This Strange Verb "is"

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This Strange Verb "is"
This Strange Verb "is"
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This strange verb "is"

In the end, it all came to the conclusion that "from Monday" I was on a diet, by Tuesday I was frustrated, and then "the barn, burn and hut burned out" until the next Monday. Well, the result from such a diet was somewhat predictable - plus 16 kilos. I didn't notice them either. I somehow put on an old oversized blouse, but it’s as if it’s not oversized, but just doesn’t fit. To which she was very surprised: “Well, how? I've been losing weight all this time!"

I've always wanted to "lose a little weight". Well, five pounds. And she lost so much weight since the age of 15. At the age of 19, she decided that it was all my mother to blame for my gluttony with her delicious food. Blamed her and moved from her parents. She was very independent, but with dad's money. Then at the institute she began to weigh a little more than usual and “lost weight” with even greater effort. I turned completely into a vegetable - food, food, food and TV shows, studying at a minimum, being overweight and in poor condition, was a candidate for expulsion, and I still thought that now I would get together and lose weight by willpower. In the end, it all came to the conclusion that "from Monday" I was on a diet, by Tuesday I was frustrated, and then "the barn, burn and hut burned out" until the next Monday. Well, the result from such a diet was somewhat predictable - plus 16 kilos. I didn't notice them either. I somehow put on an old oversized blouse, but it’s like she’s not oversized already,but simply does not fit. To which she was very surprised: “Well, how? I've been losing weight all this time!"

Then I got my diploma and went to work. Stress intensified - I could not cope with work, my personal life was at zero. Sometimes I didn’t even notice that I was automatically entering the store, and I woke up with a treat in my hand only at the checkout. I stubbornly did not see the emptiness in my life and idleness. At home I could eat candy in silence and look at one point, but I could not stop.

I stopped seeing friends. It was wildly embarrassing, because many girlfriends, looking to the side, said anxiously: "Oh, how you got better." They just gorge themselves on potatoes, meat, pasta, pizza, cakes and look great. You climb into Instagram, and they put up their feasts there - either christening, then name day, or a picnic with barbecue. And recipes, recipes, recipes … Beckon, seduce, torment.

This strange verb "is" picture
This strange verb "is" picture

I usually had a period of deep self-pity after this and needed a chocolate or croissant to calm me down. So I wanted a tasty life. She hated herself and ate. She scolded, blamed and ate even more, as if she were punishing herself for her weakness. Unable to cope with her envy of her friends, she began to avoid them.

I tried marathons, different diets, I found a group of the same gluttons, made a bet, made a promise to lose weight … I tried to go to the gym, but I was as bad as a brick there. And I did not notice any progress. From time to time it rolled over: “Catastrophe! We need to lose weight! Oh no, I ate the forbidden again …”The food firmly captured my brain. All my thoughts were about what to eat, what I would pamper myself with. There is a war in my head. On the one hand, she represented her future model figure in erotic lingerie in paints, on the other, she crawled stubbornly towards the refrigerator every evening.

I was woken up by a story about how a girl coped with overeating. By chance I read the article on the site. And it became easier for me when I admitted that there is a problem, that this is my desire, that I cannot eat little and no effort of will will help me. Plus I saw my photo from the side, it became really scary. Before that, it was as if I saw myself in parts. True, this was only the beginning.

Food and temptation

How do you feel about food? Do you think that a person eats to satisfy the feeling of hunger, or is it a factor of human culture? Do you eat to fill your stomach or are you able to slowly cut, peel, cook, season, and only then eat with pleasure?

There is an excess of food in the modern world. The shops are stocked with a variety of products. We are tempted with creamy and frothy sweetness, vanilla and popcorn aromas, juicy texture of slices of cheese or sausage, an effervescent waterfall of carbonated drinks. And then our choice. Further, our food preferences, our weaknesses, or our desire to overcome temptation.

Excess weight is usually a consequence of food addiction, dependence on excess food. A bad habit that you can't just get rid of by pulling it out like a weed in a garden. Food addiction, or any other, does not appear from scratch. The predisposition is laid even in childhood, when, for various reasons, a stable system of values ​​and moral guidelines was not formed.

The habit is born gradually. One two Three. We get pleasure and wish to prolong it … Dot, dot, dot, then dash, dash, dash, and now. Solid line. This means that the habit has developed. The neural pathway has been paved, and now part of the action is performed automatically. Automatically, the legs are carried to the refrigerator, automatically the hand reaches for a piece of cake, then another one (there may be an analogy with a sausage, bottle, computer). The body starts screaming: “Stop! I don't need so much! " However, his voice is weak, overwhelmed by the sirens of pleasure singing. And only this voice we want to hear.

Over time, the body gets used to overeating, rebuilds, and then, when we see that the weight is off scale, we shout to ourselves: "Stop!"

But no. Habit.

Do you know how they break the will of a wild free stallion? They go around him, they show him strength.

