You Piss Me Off, Or Leave Me Alone

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You Piss Me Off, Or Leave Me Alone
You Piss Me Off, Or Leave Me Alone

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You piss me off, or Leave me alone

I like to reflect on philosophical topics, look at the stars and be silent. My relatives do not understand me at all and more and more often drive me to madness. They always want something from me. Some ridiculous requests, ridiculous revelations, stupid jokes, meaningless actions. Is it really impossible to do somehow without my participation?

Every morning starts out equally dull. The ascent is the first overcoming of oneself in the coming day. The desire to sleep seems to be the only one in this life. Nothing pleases. Peace and quiet are two inaccessible states that you want to plunge into, and it is better forever.

But the kids don't care if I want to sleep or not. I have to take them to kindergarten, at best, or trudge to the kitchen and cook breakfast. And then dream all day so that evening would come as soon as possible.

But the evening is still far away. Headphones only allow you to be alone with you for a while, these 3-5 minutes are like a breath of fresh air. It’s so calm, quiet inside. Everything that happens outside begins to seem like just a noisy background of sound interference.

Has gone into myself, please do not bother

I like to reflect on philosophical topics, look at the stars and be silent. My relatives do not understand me at all and more and more often drive me to madness. They always want something from me. Some ridiculous requests, ridiculous revelations, stupid jokes, meaningless actions. Is it really impossible to do somehow without my participation?

A neighbor tries to tell me about her problems, my husband harasses, my mother teaches me how to live and make a career. So I want to go out once and shout so that everyone can hear: “You piss me off! Leave me alone!"

But I keep silent with all my might until they finish it at all. Then a wave of anger rolls over me, which makes me feel uneasy. Children, loved ones - everyone who is near, falls under the distribution. Usually I just yell at them. Oru for the fact that there is no silence in the house, for being distracted by trifles. In fact, I scream simply because it hurts, because I feel bad, because I can no longer help but scream …

I do not know what I want

Once in my youth I was fond of esotericism, various philosophical teachings, even programming and physics. At that time, I felt that I was going in the right direction, that I was about to understand my purpose, I would feel the meaningfulness of life, peace and my place in this world. But then there was a family, children, an unloved job, and everything came to naught by itself.

Now I can't even remember when I felt good. Friends are always wondering why I try to avoid noisy companies. And I don’t understand what is good about this bunch of stupid ladies with a single request in their heads how to look better. The main part of my environment has never even thought about the question of what they live for at all.

On the other hand, they at least know what they want and get upset when they don't. And I don't even know what I want. But I feel well that everything that is is not what it is. All this does not give me the happiness I dream of.

More and more often I come to the conclusion that people are just stupid, so I'm not interested in them. And it seems that I generally hate people. Is there something wrong with me or with people?

You piss me off
You piss me off

What is the meaning of my life?

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan helps us to answer the questions, which explains this state of a person by the presence of unsatisfied desires of the sound vector. A vector is a set of innate properties and desires of a person, under the influence of which he lives his life, makes decisions, performs certain actions. It is the vector set that forms that angle of view, that perception of the world through which a person sees and evaluates this life.

One of the features of a person with a sound vector is that it is impossible to satisfy him with any material values ​​of this world. Family, love, career. Everything that makes up the meaning of other people's lives is "shallow" for a sound engineer. Hence, there is a misunderstanding of the material searches of other people.

The only thing that really interests him is the search for the meaning of life, comprehension of the laws of the universe, understanding of why we live, why all these “careers”, “family”, “children”, after all, not just for an empty continuation … And why ? And the answers to these questions, of course, lie outside the plane of earthly living.

More often than not, this search is not entirely conscious. The eternal sound question, the main task is repressed into the unconscious. But they are the ones who build the life scenario of the sound engineer. Earlier, in search of answers to his questions, he studied the laws of the universe and described them through physical formulas and mathematical problems. Trying to comprehend the secret of the human soul, he created literature. Listening to the sound of the universe, he wrote music. Trying to comprehend the root cause, he studied various spiritual methods, philosophies, religions.

It was yesterday. Today the time of intermediate sublimates (science, philosophy, literature, music) has passed. Therefore, it is not and cannot be filled by either spiritual methods, or sciences, or music, or poetry. Therefore, the sound engineer has emptiness in his soul, therefore life seems meaningless to him and brings only suffering.

In addition, the lack of fulfillment of desires, the lack of answers to one's inner questions in the dominant sound vector does not allow the desires of other vectors to manifest themselves. These desires quietly vegetate under the weight of an endless lack of sound. It often happens that the sound engineer does not even suspect what desires are present in his psyche. Nevertheless, they exist, and a person cannot satisfy them, which creates even greater unconscious suffering.

