When The Batteries Are Low, Or How To Find A Perpetual Motion Machine In Yourself

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When The Batteries Are Low, Or How To Find A Perpetual Motion Machine In Yourself
When The Batteries Are Low, Or How To Find A Perpetual Motion Machine In Yourself
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When the batteries are low, or How to find a perpetual motion machine in yourself

Libido is life energy, striving for life, movement. Mortido - death drive, static, immobility.

Why does the "perpetual motion machine" stall or not even start? We have only two parts in this mechanism - desire and pleasure, we will look for a breakdown there.

Complete breakdown. Move your arm or leg. You just lie there and are unable to do anything. It seems that no force can lift you out of bed.

And suddenly a friend called with a tempting offer to spend time interestingly. He will pick you up in half an hour. And where does the strength come from? You jump up, put yourself in order. In a moment, you are ready. The day flies by in one breath. You don't even remember your apathy and endless fatigue.

Or here's another situation. Everything hurts you. You feel like a wreck. The mood is at zero. The only thing that can save you now is shopping. Plunging into the magical world of shopping, you completely forget about your sores. You leave this place, unexpectedly improving your health, happy, with bags full of new things.

It often happens, doesn't it? When a suddenly arisen interest raises our spirits, gives strength for life and joy. In an effort to discover an inexhaustible source of energy in ourselves, we often forget about simple things that can give us strength in no time, make us forget about pain, laziness, fatigue. The secrets of the "perpetual motion machine" inside us are revealed by the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

The source of our energy

People have always thought about where energy comes from for life. They looked for its sources in the physical world. Hence, numerous tips on what to eat, how to breathe, sleep and move in order to always remain vigorous and full of energy until old age.

However, these tips don't always work. What is good for one person is not good for another. There are no universal recipes. But there is another good reason why this is so.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that the volume of the unconscious, the volume of the human psyche, has grown so much that only the physical does not determine our well-being, our general state. And in order to feel good, you need to monitor not only the health of the body, but also the state of your soul. And here we cannot do without knowledge about our psyche.

Desire for pleasure

Man is driven by the desire to have fun. It is the desire for pleasure that gives us the main energy in order to go through life.

System-vector psychology calls the absence of pleasure empty or lack. When an emptiness arises in a person, it makes the person look for something that can fill it. In the delta, between the lack and its filling, energy appears.

This is easily seen with food. When we are hungry, we are active. Hunger made the ancient man move, evolve to kill the mammoth and fill his stomach. When we eat a lot, let alone overeat, we deprive ourselves of the basis for the emergence of energy.

Another example is from sports life. For athletes, physical activity is pleasure, fulfillment. However, if you train every day until you drop, then physical strength is at zero. There is even such a term - overtraining.

When the batteries are at zero
When the batteries are at zero

And before important competitions, athletes are specially given a rest so that a shortage accumulates, which will provide the necessary energy for a powerful snatch.

It is no coincidence that our life consists of alternating work and rest, during which we accumulate a desire to realize our properties in society. It happened in a person's life spontaneously, unconsciously. However, thanks to system-vector psychology, we can understand exactly where exactly the “buried treasure” is the source of our individual vitality.

So, we have already managed to discern the mechanism of the "perpetual motion machine" hidden in the psyche. First, a person needs to become aware of his desire. Secondly, pleasure should loom ahead, which will be felt when filling this very desire. In order for the "engine" to work perfectly, you need to start it correctly. First, we need to figure out what desires are hidden in it.

Everyone has their own gingerbread

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan distinguishes eight sets of innate desires and properties in the mental of humanity, which determine a person's perception of the world, his social role and the source of pleasure. Filling the desires of the vector allows us to enjoy life. The knowledge of innate desires in each vector is the path to the source of vitality.

Remember the situation described at the beginning of the article, when the upcoming communication completely brought the person out of the state of powerlessness and apathy? This is how a visual vector can manifest itself in a person, the source of pleasure in which is impressions, communication, emotions.

