Women's Sexuality: A Modern Woman Must Know This

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Women's Sexuality: A Modern Woman Must Know This
Women's Sexuality: A Modern Woman Must Know This
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Female sexuality

What exactly attracts a man to a woman? A sexy woman attracts to herself, she captures all the thoughts of a man and subjugates his body. How can a woman radiate this attractive energy? Is female sexuality a natural given or the result of special exercises?

Have you ever buried yourself in a cloud of her hair so that you wanted to sleep forever? And

lips … When they touch your lips - it's like the first sip of wine after crossing

the desert. Breasts … look at you like secret spotlights. Legs … it

does n't matter if they look like Greek columns or Steinway's legs. The main thing is what is in

between. Pass to paradise!

From the movie "The Smell of a Woman"

A sexy woman attracts to herself, she captures all the thoughts of a man and subjugates his body. Such a woman inspires him to act in order to be able to achieve her location and get the maximum sensual pleasure from life. She, thanks to the power of her female sexuality, is the most desired victory for him. The scent of a woman activates men.

How can a woman radiate this attractive energy? Is female sexuality a natural given or the result of special exercises?

Answers to the questions will help to reveal the secrets of female sexuality:

  • What are the constituents of female sexuality?
  • What are the true signs of female sex appeal?
  • What prevents the disclosure of female sexuality?
  • How to increase sexuality?

Women's sexuality - nature told her to be a magnet

What exactly attracts a man to a woman? The main components of female sexuality are revealed in the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Female Sexuality Component # 1 - Pheromones

In the United States, they even came up with such a dating service when choosing a scent partner. They send you 10 used T-shirts by mail. You smell, you mark the most "delicious". If your choice matches, the organizers will provide you with each other's phone numbers. Natural scent is really our calling card and a reflection of sexuality. True, in a big city it is difficult to smell your person. So many different smells, and not a single one you need! But is this the only problem?

And if even with ideal scent delivery conditions, nobody chooses your T-shirt? Or are they not chosen by the men of dreams? Vector systems psychology explains that the attractiveness of our pheromones depends on our internal psychological state.

If we are unconsciously afraid, always annoyed, offended and just want someone to love us for who we are, they will not approach us to get acquainted and will not respond to our attempts to interest. Despondency is enough for everyone. Nowadays, a huge number of people are under stress. In a relationship, we want something different. Therefore, a man will pay attention to a woman who radiates joy and good mood.

And all because, according to the idea of ​​nature, a man and a woman should be pleasant, not dull. Because she should inspire him. For big things. He will unconsciously choose the one with whom this plan will be implemented.

Female sexuality picture
Female sexuality picture

What to do with the accumulated negative? Realize the reasons! Then the state changes, real inner joy comes. This is exactly what happens after Yuri Burlan's training in System Vector Psychology.

Female Sexuality Component # 2 - Ability to Enjoy Life and Sex

The modern woman wants an orgasm. But she herself often does not realize what internal barriers prevent her. She does not remember how everything shrank inside the little girl at the moment of parental quarrels. She does not remember her reaction to the first obscene word, accidentally or deliberately, escaped the lips of her father or mother. He does not remember with his brain, but he remembers with his body until he realizes the cause of the blow to his sexuality.

Then you grow up with the feeling that sexuality is bad, dirty, and you don't even know where this false shame comes from. This is not how "good girls" behave.

You grow up, and you want happiness. What, can I? We are bound by false attitudes. A modern woman does not feel happiness from life without understanding her sexuality. She wants to enjoy couples, she wants love, she wants an orgasm. But inside there is a frightened girl who does not allow a happy woman to flutter.

Freeing yourself from false shame in relationships, pulling out of the subconscious mind the trauma of obscenities and ridiculed love, childhood grievances that prevent you from getting closer to a person - this is the disclosure of female sexuality.

Female Sexuality Component # 3 - Emotional Intimacy

She kisses his shoulder softly.

- As a child, it seemed to me so incomprehensible why mom and dad were angry at each other. After all, you can just hug, and all the bad will disappear.

- After such bad thoughts, it definitely cannot be …

It is good for a woman when she has found her man and feels with soul and body how desirable she is. A man - when he was able to achieve her and give her pleasure. But female sexuality is so fluid.

Although it is a woman who is rewarded with double pleasure if she understands the essence of her sexuality:

  1. in any case, when a man is with her, she receives basic satisfaction: he is near, which means that he will protect and allow her to fulfill her female natural destiny;
  2. she reaches a masculine orgasm if she knows the secrets of female sexuality.

Let's take an example from a man. He gives in sex on a physical level. Uncovering the secrets of female sexuality means understanding what a woman can share with her beloved.

The most attractive thing about a woman is her emotional openness. When she approaches, the man makes a return move. And a unique sensual field for two is created, in which both are warm and tender.

Sex without love relieves stress, but does not fill with pleasure. There is nothing left, even for men. The weaker the emotional connection in a couple, the more it seems to the woman that the man is only using her for his own pleasure. And the man "loses his passion."

