Man And Woman. When Dreams Of Merging Souls Come True

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Man And Woman. When Dreams Of Merging Souls Come True
Man And Woman. When Dreams Of Merging Souls Come True
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Man and woman. When Dreams of Merging Souls Come True

If earlier we chose men based on his ability to feed us, today we want to be with the one to whom we are attracted. We were able to develop our visual vector so as to be able to emotionally involve the chosen one in a relationship to mutual pleasure.

It would seem, what more could you want?

Your life can be compared to the famous TV show "Fort Boyard". The same quest with a great many incredible obstacles in the hope of getting the coveted prize. Another trophy obtained is food for an eternally hungry ego, consolation for personal ambitions and a nail in the construction of the century called "My independence and independence."

The latter, however, does not cause anything but irritation and censure from the inner circle, although society as a whole also does not support, and in some places does not approve at all. Admiration is expressed by an absolute minority, and half of them are men with a shifted center of responsibility. For reasons that are understandable and well-known to all, they are satisfied with such a rare but demanded female position: “I myself”.

You ruined a lot of nerves in a protracted, senseless struggle with social dogmas for the right to life pleasing to you, and not to the second and third parties. “You are already over 20/30/40, but neither husband, nor children,” they tried to reason with the iron argument, which was gaining popularity in direct proportion to the coming years.

Nevertheless, you almost agreed with them on one thing: you needed a man, because, despite all your self-sufficiency, the feeling of loneliness was not alien to you. I almost agreed, because with some men you felt even more lonely than without them, so the question of the need for serious relationships in your life remained open.

Loneliness of the soul

Plus, the oppressive feeling somewhere deep inside, conventionally called loneliness, seemed to exist by itself, regardless of the quality of the events happening to you and the number of people around.

In other words, even with the most objective reasons for happiness, the feeling of mental restlessness still haunted you relentlessly. In the end, you have learned to coexist with him. For example, they are forced to deal with problematic neighbors for lack of choice.

You knew that communication with the opposite sex helped to get rid of the burden of spiritual emptiness, if not forever, then at least for a while. It brought relief and joy exactly until the moment when you again began to feel lonely, even if the hero-lover did not leave you for a minute. And then you left him.

Accustomed to the idea that your interest tends to suddenly disappear, you still tried to comprehend the elusive thing that you lacked with any man. And men were different, as were the formats of relationships. But no one was able to satisfy all the demands of your restless soul. She invariably began to be capricious, that, they say, no attention was paid to her, while the body indulges in all earthly joys. And you also consistently agreed with her.

In one thing, you were sure for sure: crazy passion, pleasant emotions, expensive gifts, a man's sexy appearance were not able to excite you as much as his mind. More precisely, its presence.

Already at the first meetings, you could determine the term of your communication with an accuracy of a week. You have always had your own selection criterion: his intellect must be higher than your own, or at least not lower.

Man and woman. When Dreams of Merging Souls Come True
Man and woman. When Dreams of Merging Souls Come True


This condition did not arise from scratch. Once you were lucky enough to meet a man who blew your head off, deprived you of sleep and sense of reality. He hospitably opened the doors of his inner world, which turned out to be so fascinating that you were ready to stay in it forever.

Then you invited him into yours and, without fear of being misunderstood, shared with him the most intimate, for the first time you felt the need for it, and most importantly - the desire. Amazing things were happening around him. Twelve hours of continuous communication seemed like an hour. Silence with him made more sense than any words. Sex with him … was not sex, but the crown of spiritual and intellectual kinship, embodied in physical intimacy. Needless to say, I've never experienced anything like this before …

Unfortunately, this almost mythical character had one drawback - he was very far from life in the everyday sense of the word. I never got attached to places and people, so very soon you lost sight of him. And the fairy tale ended, alas, with nothing.

Despite this, you were immensely grateful to him for the incredible experiences that you were capable of. So there was nothing to regret. But, as you know, the best is the enemy of the good, and you firmly decided that if you will be with someone, it will be the only way, and you will not agree to less. Although deep down you understood that such love happens only once, and you are just very lucky. It is unlikely that you will be given another chance …

Woman - it sounds proud

You're wrong. The chances are much greater than you can imagine, especially if you are a woman. It would seem, where does the gender difference in our time of gender equality?

First, this statement is fairly recent. On a historical scale, literally yesterday. And secondly, this was preceded by a long and difficult path of evolution, where a woman played her main role. There is a whole science called System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan, within the framework of which it is clearly explained in what exactly this role is expressed and what stages of development a woman has gone through.

Woman of the Past: Wife, Mother, Servant

Since the inception of mankind and for a long time, the fate of a woman has remained practically unchanged. She was anyone, just not an equal member of society with her own intentions, aspirations and desires.

