The Perfect Man Hand-made

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The Perfect Man Hand-made
The Perfect Man Hand-made
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The perfect man hand-made

Is there a perfect man? The owner of the anal vector is suitable as a real contender for the role of the ideal: a born family man, a loving husband, a caring father, a decent and responsible person, a potentially talented teacher and an example for the younger generation, and most importantly - a monogamous spouse with a powerful libido, whose object is an exclusively beloved wife …

I blinded him from what was …

From the song by A. Apina

Is there a perfect man? If we discard the mythical Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, then the only real contender for the role of the ideal will be a man - the owner of the anal vector. A born family man, a loving husband, a caring father, a decent and responsible person, a potentially talented teacher and example for the younger generation, and most importantly - a monogamous spouse with a powerful libido, whose object is an exclusively beloved wife. You say, it doesn't happen? But it happens!

Of course, in order for the anal man to turn into an “ideal”, his vector must be sufficiently developed; moreover, he needs to realize himself both in the professional sphere and in interpersonal relations, otherwise the "caterpillar" will never turn into a "butterfly" …


From ideal to freak

Frustration and underdevelopment of the anal vector can lead to terrible states, up to sadistic and manic. Alas, the family is not without its black sheep, and therefore every woman who dreams of strong family happiness with an anal man needs to be able to distinguish irreversible frustrants from those whose social and personal deficiencies have not crossed the Rubicon, after which the nightmare begins.

How far from each other the poles of anal "plus" and "minus" can be imagined, remembering well-known examples: the genius teacher Makarenko, "who gave his heart to the children," and the maniac Chikatilo, on whose conscience several dozen tortured and mutilated victims. Or the standard of anal-visual mentor - Janusz Korczak, who voluntarily chose death in order to be able to calm and support other people's (!) Children until the last minute. Yes, these people had a whole bunch of vectors at the heart of their personality, but one of the fundamental was the anal vector, the state of which determined their characters, actions, fates, lives and deaths of other people around them and the memory that they eventually left about themselves …

However, we will not focus on outspoken sadists, for it is, in principle, quite easy to identify such people without entering into close relations with them. First of all, it is a high level of aggression, which is difficult for them to control. And it does not matter whether it is punching with or without reason or trolling on the Web and throwing mud at everything and everyone. A typical obsessive phrase: "Everything (everything) around is shit" (in different versions, but always using "anal" terminology). We immediately sweep aside such, so as not to become a ritual victim on the altar of an inflamed and agonizing anality.

Yes, most of them can be helped, but only they can do this, realizing their frustrations and having a desire to get rid of them, for which a certain level of awareness and readiness to perceive and apply the knowledge that the training "System-vector psychology" gives.

However, there are not so many such intractable sadists among analys. Too many factors have to coincide for a person to completely go crazy. Usually we are talking about partial shortfall, temporary frustration. Moreover, an analnik is someone who is naturally written to be patient and restrained. The anecdote about people who go to work even when they haven't been paid for years is a story from the life of anal sex. Among the representatives of other vectors, it is difficult to find such patient people. And therefore, those who, in the process of realizing their vector interests, lacked something and are very worried about their shortages, it is quite possible to help. And above all, an intelligent and delicate woman who is ready to inspire such a man with confidence in herself and her powers can help.

Happiness is when you are understood

When communicating with an anal person, it is necessary to remember that it is vital for him to be understood. He is even ready to marry someone who understands and accepts his little weaknesses and oddities, rejected and, possibly, ridiculed by others.

"Happiness is when you are understood." The formula developed by the hero of the cult film for our parents, "We'll Live Until Monday," is 100% correct for the representatives of the anal vector. They have their weaknesses, sometimes turning into deviations, which they are often afraid to share, but which nevertheless dream of sharing with an understanding and loving woman.

Family values ​​and traditions are important for them, they honor their father and mother - the fifth commandment seems to be written in their hearts at birth. Mama's sons to a ripe old age are exactly them.


