Leonardo DiCaprio: "We Are The Result Of Our Dreams"

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Leonardo DiCaprio: "We Are The Result Of Our Dreams"
Leonardo DiCaprio: "We Are The Result Of Our Dreams"
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Leonardo DiCaprio: "We are the result of our dreams"

He almost drowned in "romantic sweetness" after his unexpected fame. The crowds of fans that fell on him and journalists who came up with unprecedented stories about his life, increasingly attributed to Leonardo the image of a seducing boy. Then DiCaprio, on the wise advice of his grandmother, simply took time out, began to refuse many offers and choose more serious roles for himself. This allowed him to work with such famous directors as Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Clint Eastwood, Baz Luhrmann, Steven Spielberg.

I was lucky in my life and career, I seem to use my abilities as intended … But the main thing that is needed for happiness is, in my opinion, not ability and not luck. It's about finding something that you feel is more important than yourself. I succeeded. Perhaps this is also luck.

L. DiCaprio

The name Leonardo DiCaprio is known to most film fans. Each of his appearances on the screen collects full houses in cinemas and in fact guarantees maximum box office receipts. Why is he so attractive to viewers? Is it a natural acting talent, Leo's good looks, or does sympathy for him arise unconsciously? Let's try to understand all the facets of the unique personality of actor Leonardo DiCaprio through the prism of System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, or simply Leo, as millions of fans call him, was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles. His mother Irmelin Indenbirken decided to give him such an unusual name, who, being pregnant, was inspired by the paintings of the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

Parents of Leonardo DiCaprio lived together only a year after the birth of their son. The boy's father, comic book artist George DiCaprio, soon remarried, and little Leonardo spent his childhood in the company of his mother and caring grandmother. Father Leonardo, for his part, tried to participate as much as possible in raising his son. Family has always been the value of George, the owner of the anal vector, so he continued to see his son, living near Los Angeles.

In his interviews, Leonardo speaks of his father with respect, expressing his gratitude to him for teaching him to be patient and honest. “He always guided me in my career, constantly talking about the fact that every film of mine should be in a certain sense historical,” adds the actor.

He retained his love and respect for his parents to this day. Irmelin and George more than once accompanied Leonardo to the film awards ceremony, sincerely worried about their son. Parents gave him landmarks in life. “I still think they are the wisest people in the world,” Leo says in interviews. “To be honest, I still don’t agree to film without my father’s advice.”

Leonardo's mom in the past did everything possible to get her son into a decent school. Possessing a visual vector, she could not help but notice her son's vivid acting skills. A smiling, skin-visual boy with expressive eyes, bright and full of energy, he was simply created for filming. The actor himself recalls that at the age of three he did not allow anyone to watch TV, obscuring the screen and portraying the artists. Numerous auditions and auditions have become familiar to Leo since the age of five.

His film career began with filming in commercials and with small roles in American TV series, the most famous of which for Russians is "Santa Barbara". The visual boy really liked this lesson, he happily attended the theater club at school, and only later various acting courses.

"I like to play. I think this will help me in later life. I have to admit I like being in the spotlight."

These words are from the first interview of little DiCaprio. Possessing the skin-visual ligament of vectors, from the first minutes on the stage Leonardo DiCaprio felt great pleasure in realizing his natural properties.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Acting is one of the options for realizing a person with a visual vector who lives with emotions and feelings. Being in the center of attention and speaking to the public without hesitation is in the blood of the carrier of the visual vector. Playing on stage or in a movie, the actor lets through all the experiences of the hero, completely transforming into his character.

It was precisely in realizing his visual properties that the novice actor Leonardo DiCaprio often appeared on the screen in the image of a sensual and loving young man. After the famous role of Jack Dawson in the movie "Titanic" Leo became worldwide popular. The touching story of the real sacrificial love of a poor guy and a rich girl, who could not even be destroyed by a fatal collision with an iceberg, makes thousands of viewers cry on the screen to this day. However, as Leonardo himself admits, the role in this film could destroy him as an actor.

He almost drowned in "romantic sweetness" after his unexpected fame. The crowds of fans that fell on him and journalists who came up with unprecedented stories about his life, increasingly attributed to Leonardo the image of a seducing boy. Then DiCaprio, on the wise advice of his grandmother, simply took time out, began to refuse many offers and choose more serious roles for himself. This allowed him to work with such famous directors as Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Clint Eastwood, Baz Luhrmann, Steven Spielberg.

"I begin each painting with the intention of reaching the top."

