The Psychosomatics Of Excess Weight - Causes Of Obesity In Women - How To Lose Weight

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The Psychosomatics Of Excess Weight - Causes Of Obesity In Women - How To Lose Weight
The Psychosomatics Of Excess Weight - Causes Of Obesity In Women - How To Lose Weight
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The psychosomatics of excess weight, or How happiness burns fat

Excess weight and happiness - two weights on different scales. Didn't you know? Then get ready for discoveries. I studied the psychosomatics of excess weight from school. Losing weight, getting fat, losing weight again. And now, when I know for sure the answer to the question "how to lose weight", I am ready to share it with you …

Yesterday I went into cooking with children and was once again convinced that the psychosomatics of excess weight is the most burning and painful topic for many.

I look at the pasties, and the seller says to me:

- They are very tasty, I ate two of them myself. (Like, take it, you won't regret it, I kindly advised it …)

I answer:

- You know, I have lost 33 kg, I don’t feel like chebureks anymore - lightness is more expensive.

The saleswoman, a pleasant woman, in body, about forty-five, complained that she wanted to lose weight, but could not.

- In your youth, you will fall in love! No extra pounds. It was easy to lose weight. Love … - her eyes sparkled, it is clear that she misses the past. - You fly yourself thin, happy. Who will you fall in love with now? There are no normal men, and the age is not the same. Where to look for a man? How to fall in love? she asks me.

And now I am sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper and I understand that the article should be written not about excess weight, but about Love …

About the Fullness of life, about Saturation with events, feelings, meaning …

Excess weight and happiness - two weights on different scales. Didn't you know?

Then get ready for discoveries. I studied the psychosomatics of excess weight from school. Losing weight, getting fat, losing weight again. And now, when I know for sure the answer to the question "how to lose weight", I am ready to share it with you. And this answer was given to me by Yuri Burlan's training “System-vector psychology”.

Why can't you lose weight

For the first time, I came across the concept of psychosomatics of excess weight in women in high school. Then the books by Liz Burbo, Louise Hay were popular. Their attempts to explain the causes of various diseases, including obesity, attracted by their uniqueness. You can no longer go on diets, do not suffer from jogging in the morning. You just have to "love yourself" and repeat the affirmations from the book. Excess weight in women on the stomach is such and such an affirmation, excess weight on the hips, waist is different. And I repeated …

People who are prone to gaining weight when their life is not filled with feelings are boring, suggestible and self-hypnosis. The power of their imaginations can really be temporary if they convince themselves that affirmations are helpful. Different diet pills give the same effect. They work on the rare occasion that you fully believe in their miraculous power - the so-called placebo effect.

Having lost a couple of kilograms, after a while I found a significant increase. The cause of the excess weight has not been eliminated. I simply did not know how deeply my problem sits in the unconscious …

Why are we eating?

Food is the main source of pleasure from nature. People love to eat. When they are hungry, they eat. When they feel bad, they eat. When bored, they do not know what to do, they also eat.

In addition to food, nature has provided for other pleasures, but they are not so easy to come by. And you can always eat - affordable and fast.

Food for a modern person is not only an urgent need, but also a means of psychological influence:

  • it relieves stress, tension;
  • adds joy to a boring life;
  • becomes a cure for all troubles.

Remember how the grandmothers used to say? "Eat and everything will pass."

And we eat. What else to do?

The reasons for being overweight, as the results of thousands of people show, lie outside our consciousness. We attribute our excess fat to improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, heredity. In fact, the reason for being overweight is not knowing yourself. In ignorance of the characteristics of their psyche and metabolism. We do not know our desires, we do not know how to realize them. As a result, both the soul and the body suffer.

Then what to do, you ask?

1) Feel!

The most common cause of weight gain is lack of love and emotional connections. A person with a visual vector strives for communication, he needs to share feelings, empathize. When he does not do this, he has no choice but to …

Yes! There is an easier way to enjoy yourself.

When a person with a visual vector opens up sensually, lets love into his life (not only to the opposite sex), he gains wings, joy, inspiration. Loving and being loved is the most effective way to lose weight that I know.