In the professional field, analysts are simply irreplaceable, especially when it comes to routine and monotonous work that requires concentration and which involves the need to keep a large amount of information in your head. There are many times more analniks with encyclopedic knowledge, stubborn people who are ready to sit for hours in libraries and look through multivolume tomes in order to find a single line that will prove them right. Remember Anatoly Wasserman - a typical representative of the breed of anal encyclopedists.

Such people often need to instruct others, to be a kind of mentors and the ultimate truth. Even if you think differently, arguing with them and insisting on your own is more important to yourself. If you want a know-it-all man to flourish and achieve success, let him become your personal pastor, listen to his teachings with your mouth open, accept his postulates and parting words with favor and do not notice how you will become the most desirable and vital for him. After all, you can always do it on the sly. Just decide for yourself what is more important to you: your own ambitions or a happy family life.

Repetition is the mother of learning

Analists love to repeat their common truths, because repetition is the mother of learning (of course, anal). And if your anal boyfriend is really dear to you, be condescending to this point of his. Laugh at his favorite anecdote for the twentieth time, nod thoughtfully when he repeats common truths over and over again, endure his endless "I knew it." Well, if you can't stand it, it means that this is simply not your man.

My friend Rita is getting married on the eve of her thirtieth birthday. Her chosen one, Victor, was from all sides a positive applicant for a hand and heart, who received the approval of her mother, brother and all of Rita's relatives. Non-drinker, non-smoker, almost never swearing, earning good money and steadily advancing economist. Large, densely built (not some kind of squishy there!), Who loves to eat deliciously and a little to scold modern times and customs, and also sometimes talks to the TV, like one of the heroes of Our Rashi.

As soon as he started courting, he had already planned their future life with Rita, for hours talking with her about which institution they would send their children to … Relatives could not get enough of the groom - polite, serious, respectful, he would always bring a cake with him (which later and eat).

The closer it came to the wedding, the more sad Rita became. Her complaints seemed very irrational to the family, especially in light of the fact that she was not a bride "of the first freshness," as some of the gossips joked. Well, are these reasons for dissatisfaction: "does not give flowers", "instead of a cafe offers to buy food in the store and sit at home", "every day he says that the father gives his mother every penny, and it will be so with us", "finds fault with the length of the skirt "," five hundred times asked how many men there were before him ", etc.?


It all ended with the fact that three days before the wedding, Rita secretly went to the registry office and took her passport from there, and wrote an SMS to the groom: "Vitya, forgive me, there will be no wedding" and changed her phone number. More than a year has passed, Rita is never married, and Viktor is still watching her, either near work or at home, in order to sort out the relationship once again. The other day she hinted that she was ready to leave for another city, if only the obsessive gentleman lagged behind. Alas, anal men are affectionate and loyal by nature, and it is not so easy for them to switch to a new object of heart interest.

A woman stands behind every great success of a man

Despite the prevailing opinion about polygamy inherent in all men, anal sex, who once made their choice, experience significant difficulties if life forces them to reconsider this choice. And therefore, if you have become the object of an anal's courtship, do not rush to label him "bore", "silent", "know-it-all", "loser". Take a closer look, because with some effort on your part, a person can truly open up and show his best human and male qualities!

Remember at least the first and last Russian General Secretary Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev. That was a golden leader! More precisely, anal-visual. Moreover, many of his successes, and above all in the political field, are attributed by analysts and observers to his wife, the unforgettable Raisa Maksimovna. It is likely that, had it not been for her or a less ambitious and intelligent woman to meet him, the world might never have known about the "man with a spot on his forehead." So he would have stayed somewhere in the Stavropol Territory, stuck at the level of the secretary of a party cell or the chairman of a collective farm … Or he would have gone into science - before being elected to a major party position, he had such an attempt, as he himself recalls: “I passed the minimum, wrote a thesis ". Otherwise, he would have drunk himself to death, if his wife had been caught being grumpy and would have nagged for any reason.

History knows many examples of successful anal sex careers, inspired by smart and persistent wives.