Her holy duties were to increase the population, improve living conditions and monitor the level of sexual satisfaction of her man in the name of universal development and prosperity.

During orgasm, the man's brain is activated, which, accordingly, affects his mental development. And the desire for a woman pushes him to victory not only in bed, but also in work. For the sake of a woman, he invents the wheel and the mobile phone, builds the hadron collider and flies to Mars. And this is a scientific fact, not a beautiful metaphor.

The very same woman about orgasms at that time could only dream (more than one century). As well as about love. There was no place for sentimentality in those days.

But in all the rules there are exceptions, and in this case it is presented in the form of a special skin-visual woman who did not have a reproductive function. In those days, this devalued her as a wife and mother. In ancient society, she found her place alongside men, accompanying them in war and hunting.

However, in a peaceful life, men chose women capable of procreation, for which they provided them with security, safety and food. A skin-visual woman, deprived of such a perspective, had another advantage - a natural ability to seduce and the absence of restrictions on sexual behavior.

This helped her at least temporarily belong to a man on the principle of a husband's wife, which turned the innate fear of death into a completely opposite emotion. So in the desire to survive, true love was born.

Woman of the present: wife, business woman, lover

Thanks to the skin-visual woman, who paved the way in creating emotional ties with a strong half of humanity, today any woman is able to create a spiritual connection with her man. This is exactly what unites the couple, creates intimacy of the relationship and a stable state in a man "I want this particular woman!"

The growth in the volume of desires, the complication of the mental have led to the fact that today women are able to experience the desired orgasm. This began to happen just a few decades ago.

And since then, we have seen an incredible leap in the development of women as a socially active element. We receive education, realize ourselves professionally, and do not forget about our direct responsibilities as a mother and wife.

Increased not only the volume of mental, but also the strength of sexual desire. And if earlier we chose men based on his ability to feed us, today we want to be with the one to whom we feel attraction, whom we love. We were able to develop enough to be able to emotionally involve the chosen one in a relationship to mutual pleasure.

It would seem, what more could you want? But lately we begin to notice that love with its delights and emotions seems to cease to please us. We all more clearly feel some kind of lack in a relationship, we blame our partner, we leave for another. But the other man does not change the situation.

The fact is that while we were developing connections in the visual vector, all other vectors did not lag behind either. There are eight of them, and each of them is responsible for its own area of ​​unconscious desires and mechanisms of the psyche. Our character, habits, behavior are determined by a combination of certain vectors, each of which must be realized for complete happiness and pleasure from life.

If we feel that we lack depth and intellectual communication in a relationship, then we are the happy owners of the sound vector. Sound makes our life interesting and challenging at the same time. Interesting, because it allows us to think in an extraordinary and abstract way, which makes our inner world richer.

It is difficult, because it takes us away from the material world in the direction of spiritual search, where questions about the meaning of life and everything that exist move from the category of rhetorical to the category of vital, vital ones. Questions, the answers to which depend on whether we will feel happy.

Of course, this cannot but affect our personal life, to which we also transfer our "high" requirements. We sound women expect more from a man than just "romantic nonsense", family planning and discussion of renovations in a shared apartment. We are looking for depth. We do not find, we are disappointed, we choose loneliness. But we continue to search and dream …

Man and woman
Man and woman

Woman of the future: YOU

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan asks us not to despair, arguing that today's dreams are tomorrow's reality. As Yuri Burlan says at the lectures, a woman sets the tone in a relationship. It has always been, is and will be. This immutable fact opens up incredible prospects for us, meaning that there are many men with whom we have been given to build a perfect bond.

Imagine that a man is the very mysterious Universe, over the structure of which you tirelessly ponder all your life. Universe, inside which you will find many amazing discoveries in comprehending its secrets and laws. The beginning of this path of comprehension will be that special trust, an emotional connection that we already know how to create thanks to the skin-visual woman, and the desired goal is a sound spiritual connection.

You will cognize his desires, realize them as yours. Opening his soul, to understand even deeper his own. And the result of this interpenetration will be a complete fusion, perfect on the spiritual, emotional and physical levels. For more always includes less. Due to this, in a sense, you will become more, your consciousness will expand, you will experience happiness and fulfillment from new meanings. Especially when a man also has a sound vector, the potential for joint disclosure, comprehension of eternity and infinity increases significantly.

Dreams Come True

It sounds promising? This is achievable with a full understanding not only of yourself, but also of your partner, his characteristics, properties, true desires.

Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology teaches us to interact with people at a fundamentally new level, at which we stop evaluating and perceiving others through the prism of our own worldview and our values. A new world of other possibilities, other relationships is opening up for us. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of people who have undergone training.

You can get closer to the secrets of the soul at the free online lectures on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan - join us, and you will be able to reveal what you have only dreamed of. Register here.

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