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Gender Identity Test
Gender Identity Test

Video: Gender Identity Test

Video: Gender Identity Test
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Gender Identity Test

We can answer questions about ourselves in one way - we communicate what we know. And what do we know about ourselves? Would we ask if we really knew ourselves? We are interested in tests precisely because there is a great desire to understand - who am I? What is inside? What drives me? How am I different from others?

Who to be? I'll take the gender identity test

Choosing a gender as a profession - today such a service is also offered. There is a demand - there is a supply - a test to determine gender identity.

What is more in me - male or female? Someone this question pleasantly tickles the intellect, while someone mercilessly burns the soul. Why don't I feel like a woman in a woman's body? Or why is there a penis, but what is called masculinity is not in sight?

We want to understand ourselves and out of habit we turn to tests. For example, the test for masculinity-femininity. What are tests?

We can answer questions about ourselves in one way - we communicate what we know. And what do we know about ourselves? Would we ask if we really knew ourselves? We are interested in tests precisely because there is a great desire to understand - who am I? What is inside? What drives me? How am I different from others?

We are attracted by any opportunity to learn a little more about ourselves. But does it always work out? Do tests help you find out the truth?

Interest Ask! Psychoanalysis of Gender Issues

Have you ever tried taking an online gender identity test? There are interesting questions there. Such, for example:

  • "How ambitious, persistent, and inclined to compete with the people around you?"

Any person who has completed the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan can easily point out to the compiler two psychoanalytic mistakes at once. Firstly, the named properties are vector, not gender. It is at least strange to describe only a man with these properties. Women - in mind and body - lead companies, open school networks, and hold ministerial posts. Let's make them men?

Secondly, the properties of two vectors are confused here. Ambitiousness and the ability to compete are features of an exclusively skin vector, and a developed one in both men and women. Persistence is a property of the anal vector, which, when mixed with the skin vector, makes a modern person more competitive, all other things being equal. Is this a gender test or recruiter interview?

  • "How energetic and cheerful are you?"

Oh what a good question! But what does the floor have to do with it? By the answer to it, one can accurately determine one very important, one might say, key thing. It has nothing to do with gender identity. Our energy and cheerfulness are direct evidence (consequences) of how realized we are. Speaking in a system-vector language, they are indicators of how fully we give our inborn talents to society. We - both women and men - receive inspiration to live, energy, happiness only by realizing ourselves as much as possible among people.

  • "Do you know how to calm down, sympathize, help others?"

Can you imagine what would happen if it was true - only women knew how to sympathize? There would be nothing. That is, no one. That is, you and me. The ability to sympathize and help each other saved the human species from self-destruction and extinction. These properties have become a sign of a developed person of any gender. And today these qualities are much more clearly manifested in people with a developed visual vector. They often become artists, artists and cultural workers, teachers and doctors. Are they all the same sex ???

  • Or here's another: "How sentimental, affectionate, devoted are you?"

How lovely! It is only in fairy tales that sentimental, affectionate and devoted heroes - beautiful princesses. Or Turgenev girls. In real life, a person can be affectionate but not loyal, sentimental and have a heavy hand. Moreover, both a man and a woman. Personally, I would like my husband to be both loyal and affectionate. That is, with a developed anal, and with a developed cutaneous vector. Why not.

Continue? Or try it yourself? If you want to have some fun, take a test to determine your gender identity. There is a chance to find out that you have 150% personality - 75% male and female.

Gender Identity Test Picture
Gender Identity Test Picture

We consciously answer the test questions. That is, we broadcast what we think of ourselves, and not what we really are. Consciousness is concealment. Without psychoanalysis, you can make a big mistake. Only the unconscious knows the truth, and tests will not help to find out. They only reflect the statistics of our misconceptions and in no way answer questions about vocation and even more so about gender identity. At best, they only entertain, at worst, they lead away from the truth, giving answers that are not answers.

And if a person is in real torment, if he or she is already preparing to go under the knife?

At the training "System-vector psychology" in two months you can so thoroughly understand the structure of the soul that each property will have its only legal place in the mental system of coordinates. You will not have to resort to tests for determining gender identity or any other.

Where does the demand come from?

Man is created as a pleasure principle. Sexual pleasure is basic, thanks to sexual realization we feel happy and more able to fully realize ourselves in society. It turns out that not everyone is able to experience pleasure? It so happens that a person feels alien to his body and the congenital sex - not his own. Why? Let's figure it out.

In animals, everything is simple. There is a reproduction, there is a coordinated species instinct. What about a person? We have no instinct, we have sexuality that has arisen in the place of its suppression. Human sexuality - the contraction system - develops along with the person.

