Film "There Are No Feelings In The Cosmos". How To Return A Sound Engineer To The Orbit Of Life

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Film "There Are No Feelings In The Cosmos". How To Return A Sound Engineer To The Orbit Of Life
Film "There Are No Feelings In The Cosmos". How To Return A Sound Engineer To The Orbit Of Life
Video: Film "There Are No Feelings In The Cosmos". How To Return A Sound Engineer To The Orbit Of Life
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Film "There are no feelings in the cosmos". How to return a sound engineer to the orbit of life

- I have Asperger's. I cannot change.

- You don't have Asperger's. You can change.

He has been sitting in a barrel for 8 hours. Mother screaming, father trying to lure him out of there with money, but in vain: he will not come out - "enemy territory". And only brother Sam manages to find an approach to him. The kind and bright comedy-drama “There are no feelings in the space of feelings” (Sweden, 2010) about 18-year-old Simon with Asperger's syndrome will appeal to people with sensitive hearts and will help those who are close to them.

Simon: “Don't touch me! I have Asperger's Syndrome "

- Si-i-imo-o-o-he !!! For the last time I say: get out of there !!!

Why is he like that? Why is he hiding in a barrel? Is it because the mother is trying to find rapport with her son by screaming? It definitely won't help. Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" defines in people like Simon the sound vector in the psyche, which gives its owner an unusually sensitive hearing. Shouting at him means pushing him even more into a barrel, into inner space, without a chance to get out.

Only sound people suffer from autism and its variant - Asperger's syndrome.

… for a diagnosis of autism, a triad of symptoms must be present: lack of social interaction (it is difficult to understand the feelings and emotions of others, as well as to express your own, which makes it difficult to adapt in society), lack of mutual communication (verbal and non-verbal) and underdevelopment of the imagination, which manifests itself in limited range of behavior.

Asperger's syndrome and autism (with a high intellectual level) overlap with each other. The level of development of empathy (empathy) can be a determining factor in making a particular diagnosis. With excessively low levels of empathy, a diagnosis of autism is possible, and in cases where the level of empathy is higher, a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome can be made instead of autism. [one]

According to the systemic understanding of the disease, a common cause of the development of autism and Asperger's syndrome is a violation of sound ecology in childhood, when a child is shouted at or there is constant noise in the house. Or when they use words that are derogatory in meaning - "idiot", "moron", "why did I give birth to you?" Then the sound child closes, loses connection with the outside world.

Depending on the presence of other vectors, minor symptoms appear: hyperactivity, increased sensitivity to touch, stereotypical behavior, aggression directed at others and at oneself, emotional instability.

Simon is quite adapted in society: he works as a janitor in the park, reads books about time and the Universe, loves films about space, plays basketball. In the conditions of silence and a stable schedule, which he himself created for him, taking him from his parental home, he is quite successfully able to contact the outside world. True, he has his own, sound, understanding of the world, in which there are no feelings and everything is subject to strict logic and order.

“Some people think I'm an idiot, but I'm not an idiot. I just want everything to be the same as always. I don't like change."

"If we don't do everything at the right time, in the right proportion and at the right angle, we will go out of our orbit."

“I like space. There are no problems in space, there is no misunderstanding, there is no chaos, because there are no feelings in space”.

Film "There are no feelings in space" photo
Film "There are no feelings in space" photo

However, the infiltration of chaos into life destroys Simon's fragile stability. A girl who is tired of punctuality, which, in her opinion, borders on idiocy, insensitivity and egocentrism of his younger brother, leaves Herself. For Simon, this means only one thing: his strict schedule is under threat, now there is no one to wash the dishes.

But at the same time, breaking stereotypes becomes a stepping stone to establishing communication with the world. It is not for nothing that the sound engineer has a high IQ: Simon has a plan to find a new girl herself, who would not shout, curse and would ideally fit his brother. This means that she must be exactly the same as her brother. Applying a scientific approach (questionnaire, survey, photo), Simon selects several candidates.

Searching makes him focus on people, recognizing their reactions and emotions. He takes an interest in them. He compares his world and the world of other people and sees that they are not alike.

His brother, a man with an anal-visual ligament of vectors, helps him to understand people. Simon loves Himself, because He loves and understands Simon.

Himself: “There are no correct answers. It's all about feelings "

“He’s not like me. He does not have Asperger's Syndrome. He is 937 times better than me.

Himself, according to his girlfriend Frida, "too kind." He cannot leave his troubled brother alone with his parents who cannot deal with him. Everyone suffers, so he decides to take his brother to himself. What else can a person do with a visual vector who has more than enough sympathy? But Simon's antics destroy his personal life - Frida leaves.

