Every Man To His Own Taste? Who Celebrates The New Year And How?

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Every Man To His Own Taste? Who Celebrates The New Year And How?
Every Man To His Own Taste? Who Celebrates The New Year And How?

Video: Every Man To His Own Taste? Who Celebrates The New Year And How?

Video: Every Man To His Own Taste? Who Celebrates The New Year And How?
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Every man to his own taste? Who celebrates the New Year and how?

We all celebrate this holiday in different ways. And this difference is determined by our innate properties….

New Year is approaching - a holiday loved by many since childhood. White sparkling snow, multi-colored shop windows, the smell of pine needles and tangerines, animation and exciting bustle around. Each of us is waiting for this day and preparing for it in advance, everyone plans HOW he will celebrate this event - the coming of the New Year! After all, everyone knows that "as you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it."

We all celebrate this holiday in different ways. And this difference is determined by our innate properties. In this article we will talk about what you can understand about a person by how he meets the first day of the year. We will use the knowledge of System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Are we different or similar?

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that people differ from each other much more than a kitten from a bird, only this difference is manifested not in the external form, but in the internal content. It's about our unconscious desires. Our innate desires give us a range of manifestations in the external world. By the details, which at first glance may seem insignificant, you can understand a lot and evaluate what kind of person is in front of us, what are his values, guidelines and desires.

Movement and striving for novelty

It is easy to notice that some of our acquaintances are easy-going, mobile, love everything new, unused. From year to year, a repetitive pattern, or rather, a routine, has a depressing effect on such people. New surroundings, new people, new scenarios - this is what gives them real pleasure. In search of new experiences, they prefer to celebrate the New Year in another city, in another country, in a different climatic zone. And often - on the move: for example, in a ski resort, snowmobile races or dog sledding.

Such people may not give gifts at all, and if they do, then they are extremely useful or status ones, for example, a gift certificate, a branded pen or an annual subscription to a fitness club.

We are talking about those whom Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology classifies as the owners of the skin vector. What kind of people are they? In the best condition - collected, self-organized and able to organize others, with a bright talent of organizers or engineers. Production engineering or communications engineering - their logical, technical mind allows for the finest calculations, and self-discipline and self-discipline - to do it as efficiently as possible. Benefit and benefit are the key values of such a person.

Do you want to please the skin person for the New Year? Immerse yourself in something new with him, which he never had, or donate a thing that emphasizes his status.

House. A family. Traditions

There are people who start preparing for the New Year's celebration long before it comes. And they prefer to celebrate the holiday at home, with family and friends. In order not to forget anything, not to miss a single detail, they are carefully prepared. They think over a list of guests, a list of dishes, and schedule holidays. Such people necessarily have one (or even more than one) favorite dish for the festive table, and maybe a couple of constant New Year's contests for guests and films for New Year's viewing. After all, traditions, especially family traditions, are very important!

Such people try to prepare a souvenir for each guest. They, of course, make the choice of gifts in accordance with their value system: for one - slippers (to keep the feet warm and comfortable), another - a book (after all, knowledge is power), the third - a warm blanket or scarf.

According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, we are talking about the owners of the anal vector. What kind of people are they? Responsible, assiduous, diligent, striving to bring everything to the ideal. They know how to painstakingly bring everything to the end and to the point, they also suffer when they cannot start and finish the job. In our world, they often suffer from a lack of recognition, self-respect. The speed of such people through life is slower than the flow of life. They often do not have time, they stop. But despite this, they have their own niche in the stream of speeds - they are destined to be real professionals, recognized experts, respected friends and caring husbands.

Do you want to please such a person for the New Year? Just say a big human thank you to him and express your gratitude and pride in meeting him.

Beauty and Entertainment

There are also people who, in preparation for the New Year, pay more attention to the aesthetic side of the issue: they try not only to decorate the festive tree, but also beautifully decorate the room with colorful garlands and carved snowflakes, and serve the table exquisitely. Such women think over their festive image in advance: they choose an elegant dress (often, in accordance with the recommendations of the horoscope), hairstyle, make-up and manicure. Often men do not lag behind them: they try to look attractive, choosing the right colors of clothes, etc. The idea of celebrating a holiday in carnival costumes, and sometimes staging a bright festive performance, will also occur to such people. It is they, enchanted by the play of fire and light, who run out into the street on New Year's Eve to enjoy the variety of fireworks and sparklers.

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These people are very fond of giving their loved ones gifts that delight the eye. These can be exquisite candles and beautiful dishes, jewelry and art objects.

Yuri Burlan's System Vector Psychology calls such people the owners of the visual vector. These are those for whom the meaning of life lies in love. Yes, yes, it is they who are potentially capable of real feelings and happy relationships. This becomes especially warm in the soul next to them, because they can create emotional connections like no other. Such people also in society apply their abilities to empathy and empathy: they become doctors, volunteers, participants in charity. Also, due to a very sensitive sense of beauty, they can choose activities in the field of art and culture.

If you want to bring joy to such a person, choose something for him as a gift, about which he will be able to say with delight: “What a beauty!”. It can be a painting or an interesting accessory, decoration or piece of furniture, selected with taste and from the heart. And the greatest joy to a visual person will be delivered by a gift that will evoke vivid emotions, for example, going to the theater for a performance he dreamed of attending, or tickets to a concert of his favorite performer.

Privacy. Reflection. Meanings

Now let's talk about those who will not be pleased with the noisy fun in the company. It's no secret that there are such people. They prefer to spend the whole holiday on the sidelines, away from the epicenter of conversations, in quiet solitude, in thought. As a rule, they do not particularly enter into table communication, since they prefer to listen more than speak.

All New Year's paraphernalia, including gifts, feast, contests, will be of little interest to such your friend. Unless, raising his eyes after one of the many fireworks that shot up, he will shift his gaze to the dark night sky and freeze, stopping him at one of the twinkling stars. And he will think about the meaning of life, bearing in mind the meaninglessness of the past years …

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that such people are the owners of the sound vector. Their interests are outside the material world, they are busy looking for the meaning of life, although they are not always aware of this. Therefore, it is difficult to interest them in material gifts, because nothing pleases if the meaning of life is not found.

Sound people are the owners of the greatest desires and possibilities. It is they who become geniuses and make discoveries on a scale of all mankind. It is thanks to them that we today use all the achievements of science and modern technologies. Also, owners of the sound vector can choose professions related to languages and music, with the most difficult areas of medicine, such as psychiatry, for example.

A sound engineer may be interested in a film or book on a fantastic topic, a trip to the planetarium. But the real pleasure to the sound engineer can be provided by what will help to reveal the unknown secrets of the world, the riddles of the human psyche. Understanding yourself and the people around you, seeing a deeper reality is what can make a sound person happy.

Each of the vectors celebrates the New Year in its own way. In addition, today people are mostly polymorphic, that is, they have the properties of 3-5 vectors at once. This means that in each of the vectors you can get your own pleasure from this wonderful holiday, the main thing is to understand your true desires. You can learn more about innate mental properties on the free online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan:

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