Constantly Wanting To Sleep: Reasons And How To Get Rid Of The Constant Desire To Sleep

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Constantly Wanting To Sleep: Reasons And How To Get Rid Of The Constant Desire To Sleep
Constantly Wanting To Sleep: Reasons And How To Get Rid Of The Constant Desire To Sleep
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I constantly want to sleep, can there be other desires at all?

Most run jolly and the desire to sleep is not considered the most important thing. Who has this irresistible urge to hide in bed from the thundering bustle so that no one touches?

Your only hobby and passion is to sleep. A new day brings a new need to scrape oneself out of bed. You're like a zombie. I always want to sleep. What are the reasons for this state and how to awaken other desires in oneself, we will find out with the help of System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

It is impossible to get yourself out of bed in the morning. I want to sleep all day. And at night - again aimless wanderings on the Internet in search of something incomprehensible. Sleep for a couple of hours or sleep all sixteen, the result is the same - constantly pulls to hide from the hustle and bustle and thunder of this world and dissolve in a dream. It turns out, you sleep half-asleep, and you are awake half-asleep.

With such a regime, it is impossible to fit into the rhythm of ordinary people. Going to work, talking, laughing, socializing, cycling, babysitting nephews - it's all for others, you should crawl to bed and sleep. What is the reason for this condition? How to stop wanting to sleep and wanting more?

Clever owls in the night

Agree, not everyone experiences such difficulties. Most run jolly and the desire to sleep is not considered the most important thing. Who has this irresistible urge to hide in bed from the thundering bustle so that no one touches?

There are five percent of special people for whom night is their natural waking time. They are waiting for her, they dive into it with pleasure and are ready to stay awake all night. The night is given to them to concentrate on their thoughts. System-vector psychology calls such people the owners of the sound vector.

When everyone is asleep, the sound engineer thinks. At night, everything calms down, and you can concentrate on your thoughts. Thinking is exactly what a person with a sound vector is vital for all the time.

Everyone is awake during the day, and he is at night. It is quite normal for such a person to receive information and produce it precisely in darkness, silence and loneliness, when no one is flickering or distracting. But often the sound engineer himself does not know what he is looking for. A person suffers, not understanding the cause of his torment, when his own desires are not realized, and therefore are not realized.

Reason one - escape from the suffering of meaninglessness

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan clearly demonstrates how a person, obeying the principle of pleasure, flees from suffering. For each, depending on the vector set, different factors cause suffering, the soul hurts from different shortages.

So, the strongest blow to the psyche for a person with an anal vector can be problems in the family, for the skin - property and financial difficulties, for the visual - the rupture of emotional ties, and for the sound - a hole of misunderstanding of oneself and the meaning of one's existence on this earth.

Unfortunately, most audiophiles wander in the gloom with no direction. Their search for meaning from ignorance of their nature runs into a dead end. Spiritual practices and philosophies are not fulfilling. Everything seems primitively flat and momentary. The sound engineer constantly wants to sleep so as not to feel the meaninglessness of existence in the entire volume of pain.

Other causes of chronic lack of sleep

The lack of fulfillment of desires to comprehend the meaning leads to the fact that a person wants to run away, hide from discomfort. How can you hide if the discomfort is in your own head? And the sound engineer finds the illusion of a way out - constantly and a lot of sleep. And in this to feel at least some kind of salvation from the dissatisfaction of their desires. However, the condition is still lousy.

Another natural feature of the human psyche - to save resources - explains the constant and persistent desire to sleep that arises in the sound engineer.


We save and accumulate energy - this is how nature intended to preserve the body. Everyone knows how hard it is at times to force yourself to go to workout. And although we consciously understand that a healthy physical form is more beneficial for the body than saving energy, we still go to sleep on the sofa instead of the gym.

The thought process is even more energy-intensive than physical training. And the unconscious saving mechanism works with even greater force. A sound engineer, whose main task is to think, wants to succumb to the call “not to think”. In order not to waste energy, a person created specifically for the work of the mind, the highest concentration, brilliant discoveries, eludes his task. Hiding from her under the covers.

Is there a way to wake up and feel the joy of life?

For the sound engineer to wake up from his endless dream, he must be interested. Life for him should be filled with meaning. Only by being in constant concentration, only by straining the mind, the sound engineer begins to feel the value of life. Realizing his mental potential, he gets crazy pleasure. And you can do this without being a great scientist. It is now available to everyone.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan shows us on the differences a unique mosaic of the human psyche. She is able to wake up the sound engineer and teach him, seeing from the inside of others, to better understand himself. And now everyone you meet makes you think and experience the joy of understanding it, and you yourself cease to be an unsolved ballast for yourself. It becomes a pity to waste time sleeping.

Mental resources are happily spent on ideas. In this situation, it is not at all a pity for them to spend energy, because the pleasure received overrides the waste of resources with interest. And now the stream of thought becomes pleasantly inexhaustible.

The sound vector is dominant. This means that his desires and their fulfillment are a priority. Otherwise, the apathetic desire to sleep will become almost the only one.

When sound shortages are constantly filled with meanings, then other vectors for the first time get the right to vote. A person begins to feel that he wants something else. And it turns out that the skin vector is eager to dance and make money, the visual vector is eager to communicate and love, the anal vector is eager to bake pies for the joy of the whole family.

Revealing his unconscious desires and understanding how to satisfy them, a person begins to savor every second of life. A powerful storm of strength appears, like a small child who cannot be put to sleep.

It's a pity to sleep - it's very interesting to live

Thousands of people share their opinions about the colossal surge of strength and the emerging thirst for life. When you want to sleep only a little - to activate the energy for new achievements.

So that sleep only serves as a means of restoring strength for new discoveries. So that the thought process is incredible pleasure. To want and be able to live and enjoy every moment, register for free nightly online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan:

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