How To Get Rid Of Laziness In Real Ways And Get Started

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How To Get Rid Of Laziness In Real Ways And Get Started
How To Get Rid Of Laziness In Real Ways And Get Started
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How to get rid of laziness

Every day you think - tomorrow I'll start. Morning begins. Fuck it all! Better to go watch the series, surf the Internet, or even better go to bed. And so every day. How are people treated for laziness? A contrast shower? A change of scenery? Motivation? Affirmations?

No forces. There is no desire to do everything the way it should be. You understand that you have to get up, sort things out, do something useful, important, necessary in life - family, work, yourself, in the end. You see, but there is no desire to move.

The engine inside you stalled and does not work. How to get rid of laziness eating up precious life time and get off the ground? How can you force yourself to get rid of laziness, if the very word “force” suggests some kind of inner moral effort?

Every day you think - tomorrow I'll start. Morning begins. A leaflet with a plan for the whole day hangs helplessly in front of your nose, causing nothing but despondency. Fuck it all! Better to go watch the series, surf the Internet, or even better go to bed. And so every day.

How are people treated for laziness? A contrast shower? A change of scenery? Motivation? Affirmations? Happy!

They do not know what the real "I want nothing" is, and even more so they do not know how to get rid of laziness. Psychologist's advice doesn't help. Neither the distribution of the day, nor all sorts of time management tricks work. It's like lashing a sick horse on the back. She might want to get up, but she can't. In general, it is necessary to be treated, but what is not clear.

The reasons for what is called laziness are different for everyone

The reasons for apathy, procrastination and laziness are studied at the training System-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. To prevent laziness from becoming the main steward of your life, you need to know its nature.

We can say that laziness is a natural way to conserve energy. There is only one way to overcome it - getting real pleasure from life, from the efforts.

You can fight laziness with invented ways as much as you like, but this will not bring the desired result. Our inner states turn out to be a serious obstacle on the path to an active life. Let's dwell on them in more detail.

  • The anal vector - resentment, bad experience, fear of dishonor.

A person born to do any business scrupulously, ideally - the owner of the anal vector. He is never in a hurry. After all, quality does not tolerate fuss and rush. All his movements are measured, sedate. This is the best master, the brightest head, but in bad conditions he does not undertake even the simplest. It is better not to do it at all than to do it badly and disgrace or remain unappreciated.

A common problem for people with such a psyche is procrastination or procrastination. The cause of this problem lies deep in the unconscious, so no amount of conscious tricks and advice helps to get yourself off the couch, to start doing at least something, preventing us from taking place in life. Already at free online trainings, Yuri Burlan analyzes this problem in detail, helping to restore the ability to act.

  • The sound vector is the lack of meaning in life.

If a person with a sound vector does not see the point in what needs to be done, then he will not be able to get involved in this matter. Why accumulate any benefits there, if we all die anyway.

For the owner of the sound vector, meaning is very important. The meaning of everything that happens in his life, the meaning of life itself. And he will get down to business if this business carries a semantic load. Otherwise why? When there is no point in life itself, why move at all? Better to lie down and lie down, even better to fall asleep. Better yet, don't wake up at all. True, the more he moves away from people and the life around him, the worse he becomes.

How to get rid of laziness and fatigue, having such properties of the psyche

A person with an anal-sound bunch of vectors in bad conditions looks like a lifeless body, barely moving in space. And it seems that there are some impulses of conscience, prompting to get up and take care of yourself, household chores, take part in the life of the family, find a job, but they are immediately extinguished by meaninglessness, past mistakes or offenses.

People with abstract intelligence are catchers and generators of ideas. Potentially, these are scientists, designers, writers, composers, engineers, programmers, translators, etc. Wherever a work of thought, an idea is needed, people with a sound vector work.

The sound engineer cannot help but think. This is his natural role. The only problem is how to learn to think in the right direction. The answer lies where the sound engineer, the natural introvert, least wants to be. Outside!

By revealing with the help of System-Vector Psychology, how the human psyche is arranged, the sound engineer realizes the meaning of what is happening, and depression recedes. His natural ability to concentrate is restored, desires come to life, awakening colossal energy to realize his natural properties.

When laziness is stronger than talent

The anal vector in a person is responsible for the accumulation and transmission of information. For this, a person is given a powerful memory, an analytical mind, a desire to do any job with high quality. If these properties and desires are not realized, then the work does not argue, and there is no interest in it.

If you give yourself the opportunity to complete the task as long as it takes, scrupulously understanding the smallest details and details, the owner of the anal vector will get real pleasure from the work performed. And if work brings pleasure, then there can be no question of any laziness.

Sometimes the reasons for laziness lie much deeper, and it will take more time and mental strength to work through them. At the training in System-Vector Psychology, participants receive knowledge that allows them to move mountains of resentment, get out of the swamps of depression. Each new awareness makes it possible to breathe deeply, to overcome stress, difficulties and laziness.

How to get rid of laziness forever and irrevocably with any properties of the psyche

The only possible option is to understand what brings you pleasure and learn how to get it. In the psyche of an urban person, three or five vectors are simultaneously laid down, and sometimes more.

Sometimes they are in an unrealized state, and a person is simply torn to pieces. When our natural desires are not fulfilled, properties are not realized, a person stops in confusion. What to do in life and why do anything at all?

You can understand how to get rid of apathy and laziness by applying the knowledge gained at the training in System-Vector Psychology. Once you understand your traits, you can easily pick up the keys to each property and get yourself off the couch. Realizing yourself means giving yourself a full life, protecting yourself from a meaningless, gray existence somewhere on the sidelines, where sunlight does not look.

Failures in the skin vector, sound depressions, procrastination in the anal vector - each of the frustrations leads to a loss of interest in any business. We are born to enjoy the process of life itself, and instead, we drift from laziness to depression, from depression to apathy, somehow reliving every day.

The most reliable way that will help you to overcome laziness and apathy once and for all is to understand your properties and the characteristics of other people. You can reveal unconscious desires, realize the talents inherent in nature, change your life at the training System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, where you become aware of the mental processes that govern our thoughts and actions.

It's never too late to start living. Everyone can learn to help themselves, to cope with their internal problems. The only step that needs to be taken is called getting to know yourself, your psyche. It will give you much more than advice on how to get rid of laziness, it will give you a map of the area, a compass that will guide you out of any situation.

If life has already completely flattened it, it is enough to do one thing - follow the link and sign up for free online lectures by Yuri Burlan.

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