Kindergarten Educators: When The Baby Is In Good Hands

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Kindergarten Educators: When The Baby Is In Good Hands
Kindergarten Educators: When The Baby Is In Good Hands

Video: Kindergarten Educators: When The Baby Is In Good Hands

Video: Kindergarten Educators: When The Baby Is In Good Hands
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Kindergarten educators: when the baby is in good hands

This article on trainings for kindergarten teachers was also written to help preschool psychologists (preschool educational institution), but it will also be of interest to parents. New knowledge in human psychology is a real discovery for everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of our children.

How to turn a “difficult” child into a happy and easy-to-communicate baby? How to cope with developmental disabilities or mistakes in upbringing: hyperactivity, lethargy, stubbornness, insecurity, hysteria, fears? How to learn how to properly interact with parents in order to unite your efforts in achieving the best result in raising a child? The information that is given at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan is truly unique for everyone who is somehow related to raising children.

This article on trainings for kindergarten teachers was also written to help preschool psychologists (preschool educational institution), but it will also be of interest to parents. New knowledge in human psychology is a real discovery for everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of our children.


Psychological trainings for preschool educational institutions. The reality of today

The role of a preschool teacher, or, more simply, a kindergarten, is enormous in any society. Children is our future. And it depends on what will be laid in them at the very important age of up to 6 years, whether they will grow up full-fledged, happy, fulfilled members of society or not.

Today in society there is an understanding of the importance of the very first teacher in the life of a little man. That is why kindergarten teachers must constantly learn, improve their teaching skills. Today, a person without pedagogical education will not be hired for the position of an educator. At a minimum, kindergarten teacher courses must be completed. Regular professional development of preschool educational institutions, distance courses for preschool educational institutions are also an obligatory moment in the work of a modern educator. Websites for preschool educational institutions are being created on the Internet, where you can find class notes, educational games, training programs, and consult with a psychologist. Educational institutions try to use the most advanced technologies.

However, the number of issues related to education is not decreasing. In psychology, and not only in children's psychology, there is currently no system of clear differentiation of character types. Knowledge is scattered. Often, a psychologist's classes at a preschool educational institution are reduced to working with the investigation, because the reason for the child's non-standard behavior is not recognized.

Go to the website of the preschool educational psychologist: a huge number of development methods, but you have to navigate in them, relying only on your own experience and intuition. Therefore, despite the fact that huge efforts are expended, they often do not bring the desired results.

Difficulties are also in the relationship between educators and parents. Often they cannot find common ground and conflict in matters of education. Each relies on his own individual experience, which is not always good for the child for whom the argument is being started. The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan helps to solve all these numerous questions.

Modern trainings for preschool educational institutions. How to understand a child?

First of all, these trainings provide a general understanding of the upbringing process. What are the tasks of a child's stay in kindergarten? Why is age under 6 so important in shaping a person's personality? What should you pay attention to when children interact in a group?

The training "System Vector Psychology" shows how important the socialization of a little man is, an important component of which is being in kindergarten. Here, for the first time, the child begins to work out his specific roles, which are determined by a set of his vectors - innate properties, abilities, desires.

Age about 6 years is called the first, early puberty. In ancient times, at this age, the child already acquired all the necessary skills for life, began to serve himself independently. Now this age has moved back to 12-15 years. Life has become more complex, and the cultural layer accumulated by humanity has also increased, which must be passed on to a child for his more successful adaptation in adult life.

At the age of up to 6 years, the so-called lower vectors, which are responsible for vitality and stability in the material world, develop most actively. The child decides such important issues as attitude towards the opposite sex, cognition of his own body. He develops an interest in the genitals. He develops skills in ranking, communication, behavior in a group, looking for ways to realize his abilities.


At this stage, it is just that it is important not to interfere with the development of his natural potential, to help him fit into the group distribution of roles with minimal losses. Understanding the psychological characteristics of the child plays a key role here. For example, an introverted child with a somewhat inhibited response may appear to be developmentally lagging. This is how the sound vector (one of the eight types of psyche) can manifest itself in conditions of noise or screaming. But in potential it is a genius with a powerful abstract intellect, which must be noticed and certain conditions created for him.

Another child will be overly active, uncontrollable. By understanding the vector of his individual abilities, you will easily be able to direct his energy in a useful direction. For each psychotype, there is a strictly defined methodology for the development of its innate abilities.

The main thing that the trainee learns is that all children are very different. And these are not just words, but a clear understanding: what are they different, why they are different and how to use this difference for the benefit of the child himself and the whole team.

Master class for preschool teachers. Reviews of the trainees

The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan gives much more than all the sites for preschool educational institutions put together. It offers an accurate map of the child's psychological world, according to which not only a professional teacher, psychologist, but also any parent can navigate. Here are the points of contact for all those adults who are involved in raising children: at home, in kindergarten or at school.

Yuri Burlan's "system-vector psychology" is a science that, with mathematical precision, gives a description of a person's personality and allows one to avoid unforgivable mistakes in raising children, which turn out to be a bad fate for them, and a sad future for society.

Gaining systemic knowledge, thousands of parents, psychologists and teachers say that they have received a very practical tool that helps them every day in understanding their child and in their professional activities. You can read these reviews on the portal here.

Listen to what Olga Knyazeva, educational psychologist, says:

And here are the words of the teacher and parent, Anna Kudryavtseva:

The plan of a kindergarten teacher and psychologist (and any other kindergarten) may include listening to free introductory lectures by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". The practical information that you will receive in three sessions will allow you to understand your pupils by orders of magnitude better, find a way to them and solve problems that arise. This will not slow down to affect not only the degree of satisfaction with the results of their work, but also the feedback from parents about the work of kindergarten teachers. Register for free online lectures using the link, and you will receive additional information about the lecture time by e-mail.