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New Belarus - New Thinking
New Belarus - New Thinking
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New Belarus - new thinking

“The chicken is not a bird, Poland is not abroad” and is taken for granted. Everyone sees there beautiful trams, shopping centers, McDonald's, bike paths, huge opportunities for private business development. For example, in the city of Gdansk, which is similar to its fate, the water canal and railway urban transport belong to private owners. How about us? Almost every plant, factory and government agency starts with the prefix "Bel"?

What is happening in Belarus? The same is happening in Russia today: the crystal dream of the new young generation is drained into the toilet. Why?

You can't forbid living beautifully

Grodno is a crossroads of trade routes, cultures and traditions. The most European city in Belarus in appearance and identity. The rebellious spirit is in our blood, the spirit is contradictory, multifaceted. The coat of arms of the city is the deer of St. Hubert, boldly jumping over the fence - as a symbol of the love of freedom of local residents.

Since the 12th century, the city has always been a border town. Only 20 km to Poland, 30 km to Lithuania. On weekends, people go to neighboring countries "for purchases", children go to summer camps, a water park, many have relatives there.

“The chicken is not a bird, Poland is not abroad” and is taken for granted. Everyone sees there beautiful trams, shopping centers, McDonald's, bike paths, huge opportunities for private business development. For example, in the city of Gdansk, which is similar to its fate, the water canal and railway urban transport belong to private owners. How about us? Almost every plant, factory and government agency starts with the prefix "Bel"?

After the Second World War, ancient Western architecture has been preserved in Grodno: churches, churches, the nearly thousand-year Old Castle, in which the Grand Duke Vitovt lived, and the New Castle, the summer residence of Polish kings.

We are used to living among this beauty, knowing well that once Grodno was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, Poland, the Soviet Union, and now it finally became ours, Belarusian.

Freedom without responsibility, rights without obligations

The fact that the city was constantly passing from one hand to another, only enriched us. Now we are protesting the current way of life, anticipating the opportunity to enrich ourselves even more - primarily materially.

It is not surprising that white-red-white flags appear literally everywhere in the city: at the Old Castle of the 11th century, at the Drama Theater, which is the hallmark of the city, on the main bridge, public transport, and on the balconies of houses. A clothing store displays three mannequins on the street in white, red and again white dresses. People drive to the rally in the city center from the microdistrict in white and red cars, creating a flag in orderly rows.

About 40 thousand people, which is more than 10% of the city's inhabitants, went on a peaceful march on August 16, once again confirming the status of Grodno as freedom-loving and independent.

When the city executive committee supported the people, the whole of Belarus was surprised: “It looks like a fairy tale. Something is really changing in Grodno. " Rallies were allowed, they promised technical and medical support for the events, as well as the release of all previously detained demonstrators. Because the deputies are people too and want to continue living "in the oldest, most beautiful, clean, comfortable, peaceful and calm city of our country." But do we know what freedom, rights and independence are?

We got the opportunity to live in an independent Republic, but are we able to accept the responsibilities and duties that follow this opportunity?

We want to receive, but we can't

History always repeats itself, just most people do not live to see the beginning of a new round in the cycle, and the illusion is created that each new generation is living a completely different life. Outwardly, yes: today's children are born with gadgets in their hands, they instantly master the Internet. And internally?

The common psychic, "dark spilled", is one for all, and with each generation it is more and more. The volume of our desires is growing, the desire to be more successful consumers of goods and services. It is becoming increasingly difficult for law and cultural norms to contain our greed within a framework that is acceptable to the welfare of humanity.

Yes, the desire to acquire is inherent in our nature, it has lived with us from time immemorial. What's the catch, the tragedy of the consumer world?

The generations of our grandparents have practically discovered the secret of a happy, fulfilling life: "From all according to their ability - to all according to their work." When there was no variety of even the most ordinary household goods, the availability of goods that are today, a car and an apartment were the ultimate dream. At the same time, the entire generation worked for the good of society and strove to give as much as possible from themselves - talents, skills, internal resources. To be a part of something greater, to work for this greater, to believe in a bright future - that is what nourished them, gave strength for life in the present. It was considered something shameful to be an individualist, to think about your own enrichment.

What's next?

Our parents were faced with the dashing 90s, with the need to spin as soon as possible in order to get what the family needs, and meanwhile the volume of desires grew. People with intelligence and cultural upbringing found themselves on the sidelines of life, unable to "compete" with villains and criminals. The feeling of dissatisfaction grew. Read more in the article - "How can we not destroy Russia, which we have not lost."

We, the children of the 90s and 2000s, yearn for even more, which, according to the law of nature, includes all the previous ones: a car, an apartment, a family, a successful realization in society. The cherry on top this time is the grandiloquent notions of freedom, independence, rights, which cover up the true reasons for the protests. As in a long-term marriage: everything is boring, some discontent and petty claims. The country went out on the street, went and fell in love with a "biker" with a Western look, and that was the end of the old life. And what will happen next?

