Who Are Women With Male Gender Roles? Rationalizing Modern Psychology

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Who Are Women With Male Gender Roles? Rationalizing Modern Psychology
Who Are Women With Male Gender Roles? Rationalizing Modern Psychology
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Who are women with male gender roles? Rationalizing modern psychology

Are you familiar with the statement male gender role in women? Today, the “poles” of femininity and masculinity have changed so much that sometimes you don’t understand who is in front of you - a male or female person …

Are you familiar with the statement male gender role in women? Today, the “poles” of femininity and masculinity have changed so much that sometimes you don’t understand who is in front of you - a male or female person. It seems that the very concept of "gender role" is about to disappear in the years. However, there are reasons for everything. Let's try to deal with this using the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.

We will talk about the phenomenon of "feminine" men in the next article, but for now let's see what women are called the bearers of the male gender role in modern psychology?

Typically, this label is assigned to women who pursue careers. They are successful business women and have no family or children. Gender stereotypes make it very difficult for a woman to achieve the same level of development as a man. Also on the male gender role, women sharpen their attention when she is engaged in a “male” profession. For example, today a woman can even lift a barbell.

A woman is becoming more and more independent in matters of choosing her partner for her future life. Today, she can choose not only a man, but also a woman as her partner for life. What types of women are most often considered carriers of the male gender role? From the point of view of the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, these are skin-visual and urethral women.

Skin-visual woman. Why is she labeled as “male gender role”?

Skin-visual women are careerists. They are the only ones who have a special specific role, because they went to war with men. They feel organically in the "savannah" and not in the "cave". Self-realization is the main thing for them.

But to say that skin-visual women have a male gender role is impossible. In a way, she really is "anti-woman" due to her lack of an innate maternal instinct. However, she cannot be called a man in any way. On the contrary, in a state of "war" she seduces a man herself. Skin-visual women did not give birth to children in a flock, nor did they tend to belong to one single man.

Businesswoman in the great savannah

They always want to be first, which is why they fight for positions. By the way, the skin vector sets such qualities as ambition, leadership, focus on success, craving for material and social superiority. Among the careerists there are a lot of skins without upper vectors. A good car and apartment in a prestigious area underlines their status.


Undifferentiated pheromones help skin-visual women seduce men. But the novels of the skin-visual woman are often short-lived; they rationalize this for various reasons.

But, for example, the relationship between two skinners is not built on natural attraction. They can be united in a union by material values, status and the factor of novelty. As long as there are new impressions, the union holds, but as soon as the novelty factor does not hold the relationship, then they end. Therefore, the phrases that some wrong men went are only a consequence of choosing the wrong partner. The skin-visual woman is ranked, she is the muse for the leader. By natural attraction, a man with a urethral vector suits her.

But it is known that there are few urethralis, therefore skin-visual women often choose people with an anal vector by natural attraction. In such a marriage, the skin-visual woman will be forced to raise money for the family herself. Because men with an anal vector often cannot realize themselves in the modern world of technology and the Internet. Consumer values ​​are alien to them.

Unisex women. The role of the leader is not a male gender role

When a woman looks more like a man, this may be an example of a urethral woman in a certain condition. Subconscious nature tells her that she could be a leader if she was born a man. But it so happens that she is a woman, and she cannot take full advantage of her rank. Because of the early release of testosterone, urethral women can often appear male-like. In adolescence, they even have a fluff above the lip, but then it disappears.

Urethral women are especially unlucky if the father had an anal vector. He is often prone to assault and suppresses the natural rank that the urethral girl feels in herself. As a result of this attitude, she often wants to assert herself and prove herself the right to be at the top of the hierarchy of the conditional pack. Then, in the future, such a woman will choose as a partner a skin-visual woman who is able to love her with all her heart. By nature, the skin-visual woman has always been the leader's partner. That is why it attracts the urethral.

The skin-visual woman, in turn, agrees to sexual experiments, mainly when she also receives psychological trauma in childhood. For example, he sees the bullying of the father over the mother. Through unconventional orientation, she tries to "run away" from male cruelty.

In addition, the birth of a child in a skin-visual woman was not laid down for centuries, but became possible thanks to the development of medicine and technology, so she often fears the birth of a child, choosing the now fashionable position of child free.

The relationship with the urethral woman satisfies her completely. It is convenient for her to receivets from someone. Once the leader, giving her jewelry, meant that she was the wife of the leader. The urethral woman often does the same in relationships for her.


The skin-visual woman, as a rule, does not like to cook and do housework. Savannah attracts her with all her might, not home. She wants to fly away to the lights of the disco, where her body will flexibly move to the beat of modern club music.

A urethral woman paired with a woman cannot fully realize herself, since she does not receive the initiation of the erogenous zone. Therefore, in same-sex relationships, she often behaves aggressively. She has an unfeminine gait, short hair and unisex clothes.

But these women have many good traits. The main thing for them is justice and mercy. They can easily sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. This, perhaps, makes them so attractive to skin-visual women.

From the point of view of modern psychology, a woman-leader has the gender role of a man. But women are different, therefore, it is erroneous to consider the skin-visual and urethral women as carriers of the male gender role.

Of course, the features described above do not make them men. They are simply different and go beyond the historical concepts of the role of women in society. Now, in the skin era of development, they have a chance to realize themselves, following the voice of inner desires.

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