Moral-moral Degeneration (MND)

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Moral-moral Degeneration (MND)
Moral-moral Degeneration (MND)
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Moral-moral degeneration (MND)

When the connection with the outside world is lost, all the limitations of morality and ethics disappear. Outwardly, such a person looks normal, but has oddities. An autistic and a schizophrenic person is immediately visible, but a moral degenerate - a secondary autistic person - is not …

Fragment of the lecture notes for the Second Level on the topic "Secondary Autism":

Developed anal sound specialists are very clever. In poor condition, they can be social maladapters. If the sound is undeveloped, the person loses touch with the real world. It seems to him that the world outside is not the reality in which he lives, but rather a computer game. He has no cultural limitations. There is no compassionate skill. The world outside and the people in it, from his point of view, bring him only suffering.

In such states, the anal sound specialist in some way adapts to society, outwardly looks adequate, even intelligent. It seems like he lives, studies, contacts with others … And suddenly the sound covered - there is no sense in life, there is no taste in life.

When the connection with the outside world is lost, all the limitations of morality and ethics disappear. Outwardly, such a person looks normal, but has oddities. The autistic and the schizophrenic are immediately visible, but the moral degenerate - the secondary autistic - is not visible.

The MND effect arises as a result of non-fulfillment of the desires of the sound vector, and anal grievances act only as a catalyst. Until there is a catalyst, such members of society are not yet murderers, but simply people without a cultural and moral superstructure. Any betrayal and meanness is not felt by them in any way in cultural categories, such people have no concept of good and evil and no reference point in them. There are no landmarks in the culture, since the connection with people is lost.

Is it possible to get out of this state? Yes. Vinogradov, Breivik and others - they could be withdrawn, they are not primary autists. It would be possible to work with them specifically - this is how to get out of depression, just a little special attention.


It depends on the parents who will grow up as a sound engineer. The worst thing for a sound engineer is a cry, especially a mother's cry. When he hears a scream or loud noise, the body's defensive reaction occurs - the destruction of the neural connections in the brain responsible for learning. Sound is traumatized by loud noises and loses the ability to learn. Some resist, go through puberty, acquire socialization skills and do not become autistic, study, get a job (like D. Vinogradov), but then lose touch with the outside world. The illusory nature of the outside world in the presence of the skill of socialization is a state of extreme depression. Vinogradov even turned to a psychiatrist, but this did not save him, and we know why. In such a state, it is impossible to diagnose anything - there is no schizophrenia. Depression? So what? Prescribed antidepressants. But they are not able to fill sound voidsdepression is not treated with them. He also does not look like a psychopath - calm, intelligent, according to reviews of colleagues and acquaintances. A very coherent written speech in the manifesto, and many healthier sound people cannot express their thoughts as clearly as Vinogradov did.

It also happens that a child grows up in a good family, everything seems to be fine. Dad is a professor, and his son flew into the Pentagon on a plane. Such a failure occurs in a child from parents. We bring up the old fashioned way. We are sure that we know our children, we blindly believe in the science of psychology (by analogy with medicine), but she also knows nothing. Our mental scope is provided by an increase in life expectancy - medicine is coping, while psychology and pedagogy lag behind.

Can MND develop if the anality is healthy?

Sound affects all vectors. If the anal-cutaneous person has poor anality, he tries to lean on the skin. But if the sound hurts, it overlaps all vectors. Anality simply does not develop, and with this passivity it falls into disrepair. Grievances are remembered as a catalyst that activates MND. But the reason is in the sound.

Why exactly anal sounder = MND?

Skin sounds are inductive - they organize someone into sects, into terrorist cells, they do not kill with their own hands. Their problem is fanaticism, but they do not lose their ability to empathize. Idea is above all for them, it can significantly overlap empathy, but not to the extent of MND.

MND - are they easy to distinguish?

With a massive increase in this phenomenon, most likely, moral and ethical degenerates will not be distinguished from terrorists. But this is not terror - it is not skin + sound. The competent authorities will understand that MNDs are not entirely normal people, but in the end they will catch outwardly abnormal, that is, harmless autists. The one who shot the children in Connecticut, a secondary autistic, was able to extroverted and was perceived by society as quite normal.

There is no concept of sound - there is no concept of a person at all. For the last 6 thousand years we have followed this path. Both writers and philosophers immersed us in human souls, but this is childish talk in the knowledge of human nature. Without understanding sound, there is no concept of psychology. All that we are still capable of is to distinguish by external signs, that is, visually. It's time to learn to distinguish by internal signs - by the difference in mental content.

Can mass killings be avoided?

Of course. Our intention is pleasure. We are able to naturally realize our life in joy, not in suffering. Any suffering is secondary - as an extreme measure. We are led by the whip, the lack of pleasure, when we do not understand in an amicable way. Anal sounders have a higher self-knowledge ability than others …

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