Freeze. A Play For Two Characters

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Freeze. A Play For Two Characters
Freeze. A Play For Two Characters
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Freeze. A play for two characters

"Where are you taking me?" - I'm already my husband. I bite his hand, get a slap in the face. He pushes me into the back seat and blocks the doors! Fool! Am I going to jump out of the car on the go? Who does he take me for?

Action 1. She. "Do not come near me - I am offended once and for all!"

(The action takes place in the car. She recently learned to drive - this is her first exit, like Natasha Rostova's - the first ball!)

Does he not understand that I am not inhibited? Slightly confusing transmission. Just think! Why watch my actions with a glance and show with all appearance that I am stupid? Damn, it stalled again. And he looks at me as if I were an eternal brake.

Ah well! Then I won't do anything at all! So we will stand here, in the middle of the road, and let everyone honk! Even if they call a tow truck, I won't budge! Let him know how to show me with all kind that I am stupid! And this one in the next car twists his finger to his temple! You moron!

"Where are you taking me?" - I'm already my husband. I bite his hand, get a slap in the face. He pushes me into the back seat and blocks the doors! Fool! Am I going to jump out of the car on the go? Who does he take me for?

Now I just won't say a single word! No one! Never! I won't even look at him! Oh, looming guilty eyes in the mirror! Not a single glance! Not a single word! You will still beg my forgiveness! You will crawl on your knees!

Everyone thinks I'm stupid …

My father used to call me silly! He never trusted me to do anything on my own, even to tie my laces. My mother generally called me inhibited! Now this one! Not a single word! Not a single glance! And I have two higher educations, both with honors! I'm not stupid! Everyone has arrived. I'm not going anywhere! I will sit here!

At work, everyone thinks I'm stupid too! They don't speak in the eyes, but I feel how they treat me. I don't talk to them either. Only for work.

And yesterday I met my old physics teacher - smiling! I forgot how, in front of everyone, she called me incapable of solving such an elementary problem! I solved it twenty times later, but I didn’t forgive her for this, and I won’t forgive her. Let him know!

Fu! I'm just tired of remembering all this, but it climbs and climbs! Like a dough from a tub! Where did this chocolate go! I just can't calm down! Mmmm (chewing). Fu, I feel better! Okay, I'll have to go home! But I won't talk anyway! Last time two weeks did not speak! Let him know!

Higher education - an indicator of intelligence or stupidity? Or is everything relative?

Who is this staunch lady with two higher educations? Why is she behaving so stupidly, offended from scratch? But the smartest head! Writing a thesis! The theme is the history of some ancient burial places. The bibliography contains 300 titles. All read! And what did it give her when she and her husband for a month or two weeks did not speak, suffers from excess weight, overeats, sits in the toilet for hours - what does she read there (and there really is a whole library)? And all the time he takes offense at everyone! Smart but stupid!

How can this be? System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan answers this question.

The thing is that a person is given unique properties and qualities from birth, the implementation of which allows him to live happily. For example, some people are born with a phenomenal memory. These people are the owners of the anal vector (mind you, don't be offended!). They are jealous of the past, accumulate, store and pass on experience and knowledge to future generations. They are able to systematize, summarize and memorize an incredible amount of information. And they keep their good and bad memories too! Good memories help them! And not very good ones can, like a nucleus, tied to the legs, pull under water.


We are the eternal memory of each other …

So, phenomenal memory has the ability to helpfully store, in addition to positive, all sorts of unpleasant things that happened to these people, including the smallest details. And they drag these memories like shackles! And often they themselves do not realize this. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains that this is why the owners of the anal vector often suffer from perennial grievances.

The geometric figure of the psychological comfort of people with anal vector is a square. It is important for them that everything in life is equal, equal, honestly, like the sides of a square that are equal. And they go straight through life, live according to their conscience. And any negative act or wrong, from their point of view, the word can be perceived by such people as injustice. Inside them, the sides of the square seem to be twisted. The feeling of injustice due to the skewed sides of the inner square triggers offense.

Offended people look for the guilty outside. They do not understand that they themselves are the creators of their grievances in the pattern and likeness of those childhood grievances that they once remembered long ago. So the natural property of the anal vector to remember everything and the heightened sense of justice (which is subjectively interpreted by a person as a division of everything equally) do their job.

Dad called you silly at the age of three, and you remember everything! And mom, being in a bad mood, in her hearts called you a fool! Do you remember everything! And you just keep it in a special cell of your memory. Like a safe. And you spoil your life, burden it with a load of resentment.

Forever is your cherished word

However, you now have the key! You can get rid of old and new grievances only by understanding yourself, your natural characteristics. Only by understanding the mechanism of the occurrence of grievances can you naturally stop suffering from them, start living easily.

Open your "shelves of memory", throw away the unnecessary, wipe the dust there and put something nice there! And save! The safe doesn't care what it keeps! Let him keep the pleasant. How your dad rocked you on his knee, and your mom braided silk ribbons in your hair, admired you and praised you! And your husband appreciated the lunch you cooked! And your colleagues looked at you with respect and parted when you brought an old book, as if saturated with antiquity. Only you have been entrusted with this treasure! Are you still offended? I don’t believe it, even though I’m not Stanislavsky!

