Half-nun-half-harlot: Conflict Of Opposites

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Half-nun-half-harlot: Conflict Of Opposites
Half-nun-half-harlot: Conflict Of Opposites

Video: Half-nun-half-harlot: Conflict Of Opposites

Video: Half-nun-half-harlot: Conflict Of Opposites
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Half-nun-half-harlot: conflict of opposites

But still, there are still moments when the ghost of the past suddenly bursts into your arranged life. You have noticed that this usually happens when you have to leave on business in another city. It feels like that seductive coquette of distant days wakes up in you. This transformation takes place under the interested glances of strangers or work colleagues. There is no way to control the vicious mechanism …

Half-nun, half-harlot.

I should have been born like that!

How do I combine the incongruous?

How do I live the non-living?

Danilovtseva Ludmila

"Lord, how can you be such a whore ?!" - thinking about yourself, you usually do not choose expressions. Not that there was a reason to think so … Rather, on the contrary - an impeccable reputation, work in a research institute, an exemplary family. But take, for example, the time when you just graduated from high school. A beautiful, daring and very wicked young lady. You blossomed somehow suddenly, and your head was turned by male attention, which, it seemed, yesterday you could only dream of. You behaved like a poor man who set off uncontrollably and stupidly to squander the accidentally won million.

Constant flirting and flirting sometimes brought you to bed with those with whom you shouldn't even say hello, let alone sleep. At this place of memories, you usually did not skimp on the very last words addressed to you. It shouldn't be for a young girl to be so promiscuous and approachable, especially when it comes to you. You would give a lot for a chance to go back in time and do everything differently. At least lose your virginity properly.

Guys? What are the guys?

Thank God, I was smart enough to stop in time. Probably, entering the university revived. Night parties gave way to vigils in the library and at lectures from morning to evening. Then came the understanding of all the recklessness and frivolity of reckless youth. Moreover, men even began to cause something in between contempt and disgust, and you avoided them for a long time.

Your poor future husband had to work hard to persuade him to go to the cinema, not to mention the rest. With such inaccessibility, he thought you were a virgin. I had to say that the first and, of course, unhappy love happened in my life - they say, you, dear, will have to be content with second place. He still thinks so.

Another life, another me

It was the marriage and the birth of children that helped to finally settle down. Formed their own way of life, family rituals, routine - in general, everything is like everyone else.

And the past doesn't bother you anymore. It reminds of itself only when you find another excuse not to fulfill your marital duty. You simply don’t want to, and therefore it’s strange to remember yourself in your youth, when there was continuous sex in your mind. Where did it all go? Although, in general, this does not cause inconvenience, and with a clear conscience you can call your family ideal.

Only sometimes do you notice that in the bustle of endless troubles you are drawn into strange thoughts. Rather, they manifest themselves at the level of sensations: unfounded emptiness and gravitation for what you are doing at the moment when they overtook you.

Here you are late with your daughter in kindergarten. You instruct her in something on the go, and suddenly a question in my head: “What is all this for? Was I born for this? And then what? " With a habitual effort of will, you drive away stupid thoughts from yourself. You are probably just tired. By the way, yes, the last vacation was god knows when. Will cost.

I want to, and inject

But still, there are still moments when the ghost of the past suddenly bursts into your arranged life. You have noticed that this usually happens when you have to leave on business in another city. It feels like that seductive coquette of distant days wakes up in you. This transformation takes place under the interested glances of strangers or work colleagues. There is no way to control the vicious mechanism. It would be like trying to persuade a werewolf to regain human form on a full moon. Or an alcoholic stop after the first drink.


So you, like this alcoholic, then suffer unbearably from a hangover of agonizing shame and a new batch of questions about the nature of such a radical change of states. Family and reputation as an exemplary wife go out of my head when this damn charming man takes your hand.

You start to feel inclined to think that something is definitely wrong with you. How can such opposite states be combined in one person? It interferes with life, and I want to understand myself - the faster the better. But how?

What's the matter with me, doctor?

You should not rush to diagnose yourself with a split personality, although the concern is understandable. In addition, such internal contradictions raise a lot of questions, the answers to which are not easy to find. Why do I have completely opposite feelings about the same thing? Does this mean that I myself do not understand what I want? And how do I understand what I really want? It's time to go crazy with these thoughts, but we will choose a different path - awareness.

It turns out that the whole point is in our psyche. The more mental properties are given to us from birth, the more likely it is to find contradictions in our thoughts and desires. Moreover, these properties manifest themselves depending on external factors, according to the requirements of a particular situation.

The need to learn hundreds of pages of textbooks and pass the session involves us in the process of memorizing and systematizing knowledge, and, if we have the appropriate properties, we can be assiduous and patient. Or we create a family and, unexpectedly for ourselves, become couch potatoes, completely devoting ourselves to those close to us. According to Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, people with an anal vector behave this way.

