for life.

He decided to return to the world, to which he now could say something important. I was ready to reveal those meanings that I understood and believed in. The new album "Double Fantasy" was released in 1980. It was a joint work with Yoko - songs dedicated to each other, their son, relationships and the fact that "Difficult times are behind." John's voice sounded so joyful, convincing and life-affirming that it was quite clear that they were really ready to "Start Over."

And then December came. And John was gone forever. Irrevocably. The soul split, the magic disappeared. But there remained a Cause to which Yoko is faithful even today. She preserves for future generations the memory of John, the story of their love and happiness, as an example, realizing that time will put everything in its place. And now for almost forty years …

"I miss John every day …"

Yoko Ono

The love of a sonic man and a woman is a relationship of the future, the potential of which humanity has yet to reveal. This is when happiness is endless and they want to share it with the whole world. It is in our power to bring this future closer.


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