How To Overcome Jealousy: Read What To Do If You Can't Deal With Jealousy

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How To Overcome Jealousy: Read What To Do If You Can't Deal With Jealousy
How To Overcome Jealousy: Read What To Do If You Can't Deal With Jealousy

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Jealous of her husband. How to get rid of jealousy?

The peculiarities of our character, perception of life, our sexuality, our thoughts dictate that a monster with green eyes will whisper in a woman's ear if her husband smiles at his colleague

There is no obvious reason for suspicion, but you still suffer from jealousy. The crazier the fear that betrayal will happen. You shudder when you see his silhouette in the company of a stranger, and exhale, making sure that he is not! How to get rid of jealousy? Let's analyze the issue with the help of psychology.

Conversations with the green-eyed monster

There is a man next to whom - even to the ends of the world! And you, instead of leaning against his shoulder, stand in line, like a sentry. You don't enjoy life, you watch. But the opponent will not pass!

Jealousy has many faces. There are different reasons and manifestations of this feeling. The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan reveals its nature, helping every woman find the answer to the question of how to overcome jealousy.

Our psyche is different, and its features are formed from various combinations of eight vectors. In a modern city dweller, there are from three to five. This sets the characteristics of our character, perception of life, our sexuality, our thoughts. The device of the psyche determines that it is the monster with green eyes who will whisper in a woman's ear if her husband smiles at his colleague. Here are the words that representatives of different vectors can "hear" from an imaginary monster:

  • skin vector -

“Well, well, who is smiling at him? Limit his communication with the fluffy tails. It will not be useful. And check his text messages. And write this one: "He's mine!" Here is the impudent one. Covered in someone else's."

A woman with a skin vector strives for success. Like no one else he knows how to organize and discipline himself and people. These qualities can turn into pathological control of a man's actions, and then a woman does not know how to get rid of jealousy of her husband.

Her jealousy is aggravated by the fact that the skin vector loves change. In a certain state, this is expressed in the craving for a frequent change of partners. Feeling this sometimes not even fully realized desire in oneself, a person unwittingly ascribes it to those around him, which makes him jealous.

Ambition forces a woman to seek a relationship with the first guy in the village. And her special relationship to property is transferred to the personal sphere. A precious husband for her is not just a person, but "my treasure." Parting with him is the same grief as becoming a fire victim.

How to get rid of jealousy
How to get rid of jealousy

The skin vector endows its owner with the desire to compete. It is unbearable for such a woman to even imagine that her rival has outstripped her in the race for personal happiness, and even "stole" her beloved. Jealousy in its classic form is a property of the skin vector.

  • anal vector -

“Mom said - don't trust men! She was right. They are all the same! Here the father cheated on his mother - and the same will happen to you. If you trust, he will betray you at the most unexpected moment."

Obedient by nature, tend to listen to the mother's opinion. Negative attitudes from the mother germinate in the psyche of the girl with the anal vector, as in fertilized black soil.

Bad experience and resentment inhibit the representatives of the anal vector. True and loyal by nature, they project the qualities of their character onto others, which is why they do not always recognize a dishonest person. Someone else's deception knocks the ground out from under their feet.

Burnt in milk, they blow on the water. They protect themselves from scammers and pick-up artists with deliberate mistrust, try to keep their ears open.

But people with an anal vector are a treasure for a partner. Swan Faithfulness for them is not just a song about pure love. They are able to be loyal to the only chosen one all their lives. Betrayal - and this is how the owners of the anal vector feel betrayal - for them is like a shot in the back. Isn't it a shame that they have to look for an answer to the question of how to get rid of jealousy? Resentment is, by the way, also a property of the anal psyche.

  • visual vector -

“Look how beautiful she is! And you look tired today. Oh, he looked at her in a special way. Suddenly fall in love! You won't survive this. Imagine, your chosen one hugs another woman! As if there were no meetings under the moon. It seems that hysteria is guaranteed in the evening …"

Women with a visual vector are romantic and sensual. They are subject to love in the highest sense of the word. Sometimes, instead of experiencing it, they drown in a sea of ​​fear. And so the need for strong feelings is fulfilled.

The visual vector, combined with other vectors, gives jealousy a special emotional intensity. He endows his owner with a rich imagination, which paints scenes of betrayal with generous strokes.

