How To Marry A Sadist

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How To Marry A Sadist
How To Marry A Sadist

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How to Marry a Sadist

This article will tell you a secret: how to marry a sadist with 100% accuracy. Why does it happen, what happens? Can this situation be avoided? To do this, you need to know in the face of a potential sadist, once and for all learning about the roots of this phenomenon.

Surely each of you has come across a situation more than once in your life: a woman claims that she married for love and that during the first years he wore her in his arms, but over time everything changed. With tears in her eyes, wringing her hands from powerlessness, she says that now her husband does not love her, beats her, scoffs, that her life has turned into hell.

Why does it happen, what happens? Can this situation be avoided? To do this, you need to know the face of a potential sadist. This article will tell you a secret: how to marry a sadist with 100% accuracy.

Best husband ever

First of all, we need a person with an anal vector. The distinctive features of such a person are perseverance, thoroughness, patience, slowness, the desire to bring everything to perfection.

Also for him such concepts as family, home, children are of great importance. It is he who dreams of planting a tree, building a house and having a son. If the visual vector is added to the anal vector, then such a person dreams of a daughter. Thanks to these features, it is men with an anal vector that become the best fathers, stepfathers, strive to create a family, love their home. In a healthy state, this is the real and best of all possible husbands.

How the best husband turns into a sadist

Resentment towards mom

The most important feature of the anal man is the strongest bond with his mother. For him, she is always the first and main woman for life. If such a person, even in an adult state, is forced to live far from his mother (in another city or country), then he experiences a strong longing for her.

And it is in the relationship of the anal man with his mother that the roots of domestic sadism lie. If in childhood he has a heavy resentment against his mother, a strong feeling of "not given", then he goes with this feeling throughout his life, transferring his resentment to all women.


At the same time, he retains a close connection with his mother, only it passes not through gratitude and affection, but through negativity and rejection. From time to time, such a person experiences a stifling feeling of resentment and a burning desire for revenge.

Subconsciously, he takes revenge on her all his life in the person of other women.

At the same time, the feeling of resentment against the mother can transform into resentment against society and even the whole world.

Often this feeling is exacerbated by alcohol intoxication. In a drunk person, the cerebral cortex is disinhibited - all unconscious desires float out. In this state, he can severely beat, rape, and even kill.

Unsuccessful first experience

In addition to the burning feelings of resentment against the mother, there are other reasons that trigger the scenario of sadism. It was his first love … strong, bright. He wanted so much with her. And she … No, it was not just an unrequited feeling. She threw him, deceived, offended. It is very difficult for him to even just remember this relationship.

Sexual frustration

In addition, prolonged sexual frustration can bring an anal man to the sadism. Powerful anal libido demands its fulfillment. The absence of a woman or the absence of sexual contact as such leads the anal sex to a state of discomfort. In it, he will begin to sadist in one way or another.

Psychological sadist: portrait

What does an offended anal sex look like, he's a sadist?

First of all, pay attention to his gaze. The sadistic man looks hard, sullenly, with reproach. Depending on the severity of the offense and the combination with other vectors, the reproach may be present in the gaze constantly or not.

By this external sign, it is quite simple to distinguish an offended anal sex. For example, find out what kind of relationship he has with his mother. If he does not communicate with her or speaks about her with reproach and so on, then be sure that after a short time all these grievances will migrate to you. And you will not have any opportunity to justify yourself.

In general, look at how he speaks about his previous women and about women in general, find out what his first experience was.

Also, some moments from his childhood will help you navigate. So, for example, if in childhood he mocked bugs, spiders, and even cats and dogs, then this also speaks of unhealthy states of the anal vector and a tendency to sadism.

And sexual preference can tell a lot. The sexadism that attracts the anal man in the video speaks of his own unconscious desires to hurt. Sadism, sex, videos on the topic of anal sex, his own habits of hugging until painful, pinching so that bruises remain, indicate the presence of, perhaps, not so strong, but frustrations. And they will grow stronger over time.

Everything else is just additional signs.

You should be alerted if

In anger, he begins to knock on the door that has turned up, bangs his fist on the saucepan that has burned him, and so on.

If he is offended by women or is in a state of sexual frustration, then after a while you may be in the place of the door or pan. He will start tugging at your hand first. This will be a warning. Then he will begin to beat. And at some point it will switch to blows on the ridge. This is the last step, after which you need to get away with your feet: the next stage, a blow to the back of the head, may be the last for you.


The fact is that he unconsciously knows where to hit. In the region of the back of the head, we have concentrated the most important nerve endings. If you periodically beat a person in this place, then he will gradually "wither away", start to hurt and die. Previously, this was what happened: “the wife died,” but no one knows why.

Verbal sadism

In addition, you need to know one more thing: if this man, in addition to the anal vector, carries a visual one, then his sadism at first is expressed in a different form. He is unlikely to immediately resort to direct physical violence: he will be sadistic verbally.

There are hundreds of examples here, from sadistic sarcasm to threats:

- Dear, look what beautiful flowers! - What did you find in them. This is only good for the last assholes.

- Do you love me? - And what is it? Are you a fool to believe that?

“You don’t know how to do anything at all, your hands grow out of …, and why do I live with you?

“I’ll pull my legs out of the well… and put them against the wall.

In all these cases, the woman experiences an acute sense of humiliation. The consequences of such violence are no less dire. The eternal feeling of guilt and unsuccessful attempts to "do as he wants", an unhappy life are the lot of such a woman.

Are there any options?

Yes, if, in addition to the anal vector, a man also has a visual one. There are cases when a man who in his first marriage with disgusting persistence exuded verbal sadism on his wife, in his second marriage was the best possible husband, the dream of any woman, without the slightest manifestation of verbal sadism.

Why? Because the second wife loved him, invested in him with her eyesight, causing him to respond. And therefore, a completely different scenario was launched - lofty visual feelings of trembling did not allow animal sadism to break through. But if you understand that things are really bad and do not know how to get out of the depression caused by your man's behavior, it may be worth considering how to leave. In any case, understanding the reasons for what is happening will always help correct the situation and break the vicious circle.

So now you know how to spot a home sadist accurately. Once and for all, having learned about the roots of this phenomenon at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, you will never again find yourself in such a relationship. And you will learn how to improve the relationship that you have. You will make the first discoveries already at free lectures. Your happiness is in your hands.

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