By the way, against the background of rumors about Barack Obama's divorce, an anecdote appeared on the Internet about how the Obama couple watched TV at home one evening and saw a report from the Dental Congress in the news. "That man courted me until I met you!" Michelle exclaimed. “You see how lucky you are with me,” Barak replied, “but I would marry him, I would be the wife of a dentist now.” Michelle looked at her husband and replied: “If I had married him, I would now be the president's wife. But where would you be?.."

In every joke, of course, only a fraction of the joke. However, their wives have played an important role in the success of many men. "To become a general's wife, you have to marry a lieutenant." This proverb is not so much about the fact that generals are in short supply in the marriage market, but about the fact that an ambitious wife often pushes a man to general's shoulder straps.


By the way, for women with a developed skin vector, which fuels ambitions and makes them strive for success, for career growth, for victories and achievements, an anal husband can become a good means of reaching “heights”. A motorized woman is able to move and roll to the desired goal, even an anal bumpkin.

However, in the history of anal men it is often not so much necessary to "push" them as to give them the opportunity to feel understood, supported, realized. Having believed in himself and having received the realization of his basic vector needs (including possible weaknesses and eccentricities), a man with an anal vector is capable of a lot!

Behind the bedroom doors

Another indisputable plus of an anal man is gratitude. Analniks are those who really remember goodness. Moreover, this applies not only to good deeds in the everyday and universal sense, but also to everything related to the intimate sphere.

If you go to meet an anal man in delicate areas, especially if he is used to experiencing some difficulties with understanding or wants something special, this can be a powerful incentive for him to bond with an accommodating and understanding partner for life.

In intimate relationships, the anal sex is tireless. By nature, he was given a powerful libido, which for the most part is directed to only one object of desire - to his beloved wife. Isn't such constancy worth understanding and making steps towards?

Erotic fantasies of anal sex often revolve around the "fifth point", directly or indirectly immersing them in dreams of anal sex or anal petting. If you feel this weakness in the darkness of anal conservatism and understand what exactly is missing in the anal sex in bed, you can make a real breakthrough in your relationship with him. Adhering to the opinion that there is nothing forbidden in sex, if both like it and does no harm to anyone, a woman is able to give the anal sex such satisfaction that he will not want to look at anyone else. To do this, you don't have to be a breathtaking beauty or a crazy sex bomb, you just need to delicately and tenderly find out what exactly this man expects from his partner.

And although analniks can be attributed to the modest and shy representatives of humanity, it is not so difficult to understand what their secret desires are. It is enough to study the knowledge available with the help of the training "System-Vector Psychology" about the features of the anal vector and take a closer look at the reactions and emotions of your individual man.


By the way, the classic case of marriage with a prostitute is also a plot from the life of an anal man. Rather, even an undeveloped anal, weighed down by an unbearable burden of resentment. He is good with her, she understands him, as no one ever understood, and therefore he is doing an allegedly noble deed - he pulls her out of the mud and makes her a decent woman, a legitimate wife and mother of the family. Of course, most often in such a marriage, the wife has a hard time, because at the slightest opportunity, the anal husband is in a hurry to remind her where he got her from and what she owes him, thus taking out her grievances on life. But that's a completely different story …

For serious relationship only

In general, for the classic anal, the bonds of marriage are sacred. And therefore, going to meet him, indulging his little weaknesses and plunging headlong into understanding his problems and interests, one should understand the full responsibility of his behavior. This is not the kind of man whom you can "play" and then safely exchange for a more profitable party. This is a person who is able to seriously attach and appoint you as his beautiful ladies for life.

Therefore, if you, after looking closely at a man with an anal vector, realized that you are interested in him, that he has great potential for living together, that his strangeness is, in fact, harmless, and the shortages are quite compensable, start a serious relationship.

If you just want to try your feminine charms, flirt and show off, choose a fickle leatherman as the subject of your experiments. Do not make the potentially ideal man suffer, whom, perhaps, some other woman is looking for and waiting for her whole life.

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