We are so complex in our mental structure that sometimes, without special knowledge, we cannot establish a connection with our own nature. Women feel like men, men don't feel like men. The concepts of transsexuality, transgenderness have appeared. And along with them - attempts to describe and understand the nature of these phenomena.

There is an observation that some internal sensations do not coincide with the congenital sex. And there is a striving for pleasure at all costs. As a result, theories, tests, sex reassignment surgeries appear. Our sexuality is certainly related to the body, but it is very much hidden from consciousness. Not knowing what is hidden in the unconscious, not knowing our psychic, we think that nature could be mistaken.

Soul, psyche - these are our desires that "guide" us in social and sexual realization. The state of our psyche speaks of how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. It is with the state of the psyche that questions about one's own gender are actually associated.

Born in your body but wondering

Boys who don't want to be knights

Who are these boys wanting to change sex? The boy's first thoughts that he is not a boy often appear along with the first fitting of his mother's underwear. For many, therefore, it seems that the matter is in dressing up. In fact, the passion for dressing up is only a marker of the fact that the boy has a deep, primordial fear of being eaten.

This fear originates in the distant primitive past, when the most puny - skin-visual - boys were given up to be eaten by a flock in the name of its consolidation. Unable to kill a spider, these gentle creatures could not hunt and did not have a species role, and therefore turned out to be superfluous in the food hierarchy.

Gender Test Picture
Gender Test Picture

For a child with a skin-visual ligament of vectors, a state of fear is natural, and as he grows up, he learns to transform it into other emotions - into empathy and love, which brings his inner state into balance. If, for some reason, this does not happen, the skin-visual boy is looking for a way to remove this fear in another way. Dressing up is an unconscious way to get rid of a terrifying fear, at least temporarily become not a boy, but a girl, that is, "to be saved" and feel inner comfort. The unwillingness to belong to the male sex brings some to irreversible actions - men change sex several times more often than women.

Becoming an adult, a skin-visual boy who does not have a well-established species role can compensate for its absence in different ways. He usually uses his sexuality to preserve himself, connecting with someone who guarantees him a sense of security and safety, often with a man, although such people do not have a natural attraction to a man.

What primitive fear can be transformed into and how such people can realize themselves in society - you can learn at the lectures of Yuri Burlan.

Non-feminine soul in a female body

What have girls looking for a gender test for girls in common? Sound. Sound is the most asexual vector, its bearer identifies himself with his consciousness, that is, he feels: I am consciousness and soul, and not just the body of a man or woman.

In an unfulfilled state, the sound engineer is burdened by his own body, which wants to eat, drink, breathe, sleep. The body begins to seem like the main obstacle to happiness. And the skin-sound girl has a thought form about the error of nature. The alienation of the body and severe depression are mistakenly explained by the fact that the soul got the body of the wrong sex. New ideas easily take root in the sound, the flexibility and dimness of the skin libido supports this false belief, and the girls sincerely come to the readiness to go under the knife.

Depression, suicidal thoughts, and questions about gender identity go away when such women realize their main aspiration - to find the meaning of everything.

Complex "composition"

Special shades of attraction can set the anal and urethral vectors in women. For example, one bad experience can be postponed by an unconscious resentment in a woman with an anal vector - so strong that she no longer dares to enter into a relationship with a man and may even decide that she is attracted to women. The owner of the urethral vector may indeed be attracted to a woman. If in adolescence her natural properties are suppressed, she enters into a relationship with a ranked skin-visual female in order to establish herself in the role of a leader.

Gender Identity Test Picture
Gender Identity Test Picture

Both visual-skin boys and skin-skin girls are at the forefront of evolution. It is most difficult for them - the roles have not been worked out, they are building the way for future people. Internal conflicts in the modern three-dimensional psyche grow to the level of tragedy. The shortages are growing.

Among us, three- and five-vector people are not uncommon, inside of whom, it happens, it is difficult to get along with the properties and desires of all innate vectors and their ligaments. These difficulties are also expressed in drives. There are many more sensations than their understanding. One person recognizes in himself all the heroes of a classic novel at once. Diversity and inconsistency robs stability and confidence in who you are. The time is such that one cannot do without knowing the grounds.

They do not ask themselves a question, but they feel anxious: who and why is pedaling masculinity? Causes

It happens that we mistake fears for attraction. Sometimes we lose attraction. And it also happens that attraction is not differentiated from nature.

Double libido is possessed by men with an anal vector, whose natural task is to transfer knowledge and experience to teenage boys. The taboo mechanisms that have been worked out for millennia give this attraction the necessary form, and from such men are made teachers from God. They are also ideal fathers and husbands, protectors of women and children. Caring, reliable, loyal, sexually powerful.

