Khatyn Tale, A Tale Of Love

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Khatyn Tale, A Tale Of Love
Khatyn Tale, A Tale Of Love

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Khatyn tale, a tale of love

If you live against your nature, you cannot be happy. But you can take courage and restore a sense of honor and dignity! Read "The Khatyn Tale" …

Many are afraid to read it, but in fact one should be afraid NOT to read it

The same story, based on which the film was filmed, dividing life into before and after, it is called “Come and See”. It must be discussed separately. It can be experienced once, in very rare cases twice. But you must survive. He's scary, hopelessly scary. Even every not scary shot in it is scary.

And the story is different! She's beautiful! Terribly beautiful at times! There is much more beauty. Beauty and love. Such love that even tears are a weak expression for her. In that heat and at the height that we all want to experience. In such a beautiful sensory perception of the world, with a unique lens through which you look and see events, that death is not terrible!

If you have apathy, depression, want to give up, or don't know what you want, read on. If you are terribly tired of the flow of slander from social networks - read on! If it hurts you from what is happening now, including on the fields of information battles, read it!

A young but already experienced partisan Fleur will lead us along a difficult partisan path. But the accomplished scientist Florian Petrovich, 25 years later, will share his already repeatedly meaningful and rethought perception of what happened then.

Fleur and Glasha will show themselves how this is done. And in those moments when it seems that there is not enough strength, they will share their own and guide you from one page to another, from one experience to the next.

If you love figurative, non-dehydrated language, then from the very first page you will be fascinated by the beauty of the words and the accuracy of the images that will themselves arise in your imagination.

This story is a gift to us from Ales Adamovich, the guardian of truth, partisan and writer.

Fear. This is the smell we dug

It all starts here. One can die of fear, but it is even more terrible to live in fear. It seems that only large, paralyzing fear is destructive. But anyone is destructive. And the most harmful is the one that you don't realize. The phenomenal change after the training is that all fears are realized. I recall the moments repressed into the subconscious that affect our actions, the choices we make now, the thoughts that come to mind, and how we live life. Their harm is difficult to measure, because it is impossible to calculate how much we have lost or how much more we will lose.

The fear of death is the only basic fear from the entire huge list of phobias. Of course, people can be afraid of anything, but all fears and feelings have only one root, and then it can take any form.

In life, we tend to avoid everything that concerns death. And we will face it on the first page. And here do not get away from the fear that has arisen. Nothing threatens you, exhale the tension and think: how do we generally define death? What is the dead?

The eye may not notice, but the smell will never deceive. For the owners of the visual vector, a lot depends on understanding this moment. Our nature is to feel, and the meaning of life is in love. When feelings are lived in oneself, these are always emotional swings and tantrums, and when they are brought out, they become love. Fear does not disappear! He is reborn.

Khatyn story photo
Khatyn story photo

Yuri Burlan's training not only reveals the nature of fear, but immediately provides a simple mechanism for the transition to another state. It is analyzed in detail at the training, and on the pages of the story you can do it right now. How? Just follow Flera. And we will return to the smell.

But what feeling, apart from fear, has a place in the very epicenter of an unjust murder? And what is this phenomenon?

Murder. Ugly man when he is killed

The desire to kill another is one of the basic ones from the beginning of man's conception. Kill and seize his resources. Murder in the case of murder when there is intent. The owner of the visual vector is unique in its nature, he is an anti-killer, in a sense even an anti-human, but this can be fully understood only during training.

The visual measure appeared as a necessity for the preservation of the human species, as the opposite of natural hostility, as a restriction on killing, as something incapable of killing and therefore incapable of preserving itself. It is from this that the fear of death. It is from this that the natural need for feelings for other people, and it is these feelings that touch and evoke a response. Visual people through themselves, as it were, "teach" others compassion and empathy.

Our war is called the Great Patriotic War, because the Soviet people did not go anywhere in order to kill, take someone else's life, they went out against the enemies with the intention of giving up theirs in order to protect and free the land from those who came to kill.

So Fleur, being a participant in the events, did not become a murderer, he had neither this intention, nor desire, nor properties. And feelings for other people were always there, even when death in a locked and already burning barn seemed inevitable.

Yes, due to the outward feelings, fearlessness arises out of fear, but at what cost?

Vision. These sparks, these fast dots on the screen of my blindness

It happens that the sensor does not stand up, and the person goes blind. In today's world, many visual children and adults wear glasses and have visual impairments. This is not a coincidence, this is how a defense mechanism works.

When a person, especially one with a sensitive visual psyche, experiences emotional upheavals, a break in the emotional connection (with the death of a loved one, the loss of a loved one, a break in relations, ridicule of feelings, devaluation of love) - he experiences severe suffering. To ease the pain, the psyche sacrifices the sensor that perceives the picture, that is, vision. But it retains sensitivity - it is more important. When shocks are repeated and strong, in order to preserve themselves, a person loses the ability to feel.

Fleur did not lose his ability to feel. But the sensor could not stand it when on his partisan "clearing" he saw his neighbor who had survived for a short time.

Khatyn story, story of love photo
Khatyn story, story of love photo

But if there is salvation, then what is it?

Love. Without her, for me now and he is not all

Love is a state. The state of love is primary. The object or objects are secondary. Fleur loves. Everyone and everything. Not exclamatory and indicative, not reveling in his love, not enjoying himself with this feeling, but LOVES, that is, he perceives ALL OTHERS from this state. He does not show his feelings, but lives by them.

Not for show, but out.

To experience this, walk with him through a swamp with strange "hippos", across a field with a rye and along the street of a freshly burnt village. It will not be scary, you will be them, but he is not afraid, he is in pain. And this is a completely different feeling. A wave of compassion will sweep over you. And perhaps it will come out in tears.

