How To Deal With Obsessive Thoughts And Fears: Why They Arise And How To Get Rid Of

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How To Deal With Obsessive Thoughts And Fears: Why They Arise And How To Get Rid Of
How To Deal With Obsessive Thoughts And Fears: Why They Arise And How To Get Rid Of
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Obsessive thoughts - how not to think of them anymore?

We don't wind ourselves up - thoughts are involuntary. But we can understand where they came from. And having realized their nature, we can do so that only those ideas arise that give the desire to live, think, act in conjunction with other people.

Obsessive thoughts are a signal that is important to understand correctly, it is a kind of reminder of an unfulfilled natural role. To free your own head from the captivity of an endless stream of obsessive thoughts and fears, you need to identify what it is, my natural task, and start moving towards it with specific actions. How to get rid of painful conditions, how to make the thought process not exhausting, but bring real results, be a pleasure, shows the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Let's look at two types of obsessive thoughts:

  • about meaning and meaninglessness,
  • thoughts-fears.

1) Short-circuit in thoughts - sound symptoms

Unanswered questions, dead-end, fragmentary thoughts that cannot be thought out, cannot be cut off, blow up your head from the inside, exhaust you all night long.

Why does everything work this way? What am I in the cycle of birth and death? Why consciousness if people don't care like animals? What is the meaning of all this?

An exhausted person with a sound vector with a swarm of his questions at some point dreams of understanding how to completely get rid of the thoughts in his head. He finds himself in an existential impasse, which boils down to one obsessive thought: "Life has no meaning."

The brain lives its own life. But the brain is me. But I cannot interfere. Thought goes where I don't let it go. But they don't hear me in my own head. Sickening from himself. Scary, disgusting, hopeless.

With each new sleepless night, it becomes harder to figure out how to distract yourself from bad thoughts. It seems that there is only one way out - not to be. Suicidal thoughts often arise in this state. It is scary that you will go mad from this inner tension or have already gone. An obsessive question arises - how to get rid of thoughts?

Losing control over consciousness is a natural fear of the owner of the sound vector. He identifies all of himself with his thinking work. And if there is a failure in it, the sound engineer drowns in a state of despair.

Life feels very different when the abstract intelligence of a sound engineer is used to its fullest.

What do obsessive thoughts, ideas and fears want from us?

The soundman's desire is the meaning. From the age of six he racked his brains for himself and those around him: “And what is there, outside of our galaxy? Where did the man come from? Who am I, what was I born for?"

Obsessive thoughts picture
Obsessive thoughts picture

The sound engineer is looking for his meaning everywhere - he cannot but search. This is natural for him. And a kind of search compulsion is inherent in nature to achieve a result. How could any scientist make a breakthrough in science if he did not think about his idea day and night, if it did not occupy all his mental space?

If Perelman, instead of completely focusing on scientific work, pondered how to get rid of obsessive thoughts about it, the world would not see the proof of Poincaré's hypothesis. The sound engineer, intellectually developed and realized in the profession, thinks selflessly, because it is most pleasant for him to work with his head.

Endless questions about the structure of the world agitate the soul of the owners of the sound vector. And there is no mental failure in this. Their brain is sharpened to solve big problems, to perceive reality in volume, globally, holistically.

A difficult condition for a sound person is not so much obsession as the very content of thought. Problems arise when thoughts cease to be correlated with something and someone other than oneself.

When the focus from the outside world shifts to himself, the sound engineer closes in on his states, which means that he cannot come to the desired comprehension of something more. After all, everything is learned by comparison, by differences, and this requires other people.

And now obsessive thoughts do not allow sleep, and it is not clear how to get rid of them without treatment by a psychiatrist. The sound vector neurosis - schizophrenia - is precisely characterized by the fact that a person loses the ability to distinguish inner voices from voices from outside.

We don't wind ourselves up - thoughts are involuntary. But we can understand where they came from. And having realized their nature, we can do so that only those ideas arise that give the desire to live, think, act in conjunction with other people.

How to deal with obsessive thoughts with action?

So, the sound engineer strives to reveal the meaning. If he knows how to focus his mind outward, then he gets pleasure from this inner effort and from life in general.

If he cannot, then he does not know WHAT he needs, and the necessary thoughts, as a way to achieve what he wants, do not come to mind. Instead, obsessive thoughts attack the brain.

Created to hear and perceive the world more subtle than others - refuses to listen to this world, because the instrument of perception is not configured correctly. And it seems that everyone is idiots and the world is a dummy. This is how obsessive thoughts are born. And how can we get rid of the exhausting search for answers? You can't get rid of the search. It contains the potential for sound enjoyment. But you can find the answers at the training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology".

2) How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears - visual barriers to happiness

It's scary to be at home alone and to go outside is also scary! It seems that I am about to stop breathing with horror. Hands reach out to call the ambulance. But the hospital is even worse. Why should I attack this? I just want to live normally, like everyone else. How to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts?

Panic attacks, involuntarily emerging scary pictures - like a horror movie inside your own head on a constant replay. A wave of fear rolls over at the most inopportune moment, and then how to get rid of bad thoughts? With your mind, you understand that there is no reason for alarm, and the frightened animal inside itself is vainly looking for the fifth corner to hide from the cruel world of its own fantasies.

The thirst for the owner of the visual vector is emotions. Only he is able to experience the brightest rainbow of feelings. The peak of pleasure for him is the feeling of love. When the other person is more important than himself, when the heart worries from empathy for him, from the desire to make his life happier, then he himself wants to live.

Image how to get rid of obsessive thoughts
Image how to get rid of obsessive thoughts

Love does not always bring happiness without knowing one's nature. And a vulnerable visual person becomes so painfully scared to live, feel, love, that in an attempt to save himself from mental pain he “forbids” himself to experience any emotions. But this is also an unconscious ban on happiness.

After all, when the viewer lacks emotions, feelings for another - fears, panic attacks and a state of despair involuntarily appear in order to somehow compensate for this lack of sensual awe inside.

It's scary that something will happen to my son. The soul breaks off from the fact that I myself can somehow harm him. Obsessive thoughts and fears plague you, and the father's answer that this is all from the evil one and that you need to fight temptations does not calm you at all. The more I think about it, the worse.

The owners of the anal-visual ligament vectors often suffer from fears for loved ones. They want to be the best parents, wives and husbands, to protect the child from the cruel world. There is no end to anxiety. You can pacify your restless mind only by giving it a wider scope.

A sensitive heart is created to feel and empathize. Often, household worries are not enough to fully realize its capabilities. Knowing exactly your abilities, you can always use them to the maximum and get pleasure from life. Fears don't come back when emotions have another outlet.

Those who have completed Yuri Burlan's training "System Vector Psychology" know exactly how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts - the result of inner work

Thoughts are the means to realize our desires. They shape our actions and the life we ​​live day after day. Therefore, it is important what thoughts come to our minds - either ideas come about how to achieve what we want, and we are happy, or obsessive thoughts and fears absorb all attention and strength and leave us at a broken trough.

Unconscious desires guide us. Realizing your desires and clearly understanding how to enjoy life - it is this skill, acquired at the training "System-Vector Psychology", that will allow you to no longer ask yourself how to deal with obsessive thoughts. It's just that the unconscious will no longer need to “remind” us with obsessive thoughts about why we were born that way. We ourselves will go to pleasure, using the talents and resources given to us by nature as intended.

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