I Want To Gain Weight To Healthy, But I'm Afraid

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I Want To Gain Weight To Healthy, But I'm Afraid
I Want To Gain Weight To Healthy, But I'm Afraid

Video: I Want To Gain Weight To Healthy, But I'm Afraid

Video: I Want To Gain Weight To Healthy, But I'm Afraid
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I want to gain weight to healthy, but I'm afraid

In general, everything looked harmless enough, but going back, I understand that already at this stage it was necessary to sound the alarm …

Running through the Internet space past the chat with the topic “I want to gain weight!”, I could not help but look at the light. There are few people who can understand these young beautiful girls in their problem. It seems strange and absurd. Just a few decades ago, people were ready to sell their souls for a crust of bread, and today the Internet is teeming with despair in pursuit of thinness. Thousands of ways to lose weight and millions of fitness programs. And the demand for all this is only growing.

Of course, television and advertising have played a role in shaping the worldwide desire to lose weight. But let's talk about something else. On the other side of these races. About the girls who pray for help. About those who became victims in this struggle with their own physiology. About those who cannot gain weight.

I am writing this article based solely on my own experience and using the knowledge of system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. "I want to gain weight to healthy, but I'm afraid!" - this is once my cry of despair in the struggle for my own health.

My story

Since childhood, I have been a rather well-fed child. The issue of weight has always been painful, but probably in moderation. After giving birth in the rush and chronic lack of sleep, my weight began to rapidly decrease. In addition, at that time, on the recommendations of doctors, I switched to a special dietary food for nursing mothers. And at some point, I began to get high from my own body.

I was thin for the first time. Finally, short shorts, skirts, dresses of all styles became permissible for me. I was the perfect hanger for any outfit, akin to runway models. Isn't this a dream ?!

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In order not to miss my happiness, I began every morning with a weight check. I didn't eat at night. And from sweets, she allowed herself a maximum of one candy or a piece of dark chocolate a day. In general, everything looked harmless enough, but going back, I understand that already at this stage it was necessary to sound the alarm.

What are we eating for? For life

The moment we begin to live in order to eat, it is worth thinking about what went wrong. It doesn't matter if you overeat, that is, you consume too much food, or, on the contrary, you are malnourished and are inexorably moving towards anorexia. If the vast majority of your thoughts about food is a wake-up call.

Gradually and imperceptibly, our rare dates with weights turned into my "love" dependence on their assessment of my weight. And thoughts of losing weight became obsessive. During the day, I wrote down what I ate, counted calories and in the end I completely refused to eat.

Do you know the feeling when you are hungry and want to eat something delicious, your favorite dish, but cannot for some reason? I experienced something similar all the time. It seems to be hungry, but something inside does not allow.

It's not always a conscious fear of gaining weight. I consciously came up with a million excuses for myself: I lost my appetite due to nervousness, I just temporarily don't feel like eating, it's hot, etc. But as Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology proves, this is always fear.

Understanding the cause is the first step to getting rid

There are special women in nature. They are the complete opposite of those who are considered to be real women - the keepers of the hearth, husbands' wives and parents of children. These women do not sit at home. In ancient times, they accompanied men on the hunt. A little later they were radio operators, signalmen and nurses in the war. In ordinary life, they can be actresses, singers, dancers, kindergarten teachers or teachers of languages and literature. But this is potential. But in reality, everything is not so smooth.

All these girls have one thing in common - the visual cutaneous ligament of vectors. These are the women with whom the feminist revolution began. Today, it is these women who are engaged in business and selflessly fight for equality of rights with men. Everything is the other way around. And only they, when the whole world is struggling with the risks of obesity, suffer from anorexia.

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When it happens that a woman with a skin vector finds herself in an environment unusual for her or does not realize her properties in society, this is stress for her. In this state, she loses her appetite. Stress in the skin vector pushes to unhealthy self-restriction in food, obsessive calorie counting, exhausting physical training in fitness rooms.

The visual vector, in the absence of realization in society, goes into a state of fear. Fears can take on the most bizarre forms and even turn into phobias, at the root of which is always the fear of death. It turns out that a woman is driving herself into a trap: she consciously understands that it is necessary to eat well and gain some weight, but unconsciously she herself is opposed to weight gain.

Having studied the forums on the topic, I realized that many girls are really in despair. First of all, this comes from a misunderstanding of ourselves. "Something clicked in my head", "I'm abnormal", "I drink antipsychotics, I hope that it will help", "I no longer go to this foolish psychologist, made an appointment with a psychiatrist", "girls, I have problems with critical days, really now you will ALWAYS have to take pills”- these are the lines the Internet teems with. But these are, in potential, the most beautiful creatures on earth - gentle, talented, compassionate skin-visual girls.

Where to find a way out?

There is only one way out of any bad state - the realization of innate properties in society. Each person on this beautiful planet has his own specific role, mission, if you like, what he was born for. When he realizes this destiny, he enjoys life, and if not, he suffers.

Just think, were you born to write down the number of calories eaten today in a notebook? And the goal of your whole life - to reach the “40 kg” mark on the scales? Nature is hardly so reckless.

Why then? How to realize your best destiny? Already at free online lectures on systemic vector psychology, Yuri Burlan will talk about the other side of fears and about the limitless potential that nature has given you.

Thanks to the training, I was able not only to painlessly gain weight, but also began to calmly relate to its changes. Life is so interesting, and the world today gives so many opportunities to the owners of the cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors that it becomes a pity for the time spent fighting with oneself.

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