And how does a free person turn into someone they drive? They feed him! And then his habits drive him … Food becomes a cult, and do not delude yourself that you are eating a cake - it is he who eats you and does not want to stop.

We first taught our body, but now we want to change?

- Yes, - a person with a skin vector will say and declare war: - Reduce the diet, increase the load, gym, running, health, work.

Here it should be added that it is unlikely that the owner of a developed skin vector will find himself in a situation of strong food addiction, most likely it will be a person with problems in the skin vector or the optic cutaneous ligament. That is, where ambitions are not realized, there is stress on the basis of social disorder or financial collapse.

Then the war with extra pounds will unfold in earnest. A person with a skin vector is a master of self-restraint. In the face of a struggle with the body, he will show special zeal: he will put himself on a strict diet, throw pills, drive on simulators. And … victory is the desired weight loss. If this battle is not stopped in time, and this happens with extreme manifestations of food addiction (anorexia nervosa or bulimia), the body will begin to suffer and crumble. Quietly, vengefully, from within. Before exhaustion, before such a weakness, when a person does not have enough energy even for one thought, for one experience. After all, they noticed how emaciated girls noticeably grow dull and become hysterical.

- Yes, - the person with the anal vector will answer the desire to lose weight. Will answer. However, the scenario of dealing with obesity in a person with an anal vector is completely different. Due to the slower metabolism, in contrast to the faster one in a person with a cutaneous vector, appetite is stimulated under stress. Stress is seized. It seems that the person has calmed down, but it is difficult to stop - by inertia, he continues to act as if he were still under stress. Yes, it is difficult to limit yourself, so diets are a problem. And if, at the same time, a person has a shortage in the anal vector, then he will reject advice, devalue other people's results. And God forbid, he will hear criticism in his address - an insult to the world, withdrawal into oneself, "I will never forgive." At the same time, he himself reproaches himself for lack of will, an extra piece eaten, and, feeling guilty, paradoxically punishes with increased gluttony.

How to lose weight picture
How to lose weight picture

How to lose weight?

The modern urban person is mostly polymorphic, that is, the owner of several vectors, therefore, to overcome the problem of overeating, it is not enough to indicate the paths for the skin or anal vector. It is worth considering the picture when a person may have a sound or visual, or oral vector.

Let's say the first step has been taken - the recognition that there is addiction. This is an important step to take responsibility for yourself, for your body, for your life. This is followed by the recognition that one's own strength is not enough to rely on only one's own will. New supports are needed: the old ones are so weak that they allowed habit to dominate you. This is the most difficult task - to find and create new supports.

Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" will not teach you how to deal with extra pounds. You will simply regain your self-esteem, feel enough energy to do what you want, what you believe in, and change your life.

You will no longer think that you can wake up and, despite your habits, start living in an ascetic mode. You will already understand that in this way the war with your own body will be lost: the body offended by your indifference can take cruel revenge on you. Only dialogue, only establishing communication and attention to the desires of the body will lead to successful results. You will take care of your body with tenderness and intelligence.

You will no longer look enviously at model figures in women's magazines, but you will understand that you need to walk your way to health and beauty. After all, now you want not just to lose weight, but to become healthy and energetic! The gym will no longer be a scary monster to hide from.

You will no longer think that stress and cutlets are links in the same chain.

You will not assume that the job is only for a livelihood. The social realization of your abilities will become important to you. People who are not attached to food will begin to appear in your environment.

You will no longer think that everything is in vain. You will notice even small results and strive to consolidate them.

You will enjoy every bite of food, be aware of the taste. To understand what should be tasty, only then the brain will quickly produce endorphins and the body will get a feeling of fullness faster. You will chew slowly and deliberately and feel when enough is enough, when to stop. You will be able not to be greedy and, for example, not finish the dessert or throw away the purchased instant tea without opening it. You will be willing to spend and give to get things done.

You will not be at war with yourself. The supports created will allow you to stay where old habits will pull back.

You will take yourself back. You will touch yourself and say, "I am."

This strange verb "is"

The verb "is" in Russian is special - it means both existence and eating. This is both the presence of matter and the absorption of it.

There is and there is. State and action. The feeling of being, which is impossible without matter, without food.

I am, as a support, the basis of our existence, a sense of life without doubt, without proof of my presence.

There is a desire to eat. We can say there is a desire to be, to exist, to enjoy, to receive. After all, there is no food - there is no physical life - the body dies. We feel the need to feel our existence. This is felt by us, including when we eat, are satisfied, confirm and continue our existence. It happens that due to childhood psychological trauma we lose this support, we do not feel it, and our personality becomes doubting and weak, unable to withstand the stressful pressures of life.

And if we doubt our existence, if we do not accept reality, are in captivity of illusions, hate our body, engage in "self-criticism", then we strive to BECOME, not noticing that we are. Or in another case, it happens that we believe that we ALREADY exist, and do not understand that we still need to BECOME!

I am a picture
I am a picture

Feel I am … and the feeling of satiety and satisfaction will be with you.

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