The Plane Is An Amazing Invention Of Leather And Sound

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The Plane Is An Amazing Invention Of Leather And Sound
The Plane Is An Amazing Invention Of Leather And Sound
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The plane is an amazing invention of leather and sound

The flight fascinated him! Flying like birds - isn't this the eternal dream of mankind? Studying the heavenly wanderers, Mozhaisky himself ascended into the sky! He became the first person in the world who dared to fly to …

In 1876, Russian inventor Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaisky developed the world's first aircraft model. Unfortunately, the project was not in demand, and the name of the inventor was forgotten … The idea of ​​flying vehicles was returned almost 30 years later. The Americans, the Wright brothers, did it. They are considered the progenitors of aviation.

Sound, unrestrained in a constant search for meaning, is like a mineral that hides a precious essence. Only after cutting is the true beauty of the stone revealed. In the same way, the sound, "faceted" by the skin properties of the psyche, gives rise to brilliant ideas, on the value of which the future of the world often depends.

The combination of developed skin and sound vectors is always fruitful. The skin vector limiting consumption stimulates a person to search for all kinds of options to save energy, time, and resources for the whole society. The sound vector encourages inspiration from an idea. But not just an idea, but a concept in the form of an invention useful to society.

Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaisky, the owner of the skin and sound vectors, was one of the precious assets of Russian science. Alas, the officials did not see any practical value in the scientist's ideas. And only 30 years later, during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, after the surrender to the Japanese of Port Arthur, the main Russian base of the Pacific Fleet, the Russian government began to think about re-equipping the army.

Why did the officials of the military departments refuse to implement the Mozhaisky project? It is foolish to believe that people who were far from scientific and technological progress worked there. This means that they also had a skin vector. However, ignoring projects that do not bring quick profits indicates an undeveloped skin vector. This is an archetypal state that reflects the needs of a primitive skin man: to protect, save and increase only his own, and not work for the common good.

Change the world by all means!

Mozhaisky came up with the idea of ​​creating an aircraft when he graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps in 1841 and was assigned to the naval military service. The young inventor understood that it is possible to comprehend the unknown with hard work and constant study. As a result, he made a career, receiving the rank of Rear Admiral.

Self-discipline, responsibility, logic, the ability to subjugate oneself and others - these are the distinctive features of the owner of the skin vector. All of them were with a young sailor who wanted to change the world no less. Overcoming the endless expanses of water, he enthusiastically watched the flights of birds that outstripped him in speed. Is it possible to combine the romance of water with the romance of the sky? These questions haunted, excited the mind, sought answers.

Sea voyages hardened character. In 1853-1855. Mozhaisky participated in the long voyage Kronstadt - Japan. Then he guarded the approaches to the Gulf of Finland from sabotage raids by Anglo-French ships. In 1858 he took part in the Khiva expedition, according to the results of which he compiled the first description of the water basin of the Aral Sea and the Amu Darya River.

Work for the benefit of the development of society was necessary. Overcoming difficulties, Mozhaisky felt happy. This is how the properties of the skin vector were realized. For Alexander Fedorovich, inventing and improving was just as important as living.

As a naval sailor, Mozhaisky, like no one else, understood the importance of re-equipping the army and developing science. He was convinced that flying vehicles could accelerate the development of Russian science, strengthen the borders of the empire and turn it into the most powerful state in the world.

The flight fascinated him! Flying like birds - isn't this the eternal dream of mankind? Studying the heavenly wanderers, Mozhaisky himself ascended into the sky! He became the first person in the world to take the risk of flying a kite. The next person to risk doing this was the French tester Mayo. But this happened 10 years later!

The unrestrained sound fervently fed Mozhaisky with ideas. Kites, gliders, various models of aircraft - the inventor built everything, obeying his spiritual engine - the sound vector.

The sound engineer has an abstract intellect, and therefore is able to comprehend the immaterial world. His ideas can be global and change society. A realized and developed person with a sound vector nurtures ideas that propel humanity into the future.

Seeing the beauty of the world from the height of the flight of birds, Mozhaisky decided to create an apparatus that, being heavier than air, could rise into the sky. In 1876, he built the world's first model of an airplane - a glider with three propellers, creating thrust using a clock spring.

