I Don't Want To Be A Woman, Why Do I Want To Be A Man

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I Don't Want To Be A Woman, Why Do I Want To Be A Man
I Don't Want To Be A Woman, Why Do I Want To Be A Man

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I don't want to be a woman

A man does not give birth, he is not so attached to the material world through childbirth and taking care of children as a woman. A woman with an unrealized sound vector can perceive this role as humiliating, extremely undesirable. Its sound vector strives for the global, for the disclosure of the secrets of life, wants to merge with the spiritual, and here - mundane actions for reproduction. What's the point of this?

Is there such a mistake of nature - to place a male soul in a female body? And why are some women confident that gender reassignment to masculine will really change their lives for the better? Why doesn't a woman want to be a woman?

We will answer these questions with the help of the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. Let's start with the fact that among the eight vectors of the psyche there is one that has nothing to do with the material world. This is the sound vector. A person with a sound vector is endowed with abstract intellect and has only one unconscious aspiration peculiar to him to answer the question “What is the meaning of life?”, He wants to reveal the plan, the root cause. Such people study the spiritual aspects of the world order, looking for answers to global questions. These are the ones who create ideas and are fanatically devoted to them, even at the cost of their own lives. Because an idea is more valuable to them than life. Women who want to change their sex or think about it always have a sound vector in an unrealized state.

Not like everyone else. I don't want to be a woman

A woman with a sound vector does not differ in striving for the immaterial from a sound man. She also wants to reveal the hidden, to unravel the design of all that exists. If earlier a woman comprehended the spiritual through a man, now the volume of her psyche has grown so much that a woman can do it on her own. But unconsciously, a woman continues to perceive a man as one who is closer to the Creator, to the plan, that is, more perfect in general. A sound woman in this sense can perceive a man as a person, but herself - not.

A man does not give birth, he is not so attached to the material world through childbirth and taking care of children as a woman. A woman with an unrealized sound vector can perceive this role as humiliating, extremely undesirable. Its sound vector strives for the global, for the disclosure of the secrets of being, wants to merge with the spiritual, and here - mundane actions for reproduction. What's the point of this? So a woman can begin to hate her female body because of its ability to reproduce, hate her menstrual cycle as a reminder that she is "not a person, but a creature." "I don't want to be a woman anymore!"

Do not want to be a woman picture
Do not want to be a woman picture

Sound girl very early can start to feel different from everyone else. While the others discuss handbags, lipsticks, dresses, TV shows, show each other manicure, the sound girl prefers loneliness, silence, looking at the stars or reading, listening to music that she understands alone. For the same reason, she does not want to go to discos, parties, she does not join companies. For her, all their conversations are empty, "about nothing", this is unpleasant for a sound ear - after all, she wants to hear meanings, not nonsense. She hates screaming babies, "brood mothers" and their conversations about children, and she categorically does not want to have children.

The lack of a sound vector can increase so much that the girl begins to hate all "stupid women". She does not want to relate herself to this despicable sex, hatred of her own body appears, since it is female. She hates situations when others take her for a woman because of her body, and wants to be treated like a man. She thinks that if she were a man, she could do much more and achieve more. “For this, the body should be changed to a man's,” the woman concludes.

Why do I want to be a man? Separation into soul and body

Only a person with a sound vector separates his body and his psyche (his I) in perception. I am the soul, and the body is as part of the material world, with which the sound person does not associate himself. The body only does what it asks for food, drink, sleep, distracts from deep thoughts - how infuriating it is! All bodily desires and actions become hateful.

The sound vector is dominant and can interfere with the manifestation of other vectors. When the sound vector is not realized, such a person is “torn away” from the body in sensations. Nature, as it were, hints to the sound engineer that his main task is not in the material plane. And then all other material desires (desires of other vectors) become dulled and can disappear altogether. Depression, loss of interests, emotions, feelings, lack of meaning in life is growing.

If a woman continues to fixate on her internal states of the psyche, then she feels herself separate from the body. Feels that she is not a body. And he blames the body for everything, hates it, does not want to be a woman. She even has an angular gait, as if she does not fully know how to control her body, the movements are unfeminine. She compares herself to other women and sees no similarities. She does not strive to look beautiful, she can go unkempt, does not like dresses and skirts - she does not care about this. What is the point of dealing with clothes and appearance in general, when there are larger thoughts in your head? Then who is she if not a woman? It turns out that a man. The sound woman herself often thinks of herself in masculine form in her thoughts and even says it out loud: “I did it”, “I wanted it” - because she does not associate herself with the female essence.

Don't wanna be a woman wanna be a man image
Don't wanna be a woman wanna be a man image

The sound vector is outwardly emotionless. Even if the sound woman also has a visual vector, she can be completely depressed emotionally due to severe suffering in the sound vector. She begins to be annoyed by women who have fun, joke, laugh at what she thinks are stupid jokes. Silly, primitive conversations, seasoned with strong emotionality and noise from nothing, are so not accepted by a sound woman that she begins to hate the entire female sex. All women for her become fools, "hens", those to whom she does not consider herself. Men are another matter. It seems that men are less emotional than women. Men do not discuss gossip, their conversations are rational, they communicate essentially without these disgusting breaths and tears, without exaggerated enthusiasm and wide eyes. Weighted,rational male speech is pleasant to a woman with a sound vector. After all, she herself is laconic, and if she speaks, then in the case, "like a man."

