A Nimble Child. Parenting Secrets With Skin Vector

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A Nimble Child. Parenting Secrets With Skin Vector
A Nimble Child. Parenting Secrets With Skin Vector
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A nimble child. Parenting Secrets With Skin Vector

A nimble, agile kid, whom it is impossible to catch even to work out, often becomes a real test for his parents. Restless and nimble, he grasps everything on the fly, quickly scrolls through the information received, gives an answer, and after a second he may not remember what was generally discussed.

A nimble, agile kid, who, not only cannot sit still - it is impossible to catch him to work out, often becomes a real test for his parents. Restless and nimble, he grasps everything on the fly, quickly scrolls through the information received, gives an answer, and after a second he may not remember what was generally discussed.

Not sure how to handle such a situation? How to help such a fidget to cope with a cumbersome school curriculum? Let's look for answers at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.


Skin vector

First of all, you need to determine which vector your child is the carrier of. Properties such as mobility, restlessness, logical thinking are the characteristics of children with a skin vector. The vector "System-vector psychology" means a set of innate psychophysical properties that form a person's character.

From birth, leather workers tend to save - time, effort, energy. If they do not see a direct benefit and benefit in what they are doing now, then they will quickly throw this business aside and do something else. Small dermatologists are just learning to use their innate abilities for self-restraint, so it is extremely important for parents of dermal children, as well as children of other vectors, to correctly target their development.

Rhythm and reasonable limits are the best conditions for the development of a small skinny. However, the problem is that the school curriculum is written by people with completely different character traits and they write it “for themselves” - according to their innate properties. The creators of pedagogy are people with an anal vector, which in its properties is opposite to the cutaneous one. It is not difficult for such people to sit out for many hours at books, to conduct a deep analysis, to double-check ten times before deciding.

Trying to apply the advice of teachers with an anal vector to our skin children, we invariably encounter resistance from the child, his inability to follow the established rules, and in the end we may even think that he is not capable of learning. As proved at the training "System-vector psychology", such a situation can be easily remedied if you approach the process based on an understanding of the vector features of your child.

Later in this article we will look at specific techniques.

Schemes and Simulation

The first thing you might find useful is the schematics. In the presentation of any material for a skin child, it is necessary to focus on logic: we show a cause-and-effect relationship, we draw arrows from one event to another. The easiest way is to simulate the situation. For a skin child, the most important thing is to show the connection. But he won't remember her right away. You can show him several tasks that are completely different in formulation with one type of solution (logical connection), so that the child can grasp the main idea.

An intensive change of tasks will help us to cope with restlessness. Having solved two tasks for one type of logical action (for example, subtraction and multiplication), give him a task that requires a fundamentally new approach, interest him in new material that is not yet known to him. The duration of classes with such children is short. It is better here shorter, but more regular. From time to time, you need to remind the previous tasks, complicating them, thereby increasing the chain of solutions (that is, now we no longer only multiply and subtract, new circumstances have appeared, and we also add division to the previous one).

The skin baby is often a big fan of playing constructors. The time for children's games passes, but the skill remains, and it can and should be developed. It happens that such children draw simple shapes on paper, "attaching" them to each other. This often happens involuntarily.


We understand systematically what the point is: in 20 years, in the same way, he, already an adult, will be able to "attach" to each other the details of a house, a bridge or a spacecraft. In the meantime, a potential engineer trains his properties. How to make him become a designer-developer in the future? Give tasks for logic and development of thinking. Through the statement of the problem: how to make a third out of two objects? How can you make the item more convenient to use? How can you spend less parts and increase efficiency? That is, for the development of innate properties, it is useful for a skin child to be given inventive tasks.

Since our children cannot imagine life without computer games, the arsenal of the future engineer-inventor may include the games "Earned", Crazy machines and others. Although little skins are more into racing, they don't train anything other than reaction speed (which they already have), so choose your games wisely.

Consider the benefits

Be patient with the skin baby, remember that everything will not work out right away. Show your interest, make it clear to him the benefits of the proposed activity. And even if he does not immediately penetrate, but once he is interested, then he will definitely return to the task. Especially if you confirm the importance of solving the problem with practical examples, which for a skin child lie in the area of ​​benefits, understanding the difference more or less.

Kozhniki are the very children who refuse to read the letters in the textbook and absolutely do not understand what it is all about, until they try it with an example with various benefits. If you do all the lessons, you can watch the cartoon today. Poorly prepared the task - this time you will not visit a friend. As soon as such a child begins to realize his losses and benefits, something “clicks” in his head and he starts thinking like a cash register.

In applying this method, it is very important to voice the child with adequate stimuli and punishments. A child should not get a trip to Disneyland in one lesson learned. Try to correctly correlate the amount of effort he made with the amount of reward for this effort. As well as the amount of punishment. Strike a balance.

It is also important to remember that if a skin boy can be directly stimulated by obtaining one or another material benefit - you will get pocket money, then this should never be done with a skin girl, under any circumstances, as this triggers a negative scenario in her.

Self-study exercises

The quick wit of a skin child and his ability to quickly find solutions often misleads parents: they think that he has already learned everything and can move on. However, it is not. An hour later, what was learned has already disappeared and everything needs to be started anew. The main thing here is not to despair.

In classes with such children, as we have already written, regularity is important. It is equally important from time to time to repeat the material already passed with the child: the multiplication table, the rules of grammar - once every two to three days. It is equally important not to be lazy and constantly change the conditions, the design of the task so that they do not become habitual.


Exercises with chains of successive actions are very useful: the child is told what to do with what he received in the previous calculation.

- Two by two?

- Four.

- Minus one?

- Three…


This develops memory and helps in mastering counting of varying degrees of difficulty. It is useful to carry out such exercises throughout primary school, varying only the degree of complexity of the calculations in accordance with age.

With such a child, you need to deal with using fast switching - the same activity for more than ten minutes (± 20%) becomes dreary and unbearable. Therefore, move according to a tight schedule: you have counted, solved the problem, read the text, drew - all the materials should be at hand.

In the event that in the middle of the lesson the child suddenly gets up, there is no need to stop him. Mobility, variability are the properties of the skin vector, such a person is flexible both in body and mind. Your skin child may find it easier to think on the go, so don't bother pacing around the room if it is difficult for him to complete a task.

Control and competition

Competition is a good incentive for learning in the case of a leatherback. Being in the first place in the class, doing the fastest - it is possible and necessary to maintain a taste for healthy competition in a skin child. With the correct presentation on the part of the parents, such competitions will be a good vaccination for the little skinny against the appearance of destructive envy and at the same time lay the foundation for new successes and victories in the future.


Discipline and self-discipline are some of the most important skills in the skin vector. To help the little skinner develop these skills, set a schedule for him, feasible rules, and follow them. The parents of such a child need to understand that excessive kindness - when we let go of the hack or allow us to violate the established rules - is not good for the leatherman, but to the detriment, does not allow him to develop.

A skinner who is not disciplined will feel much more difficult in adulthood in the future. Not taught self-discipline, he will never be able to discipline others - which means he will not be able to become a leader. And this is an important drawback, given that it is the skin people who have all the innate properties in order to develop the qualities of managers.


The most important thing in the upbringing of any child - says the training "System-Vector Psychology" - is to give the necessary development to his innate properties so that in the future they can be maximally used.

The school curriculum is quite complex and rich. Yes, it is difficult for a child with a skin vector to absorb it. But this does not mean that it is impossible. Skin babies are the most adaptable in the world. With the support of their parents, they will learn at school everything that is necessary for their formation and development.

In the next article, read about the features of teaching children of other vectors.

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