How Vectors Are Combined In The Human Psyche

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How Vectors Are Combined In The Human Psyche
How Vectors Are Combined In The Human Psyche
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How vectors are combined in the human psyche

There are eight vectors in total. They are divided into lower (cutaneous, anal, urethral, ​​muscular) and upper (sound, visual, olfactory, oral). In general, a person is characterized by typical manifestations of each of the vectors available to him. But there are peculiarities of their combination with each other …

In the process of studying vectors, we naturally approach the questions - how do they all fit together in me? How do they influence each other? And how can I get along with this diversity?

In general, a person is characterized by typical manifestations of each of the vectors available to him. But there are features of their combination with each other.

About quartels, contrarian and complementary combinations

There are eight vectors in total. They are divided into lower (cutaneous, anal, urethral, ​​muscular) and upper (sound, visual, olfactory, oral). There are three dominant vectors: urethral, ​​sound and olfactory - their properties are manifested in the first place and have the greatest impact on human life. Also, vectors can be distributed over four quartels (from Latin quartus - the fourth):

  • spaces (cutaneous and muscular);
  • time (anal and urethral);

  • information (sound and visual);
  • energy (olfactory and oral).

A combination of vectors that belong to the same quartel is called complementary (from the Latin complementum - complement).

Contrary (Latin contrarius - opposite) is a combination of vectors from different quartels.

Complementary combinations

In this case, the properties of the two vectors complement each other, and there are usually no special difficulties here. A person feels whole, he is not torn apart by serious contradictions.

For example, the urethral vector with its whole essence is directed towards the future, towards development and expansion, and the anal one - towards the past, towards memories, traditions and accumulated experience. When both of these vectors are combined in one person, he is primarily aimed at the future, but he is not deprived of memory either, moreover, he does not get stuck in the past.

Or sound and visual vectors - a combination of abstract and figurative intelligences. The perception and processing of information in such a person occurs at a completely different level - more voluminous. This is a great potential in the study of sciences. And if such a person is engaged in creativity, then such a combination brings a special depth.

A person with a developed skin-visual ligament of vectors can be a talented actor, in combination with a sound one - a genius (Hopkins, Depp, Smoktunovsky, Yankovsky). The owner of the anal-visual combination is able to become an excellent artist, and in the presence of a sound vector - to create something special and incomprehensible (Picasso, Van Gogh, Malevich, Chagall), to set a new direction in art.

But for classical musicians, the visual vector is a hindrance, it brings emotionality where there should be only pure sound. For pop music, the opposite is true: the sensuality of a developed visual vector is more important. It happens that popular singers have far from operatic voices, and even have problems with hearing, but the artist performs in such a way that the song takes the soul, that's why the audience likes it.

In ordinary life, one vector also affects another. Visual vector: I want emotions, live communication, sensory connections, attention. Sound vector: I want silence, solitude, the opportunity to concentrate and think. If the sound and visual vectors are combined in one person, he can periodically switch between the desire to communicate and retire. Others may even feel that he has strange mood swings. Or, alternatively, he tries to create emotional connections very selectively, while emphasizing the relationship of thoughts.

How vectors are combined in the human psyche photo
How vectors are combined in the human psyche photo

A person with an olfactory vector is insightful, inconspicuous and silent, and the owner of an oral vector is a lover of talking and being the center of attention. To people with a combination of these vectors, "language is given in order to hide their thoughts."

This makes a person a talented politician (for example, Zhirinovsky), who senses the situation in his gut, intuitively knows how to behave, and even can express his point of view in such a way that he will win any debate - the opponent will simply have nothing to argue. Or it can be an unsurpassed interviewer (like Posner): every word is on target, you can't hide the truth from him, you can't get away from well-aimed questions.

Of course, such people do not necessarily go to these particular professions - these are just the most notable examples. In any case, we can say about them that they keep their nose in the wind, and do not put a finger in their mouth.

The muscle vector stands apart: it is complementary to all others. But it does not bring in individual manifestations, but, as it were, dissolves in other lower vectors, enhancing their properties. By analogy with muscle mass: building it up, we make the body stronger, more enduring, more prominent.

Contrary combinations

The properties of such vectors are very different, therefore it is more difficult to mix, and can enter into serious contradictions.

The most common contraction is the cutaneous vector with the anal one. Their properties are very different: in the speed of reactions, decisiveness, the choice between novelty and habit, between quality and quantity, between multitasking and scrupulousness, and much more. These properties are constantly switching, changing states - this is how we react to the surrounding circumstances.

When such a switch is consistent with external changes, the combination of cutaneous and anal vectors becomes a great advantage. Such a person, if necessary, can quickly navigate, show initiative and act decisively, and when necessary, concentrate with all accuracy and thoroughness on the implementation and bringing the task to the final point. Such people make excellent leaders, the movers of the business world: they are both analysts and logicians. It is a winning combination in some sports (boxing, wrestling, rowing). And in many other types of activity, such switchability is only a plus.