The age of consumption is doing its job. Was it an accident that the “solidarity” actions took place in large shopping centers of the city? In the temples of consumerism, people sang the folk song "Kupalinka" in a new way.

Having mastered the mobile from infancy, going to kindergarten with tablets, our children will have such requests for life, in comparison with which ours seem like a grain of sand under the starry sky. Where will the avalanche of new unfulfilled desires of the next generation, nourished on the American Dream, move and how will it turn? It is vitally important for us to know the answers to these questions today.

New dress on old rags

We express our lack of money, the ability to build a house, drive a good car, dress tastefully and eat overseas fruits in words about democracy and the law. These are values ​​that naturally sprouted on the basis of the individualistic Western mentality, but are completely opposite to the rebellious spirit of the entire Russian people.

We put freedom and mercy above the law that we are talking about in order to give rationality to our unconscious aspirations. We do not at all think that in Belarus of "western style" no one will allow us to ride "a hare", watch TV series on pirate sites and "treat" ourselves to corn from a collective farm field for nothing. This is possible only under certain conditions in a certain area. Namely, in the countries of the post-Soviet space, among people with a collectivist mentality, which puts the needs of society above personal desires. What does it mean? Each member of the pack conscientiously invests in a common pot. He gives his efforts, abilities, talents, feeling himself a part of a great united people, on whose well-being its well-being depends. Do we agree to this? Are you ready?

Ignorance of the difference between the Western and our mentality, the psychology of the masses, the laws by which one unconscious lives for all, threatens not only with deep disappointment from unfulfilled expectations, but also suicidal actions. In other words, we can destroy the lives of people and countries with our own hands.

Uncalculated risks

By the way, about labor. More precisely, about protests in the workplace. You don't have to be seven inches in your forehead to understand: going on strike is the same as chopping off the branch on which you sit, depriving yourself of money and bread, so that the one whom we blame will suffer, on whom we shift the responsibility for our position in life.

Everyone wants happiness for themselves, and in a moment of severe stress we are ready to go over our heads to achieve this, justifying every step.

Thus, a "people's deadline" has been announced by the telegram channel that regulates and sets the tone for the actions of the protesters. He demands from officials, officers and “all those who are still working for the regime opposing the majority of Belarusians,” until October 9, 2020, “to show that you serve the country and people”. How? For example, quit or report on "other representatives of the regime." At the same time, it is not at all clear who and how will determine the “national traitors”. But it is clear that their names, home addresses and any information will become public. Doctors, teachers, workers who have taken the side of the white-red-white flags are already making public statements demanding to hold "real elections."


On the one hand, there is freedom and democracy, and on the other hand, there are children and old people who are easily hit. They are not so nimble and strong - the embodiment of our dream of a Western life may become their last breath or the basis of an unhappy life "on suitcases" with eternal travels in search of a better fate. But they are the ones who most need our protection.

The young and healthy will find a way to feed themselves, but the unprotected segments of the population will suffer: some cannot yet take care of themselves, others cannot.

Selfishness is great. It seems to us that we live on our own, that our choice will not affect anyone. Old people without retirement, schools as a luxury for the rich - only those who can spin will survive. But when we see the poverty of the elderly, we lose a sense of security and joy from life, because in them we see our future. No amount of gadgets, Ferraris and trips to the sea can replace a sense of security, when the eyes see the ruined fates of those who are less fortunate than ours in an era of change.

Nature provides for the general survival of the entire species, and not for the selfish happiness of its individual individuals. What makes us human is the ability to value the life of each person, to take care of the weak, unprotected segments of the population - this is what distinguishes us from animals.

New generation - old story

History teaches only that no one learns from it. Young people always think that they are special and certainly do not follow the beaten track of previous generations. To some extent this is so, but one must understand to what extent, so as not to replace reality with false ideas about it.

You go to Sweden to earn money and come back. You go to Poland and come back: “The people are not the same, the language is not native. Yes, you can work, but there is not enough soulfulness, it turned out that nothing happens there for free. " Crystal dreams merge into the toilet with the real state of affairs.

Ambitions, illusions about ourselves - we all went through this.

Each new generation is confident in its exceptional characteristics. They do not know that we are already waiting for them: on the other side we will meet them - with bruises, bumps, torn knees, disappointed and tired. Let's accept, understanding everything.

Is it possible to avoid this? Or is this the cyclical nature, is this the order of things in the process of growing up? I dont know. But I know that the masses have never ruled the state. She did not overthrow the government and did not sit on the throne. It has always been a Man: the one who leads others with him, the one who stays behind, guarding the rear, the one who faithfully serves the law, the one who carries culture. A lot of people are a single image of the Man of New Belarus.

Changing circumstances depends on changing each of us. Start with yourself.

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