Desiring unearthly love more than other women, the representative of the visual vector sometimes breaks through with hysteria demanding attention to herself. You will never get bored with this. But when she understands her own desires and understands how to overcome jealousy, the sensual level of the relationship in a couple soars to heaven, making the couple indestructible.

Photo how to overcome jealousy
Photo how to overcome jealousy

How to deal with jealousy?

Often on the forums they write: "Put yourself in order." Psychologists give advice: "Become self-confident." Friends are ready to share the phone number of their favorite hairdresser: "Into a new life without jealousy - with a new hairstyle!"

System-vector psychology is substantiated and says precisely: along with appearance, it is necessary to put in order internal states, and this should not be done "intuitively", but based on modern knowledge about the human psyche.

A man is drawn to a woman who knows how to enjoy life. She becomes like that when she puts things in order in her head, or rather, psyche. Problems manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the vectors and their states. In the cutaneous can be expressed in the fact that pathologically "unlucky". In the anal, suffocating grudges. In the visual sense - exhausting fears and anxiety. System-vector psychology helps to understand the reasons for this state of affairs, hidden in the unconscious, get rid of bad conditions and find a way to use talents.

The more a person is realized, the more he is capable of harmonious relationships.

For example, by using her ability to organize processes and people in business, the skin woman will get rid of the need to control her husband and feel jealous. And a representative of the visual vector, realizing her great potential in working with other people, will not suffer from bouts of fear of losing love.

Each of us will unmistakably distinguish a woman with a balanced psyche in the crowd. She has no grudges, fears, irritation. It "shines" from the inside. She doesn't need to spend her entire salary on makeup or go on a tough diet to get attention. Her state is given by a pheromone background. A man wants to be close to such a companion, because, being in a balanced state, she pleases, she is desirable, she gives him the strength to be realized in society.

However, it is not enough to become a muse once to remain the only one for her husband. There are many women satisfied with life around. To understand how to completely and completely deal with jealousy, it is important to learn how to apply a win-win in a couple. What is it - let's figure it out further.

An essential component of a pair relationship

A happy couple's relationship is made up of attraction and emotional connection. If attraction is given to us by nature, then we build an emotional connection ourselves.

Yuri Burlan at the training "System-Vector Psychology" reveals for seekers a way to get rid of jealousy of a husband, the features of a strong emotional connection - how it becomes a cure for suspicions of infidelity and a guarantor of harmonious relationships. By following this recommendation, a couple can build a relationship that does not care about adversity. Here's how it has already happened with hundreds of trainees:

How to build an emotional connection?

A woman sets the emotional tone in a relationship. Little by little, revealing to her husband secret feelings, childhood memories, she creates space for mutual revelations. In such a trusting atmosphere, partners become closer to each other. They have a "secret" that is not available to any other living soul. It is important to keep it, not sharing intimate feelings with mom, boyfriend or girlfriend, personal psychologist - so as not to emasculate the emotional fuel for maintaining the fire in pairs. This holds her together, making people unique to each other: the husband does not want to see another woman with him, and the wife relaxes and stops expecting a catch. In such a shared space, there is no room for the question of what to do with jealousy.

It is easier to establish an emotional connection when you know how to speak with a person in “his language”, that is, you take into account his values ​​and priorities. Systemic vector psychology helps you find an approach specifically to your husband.

If he has:

  • skin vector -

You may encounter his restraint. You should not panic because he is laconic and economical on emotions or does not tell where he is going, not wanting to stay at home. These are the features of its vector. Talk to him about his career achievements, inspire him to implement ambitious plans, and together look for ways to apply his craving for change in his professional life.

  • anal vector -

If in the past he had a bad experience, later mistrust may arise in the thrice faithful wife. But if she reveals her feelings to him, suspicions gradually dissolve in the furnace of an emotional connection. A heart-to-heart conversation can start with childhood memories. It is important not to interrupt, not to rush a person with an anal vector and to praise him for what he did.

  • visual vector -

His feelings are expressed more vividly than other men. If you let him know that you don't see tears as a sign of male weakness, you will be rewarded with a stronger emotional bond. Nature gave him the opportunity to subtly feel the states of the interlocutor. He is exactly the man from whom you can expect a bath with rose petals, breakfast in bed and serenades under the window.

If you systematically tune in to your life partner, you can find an approach to him and build a strong emotional connection with him. Then you no longer need the advice of a psychologist to understand how to deal with jealousy. Sincere dialogue will melt mistrust and create an unbreakable pair. No temptation can shake such an alliance.

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