Sex After A Fight. Emotional Swings And Corrosion Of Feelings

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Sex After A Fight. Emotional Swings And Corrosion Of Feelings
Sex After A Fight. Emotional Swings And Corrosion Of Feelings

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Sex after a fight. Emotional swings and corrosion of feelings

How to save love so that it chokes with happiness, so that sexual desire does not subside over time, and intimate intimacy is exciting and sensual even after many years?

A stormy showdown with mutual accusations - “you don’t love me!.. and you don’t understand me!.. you… and you…” Transition to insults when arguments run out. Everything inside is raging with indignation - it is already shaking! Then a sharp decline - fizzled out. Tears, embrace of reconciliation, timid kisses. And then sex is at the limit of feelings, frantic, obsessed, like the last breath of life.

Why, after the scandal, sex is colored with a sharp heat of passion? How long will a relationship that needs such emotional doping last? And why does it happen - when everything is peaceful in a couple, then intimate intimacy is sluggish and insipid?

Love as the meaning of life

Most often, the initiator of a quarrel in a couple is a person with a visual vector, it can be both a man and a woman. It all depends on the state of the visual vector.

For a visual person, the desire to love and be loved, to share feelings with other people is a natural desire. To feel the fullness of happiness, such a person as air needs a constant change of emotional states. And for this, all the necessary qualities are laid in his psyche - a huge sensory potential, imagination and imaginative intelligence.

If the visual extravert does not live enough emotions in a natural way, then a shortage accumulates in him - an urgent need to experience the desired emotions, a change of states. Despite the fact that inside emotions can boil with excess and it is precisely the ability to live them that is lacking. This can manifest itself in provoking a scandal, result in unreasonable jealousy, etc.

This often happens when the emotional connection has not developed or cooled down in a couple, and therefore emotional hunger is felt especially acutely.

Life on a volcano of passions

Emotional dissatisfaction triggers the process of emotional buildup, which often results in a violent quarrel. An unconscious goal is to provoke a partner to emotions in order to live them even more vividly. A quarrel or conflict becomes a kind of side effect of this buildup. Often then you don't even remember how it all started. Conflict can arise from scratch, at any moment when the tension from unlived emotions reaches a critical point.

Sex after a fight
Sex after a fight

How exactly the buildup will develop depends on the circumstances of the couple. Someone in a raised voice will exchange hot reproaches or barbs on the verge of divorce, someone will sob, complaining about the partner's inattention, someone will break the dishes and threaten to break off relations or put forward exorbitant demands on the partner …

The outburst of emotions is replaced by the fear of a final break in the relationship. The partners, exhausted by the ardent duel, go to reconciliation. The fear of losing a loved one directs the emotional swing in the other direction - "he loves me, and I love him." From the point of inexpressible suffering, fear of loss, to the point of highest pleasure - physical intimacy with a loved one. A woman, especially a skin-visual woman, naturally strives for sex, because during intercourse she regains the lost sense of security and safety.

The man feels this change in the woman, she begins to smell intensely of desire. He responds to her feelings with the same passionate impulse. The arisen irresistible attraction to each other ends with stunning sex.

Corrosive rust of mutual claims

After a vivid experience of intimacy, a feeling of inner emptiness comes.

The resulting discharge does not last long. The emotional potential of a visual person requires a constant change of emotional states, the experience of emotions. And after some time, a person unconsciously seeks to repeat the situation, wishing to again experience an unforgettable emotional outburst. For a while it works, although not so often, not so passionately - quarrels and screams do not pass without leaving a trace, leaving scars on the heart and alienating once close people from each other.

When two people do not know how to share emotions in such a way that a spiritual closeness arose between them, then in such a relationship dissatisfaction very quickly builds. Resentments arise and accumulate, the baggage of which grows from quarrel to quarrel - and accusations of insolvency in life, and much more. Quarrels become more violent, words more and more offensive. Not every reconciliation ends with sex, and after reconciliation itself does not come. The result is always the same: a break in relations.

Dullness of feelings

After 2-3 years of relationship, or even earlier, the feelings of a man and a woman begin to move into a new phase. Natural sexual attraction, which smoothed all conflicts and sharp corners before, begins to fade away. Nature gives it to us only for 3 years, so that on this foundation we build a deep connection - mental, sensual, intellectual. If this does not happen, the couple thinks that they have stopped loving each other.

But this is not the case. If you were attracted to each other so much that you created a couple, a family, then this means that you had (and still have) the opportunity to take place in this relationship. You just failed to create a strong emotional bond that keeps love and attraction lasting for life.

How can you save love so that it chokes with happiness, so that sexual desire does not subside over time, and intimacy is exciting and sensual even after many years?

Feelings of a man and a woman
Feelings of a man and a woman

It is important to realize yourself and your reactions, to understand your loved one, what lives for them. Without this, we will constantly continue to stumble upon all sorts of pitfalls of our unfulfilled desires, and of life itself.

The happiness of mutual love

The understanding of each other, which you get at the training System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, allows you to feel an incomparable closeness, to really learn to share feelings with your loved one, to accept his values. Talk to him about everything that we share with such enthusiasm with our mother or friend. And do it only with him and with no one else.

Then a special trust arises between a man and a woman, a deep, mutually enjoyable emotional connection, and each begins to feel the partner as himself. This is not the kind of sex that happens after a quarrel with tearing clothes in some uncontrollable impulse, but love intimacy, when two people experience such a depth of feelings that they become a harmonious complement to each other, a single and indivisible whole. There is simply no reason for hysterics and squabbles.

Hear the story of a couple about how they managed to create a happy family after training.

And there are more than a thousand such stories.

You can learn to give your feelings to your loved one, to experience the greatest pleasure not only from intimacy, but also from every second of life together.

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