No, he doesn't blame his brother. The value of the family in the anal vector is high, as is the kindness in the visual. But forgetting your girlfriend is also difficult. He misses himself. He doesn't need another. Simon's attempts to find him a new beloved, and even scientifically, only irritate him.

He knows that there is nothing more significant than feelings, because it is in feelings that the meaning of life for a person with a visual vector lies. And feelings cannot be programmed, subject to the influence of the mind. He himself lives at the behest of his heart, stepping on the throat of his own song for the sake of a brother who needs him.

He, as a person who feels and understands people well, knows that different people are attracted to a couple. “Better to be with your opposite. We are different, but we like each other,”he explains to Simon when he presents him with a“dossier”of girls who look like Sam. And then Simon remembers Jennifer, who did not answer any of his questions correctly.

Jennifer: “Don't hang on to time. So nothing unexpected will happen "

- And I thought it was fate.

- Fate is an invention of people to find the meaning of life. Everything can be calculated and predetermined.

She is not like Herself and, moreover, like Simon. She doesn't look like anyone at all. She is miss unpredictability and spontaneity. Her emotions change in an instant, baffling Simon: here she was laughing with happiness, and now she was crying. She is a skin-visual girl with a big and kind heart and a beautiful smile on her face.

It is impossible to offend her. When they first met, Simon hit her in the face because she touched him. For the same reason, she flew off the bench and bathed in the lake when Simon pushed her away. But she's like water off a duck's back. She is fickle: she makes a promise not to touch the young man, but immediately breaks this word.

She sleeps on a bench because she's been hanging out all night and she's not on schedule. Her lunch comes when she is hungry, not on the timer. In her house, the real temple of the visual girl, is full of bright colors, colorful pictures on the walls, unnecessary but so cute things. Chaos reigns here, disorder, so alien to the clear mind of the ascetic sound engineer. She loves life with her eyes and heart.

They are so different, but why are they together?

Film "There are no feelings in the cosmos". How to return a sound engineer to the orbit of life photo
Film "There are no feelings in the cosmos". How to return a sound engineer to the orbit of life photo

Vector brothers

- I have Asperger's. I cannot change.

- You don't have Asperger's. You can change.

People with sound and visual vectors are vector brothers, because they belong to the same quartet of information. They are opposite in properties, but need each other. The sound engineer is an introvert, the spectator is an extrovert. The first one loves loneliness, the second one lives among people. Two boots of a pair: abstract and imaginative intelligence, conscious and sensual life forms. The painting "There are no feelings in the cosmos" is a vivid illustration of this systemic idea.

They meet because they are drawn to each other. The viewer is attracted by the mystery and depth of the soundman. It's not scary with him, because he hears well at night, when the eyes of the spectator - his main erogenous zone - do not see in the dark. The soundman, however, often needs a visitor to pull him out of the immense inner space, out into the orbit of life, to extrovert, as happened with Simon.

His brother helped him to balance. He himself did not need a clear schedule, but he stuck to it for the sake of his brother. The depth of empathy and sympathy shows a high degree of development of his visual vector.

“He himself helps me to keep the schedule. This is important for maintaining balance. If you come at the wrong time, everything turns into chaos."

“I have no friends but Sam. Feelings cause problems."

Jennifer finally pulled him out, out of his barrel - a spaceship on which he roamed the vastness of the Universe alone. She showed that the world can be changeable, and there is no need to be afraid of this. She opened the world of feelings to him. It is also important that she was a woman: a man follows a woman when it comes to emotional ties. After all, a woman is better at being open and sincere.

- You explain in such a way that I understand. Only you and yourself can do it.

He was able to understand and feel the need of another person, because he learned to listen and hear him. He didn't need emotion, as he thought, but he realized that for his brother and Jennifer, emotion is necessary. He gave them an unforgettable first date so that the relationship could begin ("need a romantic push") - a dinner under the stars with live music and fireworks. The way the visual person loves.

Jennifer himself said about his brother:

“He only cares about himself.

“That's not true,” she replied.

Already not true …

“Sometimes the best can come from the worst. It's also a balance in some way. It may take a special mind to understand these physical laws. You may need to have Asperger's Syndrome. Perhaps there are feelings in space after all."

Film "There are no feelings in space" actors photo
Film "There are no feelings in space" actors photo

The ending is unexpected. It did not work to bring the girl to her brother, but Simon no longer wanted Jennifer to disappear from his life, although by inertia he still did not want her to touch him.

“Don't you feel like I'm already doing this? she asked, lightly touching his hand with her finger.

For the first time in his life, a smile appeared on Simon's face. However, see for yourself.


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