When we limit ourselves in sex to a special emotional connection with only one partner, we create the prerequisites for the manifestation of female sexuality in all its power. Then both the man and the woman do not cool down to each other.

It often seems to us that a man will understand or guess so. But it needs to be brought into the emotional plane. Sensuality in a pair must be created with a word. A woman establishes a connection with her frankness. And the man reacts to her with sincerity on his part. Gradually, they reveal to each other what was kept in the depths of the soul. These special conversations create a unique intimacy.

Components of female sexuality picture
Components of female sexuality picture

How do you start such a conversation? We do not bother him with questions, we tell about ourselves. It is easier for a woman to talk about her sexuality. She has no sexual deviations. It is more difficult for a man to reveal his sexual characteristics. It is woven from taboo, you cannot touch some parts of his body. These unconscious inhibitions are not realized and create tension. In order to dissipate this tension in a couple, you need to talk.

Trust in communication grows into unconditional trust in the body. Namely, this is the basis of female sexuality. At the root of sexuality is the nudity of both body and soul. Today, there are no restrictions for two loving people in this context. Human sexuality is the highest form of mutual enjoyment. To increase sexuality, you just need to learn to give yourself to each other as much as possible.

Female and Male Sexuality: An Overview of Features

Scientists have repeatedly come to the conclusion that men are somehow attracted to those women who are able to give him healthy offspring. Youth, perfect proportions, clear skin of the face are considered the main signs of attractiveness.

But human sexuality is not equal to reproduction. Human sexuality is the desire to experience the highest sense gratification in a couple more and more.

So, when choosing a partner, we are guided by an unconscious calculation with whom it will be more pleasant for us in sex and in life. And this unconscious choice depends on three factors:

  • our own set of vectors defining our sexuality and life values,
  • a set of vectors for a potential partner,
  • the inner state of both.

Systemic vector psychology identifies 4 vectors responsible for the type of sexuality: urethral, ​​anal, cutaneous and muscular. The level of libido and sexual characteristics of a person depends on these vectors. For example, in a person with a urethral vector, sexuality is not limited by anything. He is ready to give all of himself in any business, and sex is not an exception, but rather the basis of the rule. He is unrestrainedly attracted to those women who need him the most. And only he is by nature polygamous just because the female lack of fulfillment attracts him to other shores.

The sexuality of a person with an anal vector is very powerful and at the same time conservative. He is not a fan of experiments in bed, as in life, he moves gradually, unhurriedly. He is waiting for understanding and he is ready to give care, because equally - this is true for him. But there are features of his sexuality that are important to know about for the sake of happiness and safety in a couple. In a certain state, the sexuality of these people splashes out with aggression and violence.

The sexuality of the owners of the skin vector has its own unique characteristics. They themselves are affectionate and gentle and want the same in relation to themselves. Different poses, different places, and under certain conditions, constantly different partners: the factor of novelty is the basis of their excitement.

Our sexuality "earns" for us the pleasure not received from life. Our task is to figure out why and in what ways it can do it. In order not to mumble: “I was not myself”, “I only love you, I don’t know how it happened”, but to know how to change your life so as not to hurt your loved one and yourself from the unconscious tricks of our sexuality.

4 more vectors form our erotic preferences. The visual vector loves with the eyes. And it was women with a visual vector that set a different tone in female beauty and sexuality.

Audrey Hebbern and Merlin Monroe, Chulpan Khamatova and Angelina Jolie are so different, but so alluring. Actresses do not exist without a visual vector. But are they only external parameters that attract the attention of men? They love the whole world, and the world reciprocates them. Men go crazy, women want to be like them. Sensuality towards others is the basis of their attractiveness.

The owners of the sound vector love the partner's voice. Low, deep. There is even such a parameter of voice as "flight". Revealing the depth of each other's souls, they are able to feel new facets of their sexuality. In the format of exclusively physical satisfaction, sexuality is perceived by sound experts as a primitive manifestation of an animal in a person.

From the chat of a lecture on Systemic Vector Psychology: My boyfriend MARKESA read me by candlelight … because. it turned me on !! THIS WAS COOL! WHO WANTS TO FIND AN APPROACH !!!!

Secrets of female sexuality picture
Secrets of female sexuality picture

Orgasm is a category of psychology. Women's sexuality is not about exercising the vaginal muscles. This is the ability to reveal a woman in oneself and give oneself, a happy, open, tender, understanding, feeling him, to her man.

When his shoulder is made to fit her head

Our coffee Saturdays, Our watermelon August, Our park of the 50th anniversary of October, where we got lost, intoxicated with each other, Our sausages by the stream, Our raspberry croissants, Our sunsets on a motorcycle, Our song about the clouds, Our rollers in Berlin, Our sun in Liguria, Our warmth is where we are.

Eyes, neck, chest, thighs, clitoris, ears, navel, heart, heels … Open together your special points, draw together a map of your unique female sexuality. Trust, hug, forgive, help, be one.

A woman for a man is a pass to heaven, a man for a woman is the basis of happiness.

Only two of us on the road to the highest pleasure.

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