But no changes are scary if, in addition to the anal, there is also a skin vector. It helps to quickly and without much stress to adapt to new conditions, to show flexibility and organization. In general, leatherworkers are fascinated by everything new, including sexual partners, but this is only if these lovers of novelty do not sufficiently realize their properties in work. In a word, for a person with an anal vector, promiscuity, for a skinny in this case, is sheer pleasure.

About the combination of the incongruous

Despite the fact that a person can have both vectors, these two extremes not only do not interfere, but even help to live. After all, life is unpredictable and it is pleasant to realize that if something happens you have these skills and the ability to cope with an unforeseen situation. This is clearly seen in the example of emigrants who, having found themselves in completely new conditions, are forced to adapt. And he will more easily cope with the situation, who has a skin vector, which will take on all the burdens of adaptation to a new life.

But, of course, not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. Such a mental device also has its drawbacks. Whatever one may say, but the vectors are very different, and no one canceled the environment, conditions and, most importantly, education, which plays a fundamental role in the degree of development. Developed - not in the sense of normal or smart, but in the sense of developed according to its vector properties. The more developed and implemented, the easier the process of switching from one vector to another occurs. Otherwise, there may be a constant torment by internal contradictions and the use of properties out of place and not for their intended purpose.

Half-nun-half-harlot: about the combination of the incongruous
Half-nun-half-harlot: about the combination of the incongruous

Intellectual squared

But not all vectors are difficult to combine. For example, visual and sound vectors, on the contrary, reinforce and complement each other, being complementary opposites. They, in contrast to the above, are responsible for the sensory-intellectual sphere. Visual is emotions in all the variety of their manifestations and complete extroversion. The owner of the sound vector is distinguished by a constant search for the meaning of life, interest in the arrangement of everything around, especially his own soul, abstract thinking and a tendency to “withdraw into himself”.

But, despite such obvious differences, they perfectly coexist, not only without suppressing, but even strengthening the properties of each other. They are responsible for intelligence and, having both vectors at once, a person can inadvertently be known as an entertaining and original personality, with whom it is at least interesting to communicate.

We are so different, but still we are together

However, what happens when we have all four vectors? System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains how combinations of vectors form stable life scenarios.

The optic cutaneous ligament of vectors awakens in a woman a scenario in which she skillfully owns the secrets of seduction and knows everything about winning a man's heart. Motherhood is not included in the circle of her interests, which does not mean dislike of children. On the contrary, it is they who can become the kindest and most loving teachers, which all children remember with warmth. It's just that love is her element, and in the broadest sense of the word: from love for a kitten to love for all of humanity.

This is the only woman who does not give birth by nature (evolutionarily she had a different task), so she does not have the natural shame inherent in all other women, and her flirting extends to the entire masculine gender, even if it is the husband of her own sister. Not maliciously, but in a completely natural way. Sometimes she herself is not aware that she gave the signal for action by explicit flirting, because it seems to her that she just smiled sweetly. Making emotional connections is her nature. This is what gives such a woman a special sense of security and safety.

Anal-sound women are another matter. They are not just flirting, and sometimes they do not know how to talk normally. In a good way. It's just that they are so focused on more significant things that all this calf tenderness and everything that follows is too small and does not arouse the slightest interest. It's just that the tandem of the anal and sound vectors has completely different properties, which, accordingly, is expressed differently.

They are in demand wherever precision, analytical intelligence and powerful intelligence are required. They are able to write a scientific work or carry out a complex operation. In addition to this, there is a priority of the family values of the anal vector, and they have something to argue about with the skin-visual person.

Half-nun-half-harlot: conflict of opposites
Half-nun-half-harlot: conflict of opposites

Nice to meet you - I

So it turns out that in this situation you feel your duality. And when, under certain conditions, one link is turned on, then you begin to condemn and criticize what the other has managed to "do". And vice versa.

Of course, internal conflict and self-tyranny are not always the case. Confrontation of any kind can be brought to zero perfectly by those who are familiar with the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, because understanding oneself, one's nature is able to reconcile any internal and external conflicts. Here is what the trainees of the training write about this:

But that's not all. When you realize the vectors with their properties and desires in yourself, then in addition to understanding the reasons for your actions, you get the opportunity to direct them in the right direction. For example, one can create for oneself those conditions in which the implementation of one or another vector is possible.

Try to fill your skin vector at work - show ingenuity, wit, take on new responsibilities. Or go in for sports during your free time. And direct your rich sensuality to create an emotional connection with your husband and love for children. And then you will not want to look for fulfillment in new sexual relationships, and you will find a way to reconcile your opposites.

And also system-vector psychology is a new acquaintance not only with oneself, but also an unprecedented look at others. You will finally understand people with all their previously unexplained actions, which will greatly facilitate interaction with them.

But it will be much more interesting to hear about everything in person. The first idea of vectors and detailed information about the skin and anal vectors can be obtained already at the free online training by Yuri Burlan.

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