Emotional Pressure Against Love

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Emotional Pressure Against Love
Emotional Pressure Against Love

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Emotional pressure against love

Emotional pressure is a state when we throw out on another person all the unspent amplitude of the visual vector, emotional exaltation under the sauce of love. And we expect a response from him. The mechanics are simple: the accumulated emotions become cramped inside …

Every visual person is convinced that he is capable of great and bright love simply because he is the owner of the visual vector. In fact, this love often takes on bizarre forms that are far from real feelings. In this article, we'll talk about emotional pressure.

What is emotional pressure and where does it come from?

Emotional pressure is a state when we throw out on another person all the unspent amplitude of the visual vector, emotional exaltation under the sauce of love. And we demand a response from him.

The mechanics are simple: the accumulated emotions become cramped inside and you want to unload yourself. But in order to be able to share with someone, that someone must want to listen to us. Often, forgetting about it, we dump everything that we get to our partner in a pair. It's no wonder that he gets tired of this and after a while becomes indifferent to our outpourings of the soul.

Nature counts to two: giving and receiving

We forget two important things: you can give only in shortage and, no less important point, WHAT and HOW to give. If the emotional outburst meant “Love me, pay attention to me! Share my feelings with me!”, Then, in fact, we do not give love, but we want to receive it. That is, we see another person as a source of emotions for ourselves.

Contrary to expectations, the joy will be short-lived, even if we get what we want.

At the training "System Vector Psychology" we reveal the sublimation of the visual vector: how a visual person is able to process his raging emotions, how to express them and direct them for the good of people, so as not to burden life for himself and his loved ones. The emotional amplitude of the visual vector is excessive for paired relationships and cannot be covered by them; it needs to be applied in social life.

How does an emotional connection differ from emotional pressure?

A healthy emotional connection gives people relief from loneliness, the feeling - "They understand me!", the warmth of the soul and the joy of spiritual closeness. When you create an emotional connection with someone, you feel that person is family, a part of yourself, even if you have never seen him. Not in the sense of "mine", but in the sense of "I understand you as myself."

In the modern world, we are so selfish that we do not realize that in a pair relationship we do not love a partner, but how beautiful we are in our love for him, we love the state that we are experiencing next to him, we love his reciprocal feeling … That is, we love ourselves instead of loving another, and we also demand that he conform to our values ​​and love us in return.

An emotional connection is not a series of events in your life, but empathy, participation in the experiences of another person. A discrepancy often arises here: we consciously think that we are ready to go for it, but the unconscious knows the whole truth, and imitation of interest creates an unpleasant aftertaste of falseness in a person - it seems that there is nothing to find fault with, but does not dispose, does not entail.

The happiness of focusing on the other

The training "System-Vector Psychology" helps to track where the problem arises in the relationship, why they are not developing as we would like. When you delve deeper into a person, differentiate him according to vectors and their states, you begin to feel genuine interest in him, his desires become important and understandable to you, and he always feels it! You become able to create a real, and not a fake, emotional connection - to dissolve in your loved one without a trace.

We are accustomed to behaving the way we were taught from childhood, so it can be difficult to switch attention from ourselves to another person, and this is the focus. An emotional connection is always about another person (how he lives, what his interests, desires, what worries him) and never about himself.

What if he doesn't want to tell? Pulling information out of it with ticks is also not the case. The person himself will tell you and share his innermost things when he feels that you have a sincere interest in him, and not a desire to control where and with whom he was and what he was doing.

Without understanding themselves and others, this is available to units of visual people who were lucky enough to grow up and develop the skill of creating an emotional connection from childhood. Absolutely everyone can learn this at Yuri Burlan's training.

Future relationships

When we do something for a long time and do not get the result, disappointment comes and we no longer want to try again. It is not difficult to try to create a healthy emotional connection after completing the training. If there is still a spark of attraction between you, then a loved one will not be able to remain indifferent to your sincerity, he will have a natural response, a desire to open up in response.

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