DiCaprio's natural dedication always led him only forward to the appointed goal. The skin vector, which sets the desire to always be the first and never give up, is very harmoniously manifested in the personality of the actor. His zeal for the acting profession once led Leonardo to the same set with Robert De Niro, who is still an example of Hollywood acting for many. It was in their joint film "This Boy's Life" that young DiCaprio grew from the role of a teenage American TV series and became a mature film actor. “When I was 16, I was very active and ambitious,” the actor recalls. “Whatever I wanted then, I definitely wanted it, and no matter how much effort, energy and time it was necessary to spend”.

The desire to reveal all the new facets of the acting talent of reincarnation leads Leonardo DiCaprio to new roles. Being in an eternal search for still unconquered heights, he chooses unrealistically complex projects for himself. This requires constant work on yourself, improving your acting skills.

The attention to historical detail inherent in a person with an anal vector is manifested in the fact that the actor carefully prepares for filming in films. So, for example, while working in a biographical film about the legendary head of the FSB Edgar Hoover, DiCaprio meticulously studied not only the plasticity and gait of his character, but also visited Hoover's hometown, had conversations with his former colleagues.

He is interested in getting used to the images of his characters, looking for reasons why they behaved this way and not otherwise, which pushed them to certain actions. Such a deep interest in psychology, in the secrets of the human soul, is characteristic primarily of people with a sound vector. They try to understand what is hidden there, behind the visible fabric of the Universe, to get in touch with the Absolute in order to get answers to all their questions.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio

They are not interested in what lies on the surface. They want to know the laws of existence of our world and the driving forces of the psyche. It is people with a sound vector that are interested in abstract ideas, which sometimes have no analogues in the physical world. So, Leonardo DiCaprio brilliantly plays the role of the House of Cobb in the film "Inception", which examines the theoretical possibility of unconsciously introducing a person into any idea, an idea that can radically change his life.

Leonardo DiCaprio is especially successful in the role of heroes with a sound vector - the role of strange, not understood by the world of loners, expressing existential meanings in their art through symbolic rows. For example, the role of the outcast poet and drug addict Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries, Romeo in the film adaptation of Baz Luhrmann, and Leonardo played another dissident poet and French symbolist of the 19th century Arthur Rimbaud in Total Eclipse.

Chief Aviator of Hollywood

Another striking role of Leonardo - skin and sound billionaire, director and inventor Howard Hughes from "Aviator", embraced by the idea of ​​designing unique flying machines. DiCaprio brilliantly shows the characteristics of Howard's personality, his absolute absorption in the idea, so characteristic of the skin sound engineer, determination and determination in bringing it to life.

Especially clearly he depicts the ailment that the protagonist suffered - this is the so-called obsessive-compulsive disorder, which was expressed in Howard's phobia of contracting a terrible disease. The fear of germs that can occur in people with a skin vector makes it a recluse in their own home. Due to the poor state of the sound vector, the situation is aggravated by the obsessive thoughts of the protagonist. System-vector psychology explains that mental disorders are characteristic only for people with a sound vector, whose natural task is to focus on finding answers about the structure of the universe.

It can be noted that the actors are especially good at playing the role of the hero, whose character and temperament are in many ways similar to the inner state of the artist himself. For example, Leonardo played first-class the roles of Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby and the slave trader Calvin Candy in Django Unchained. All these heroes are influential and successful carriers of the skin vector, who prioritize material wealth, money, and career. In each of these works, Leonardo DiCaprio brilliantly plays his characters, unconsciously feeling and understanding what drives them from within.

These rich guys struggled to make the American Dream come true, however, this dream fell apart like a house of cards, forcing the heroes to understand that happiness is not in money, but in relationships with other people.

Leonardo DiCaprio. Chief Aviator of Hollywood
Leonardo DiCaprio. Chief Aviator of Hollywood

“I feel more and more that we are all connected. That we own each other's destinies. I felt it for the first time many years ago …"

With these words, Leonardo DiCaprio answered in an interview to the question of what ideas and thoughts occupy him. He remembered the story of his idol, the young and successful actor River Phoenix. Leonardo once met him at the end of a party, tired, lost. It was not the best moment to get acquainted, and he decided that there would be another opportunity to communicate with him. A little later, Leonardo learned that River had died of a drug overdose that day in one of the clubs.

It was after this story that the actor realized that he could have called out to him then at a party, talk to him and, perhaps, something would have gone differently in the life of Phoenix. The conjecture that all people are unconsciously connected with each other still does not leave Leonardo DiCaprio.

