I Want A Baby, But I Can't Get Pregnant. The Causes Of Infertility In A Healthy Woman

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I Want A Baby, But I Can't Get Pregnant. The Causes Of Infertility In A Healthy Woman
I Want A Baby, But I Can't Get Pregnant. The Causes Of Infertility In A Healthy Woman

I want a baby, but I can't get pregnant. The causes of infertility in a healthy woman

Many couples do not have any physical abnormalities or health problems. Doctors are often powerless to explain the causes of infertility. It turns out that these are not isolated cases, but a mass phenomenon. Why physically healthy women who decide to have a baby cannot get pregnant?

Recent years have turned into a battle for the happiness of motherhood. I'm serious, so I try my best:

  • countless analyzes, checks, tests;
  • calculating favorable days;
  • measuring temperature and keeping diaries;
  • all kinds of procedures;
  • hormone therapy for my husband and me;
  • non-traditional methods of infertility treatment;
  • attempts at artificial insemination;
  • trips to holy places;
  • esoteric practices.

And much more. But nothing helps.

My husband and I were exhausted, worn out, almost lost hope. Relations began to deteriorate. In the look of wine. Intimacy has become a race for results. Every month the expectation of a miracle … and again disappointment.

During this time, in clinics, health centers, on forums on the Internet, I met many young women with the same problem. Most of them have twin stories. Many couples do not have any physical abnormalities or health problems. Doctors are often powerless to explain the causes of infertility. It turns out that these are not isolated cases, but a mass phenomenon.

Why physically healthy women who decide to have a baby cannot get pregnant? An exhaustive answer to this question is given by the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

When all the studies have been completed and no physical disabilities have been identified, a logical conclusion suggests itself - the cause of infertility lies in the mental sphere.

It can be:

  1. Reactions to certain social phenomena.
  2. Failure to comply with the conditions of psychological comfort of a woman in a pair relationship.
  3. Individual characteristics that affect the psychological readiness of a woman to have children.

Let's look at it in order.

1. What is the coming day for me?

From puberty, the body and psyche of a teenage girl begins to prepare for motherhood. With physiology everything is clear, we will try to look into the unconscious to find what can prevent a woman from taking place in her natural role.

What does a girl observe in her immediate environment and in society as a whole?

  • Unsuccessful and unhappy marriages.
  • Alcoholism and unemployment.
  • Cheating and domestic violence.
  • Single mothers left without a livelihood. Refusal of fathers to pay alimony.

By projecting onto herself the sad experience of many women, the girl loses her confidence in the future. As a consequence: she either makes a conscious decision not to have children at all, or her unconscious blocks her reproductive function until better times.

I want a baby, but I can't get pregnant picture
I want a baby, but I can't get pregnant picture

2. Are you married or a husband?

To become a mother, a woman must feel safe, not afraid to be left with a child in her arms without the opportunity to feed, raise and give everything the baby needs.

Confidence in a prosperous future, reliable rear, emotional and financial support, she largely receives from her husband. The natural role of a man to protect and provide for the family is relevant at all times and is the guarantor of a woman's sense of security and psychological readiness to have children.

Even the fact that partners live in a civil marriage can become a cause of psychological discomfort and uncertainty about the future for a woman at an unconscious level.

When a woman doubts the willingness of her partner to take responsibility and support her family, her body can switch to standby mode, "postponing" conception for an indefinite time.

Realizing these features, we understand why building a strong family is one of the basic conditions that affect a woman's ability to have children.

Deep emotional connection and care for each other give rise to trust, increase stress resistance, provide mental comfort, stabilize biochemical processes in a woman's body and positively affect her readiness to conceive.

3. Individual causes of female infertility

3.1. Not giving birth by nature

There are special women for whom the birth of children was not provided for by nature. Their body is not adapted to bear and give birth. Maintaining a home, family ties and a crowd of children are not their values in life. They do not even have a maternal instinct, although they can love other people's children very much.

These are women with visual-cutaneous ligament vectors. Light, fast, agile and very emotional. From time immemorial they were fighting friends who accompanied men on hunting and war.

Modern skin-visual women are often passionate about their careers and socially active.

Despite the physiological and psychological inability to bear children, today almost every skin-visual woman can have children. Modern medicine helps her to get pregnant safely, bear and give birth to a healthy baby, if the conditions of psychological comfort mentioned in this article are met.

3.2. Fear has big eyes

Often, all kinds of fears become an obstacle on the path to happy motherhood, which can significantly change the hormonal background of a woman and interfere with getting pregnant. This could be:

  • Fear for herself, for her life, when a woman is frightened by changes in her figure, toxicosis, possible complications during pregnancy, pain and the danger that something may go wrong during childbirth.
  • Fear for the life and health of the unborn child, the likelihood of genetic abnormalities or birth trauma.

  • Fear of not coping with the role of a mother, not justifying responsibility, being incompetent in matters of raising a child.
  • The fear of losing her husband's love, of ceasing to be the only object of attention and care for him.
  • Fear of losing personal freedom by dedicating oneself entirely to caring for a child.

Such conditions are most often characteristic of the owners of the visual vector. These are very impressionable women, capable of the deepest feelings and vivid emotions.

When a woman does not use her natural qualities as intended - attention and compassion for people, she directs them to herself, demanding love and attention exclusively to her person. This can be expressed in frequent and unjustified mood swings, hysterics, emotional pressure. At the same time, fears only intensify, phobias and panic attacks may develop.

Infertility pictures
Infertility pictures

Awareness of one's nature at the training of Yuri Burlan helps to get rid of fear. There is a natural need to give love and support, the ability to notice other people, their feelings. Love crowds out fear. This removes stress and increases the chances of a successful conception and childbirth.

3.3. But does it make sense?

The psyche of a woman with a sound vector is arranged differently. She is less emotional, often closed in herself and her thoughts. From an early age, she looks for meaning in everything, wants to understand what her purpose is, what she lives for.

The topic of motherhood can cause internal contradiction in her. Often such a woman is subjected to pressure from the family or society: the husband wants a child, the parents demand grandchildren, all the girlfriends have become mothers long ago. She sees that many women find meaning in their lives in having children and procreation. She herself has a constant question inside: “Why? Why procreate life if you die anyway? What is the point in the fact that we come into this world, suffer all our lives in search of answers and leave without understanding why all this was!"

This dichotomy is highly stressful and can add to the above reasons for difficulty conceiving.

Awareness of your psychic nature helps to get rid of colossal internal stress and find answers to exciting questions. Together with the metaphysical meaning of being, simple earthly desires, for example, the desire to have children, acquire meaning. When the psychological state of a woman is normalized, many physiological functions are restored, including the ability to bear children.

After the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, not only me, but also many other women were able to identify the reasons that prevented getting pregnant and giving birth to beautiful healthy babies.

Already at the introductory lectures on system-vector psychology, the veil of the secrets of the psyche is slightly opened. When a woman realizes the unconscious mechanisms of infertility, begins to understand herself and her loved ones, she finds a solid foundation under her feet, her psychological state changes. When stress and fear go away, hormones normalize, and the body is ready for pregnancy.

Come to a free training and give yourself a chance for a happy motherhood.

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