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Muscle Vector
Muscle Vector

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Video: Muscle Vector
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Muscle vector

Without it, the existence of modern civilization would be impossible. People who are accustomed to a well-ordered life do not think about where the groceries come from in the stores, who works at the neighboring thermal power plant and what makes the sewage system work. All this rests on the shoulders of the muscular part of humanity.

Typical speech turns:

  • There is strength - no mind is needed.
  • It is hard to learn, easy to fight.
  • Where everything is, there I go!

general characteristics

Number Pure - 38%, total - 95%
Archetype Fundamental mass of living matter
Species role In peacetime - a builder

In wartime - a warrior-hunter

The most comfortable color The black
Geometry of the greatest comfort Rectangle
Place in a quartet Inner quarter of space, introvert
Type of thinking Practical, visual and effective

Features of the psyche

The muscle vector forms the inner part of the space quartet. This is the basis, the foundation of all living things.

All properties-desires of the muscle vector are aimed at ensuring the four basic human needs: to eat, drink, breathe, and sleep.

The muscle vector is the most numerous. About 95% of people are carriers of the muscle vector. However, only 38% of them are referred to as muscle people. Why?

The fact is that in combination with other lower vectors (anal, skin, urethral), muscle only enhances the desires they have, completely merging with them in properties. So, about a person with anal and muscularity, we will say "powerful anal", about a person with urethra and muscle - "powerful urethral", and so on. Thus, we call muscles only those people who do not have other lower vectors.

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image description

The remaining 5% of people are born without a muscle vector. It should be understood that the absence of a muscle vector does not mean the absence of muscle mass, just as the absence, for example, of a visual vector does not mean the absence of eyes. This means that a person does not have such an erogenous zone. Just as a person without a visual vector does not seek to admire the beauty, to experience deep emotional states, so a person without a muscle vector does not seek to increase muscle mass and does not enjoy physical labor. The muscular frame of such a person is relatively weak, and this cannot be changed by any exercises.

Next, we will talk about muscle people in their purest form.

In the primitive pack, the muscular man played the role of a warrior in war and a builder in a cave. It was the muscular part that first of all ensured survival, obtaining food on the hunt, protecting the flock from external threats and conquering new territories. Under the leadership of the urethral leader and the command of the skin commanders, not sparing their lives, they went hunting and war and killed. Muscular warriors later formed the main body of the armies. They easily took the lives of others and just as easily gave theirs. Giving your life in battle is the value of a muscle man.

Today, the role of muscle as a military person is becoming a thing of the past. All the confrontation between the powers comes down to a policy of containment. Individual local conflicts take on new forms, and in a modern army it is more important to own all new weapons than to go hand to hand. The role of muscular ordinary fighters is losing its importance more and more, their place is being taken over by specialists who are able to master cutting-edge military equipment. Therefore, the main field of activity for muscle today is useful physical labor, which creates the basis for the survival of the entire flock.

You need to understand that without a muscular man, the existence of modern civilization would be impossible. People who are accustomed to the organized life of a modern city do not think about where the groceries come from in the stores, who works at the neighboring thermal power plant and thanks to whom the sewage system works in their apartments. All this rests on the shoulders of the muscular part of humanity.

At the same time, the biggest and most important thing that a muscular person can do today is construction. This is especially necessary for modern Russia: in the conditions of a destroyed system of housing and communal services, an acute shortage of housing and in the presence of huge unpopulated areas, only muscle cells are able to build houses and cities in practice, to debug the system of housing and communal services.

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image description

The two basic states of a muscular person are rage and monotony. Rage puts him in a state of "war" when he just goes and kills. Absolute monotony - into the state of "peace", when hour after hour, day after day he builds houses, works in a mine, plows the land …

Muscular people are very peaceful, it is difficult, but possible, to transfer them from a state of monotony to a state of rage. This will not happen until they encroach on meeting their needs (eat, drink, breathe, sleep). So, you should not take away the roof over your head from a muscular person, snatch the plate out of your hands, wake up sharply. Also, people with a muscle vector need to be extremely careful with drinking alcohol: by disinhibiting the cerebral cortex, alcohol releases a muscle warrior-hunter - a born killer.

Muscles never think in terms of "I". All their perception of the world is built on "we". A person without a muscle vector will never be able to join this "we". Whatever it is, it will never become part of a single monolithic muscular "we", as they say - its own in the board.