Already at the first free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, you can get access to secret materials hidden in our subconscious. You will learn to read your soul and recognize the souls of other people as an open book. Forever and ever! This is your cherished word!

Action 2. He. "She can't tie shoelaces!"

I watched her hesitant movements. How many driving lessons did she take! How much I taught her! And she seemed to be behind the wheel for the first time. I followed her actions. Finally she shifts gear and doesn't look at the gearbox. I relaxed a little and stopped drumming my fingers nervously.

Kind, beloved hands. Summer, and a light breeze blows through the window, pleasantly caressing the skin … And suddenly - stop the car! Her eyes darkened, narrowed, her gaze stopped and … (see above Action 1!). All! She fell silent! Lord, what a torment! Again we will play in silence. She doesn't swear, she doesn't scream! She's just silent! And looks with contempt! At home he will defiantly perform all household chores, scrub a clean stove, wash a clean floor, wean him off the body … Why did I do that ?!

And the casket just opened

You didn't do anything like that! You weren't there at all! She saw your attentive, slightly appraising look and remembered, or rather, felt stupid again! Just like when she was little and did not know how to quickly tie her shoelaces. She puffed for a long time, trying to cross the two bent eyelets of the laces, and dad mockingly (or maybe cheerfully?) Looked at her hands, and then contemptuously (or affectionately?) Said: "Silly girl, you're mine!" And quickly tied my shoelaces! And it was as if she was doused with hot air - she could not! Dad watched - but she couldn't! She's stupid! Dad said so …

It stuck like a photo in a hot air vignette. And when you looked at her hands today, smiling, and hot air blew through the window - she suddenly felt acutely stupid! And… (see above!) Look above again! This will repeat and repeat countless times! Because this is a one-shot movie, no development! Dad looks - but I could not! I'm stupid! I brake!

That's all! And nothing you can do about it!.. And nothing can be done about it?..

And the memory is covered with such big snows …

There are such people with phenomenal memory! They saw it once and remembered it forever! You know this property of her, which helped you when you studied together. You didn’t have time to write it down, but she had a very detailed synopsis, written out in the most beautiful handwriting, without sloppy crossed out, absolutely literate! Aha, intrigued! Where such details come from! And what, isn't it visible on her smoothly combed head (hair to hair)? By her neat clothes in a pleasant chocolate color and beige, on a comfortable platform, shoes matched to the suit?

Shall we continue? She graduated from two universities with honors. Writes a dissertation. And there are also such intimate details … All, I am silent! These are the people who have the anal vector! (Why are you going to fight right away ?! This is not an insult! This is a compliment!)

A play for two characters
A play for two characters

You are so different …

And you are completely different. Do you want me to tell you about you? You are fast and agile. You have logical thinking and a flexible mind: today one opinion, and tomorrow is completely different. When you are nervous, you drum with your toes or kick the beat. You do everything quickly, laconic. And the skin is your most sensitive area. See how you get stained when you're stressed. And this gentle breeze gives you pleasure. Did you guess right? So, the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that people like you have a skin vector.

No wonder your slow wife annoys you. In your hearts, you can even call her inhibited. However, it is not. She's just not as fast as you. It was nature that gave you a quick reaction. And she is unhurried. This innate characteristic was given to her for better learning, information retention and transfer of experience. And she will willingly share the necessary knowledge and experience with you and with those who will need it. It is you who grab everything on top, and she slowly assimilates information, laying out everything on the shelves at the entrance. But this information remains firmly and permanently in the head.

And her game of silence can be easily explained. Silence is like a mute rebuke to you. This is revenge on you for the offense. So awkwardly, she tries to align the sides of the rickety inner square and restore peace of mind.

Choosing the ending of the play

Fashionable reception today. At first, the movie ends in horror. We, too, will end our play with horror!

You could not stand the next silence. In your hearts you smashed the mirror in the hallway, scattered all your shoes, threw a wedding ring into the corner. He stuffed some shirts, socks, boots, dumbbells into a bag that came under his arm … Loudly slammed the door (plaster fell) and left (the audience heard the sound of a car driving away). Horror!

Not horror

On one site you were struck by this article, you just snatched out familiar descriptions with your eyes - it's about me and about her! I followed the link, registered, and listened to the introductory free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. And there the lecturer said sooooooo about her sexuality! And not only…

At first you almost fell off your chair, then you decided to use what was offered at the lecture, to try. AND…. Your wife was delighted. Your married life has sparkled with new colors. From a boring, grumpy aunt, she turned into a sweet, loving woman and literally blossomed before our eyes.

You decided to go further in order to understand how to live with the owner of the anal vector, how you, the skin man, find a common language with your opposite. You completed the training in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, and learned WHAT to do when she gets into a stupor and takes offense.

And so, you took her hand and asked: "What do you remember now?" Because it is constantly ALL REMEMBERING PEOPLE! She herself was surprised that she was sitting in the car with her husband, and not squatting in the hallway, unsuccessfully trying to tie her laces under the gaze of her dad. She shook her head and said smiling: “Such a funny memory flashed! As if I am Stupid! " And you already knew the answer: "You are so clever!"

(She looks at him with happy eyes!)


And she still has so many secrets from you! All your life you will solve and fall in love!

And here is the link: (do you remember the lecture with cherished secrets?) Register here

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