Sometimes people voice such states as “I want what, I don’t know what” or “What I want, I don’t know, and what I know, I don’t want”. This is what prevents you from receiving joy from simpler everyday things. For example, from the happiness of motherhood or the happiness of family life, from a career or financial success.

I'm alone in this world

The reasons for wanting to withdraw into oneself, not to communicate with people, to be in silence are also well revealed by the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. She explains this by the exceptional innate introversion of the sound people. The most favorable environment for them is silence. Indeed, in this case, nothing and no one distracts from thoughts. And the sound engineer has a lot of thoughts. After all, he is by nature a thinking person.

Why is noise, shouting, offensive words and meanings perceived very painfully? And all because the most sensitive place in people with a sound vector is ears, hearing. And it really hurts him unbearably from the sharp sound. He distinguishes shades, intonations, meanings of words, therefore, offensive meanings, which others will not pay attention to, hurt his soul.

Also, the sound engineer by nature receives the ability to concentrate, think. But focusing on yourself and your thoughts alone is not enough to experience joy. Because a person is a social being, the strongest sensations, whether pleasure or pain, he experiences only when interacting with other people. It's good if, before adolescence, the sound person has developed the skill of focusing on the outside world, on people. Indeed, due to his natural introversion, and without this, he will often want to be alone and think.

If, for some reason, this skill has not been developed, then the person will be more comfortable “inside himself”. There will be no desire to communicate, and this may lead to difficulties in realizing oneself in society. And if they shouted at the sound child, humiliated him, he would generally isolate himself from the unpleasant world for him, filled with pain and suffering, an impenetrable wall. As a result - non-adaptation in society, selective contact, complete introversion.

You piss me off
You piss me off

The path to depression

As system-vector psychology explains, when you focus exclusively on yourself, sooner or later the ability to generate thoughts that respond to the internal request of the sound vector is destroyed. When you concentrate exclusively on yourself, you get a false sense of your own genius, which is not supported by anything in reality. If you ask what exactly is the genius of such a person, he will not be able to answer the question, he will not be able to formulate a single sensible working idea. There is a sensation, but there are no corresponding thoughts.

Self-centeredness and arrogance are also manifestations of the sound vector. Many people seem to the sound engineer to be stupid, ridiculous, funny. This state is aggravated by his feeling that apart from the “I” of the sound engineer and a higher power somewhere else there is nothing and no one in this world.

Also, system-vector psychology draws attention to the sense of meaninglessness of life, which is inherent in people with a sound vector. Since material benefits do not please him, a tremendous lack of something is formed that the sound specialists themselves are not able to determine. Lack of meaning.

In this case, many people experience depression, headaches, and insomnia. Someone starts using drugs in the false hope of expanding consciousness, going beyond it. It seems to him that in this way he will be able to find an answer to his question and fill this gap.

How can you understand yourself?

In fact, in order to understand yourself and the world around you, you do not need drug intoxication or spiritual practices. A complete understanding of what is happening can be obtained through the study of the inner world of a person. And this knowledge is provided by the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Already at the first free lectures, sound specialists receive the first answers to questions, which gradually fill the gaping void. Understanding of their desires and the desires of other people comes, therefore, people stop annoying, as before, as the reasons for their behavior become clear. The pain goes away from loud sounds, from "pulling out" into the outside world. A chaotic, incomprehensible, gray environment takes on features, builds up into a clear and understandable system, and makes sense. Gradually, there are reasons to enjoy life.

Here are just some of the responses from those who, more recently, were also annoyed by others:

Before the training, I came to the conclusion that I stopped communicating with everyone. Didn't pick up the phone, didn't answer messages. People made me sick, not a metaphor, real bouts of nausea. I didn't have the slightest strength to listen to their complaints about life, not the slightest desire to talk to them, I didn't want to see or hear anyone, I wanted everyone to leave me alone …

Now I am enjoying just walking down the street, just watching this fall. I started to enjoy watching people. And (drum roll!) There is no more hatred and irritation towards people!

Anna R., Belgorod Read full result text

The most important thing is that the irritation towards people has finally begun to pass! I used to be infuriated by everything: not driving along the road that way, looking the wrong way, saying the wrong thing, etc. Now if they cut me off on the road or didn't say thank you, I immediately think that this is a leather worker, he has no time, he doesn't think in terms of politeness. If someone is rushing like a tank and does not miss, then I think that this is anal and it is not developed to miss. And I also realized that I am the same "ram" on the road and will miss figs. Now I began to miss. People are less annoying, I imagine that they are part of my pack and she needs them like that too.

Anna R., Kaliningrad Read full result text

Tired of getting annoyed with people? Register for a free nightly online training on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan at the link.

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