The very timbre of male voices is more pleasant to her than female, especially the low timbre. So she begins to identify herself with a man. The male gender is perceived as her own: a woman can really consider herself a man in a female body due to the closeness of her mental manifestations with male ones. Often such a woman is not sexually attracted to men and believes that this is due to the fact that in fact she is a man.

Constant thoughts about the mistakenness of your gender can be aggravated by external circumstances: failures on the personal front, and, possibly, sympathy for a person of the same sex. And then the conclusion suggests itself that life will improve only in the body of a man, that you need to change your body to the way it should have been originally. Apparently, up there, at her birth, they made a mistake and placed the male soul in the female body. If she was completely a man, she would be happy. So a woman does not want to be a woman, but wants to be a man.

Why doesn't sex change improve your life?

The woman begins to take male sex hormones and prepare for the operation. Convincing her not to do this does not work. It is impossible to convince the sound vector. A woman changes sex, and what happens then?

Her soul as it was and remains the same. The sound vector is still unrealized. If earlier she did not feel like a woman in a woman's body, then after a sex change she does not feel completely like a man in a man's, because the subconscious, one way or another, remains a woman's. She seemed to get what she wanted, but still "something is wrong." She has psychological relief after hormonal and surgical manipulations, but not for long. The spiritual search went the wrong way, and the woman, who is now a "man", came to a dead end. Further, she will experience depression and suicidal thoughts. And visiting doctors all my life, including psychiatrists. And lifelong hormone therapy that shortens life. Often repeated operations. There is no turning back. Life becomes empty if it can be called life.

So who am I, why do I exist and what do I want?

System-vector psychology explains that the realization of the sound vector consists in cognizing the psyche, one's I, and perhaps this is only on comparison. We learn everything by comparison: we distinguish light only by observing the opposite - darkness. Revealing the structure of vectors, the psyche of people with different vectors at the training, Yuri Burlan allows everyone to observe in themselves and in the people around them these differences, the reasons for our states, behavior. For the sound engineer, this becomes a revelation.

Knowing the forces that drive a person, focusing on other people and learning to distinguish their desires, an introvert-born sound engineer is able to achieve the opposite in his development. This is his natural role, the beginning of the spiritual path. If you do not perform it, then a person with a sound vector will experience suffering. Nature will urge him to realize his task by depressions, separation from the material, suppression of desires of other vectors, insomnia, migraines, apathy and unwillingness to live. Suicidal intentions and even actions can occur.

The sound vector dominates the psyche, we must not forget about it. When the sound vector follows the path of its destination, then bad states go away. Then the desires of other vectors come to life, and the woman begins to feel like a man among people. A woman becomes able to feel like a woman with joy when she realizes her female role in the spiritual.

The evolution of desire. I want it means I can

The human psyche is constantly evolving - increasing, becoming more complex. It is no coincidence that women began to develop a desire to study and to realize themselves in society. It is no longer enough for a woman to be a housewife; she wants to be included in society on an equal basis with men. A woman becomes able to learn how to get a male-type orgasm. All this speaks about the evolution of the female psyche. Currently, a special place in the evolution of mankind is given to the development of the sound vector. And now, when the development of the sound vector is so important, it is the sound women who play a special role. Thanks to them, the sound man is able to fulfill his task, to fulfill his male plan. Realizing her feminine destiny gives a woman a sense of gratitude for her female gender. All this can be understood at the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan.Then the desire to change sex from female to male disappears forever.

I want to become a happy woman

Why a woman doesn't want to be a woman photo
Why a woman doesn't want to be a woman photo

How to shift the focus of attention from yourself to another? For a person with a sound vector, people are often completely incomprehensible, it is not clear to him how to interact with them, how they can live and enjoy that way, and the sound engineer does not feel the slightest desire to contact them. In the perception of a sound engineer who has not fulfilled his task, there is I, that is, his psyche, and his body, and all other people are illusory, their existence has no meaning. He strives for solitude, but finds in it only a worsening of his conditions.

To learn how to transfer concentration from yourself to the psyche of another person, you need to know what you should pay attention to in the people around you. An accurate, definite system of knowledge about the human psyche is needed. This knowledge is provided by the training System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Using them, the sound engineer learns to reveal the psyche of other people, which is hidden from themselves in the unconscious, and, in contrast to them, learns its own nature. A person with a sound vector experiences the greatest pleasure from this. After all, his main question is "who am I?" finds the answer. The woman also finds the answer when she precisely defines and separates male and female, their roles and tasks in the structure of the universe. In system-vector psychology, there are all the answers to all the questions of the sound woman.

Revealing these deep meanings, the sound woman realizes her destiny, finds her place in this world. And she becomes happy in her beautiful female body.

Read the results of women who came to the training in systemic vector psychology with the same questions:

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