Unconsciously feeling somewhere deep inside this uncertainty of attraction, such men, in a state of insufficient fulfillment, accentuate their masculinity: they grow a beard, sway their muscles, they can be rude, including in bed. Their motto is "Be a man, not a woman." And homosexuality is an acute rejection.

Under unfavorable conditions, if the properties of the vector cannot be fully realized in a pair and in society, strong frustrations can arise. Then the taboo can break down and the person will become attracted to men. If there is also a visual vector, then such a man can most sincerely fall in love with a skin-visual young man and enter into a relationship with him, taking care of him.

The difference in perception in the skin and urethral mentality

In the era of victorious humanism in countries with a skin mentality, any issues are resolved through the principle of rational benefit. Gender identity issues including. The values of the happiness of an individual in a consumer society have led to the popularity of services such as sex reassignment surgery. Striving for maximum tolerance, Western mass culture actively promotes homosexuality.

Bisexual is normal, gay is prestigious. This, by the way, effectively restrains possible pedophilia: in a frantic modern rhythm, when the double taboo of the owners of the anal vector who are in a state of chronic severe frustrations are ready to break off every second, there is the possibility of legal realization of their undifferentiated sexuality - with a child it is impossible, but it is possible with a man. Thus, the anal attraction is channeled into the most safe channel for society. This happens unconsciously.

In the skin mentality, any decisions are made rationally. If we talk about isolation from nature, then the West has succeeded more than us in this. The Russian mentality is irrational, we are regulated not by law, but by shame. Despite all efforts, Western mass culture does not take root, tolerance does not increase, and homosexual inclinations are still a shame. It is so embarrassing that the number of suicides on this basis is growing. Shame is the strongest mechanism for regulating behavior, often incompatible with life in human feelings.

Are those who made it to the end and changed their sex happy? They try to convince themselves that yes. Firstly, it costs incredible effort - several sex change surgeries over several years, dependence on hormones and still the inability to fully be who he turned himself into. Health problems, not very long life. If these people could choose not to have surgery, they would choose it.

There is such an opportunity - not to do the irreparable.

Every life is given for happiness

Man is the pleasure principle. We were born to be happy. Wise nature, together with desires, always gives us the corresponding abilities. Not always everything goes smoothly: man is not perfect, our species evolves. The hardest part is for those who live according to an unwritten scenario so far - those who work out the still unworked species roles. But for people not like the majority, the most real happiness is also possible. The world needs both masculine women and feminine men.

The law is simple and common for everyone: without exception, all mental properties are given for their development and implementation. And this realization brings great pleasure. There is no other way to be happy. Our task is to reveal in ourselves these properties, hidden by consciousness, and to realize them for the benefit of others and for our happiness.

Test to determine your gender identity picture
Test to determine your gender identity picture

Having learned the truth about ourselves, we free ourselves from false attitudes, imposed stereotypes and fears and live our lives. And women can "ride into the sunset" and change the world. And men can be kind, gentle and empathetic. False attitudes, imposed desires, fears, ignorance of one's real self are surmountable obstacles. Especially now, when society is open to any ideas, when knowledge of how the psyche works is available.

Awareness instead of remodeling yourself

Insoluble contradictions are solvable when we can answer ourselves to the questions: “Who am I? What am I doing here? Why is all this? " When we know the answer internally, we know what to do, we know how to be happy.

People are not born homosexual and transgender. Gender identity problems are mental problems. And they are solved at the level of the psyche. At the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, we understand the essence of "male" and "female", learn everything about the structure of the soul and its connection with the body. Internal contradictions are resolved, the roots of transgender and transsexualism are revealed. Ways of getting out of them become obvious. The state changes, we connect with our true nature.

During the training we will learn what sexuality is, how it is revealed in a person, starting from a very early age. We understand what unconscious mechanisms prevent a boy from feeling like a boy. We can clearly see what makes the girl think that she was born in the wrong body. We are aware of the entire volume of unusual and strange desires and aspirations, we understand their meaning.

And as a result, instead of contradictory and painful thought forms, others begin to come to mind, leading to pleasure and happiness by a straight path.

PS In fact, the knowledge that Yuri Burlan gives is needed not only for those who are concerned with the topic of their own gender identity, but also for those who think about the future of their children. Without understanding the structure of the human soul and all its properties, we can harm others, even with the best intentions. How not to ruin a child's life? Even loving a person with all our heart, we can inadvertently harm him. New children differ enormously from us. The volume of the psyche is several times greater than ours, the speed of development is rapid, the structure is complex. And the problems are more acute!

If a boy irresistibly wants to dress up as a woman, or if a girl chooses between becoming a boy and not living, then you need to know what it is. And to understand - and others, and yourself - much deeper than the level "all people are different." Then there will be more happy people around us, then we will have a future.

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