Now there was little to do - to create a life-size aircraft that would have an engine and be fully manned. And Mozhaisky succeeded!


All the work that preceded the creation of the full-size aircraft, Mozhaisky performed at his own expense. But he did not have the money to build a life-size plane.

The implementation of the project, according to Mozhaisky's calculations, should have cost 18,895 rubles. It was a huge amount. But can it really be compared with the money that was subsequently allocated for the development of aviation? For the sake of superiority in the conquest of the sky, entire design bureaus worked!

For example, in 1898, the US government allocated $ 50,000 to its inventor Langley for the development of aircraft. However, Langley managed to achieve flight only uncontrolled.

The Wright brothers, the Americans, have achieved more. On December 17, 1903, they made their first flight in an airplane of their own design called Flyer 1. The plane climbed to a height of approximately 1.5 meters and flew 36.5 meters in 12 seconds. The internal combustion engine was invented by the brothers themselves. However, the device took off with the help of a catapult, whereas long before that, Mozhaisky's plane independently took off into the sky.

After launching the aircraft, the Wright brothers filed a patent in 1905 and were recognized as the first inventors of the aircraft. Meanwhile, the patent for the world's first aircraft already existed! In 1881, the Russian inventor-sailor Captain 1st Rank A. F. Mozhaisky received a patent for an "aerial projectile". It's just that no one paid attention to his invention. The Russian government did not pretend to be the leader in aircraft construction.


The government refused to finance the creation of the aircraft. But Mozhaisky did not cease to insist on the implementation of the project, arguing that the aircraft would be badly needed in the upcoming war with Turkey. As a result, he was allocated … 2500 rubles. The remaining help was provided by the Russian intelligentsia. Mozhaisky himself spent all his savings.

The inventor was literally obsessed with the idea of ​​creating an airplane. He managed to find help, to prove the value of his project. People who agreed to help with money and work believed in what they had not seen!

On July 20, 1882, tests were carried out on a military field in Krasnoe Selo. They were attended by representatives of the military department and the Russian Technical Society.

The plane, equipped with steam engines, picked up the required speed, took off and, having flown some distance in a straight line, sat down. The device flew by for several seconds, but it did it according to the laws of electrodynamics and was completely controlled by the pilot! The plane damaged the wing during landing. But the possibility of flying on a vehicle heavier than air has been proven! Further calculations showed that for a longer flight it was only necessary to increase the power of the power plant.

Now, having received the facts, the government, it would seem, should have provided support for the development of aviation. However, the invention of Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaisky was declared a military secret. Even the slightest information about this discovery was not leaked to the press.

Mozhaisky died three years after the plane was launched. And his secret apparatus remained in the open air in Krasnoye Selo. Then it was dismantled, its parts were transported to the Mozhaiskys estate …


The primacy of Mozhaisky, alas, was not obvious. The inventor ran into officials for whom the project was of no value. Sparing money for implementation, in the end they lost big.

The inventor Mozhaisky and the short-sighted officials clearly showed the two poles of the skin vector. The first is developed and implemented, the second is exactly the opposite.

In the days of the primitive savannah, the kozhnik was the keeper of food resources. He kept and conserved stocks. This is exactly what the archetypal representatives of the skin vector do today: for them the accumulation of reserves is more important than the search for options for survival. In this case, the skin vector does not develop, the person lives according to the ancient instincts of limitation. Greed, resourcefulness, excessive limitation of oneself and others - these are its distinguishing features.

With the development of society, it has become urgent to save time, resources, and energy. So leather workers became inventors, innovators, engineers. They gave civilization onions, roads, cars, planes. Today these people create the latest technology.

A developed leather worker, like Mozhaisky, works for the good of society, tries to save resources and space for everyone. Logic helps you succeed. Understanding the causes and effects - the main advantage of the leatherworker - allows you to invent what moves society into the future. Working for society, man fulfills his specific role. He is happy and satisfied with life!

You will learn more about the amazing discovery in the world of human cognition - vectors - at the free online lectures of the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

To be continued…

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