Tears. They must be taken to someone

Glasha did not think about why tears are sweet. More precisely, not the tears themselves, but the state after. Many of us already know that you will cry - and it becomes easier. But not all tears are the same, because their cause is different.

Tantrum is always about yourself, it is always swelling under the eyes and skewed facial expressions. Over the years, it gets fixed and makes a beautiful face ugly. But when tears flow from compassion and empathy for another, then, as Yuri Burlan says at the training “System-Vector Psychology”, “washing the soul,” calming sets in.

In young children, if you read them fairy tales that evoke a feeling of compassion and empathy, for example, the fear of the dark retreats to the ugly duckling or the staunch tin soldier. Learning from childhood not to dwell on their emotions on themselves, such a child becomes a happy and very attractive adult, capable of great love.

Many of us have feelings of suppressed, and they are often suppressed since childhood, when we were forbidden to cry. In addition to the prohibition on tears, any manifestation of feeling was devalued by ridicule or disdain. Because of this, it happens that "I want to love, but I can't" and "I don't feel anything." But there is a way out! Let go, allow - and let them pour as much as they want, the story will help with this. And then all that remains is to feel and see.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

You won't immediately understand what kind of rainbow it is …

The eye of the visual person is a very special kind of sensor. These are the lobes of the brain brought out to the outside, containing the superintelligence inside and the super-receptive erogenous zone outside.

Light, falling on the retina of the eye, is refracted and creates a picture in the brain. This is a great pleasure for the visual psyche - the direct initiation of the erogenous zone. And this pleasure, taking shape in the word, is called "beautiful!" When our eyes feel good, we see, that is, we feel BEAUTY.

The same brain lobes are responsible for feelings and perception of beauty, therefore, the more developed a person is, the more beauty he is able to perceive. That is, he literally lives in a more beautiful world.

But can a world be beautiful in which children are burned? Where have people gone mad with grief and hunger? Where is only war around?

It depends on how to look and what to see. Reading and living that guerrilla reality, you will be surprised to see how your current vision and feeling is changing. How the colors will play and how the perception of the usual life will change. A lot of landmarks will fall into place, including the attitude towards the white-red-white flags of the punitive, which are now worn on the streets of Belarus.

Khatyn story by photo
Khatyn story by photo

Betrayal. Still too cops on his pants

We are so afraid of being betrayed that this fear obscures reality. But in reality, you need to be afraid to betray yourself.

It is important here not to suppress the thoughts that arise at the moment of reading. These true sensory landmarks fall into place, and it is these landmarks that currently create a very comfortable and happy state.

You can become a traitor for various reasons: from false beliefs (thinking that by giving the enemies the lives of your comrades, you can save your own), out of cowardice, out of ignorance. A traitor will never be able to feel confident and worthy, which means he will never be able to be happy, no matter how much “freedom” he has, even fashionable trousers will not help.

On the opposite side of the scale is courage, fearlessness, honor and dignity. From a habit, you can feel awkward from these words. This is a false shame. The same one, when speaking and hearing obscenities, for example, is not ashamed, but to express feelings or say thank you is ashamed.

And also mercy, justice, willingness to help the weakest, to give the last and even life from oneself are not big words. These are the keys. Keys to our true perception of the world.

Mentality. And I would see the eyes that I deceived by their appearance

At the very beginning, we mentioned the smell of death as a key moment in the development of the visual psyche: collective and individual. The fear of death taught us to perceive smells vividly and sensitively and divide them into bad (what died and decomposes) and good - what lives. This was the beginning of the emergence of concepts of good and evil. That is, the beginning of a moral search. In short: it is impossible to call the dead alive, it is impossible to mask the smell of decomposition and convince yourself and others that it smells good.

In the same way, a compromise between good and evil, between the desire of people to save their lives and their children, to live on their own land and fascism is impossible.

Therefore, reconciliation and "parallels" between veterans of the Second World War and the SS, between Stalin and Hitler, between punishers and partisans are unacceptable.

Fleur demonstrates this uncompromising attitude. It will be especially vividly described in the chapter where the arsonists will be taken prisoner.

Our urethral-muscular mentality is a great gift. A gift that we have learned to devalue and even hate. Mentality is a general psychic superstructure over its own vectors, over their individual manifestations. And the more vividly the properties of mentality are manifested, the fuller and happier a person lives his life.

The partisan movement itself is the clearest manifestation of the urethral mentality. It could and did arise only in our country during the Patriotic War of 1812, and it always manifests itself when it is necessary.

If you live against your nature, you cannot be happy. But you can take courage and restore a sense of honor and dignity! Read The Khatyn Tale.

Khatyn tale heroes photo
Khatyn tale heroes photo

Conclusion. Is there really something else on earth, if there is this?

Yuri Burlan fully discloses how to cope and exactly on yourself to stop the nuclear chain reaction of our common bomb at the training "System-vector psychology". In this article, only one part of our general eight-dimensional matrix of the psyche has been revealed. It lives in each of us and in each of us. Great experiences give us even more scope for feelings, disclosure and realization of our properties. Live the amazing life of the heroes of the story. Do not be afraid, do not "take care" of your feelings, this is also one of the false attitudes. The story is not limited to visual experiences alone.

Another very striking urethral property is never to give up. And if you are lucky enough to read this story, you will not succeed.

The article was written based on the materials of the online training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan and is dedicated to Nina Zakharovna Belonozhka, my neighbor, a child who survived a fire, in a swamp and in a trench near the village of Zakrotunye, Gomel region.

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