Psychosomatics of excess weight photo
Psychosomatics of excess weight photo

2) Find meaning in life and fill the void

Hunger for life, hole inside, emptiness …

We fill it with food too. Often we ourselves do not notice how much we eat, we do not feel the taste. We are people with a sound vector. And one day we can't fit into a jacket. It turns out that we sat at home for several weeks and even forgot that there was a world around us. We don't want to see people, we feel bad. We also try to drown this inner hell with food.

A person with a sound vector will not lose weight even from love. He doesn't care about body and weight at all until sores appear. He believes that the main thing is the soul. Most often, sound engineers despise the physical shell, believing that it interferes with the state of flight … They want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

They don't feel the body …

Sometimes we even eat in tons - we unconsciously strive for death in order to find out what's next, beyond the horizon after the death of the physical body.

3) Get rid of resentment

A person who has become overweight often has the properties of an anal vector in his psyche. He has experienced certain psychological trauma in the past and is afraid of being in a shameful situation or putting another person in such a situation.

Being overweight is a kind of protection for him from everyone. It seems to him that people demand too much from him, he does not know how to say no. He is inclined to take everything on his shoulders. Sometimes this burden becomes incredibly heavy.

Trying to please others, get recognition and praise, a person with an anal vector gets lost in their own desires and needs. It feels like an ox that people ride. For the sake of gratitude and recognition, such a person is ready to endure a lot.

A separate topic is resentment against the opposite sex in women and men with an anal vector. Only such people can take offense and take revenge.

Very often, a person gains weight, not wanting to be attractive to the opposite sex. He had bad experiences and pain.

A layer of fat is an armor that prevents anyone from penetrating into his soul. What if they hurt again?

Obesity also affects people who cannot take their place in life, receive recognition and respect.

When the weight in society is small, there is no significance, we gain physical weight. It is important for a woman to feel needed, important in the family, for her husband.

Be desired. A man is nowhere without social significance.

When life is interesting and full, when a person feels his need and importance, he loses the desire to overeat.

Why seize pain and get joy with food when you are happy without it?

How happiness burns fat
How happiness burns fat

What a woman compensates for with food

Lack of security. When a woman feels loved, she is calm. There is prosperity in the house, confidence in her husband - there is nothing to worry about tomorrow. She and the children will always be fed and warm.

If the husband does not earn enough or does not show feelings for the woman, does not seek intimacy, the woman unconsciously begins to be afraid. For myself, for my life, for my children. Her body catches the signal of danger of hunger in the future and begins to store fat. What if they stop paying their husband's wages? Or will he go to another?

Lack of implementation. In addition to the man, society can give a woman a sense of security. How?

If a woman knows her innate talents, directs them correctly, she can be calm - she is needed, which means she will be fed. After all, a valuable person will not be allowed to die of hunger.

Realization gives a huge burst of strength and fills life with joy. On an unconscious level, the body catches the signal and gives the command "I am safe", which means that it does not need to accumulate excess fat.

Moreover, when a person is in his place, when he is busy with what he loves, the body gets used to producing endorphins, to enjoy the activity. The more interesting the work, the less you want to get pleasure with food. Why overeat? After all, there is plenty of joy.

The pleasure that a person experiences from what he loves is many times greater than the pleasure of eating. The enjoyment of food is very short-lived. While the joy from what you love, from life is endless.

The state of happiness is automatically reflected in health. Metabolism returns to normal, the body begins to work harmoniously. So, imperceptibly for yourself, one day you will find that jeans have become indecent to hang out and that you do not just fit into your favorite jacket of youth, but jump with ease.

Along with being overweight, many problems go away. It is no longer a shame to appear in public, I want to communicate more. You finally decide to go to the sea, put on a swimsuit. Your back and legs are grateful to you: you freed them from a huge load, the consequences of which were not far off.

And most importantly, loved ones are grateful to you! They are pleased to see you - no, not slim, but happy! The ease of releasing resentment and the pleasure of feeling are contagious.

4) Get to know yourself and be fully realized!

In this chapter, I would like to give feedback from those who realized their nature at the training of Yuri Burlan and … lost weight.

We are all different. Everyone has their own desires and requests. Each of the listeners of the lectures received a key to their heart. And the way to it lies not only through the stomach …

Fullness of life or fullness of the body - which do you choose?

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