For a muscular person, the whole world is territorially divided into "we are ours" and "we are strangers": our yard is a stranger's yard, our street is a stranger's street, our flock is a stranger's flock.

They build their lives in such a way as to preserve their community as much as possible. At the same time, they are guided by the generally accepted - so that everything is like people, "like people", "like everyone else." The separation from "we" is perceived by the muscles as very painful. Solitary cells in prisons are the biggest challenge for them.

The muscles are absolutely guided. They will never go to protest and destroy everything around on their own without encouragement from the outside. They do not have a so-called personal opinion, because for them, primary is unity in a common "we", and not the particularity of their "I". To the question: "What do you think about this situation?" - the muscle will answer: “What am I? Like everyone else, so do I. " A muscular man does what he was taught to do.

Who the muscle will become depends on who will influence it. If an archetypal skin drunkard is nearby, then the muscle will begin to drink. If there is an anal foreman nearby, then the muscle will work hard. Here lies the solution to the problem of a drunken Russian village.

image description
image description

The thinking of a muscular person is visual and effective. As shown, it will do so. Not because he will think that this is right, that is better, but because he was told: "Do this." Moreover, he is by no means stupid. He has a special mind. What a muscle can do, a person with a different set of vectors will never be able to: no one will hammer in a nail, cut a board, or put up a fence so simply and well. And you need to teach him by showing everything clearly. If the task is to maintain a fire, then you need to show how to throw brushwood and where to get it, you need to explain everything to the smallest detail.

Muscles are tied to their land like no other. At the same time, they are absolutely adapted to any landscape. It is in the city that they wander. And once, for example, in a forest, they instantly orient themselves on the terrain and know how to survive here: they can knock down a tree, build a hut, or catch a bird.

A muscular man is suspicious of sex, especially when it happens, as it seems to him, "not human", for example, before marriage. And a muscular woman wants to get married as soon as possible: her body is intended for the birth of children. Once she reaches childbearing age, she has a strong desire not for sex, but for the birth of offspring.

You need to understand how important it is to maintain the population size. No matter how great a people is, if its numbers are too small, others will come in their place. The physical strength of muscle people allows them to give birth to the largest offspring: it is they who give birth to children - more than representatives of other vectors. Poor muscle condition - poor demographics in a country and vice versa.

Before birth, the umbilical opening is the channel through which the erogenous zone of the muscular person - the muscles - connects to the outside world. With birth, this channel closes, interrupting the provision of basic needs (eat, drink, breathe, sleep). This is felt by a muscular child as suffering: now everything must be done by oneself, independently.

Further life passes in the feeling that death is deliverance. Muscles are not afraid of death. They perceive it as a return to their original state, to the mother's womb, where it was so good, where all their basic needs were provided. Muscular people say: "Where I came from, I will return there, I will return to Mother Earth."

For the same reason, muscular people always revive at the sight of death. They are the ones who can best organize funerals and commemorations, trying to “bury in a human way”.

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image description

Muscular children are very flexible, they do not need to be raised too much. The most important thing is not to leave the muscle child hanging around and keeping an eye on who he communicates with, otherwise it is highly likely that he will end up in the wrong company.

He must be accustomed to hard physical labor, so that he can help parents in childhood, so that he can learn to enjoy just work. When he digs, he experiences muscle joy. It must be understood that it is through the effort of the muscles that the thinking of a muscular person is activated. Physical labor, however, directs him to a peaceful channel - to construction, work at a factory, in a mine, etc.

At the same time, it is categorically impossible to give muscle children to sports. Their physical data will not contribute to victories in competitions, because the muscle has no desire to compete, compete, and win. Sport will give pure muscle a state of war. Not accustomed to physical labor and given to sports, the muscle can subsequently realize himself only in criminal activity.

Carefully select the people around whom the muscle child will be. In the village, he must be next to the anal foreman, who will teach him physical labor. In the city, such a child must master the restrictions of a large settlement, so here it is best to send him to a vocational school. There, a leather turning teacher will teach the muscle not only the craft, but also discipline properly, teach him to limit his animal urges.

The role and significance of the muscle vector in the life of society cannot be overestimated. The poor position of muscle is the cause of many problems in modern Russia. You will learn how to solve them and learn more about the features of different vectors at the online training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

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