But if the change of states occurs inadequately to the circumstances, for example, because of stress, then everything turns upside down. Entrepreneurship and speed are required from a person - he falls into a stupor, gets stuck in doubts and indecision. And when perseverance and diligence is needed, he begins to twitch, flicker, grabs at one thing or another.

Often this also affects the physical condition. Untimely change of psychological rhythms (fast - slow) can cause cardiac arrhythmias.

An interesting combination of visual and oral vectors. The visual vector is the basis of culture, the priority of the sensual over the animal principle. Oral is, on the contrary, anti-culture, with laughter and conversations on the topic of sex it breaks through and devalues ​​the cultural layer. Usually, this combination is dominated by the oral vector, suppressing sensuality.

They are demonstrative, public people who easily grab the attention of others. A striking example is TV presenter Andrei Malakhov, who can both visually sympathize with the heroes of his show, and orally "eat" them to please the audience. Or the singer Pelageya: either with her heartfelt singing (it is noteworthy that it is popular) she will move to tears, or she will give odds to comedians from KVN, where she sits on the jury.

Vectors human psyche photo
Vectors human psyche photo

The sound and oral vectors are also very contradictory: one strives for silence and solitude, the other for talking in public. It happens that a person with such a combination "muffles" himself, talking loudly and singing inadequately - this is how he tries to protect his sensitive ear from external sounds. If he is professionally engaged in singing, then often it is opera, well, or abusive rap - this is such a spread. Such a person has a generally ambiguous attitude to swearing: he himself does not hesitate to insert a strong word in an oral way, but he does not accept someone else's swearing in a sound way.

The olfactory vector is strongly opposed to both sound and visual. At the same time, he protects himself from emotional or mental disorders: the main thing is to preserve himself, his integrity.

In combination with the visual vector, it strongly suppresses sensuality, but at the same time "hides" behind the visual vector, like a mask. Such people have others to themselves, while feeling them through and through. They are born spies. Remember the Soviet intelligence officer Rudolf Abel. And people with such a combination can become ingenious perfumers, because the olfactory vector is most sensitive to unconscious smells - pheromones, and the visual one - to consciously determined aromas.

Some features when mixing multiple vectors

There are some principles of the influence of individual vectors on the overall picture. Sound brings depth, spiritual search, philosophical train of thought. Visual - emotionality and focus on society. Dermal - variability, the ability to adapt to the situation. For example, in combination with an unrestrained urethral vector, the cutaneous one allows you to "slow down" on sharp turns. And artists with a combination of the urethral vector and the visual-cutaneous ligament always stand out from the rest (Gurchenko, Bezrukov, Plisetskaya, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Bernhardt).

The anal vector makes it a little heavier, shifts towards earthly desires, gives a kind of tangible support. The olfactory "extinguishes" all sorts of properties that can become dangerous for the person himself, whether it is visual sacrifice, sound search for the meaning of life, or urethral unrestrainedness.

The urethral and sound vectors do not mix at all: phase switching occurs. A person then manifests himself in the urethral type (impudent, unrestrained, unlimited, sometimes rowdy and reveler), then completely immerses himself in sound states and becomes able to give birth to pure sound ideas, unique creativity. Examples of such people are genius poets (Pushkin, Yesenin, Mayakovsky), brilliant composers and musicians (Mozart, Vysotsky, Tsoi), legendary historical figures, prophets (Christ, Lenin, Rasputin).

The basic principle of combining vectors

The main thing to understand is that there are no good and bad vectors or their combinations.

If a person is sufficiently developed and realized, he can effectively adapt any number of vectors, complementary and contradictory. Switching between them occurs in a timely manner. Their manifestations do not contradict each other and do not cause inconvenience. It is easier for him to interact with the outside world under a wide variety of conditions. Such a person has more desires, more opportunities, more potential, and therefore more pleasure from life and achieving goals.

But there may be a different situation. For example, a person cannot achieve what he wants, that is, to realize his innate properties in society. Or he is in a prolonged state of over-stress. Then the more vectors in a person are combined and the more contradictory they are, the more problems and inconsistencies there may be. The person is thrown from side to side. His desires and abilities now and then contradict each other. Sometimes there is a feeling that he himself does not know what he wants. It is very difficult for him to succeed.

Therefore, in order not to "storm", you need to understand your properties and true (not imposed from the outside) desires - in order to know where and how to realize your talents to the maximum. The psyche of a person who is happy, passionate about what he loves, is in a balanced state. And also it is necessary to increase stress resistance. To understand the cause-and-effect relationships of everything that happens, to have a clear idea of ​​other people means removing the unknown as a stress factor.

Vectors psyche photo
Vectors psyche photo


Eight vectors can occur in hundreds of different combinations. We notice something in ourselves, and most of it is possible to observe only in others, if we know how to look, what to pay attention to. Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology" just allows you to see all the diversity of the human psyche, any of its manifestations. In the process of such observation, you yourself, people and events become understandable - everything that previously seemed incomprehensible.

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