Psychology Of Men In Love. The Latest Technology Against Loneliness Together

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Psychology Of Men In Love. The Latest Technology Against Loneliness Together
Psychology Of Men In Love. The Latest Technology Against Loneliness Together
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Psychology of men in love. The latest technology against loneliness together

They are selfish. Unreliable. Rude. And they don't know how to love at all. They are men. And women say so about them. But is it true? Is everything really so "started"? The psychology of men in love, of course, differs significantly from the behavior of women, but they must have some kind of intersection points!

They are selfish. Unreliable. Rude. And they don't know how to love at all.

They are men. And women say so about them. But is it true? Is everything really so "started"? The psychology of men in love, of course, differs significantly from the behavior of women, but they must have some kind of intersection points!

Of course, on reflection, women admit that men are needed, it is difficult without them, they are strong. And in general it is good somehow that they are. However, it can be too difficult to understand what is in their heads, what they think about the relationship. Because of this, conflicts arise, a deep and mutual misunderstanding appears. Feelings go away without having time to develop, and families fall apart.

And all this is for such a banal reason: a woman has not figured out how to understand the attitude of a man towards her.


The era influences

It may seem to us that intra-family problems and problems in relationships have always existed and have always been (and will be) the same. But no: there are problems, but in each era they have their own color.

One of the polls conducted by psychologists of a popular publication showed how modern "urban type" men tend to prioritize their life priorities: in the first place they have the Internet, in the second - sex, in the third - communication with relatives and friends. The survey, of course, gives average results, but it should alert the female half of humanity.

Or not?

Those who are familiar with Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology" will not be surprised. On the contrary, the results of the survey become for him just another proof of an important truth: the skin age affects us more than we could expect. The surge in the development of high technologies gave birth to the Internet, and now we are its uncomplaining hostages, we sit on social networks every day, process tons of information, make blog entries, listen to music and watch movies. All this - without leaving the table. It has become more important and more interesting than sex and relationships with loved ones.

But what does this mean? That male love no longer exists? Has the Internet forced her out of family relationships?

While it exists. But it risks becoming the same stereotype as the statement that men only care about sex. Alas, today the Internet is more interesting to him.

The danger of degeneration is relevant not only for male love, but also for female love - for love in general: we turn into those who are no longer able to love and fall in love, to experience strong feelings of bestowal. Nothing but passion as a physical attraction that does not obey logic and never lasts forever.


Yes, this passion is temporary, after 1-3 years it goes away, and the time comes for building family relationships. But, not understanding each other, a man and a woman slide into conflicts: “You don't love me! You only love your friends and fishing!”,“I'm tired of you! You spend all day at your work! " - etc.

We must not allow this feeling, to which humanity has been going for many centuries, so simply sink into oblivion. We need a powerful tool to help reanimate love and learn to build lasting relationships. Now this tool is in your hands - it is "System Vector Psychology". It only needs to be used correctly.

Let's start small? Let's try to understand the psychology of men in love? To do this, it is important to know what different men love in different ways. Even the Internet.

Male love and primal instincts

Why are men so different from women? It seems that they love, but sometimes they are too lazy to get up from the couch once again to run for a bouquet of flowers. Or they are so busy with their own business that they cannot call even for a minute and say a couple of sweet words. Are you still having a candy-bouquet period? Oh, these can pull the rubber for so long, not daring to express their feelings, that they want to come up and literally knock the very words of love out of them.

But we, women, are very different among ourselves. And men are not so alike with each other. We are all very different - with our own set of vectors, which gives a completely unique "picture", depending on the degree of development and implementation of each vector. And at the same time, they are so similar to each other - similar goals in life, tastes and abilities, which is also the result of the influence of vectors.

With the opposite sex, we often speak different languages, perceive the world differently, are interested in different topics - and this is normal. However, in everything that concerns the psychology of male love, it is not enough to know only your “language” - here it is important to be a “polyglot”.


Nature has made sure that for the sake of the continuation of the human race there is always mutual interest between the sexes. A man cannot live without a woman - it is thanks to her (and for her sake) that he develops spiritually, intellectually, physically. Even at the dawn of centuries, a man sought a woman, fulfilling his specific role: he coped with his task, received the right to food - you can be chosen by her.

Today, so far, everything is happening (not so literally, of course, but already on an unconscious level): being a normal, moderately successful person fulfilling his destiny, a man is looking for a relationship. The woman chooses him, a serious fire of passion flares up between them. And it burns for a while, fueled by sexual desire. And when it calms down, the girl remembers: where is the love? And what was that? Signs of falling in love with a beloved guy turn out to be only manifestations of passion, and when it passes, the guy quietly dives into the Internet. To work. Or in your garage with your favorite tools.

However, these are already problems of love or lack of it. We, understanding male psychology, can only prevent them, and if everything has already happened, we should not be surprised at such different manifestations of male love.

Male love for an earthly woman

Some of the men were destined to become a warrior and hunter who brings prey to the family, someone - a defender of the rear, protecting women and children, someone - the very leader who led the primitive flock to a better life.

The first (a man with a skin vector), in this regard, is stingy with emotions, since he is a man of action, he has no time to spend money on tenderness when the enemy is at the gate / the project is on fire / the tender period expires. He loves, but restrained, almost silently, trying to save words and money. He is not a fan of givingts, but if he chose you as the keeper of the hearth, then he equips the hearth with the latest technology.

The second (a man with an anal vector) is caring and moderately gentle, since the family is his fortress, his reliable rear and support. He will express his love with attention and gifts, until you agree to marry him. Then the gifts may dry up (there is a big risk that the caring groom will soon turn into a lover of a leisurely sofa life), and in their place will come insistent demands to cook him borscht, to make mashed potatoes with cutlets (“As Mom did”) and give it all to drink with compote with a bun.

The third does not care at all - he takes it impudently, mixed with insane sexuality and stunning energy. In a relationship with him, you will not think about any love - you will enjoy every day spent next to this character. However, it is not a fact that your relationship will turn out to be any long.


Signs of falling in love in different men strongly depend on vectors: for example, a distant sound person may seem like a cold idol, however, if he has a developed visual vector, you will definitely find out about his feelings. He can bombard you with flowers, order you a serenade under the window, "steal" you on a romantic trip - but all this is provided with a filled sound.

The picture will become complete only when you understand all the vectors (and their states) of your chosen one, whether he is a caring anal-visual home "boy" or an urethral-sound genius with a difficult fate. This very picture will shed light on your future relationship, and on the features of your sexual compatibility.

Confidently possessing the knowledge gained at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology", each of us is able to clearly understand what is happening in the field of relations between a man and a woman. Understand why men hide in cyberspace. And women furiously demand from them manifestations of love, almost like a man forcing them to love themselves like a woman. Why our time, so fertile for real hunters, is more like the era of "gatherers" who do not want to fight for their love. And also to know the answers to many other "why" that inevitably arise in family life.

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