The need to focus on philosophical ideas arises in every person with a sound vector. It is the search for the meaning of life that pushes the sound engineer to be interested in science, religion, music, philosophy and psychoanalysis. But if the owner of the sound vector does not understand what he is looking for, then he experiences a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction from life, even being famous and rich. Drugs become what distracts the sound engineer in bad conditions, taking him away from the real world into drug intoxication. This is exactly what happened to the young River Phoenix, who, in a sound desire to expand his consciousness, to go beyond the limits of ordinary perception, ended his life so tragically.

Many years ago, at that meeting, Leonardo felt some kind of kinship with his idol, unconsciously feeling the similarity of their psyche, their connection. This story became for the young actor a kind of negative example of what can happen when a person does not find himself in this world.

Another striking sound character in the life of DiCaprio was the American writer and psychologist Timothy Leary. He was a planted father at his parents' wedding. Young Leonardo tried to carve out a couple of hours to come to visit him, listen to his sermons and prophecies about the future. As a true sonicist, Timothy Leary always looked at death as a transition to another dimension, since he always perceived the immortality of the soul and its separation from the mortal body in a sound way. The stories about the "eternal" attracted the little sonic boy, in which he tried to find answers to important questions for him. Leonardo is currently working on a biographical film dedicated to the life of Timothy Leary, in which he is going to play the main role.

In early 2016, a unique epic film "The Survivor" was released, the main character of which is the prototype of the real-life colonist Hugh Glass. Another sound role. Leonardo DiCaprio admits that shooting in this film was a great challenge for him. Firstly, due to severe frosts and difficult weather conditions, and secondly, the complexity and depth of the plot itself required a lot of elaboration.

The life path of the protagonist, a fur collector and just a trapper, turns into a struggle for survival. The historical events of North America two hundred years ago are shown on the screen realistically and sometimes very brutally. But it is the truth, according to the actor himself, that makes this project unprecedented.

Life path of Leonardo DiCaprio
Life path of Leonardo DiCaprio

The sound director of the film, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, has put maximum meaning in every line of the protagonist. A minimum of words and a thoughtful look of Leonardo really deeply managed to convey the strength of the spirit of Hugh Glass. He rethinks his relationship with people, nature, with himself, making this story truly spiritual.

“Because I'm really worried about this, I'm worried about this. And I simply have no other choice"

In addition to acting, which makes up most of his life, Leonardo DiCaprio pays special attention to the problems of environmental pollution. “I have been fascinated by this topic since childhood: when I dreamed of saving whales and the rain forests of the Amazon. And if I had not become an actor, I would probably be a marine biologist now,”the actor admits.

Already famous, he created his Ecological Wildlife Fund and speaks with particular sensitivity about the serious problems associated with global warming and the adverse consequences of human abuse of the environment. In this we see another manifestation of the visual vector of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Caring for plants and animals is manifested only in people who are naturally inclined to show sincere compassion for all living things. It is the owners of the visual vector who head various charitable foundations in support of animals, children, old people, vulnerable groups of the population, showing concern for the poor and sick people.

A couple of years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio's team organized an auction for charitable purposes. Here, the actor was able not only to immerse himself in the wonderful world of fine art, which always gives him incredible pleasure, but also to collect a fairly large sum to solve environmental problems.

Briefly about personal

Leonardo DiCaprio talks little about his personal life. Of course, the press advertises him as the most enviable groom, commenting on his novels with another supermodel. The optic cutaneous ligament of vectors thirsts for novelty in sensations, therefore such novels are frequent and fleeting.

Leonardo himself says that he is looking for something more in a relationship than just mutual sympathy. The actor's visual vector feels the need to create a strong emotional connection in future relationships, and the sound part of the psyche subconsciously seeks a “soul mate”, a person with whom it will sometimes be comfortable even to just keep quiet.

Perhaps one day Leonardo DiCaprio will start a family, but so far his life and passion is a movie. He strove for this since childhood, he is the result of his own dreams. He always goes forward, not intimidated by difficult roles, busy schedules and difficult shooting conditions.

Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio
Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio

And the Oscar gets …

With numerous awards, Leonardo DiCaprio received his long-awaited Oscar only in 2016. The previous five nominations were unsuccessful, each time increasing his shortage and desire to receive the statuette. His assertiveness and competitive spirit can be envied by many athletes.

We can say with confidence that in the future the list of films with the participation of this wonderful actor will be actively replenished, and Leonardo DiCaprio will again and again delight his fans with new unexpected roles.

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