What To Do If The Wife Does Not Want Sex: We Understand The Reasons And Find A Way Out

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What To Do If The Wife Does Not Want Sex: We Understand The Reasons And Find A Way Out
What To Do If The Wife Does Not Want Sex: We Understand The Reasons And Find A Way Out
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Wife doesn't want sex, what should her husband do

For sex to be not a duty, but a mutual desire, it is important for a woman to feel that only she is desirable for her man. This is not achieved in beauty salons or fitness clubs. The emotional connection between husband and wife is what keeps each other cool.

"I'm tired, my head hurts, get up early, eat garlic, wake up the child!" The number of her excuses is growing every day. My wife doesn't want sex, and I'm climbing the wall.

A man is a desire for a woman. What if there is no response from her to his desire?

The first step to solving the problem is to understand why the wife has lost the desire for sex. Consider the main unconscious reasons for a woman's indifference to sex and determine what her husband should do to correct the situation. In this article, you will learn how to return passion and mutual pleasure from each other to the family, not only during sex, but always.

Sex in exchange for security

System-vector psychology reveals the basics of relationships: a man just wants a woman, because he gets a guaranteed orgasm. And at the heart of a woman's desire for a man is a sense of safety and security.

Sex seems like something taken for granted in a couple. But if you dig into the roots of human civilization, it is obvious that a man has never received the right to possess a woman just like that. He hunted a mammoth, invented new tools, built bridges, mastered territories, and created comfort for women. By this, he "obtained" his right to a woman, to extend his gene pool, the right to have a wife and have sex. Call a woman pragmatic and calculating, but her psyche has a desire to feed herself and her offspring. And this moves all of humanity towards development.

And today, regardless of whether the husband supports his wife or she herself earns decent money, in the depths of the structure of the female psyche there is a desire to be under male protection. Satisfying this feminine desire is the key to how to increase a woman's libido.

For a man, “the first thing is airplanes,” that is, a worthy performance of his specific role in society. A woman unconsciously reads these abilities, and such a man is attractive to her, she dreams of having sex with this hero, who, if not saving the world, is sure to get a mammoth.

It is within the power of any accomplished man to provide a woman with a sense of security and safety. And if it is not, then instead of a desire for sex, a woman has shame for her man and fear for herself and her children. And this is not always realized.

A wife will want sex if her husband gives her confidence in a happy future. This is the foundation. So what is next?

Wife doesn't want sex picture
Wife doesn't want sex picture

My dearest, my dearest

For sex to be not a duty, but a mutual desire, it is important for a woman to feel that only she is desirable for her man. This is not achieved in beauty salons or fitness clubs. The emotional connection between husband and wife is what keeps each other cool.

The two are so close that they can talk to each other not only about shopping, dinner menus and colleagues, but also about the most secret, cherished, personal - from the inside to the inside. When this connection is built, sexual intimacy becomes much more sensual. No one will escape such pleasure in a pair.

The main work of creating an emotional connection lies on fragile women’s shoulders. But she, as a ballerina, needs the support of a reliable partner for a beautiful, light, sensual jump. The wife will be able to emotionally get closer to her husband only by being confident in his understanding and the desire to move in one direction.

When did you and your wife talk heart to heart? What do you know about her soul? About your wife's innermost desires, experiences, dreams? One of the surest steps to sex, not just for show, is not to pour out your problems, discontent and irritation on her, but to try to feel and hear it. With system-vector psychology, you will understand more about a woman than she realizes about herself.

Wife does not want sex - reasons for family vow of celibacy

Understanding why a wife avoids sexual intercourse is a chance to make a difference.

Feeling her psychological state, you will see not a stubborn stubborn person who shies away from fulfilling her marital duty out of harm, but a beloved woman who suffers from something.

Would a wife shy away from intimacy if she enjoyed the process? How to give her the taste of pleasure again? And again you need to start with a deep understanding of your soul mate - to know the features caused by the vector set of a woman.

Sense first

The sound woman does not value all material desires, including bodily desires. But this does not mean that she does not have them at all. It's just that when she wants and doesn't find the point, she doesn't want sex. Therefore, first satisfy her intellectual priority: talk to her, discuss her agonizing inner search. With systemic vector psychology, you will be able to discern in the apparent coldness of your sound wife her features of perception, which will enable you both to enjoy sex.

Forgive me

A woman with an anal vector is a powerful libido. Has the best wife and hostess devoted all her passion to cooking borscht? "Vaccination" against sex to a homely, decent and faithful wife with an anal vector could be hurt. She is attentive to details herself and expects the same from her husband. Didn't compliment her dinner? Forgot your anniversary? Not really thanked for the gift she gave? To prevent resentment from spoiling your sexual relationship, you need to know exactly how to easily remove and prevent this shaky feeling. The simplest but most effective solution is to ask for forgiveness in time and correct the mistake.

Wife will want a picture
Wife will want a picture

I will save

In everything, an organized, mobile wife with a skin vector was created to save time, money, energy. If this does not happen to the proper extent in society, another “no” thrown to her husband can bring such a woman unconscious pleasure from the ban. And then, instead of organizing a financial company, the wife will keep records of sexual contacts, save body resources, and in severe cases, use sex as a way to manipulate her husband. Help her fulfill her potential at work, and then saving feelings and emotions in the bedroom will no longer plague you.

In the shackles of the mat

Unconscious trauma from a swear word significantly affects the quality of your sex life. System-vector psychology shows that a mat, heard by a girl in childhood from significant adults, can lead an adult woman into an unconscious false attitude: as if sex is something dirty, unworthy, shameful, aggressive (after all, they often swear during a scandal). She thinks that she loves and wants her husband, but something prevents her from opening up and getting full pleasure from intimacy. What to do for the sake of desired sex on both sides?

  1. Forbid yourself and your friends to swear in the presence of your wife.
  2. Do not make fun of female sexuality by watching gloating videos.
  3. Help her to understand and work through the trauma at the training "System-vector psychology", as hundreds of families have already done, and as a result, they got a bright intimate life.

“The most important moment that worried me and because of which I persuaded my husband to pay for the training was our sex life with my husband. Before pregnancy, we had a normal sex life (in my opinion, it was not enough for my husband, but it was enough for me). After pregnancy and childbirth, of course, I had no time for my husband … After several lectures on SVP, we were able to talk about this. But I haven't seen a way out of the situation yet. And after the last lecture, something happened. I began to want, and every day. My husband was so stunned that he offered to write a review about it …"

Vera Ts., Entrepreneur Read the full text of the result

A woman wants sex with a man who is close to her soul

Man and woman are communicating vessels. What is in one will flow into the other. Will it be irritation or tenderness and concern? Thoughts on how to repay the insult, or care and desire to fill your loved one with joy as much as possible? It is in your power to launch a powerful wave of pleasure for two.

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