I Don't Want To Be Part Of The Herd

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I Don't Want To Be Part Of The Herd
I Don't Want To Be Part Of The Herd

Video: I Don't Want To Be Part Of The Herd

Video: I Don't Want To Be Part Of The Herd
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I don't want to be part of the herd

Why is one person like that, and the other completely different? Why do they behave completely differently under the same conditions? Why do they have different desires? The truth is that for something they are needed just like that …

The herd wakes up and reaches for places of earning money. Enterprises, offices, trading floors and social and cultural facilities are filled with a living human mass. She needs to exchange: her energy for a certain amount of money on the account, then these funds - for food, clothing, comfort and pleasure in order to replenish the energy that needs to be spent again. Serpent Ouroboros, devouring itself.

After all, the body needs to be fed, warmed, treated, given rest, sometimes pampered and generally served in every possible way. Otherwise it will die, its body is so vulnerable, weak, capricious. Is this body really me? Definitely not. In my sensations, I always separate consciousness and physical shell. I am consciousness, or psyche, or soul. But the body is only a container for me. The vessel whose slave I have to be. Like all other homo sapiens and not very sapiens.

I don't want to!

I don't want to be part of the herd photo
I don't want to be part of the herd photo

What i want

Such people are very different from the rest, but there are more of them than they themselves might think. In various forms, similar thoughts can enter the heads of five percent of people.

The peculiarity of their psyche is the ability of dual perception of reality. The physical world and the non-physical. Finite and endless. Body and mind. For the rest, they are inseparable in the perception of themselves.

The greatest desire of such a person is to find that infinite, the existence of which he suspects, but cannot grasp in any way. Find something more than what he sees in everyday reality. To find answers to the questions of how and why this life was created, what is its role in what is happening, where we came from and where we are going - to realize the meaning of everything that exists. Expand your perception of reality. Change consciousness. Know more than everyone else.

As a child, he is often interested in space, science fiction, asks adults non-childish questions about the structure of the world, about a higher power. He is better than others at mathematics, physics, computer science - unless, of course, he has learned to focus on the perception of abstract information and the craving for learning has not been discouraged by shouts or devaluation of parents and teachers. Interest in sciences, foreign languages, philosophy, religions is an attempt to find the very meaning of life, to understand the principles of the universe.

He is also more susceptible to words (to literature, poetry, conversations between people) and sounds (to music, noise, loud voices). Has more sensitive hearing or, conversely, has hearing problems due to developmental errors. Often he prefers to be in silence, alone with his thoughts. The society of other people can interfere with him, especially if they talk about "nothing", that is, that is not worth the attention of such a person, from his point of view.

In an attempt to change consciousness, such a person may resort to meditation, spiritual practices, a state of trance, or even drugs. But he does not achieve what he wants in this way, because this is an artificial effect on the brain - on the physical. And his goal is beyond the material.

Consciously or unconsciously, he craves meaning, understanding. He takes pleasure in thinking on "transcendental" topics, because his intellect does not want to recognize limits. Throughout his life, such a person is looking for answers to questions that he is not always able to even formulate.

I want and do not receive

If such a person is not used to thinking, has not learned to concentrate, cannot use his intellectual potential to solve the problems he needs, he simply does not understand in which direction to move, then he begins to suffer from this without even realizing the reasons.

Others also suffer when they do not get what they want, but it is a little easier for them, because their desires are more explicit, formalized, material. They have at least a rough idea of what they lack. And how to achieve what you have no idea about?

He really wants to receive, but does not know what and where to look for, and therefore does not get it over and over again. The mental volume and, accordingly, the strength of desires of such a person is much greater than that of all other people. And the suffering of not getting what you want, too. Then everything around gradually begins to seem meaningless. As a result - depression, apathy, hatred of others. And this condition can last for years.

Such a person always perceives himself somewhat apart from the rest. In depressive states, this gap increases many times. Other people with their "primitive" problems, aspirations and conversations seem to him to be something superfluous, a hindrance, an additional source of mental pain.

I don't want to communicate with them more than the required minimum. Letting close those who are still not able to understand what is going on inside him does not even occur to him. He would rather not be among them at all. Therefore, he either learns to abstract from others, hiding in the “secret rooms” of his own soul, or mentally shouts: “We got these stupid conversations! Shut up already! Let us be in silence! I hate! If someone does not repulse, then only that person whose thoughts are in tune with his own. Go find this one.

The ability to find answers to questions about knowing oneself and the world is what the owners of the sound vector lack most of all. All of the above is about them. This concept is explained in detail at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

How to get answers

Such a person is certainly right, considering that the answers are beyond the material. Only they are not hidden in cosmic distances, not in the ocean depths and not in the wilds of his own thoughts. The path to the infinite lies through the unconscious, through the secrets of the human psyche - not one specific, but the whole species, with all facets and gradations.

Why is one person like that, and the other completely different? Why do they behave completely differently under the same conditions? Why do they have different desires? The truth is that for something they are needed just like that. Why - and the owner of the sound vector has to find out.

Only a three-dimensional picture gives an understanding of the cause-and-effect relationships of the world order. When we look from any one position, then the knowledge we receive is one-sided, impoverished, biased. The sound engineer, who is more focused on himself than anyone else, begins to receive answers when he focuses on others, goes beyond the limits that he himself has designated.

In this case, he begins to grasp the connections that explain the actions of people, the events taking place (both private and global), begins to better understand himself and his place in the world, his role among others.

One - he has only questions and, no matter how much he delves into himself, he will not get answers inside - they are only outside. Getting outside your shell is difficult at first. But the very first recognitions and realizations tear the blinders from his eyes, and the surrounding reality begins to change, acquire a completely different volume and depth. He begins to see reality as it is, and not as it seems. He finds what he has always been looking for.

I don't want to be part of the herd photo
I don't want to be part of the herd photo