A person with a sound vector will be empowered by an interest in knowing oneself and the world. He even has a sexual interest (libido - the desire for life) often appears under the influence of philosophical conversations about the meaning of life. It is said about him that "the brain is the sexiest organ."

A person with a skin vector brings pleasure from career achievements, sports, a healthy lifestyle, and proper nutrition. It is not for nothing that in the modern world, influenced by skin values ​​(humanity now lives in the skin phase of development), a healthy lifestyle is declared the main source of energy. However, we must not forget that in each vector it will be expressed differently.

A person with an anal vector looks forward to the pleasure of precise, scrupulous, high-quality, unhurried work, which he always strives to complete. It seems that I came home after work tired, but I started repairing the car in the garage and did not notice how it was time for the night. And not a drop of fatigue.

The muscle cannot do without hard physical work. He just needs to engage in those activities in which there is a constant load on the muscles. This is the person who, having worked all the days at a construction site, in a mine or at a factory, on weekends prefers to work in the garden or do other work in the household. And he does not need the best "rest".

It is very important to realize your innate vector desires, to separate them from the imposed and false ones. Because the "perpetual motion machine" will not run on the fuel of erroneous desires.

Being engaged in the realization of their properties inherent in nature, a person receives pleasure, thereby justifying the plan of nature and receiving vital energy for implementation. Energy comes in response to a request: a conscious desire and anticipation of pleasure. No request - no offer.

When there is no energy to live
When there is no energy to live

Two opposing aspirations

Another aspect in revealing the source of energy for life is the awareness of two types of attraction in a person, libido and mortido.

Libido is life energy, striving for life, movement. Mortido - death drive, static, immobility.

Why does the "perpetual motion machine" stall or not even start? We have only two parts in this mechanism - desire and pleasure, we will look for a breakdown there.

It so happens that a person cannot realize his vector desires in any way (life circumstances or desires are so abstract that they cannot even be formulated by the bearer himself). In this case, nature shows its mercy: in order not to cause unbearable suffering to a person from the unfulfillment of vector desires, they gradually reduce themselves. Outwardly, this is manifested by lethargy, apathy, a loss of taste for life.

There is another kind of breakdown of the "perpetual motion machine": there is desire, but pleasure does not threaten a person in any form. And what is the point of wanting when joy is not to come? And again the desire decreases, we see a person apathetic, dejected.

There are only two forces - libido and mortido. If life does not triumph, then decay will come, death - there is no third. How to prevent mortido from defeating a person? How to guarantee the work of the "perpetual motion machine"?

If not for yourself, then for others

As we have said, satiety is the cause of energy loss. A bored person has no motive to act. Now, when humanity is no longer ruled by hunger (there is enough food for everyone), we must look for other sources of energy for life.

In order to feel energetic, joyful, and interested for many years, you need to choose the greatest desire and reach for the greatest pleasure. And systemic vector psychology tells us where to look for them. They are in other people. It is the maternal instinct of a woman, when the life and happiness of the child is more important than her own, that makes the mother stay awake at night, guarding his sleep. She does this not for herself, but for his sake.

It is a team of like-minded people that makes a person get up to work in the morning, overcoming the desire to sleep longer, to enjoy themselves. Common ideas, goals, interest, enthusiasm in joint work give us every time a new impetus to move through life, to development.

Become aware of the desires of not only your own, but also of the people around you, include them in yourself, feel a much greater lack than the volume of the psyche (desires) of one person. Pleasure of the corresponding volume will loom with such a view of life. A collective desire in you, striving for collective pleasure - this is the principle of the "perpetual motion machine" of the human psyche.

So, if you have lost the source of energy within yourself, try to find it in other people, in the environment. You will be surprised how much bulkier and more powerful it is. Potentially, this is a "perpetual motion machine" that never stops.

If you want to reach a new level of life and find an inexhaustible source of energy, come to the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Thousands of people have already received the desired results, as evidenced by their feedback.

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