Character Types And Erogenous Zones

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Character Types And Erogenous Zones
Character Types And Erogenous Zones

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Character types and erogenous zones

The world of human sexuality and sexual fantasies is vast and deep. Someone dims the light and enjoys the semi-darkness and the spicy aroma of candles … Someone is fascinated by the refined sounds of classical music … Someone is delighted with the touch of the velvet skin and the gentle trail of kisses and caresses … And some will not refuse a couple of piquant words …

Erogenous zones
Erogenous zones

In everyday life, when pronouncing the words erogenous zones, a slight subtle blush begins to appear on the cheeks of many people, and the corners of the lips are rounded in a bashful smile …

Everything inside comes to life, preparing for something very pleasant and a little forbidden, mysterious and intimate … After all, for most, the concept of erogenous zones is covered with mystery, the twilight of the coming evening and the pleasant expectation of meeting someone very close and dear … Thoughts are strained in anxious and agitated waiting for sexual foreplay, acuteness of feelings and the approach of someone who knows more about your desires than everyone else, who is ready to take you into the world of pleasure and mystery, who is ready to reveal unconscious desires and find the door to a source of inspiration and inexhaustible strength …

The world of human sexuality and sexual fantasies is vast and deep. Someone dims the light and enjoys the semi-darkness and the spicy aroma of candles … Someone is fascinated by the refined sounds of classical music … Someone is delighted with the touch of the velvet skin and the gentle trail of kisses and caresses … And some will not refuse a couple of piquant words …

Each person has an erogenous zone, which is the most sensitive and susceptible to influences …

But how do you find this erogenous zone?

It seems that the secret of human sexuality is hidden and is revealed only to those who devote most of their time to love relationships … Is this so?

Over the years, we have become accustomed to associating the concept of the erogenous zone exclusively with the concept of human sexuality.

But, with rare exceptions, few people know that more than a hundred years ago the then young scientist Sigmund Freud published a small work on psychoanalysis, in which he discovered the relationship between a person's character type and his erogenous zone. The article was titled "Character and Anal Erotica".

In it, Freud argues that there is a connection between the type of character of people who are very neat, tidy, decent, and the erogenous zone, the names of which are shy, and sometimes just afraid. This area is called the anal area.

In addition, Freud argues that the basis of human subconscious processes are two driving forces: human sexuality (libido), i.e. the desire to continue life and the desire for destruction (mortido), that is, for death. He saw that human development occurs under the influence of his libido. And its implementation for the benefit of society is a process of sublimation of sexual energy into creative.

With this discovery, Freud showed that the principle of pleasure guides a person not only in sexual relations, but also in his social activity and realization.

Apparently Freud knew that someday there will be someone who will be able to open all the erogenous zones of a person and connect them with a specific character and scenario of a person's life. And he was not mistaken …

But he did not even suspect what discoveries the researchers of the last generation would come to, thanks to his little work. His discovery was the beginning of a huge era of revolutionary discoveries in the field of psychology.

Several decades later, the Leningrad scientist psychologist Viktor Tolkachev was able to open the other seven erogenous zones.

Victor Tolkachev gave the name "Vector" to each connection of the erogenous zone and character and identified 8 erogenous zones:

- Anal vector

- Skin vector

- Muscle vector

- Urethral vector

- Sound vector

- Visual vector

- Olfactory vector

- Oral vector

The definition of the erogenous zone, accepted in System-Vector Psychology, is much wider and more voluminous than the generally accepted one. We say that a person has an "erogenous zone" - this means that he has a special sensitivity, for example, eyes (so that they distinguish hundreds of shades of colors, and not dozens, like the others) or skin (feels special pleasure from gentle touches etc.). The special sensitivity of individual sensors, accordingly, sets a person certain desires: he seeks to get pleasure in them. Thus, a "visual person" with a special sensitivity (erogenous zone) of the eye tends to change visual impressions, etc.

Each erogenous zone sets a specific set of desires. This is how the species role and behavior scenarios are formed.

Using the example of the interaction of individuals of a primitive flock, Viktor Tolkachev schematically described the behavior of representatives of each of the vectors and their interaction with each other.

With the arrival of Yuri Burlan in System-Vector Psychology, this science acquired a new color and opened in deep and ingenious senses. Yuri Burlan developed System-Vector Psychoanalysis to the level of a huge independent study, made knowledge alive and very easily perceived.

Every modern person internally remained faithful to his primitive nature, but has already gone much further in his development, since now the world around him requires much more development from him in terms of his own implementation, as well as knowledge and understanding of his nature and programs that govern everything around him. the world.

At the first level of Yuri Burlan's training, a person learns as deeply as possible the essence of each vector and the entire spectrum of its manifestations, from the archetype from the primitive flock to the developed state in the modern world.

It is difficult to refrain from emotions when, literally in the fifth minute of the first free lesson, you recognize this or that vector in yourself and determine its state. After being surprised and embarrassed by the fact that someone unfamiliar so clearly and clearly describes your inner state, values, desires, demeanor and manifestation in this world, there is nothing left but to shout: “Yes, this is me, this is about me!"

Erogenous zones and character types
Erogenous zones and character types

The second level of training is the best developments of Yuri Burlan, which are truly shocking and revolutionary in their content.

In the same bright and colorful manner, Yuri conveys information about the mixing of vectors in a person. After all, now almost every person is a carrier of an average of three or four vectors. This allows listeners to feel the life scenarios that a person lives and understand him and himself at the level of value systems, subconscious desires and sexual preferences.

Great attention is paid to complexes - negative life scenarios, over which modern psychologists rack their brains, remaining absolutely helpless in solving specific problems. Is it worth looking where there are no answers?

At the online seminar on psychology of Yuri Burlan, each person gets to know himself and his loved ones, finds answers to the most pressing questions in the field of understanding himself and his environment, the direction of development and his own realization. As a result of the training, you can understand the causes of fears, resentments, depressions, and most importantly - get rid of these burning soul states!

Now this is a reality available to everyone! Training System-vector psychology has become available to absolutely everyone, wherever you are. Classes are held on the Internet online.

Broadcasting territory - the whole world !!!

Welcome to Yuri Burlan's training in System Vector Psychology!

Character types
Character types


How can you live without loving anyone, without feeling?

This is the same as living without breathing, without laughing, without crying - in the same way you suffer inside and ask for help.

This is the same as getting into a box and filling yourself with mothballs, taking offense at fate, at the world, at God, without even knowing why!

Do not cry, do not be surprised, do not touch your loved one!

Do not sympathize and do not dream of a bright feeling,

hunched over from the heavy burden of the past, from the arrows of resentment and misunderstanding flying from within to within … from the fear of material loss or burning jealousy and envy …

Or take a step towards yourself and your desires!

To touch your soul asleep with sorrow.

Light it up with the light of feelings and understanding …

And let it out! In life!

So simple!

Do not close and do not turn away - open and wake up!

After all, love is more than fear.

And sleep is less than life.

Open your eyes for just a second, just check, or maybe life is better than it seems now?

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