What Is Temperament: Find Out What A Temperamental Person Means And What Temperament Is In Psychology

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What Is Temperament: Find Out What A Temperamental Person Means And What Temperament Is In Psychology
What Is Temperament: Find Out What A Temperamental Person Means And What Temperament Is In Psychology
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What is temperament?

Nature gives us innate properties, desires and temperament, but does not provide them with development and implementation. You can be born with a visual vector and a high temperament, but you never go to an art school, don't start drawing, and so toil all your life with the feeling that something is missing

We tend to play with this word: she is such a temperamental actress, he is such a temperamental man, I have such a bright temperament! What is it really about? Temperament - what does it mean and what is a temperamental person? First of all, you need to clarify the very definition: what does the word temperamental mean.

In this article, we will not talk about the definition of temperament and the classification of its types accepted in psychology. We will talk about the common understanding of the word "temperament". The explanatory dictionary of the Russian language by S.I. Ozhegov defines temperament as follows:

  1. The totality of individual mental properties of a person, characterizing the degree of his excitability and manifested in his attitude to the surrounding reality, in the strength of feelings, behavior.
  2. Vitality, the ability to ascend internally.

What kind of mental properties are we talking about when we talk about temperament? And what does it mean - a temperamental person has a large amount of energy - where does it come from?

System-vector psychology gives a shorter definition: temperament is the degree of manifestation of the vector's properties, the strength of its manifestation. In other words, the vector set from birth determines the direction of our desires, and temperament determines the strength of this desire. That is, the most temperamental person is one who has the maximum power of desire in his natural properties.


But by what criteria in system-vector psychology can this quality - temperament - be determined? How do you measure temperament? Devices, as we understand it, do not exist. However, thanks to systemic vector psychology, we can measure temperament on a conventional scale from 1 to 10. So, I am an anal-visual boy. From ancient times to this day, I am an artist. A simple craving for drawing under favorable conditions of development and with a sufficiently high temperament develops into the creation of real works of art. What does a temperamental person with such properties mean?

Temperament 1. I loved drawing as a child. I don't paint now. I love looking at pictures and traveling.

Temperament 2. As a child, I was good at drawing and at school I was good at drawing. Sometimes the thought comes to my mind: "I guess I should have become an artist." But I became a lawyer.

Temperament 3. As a child, I drew so well that my mother sent me to art school. He graduated from art school, but did not continue to draw, but went to work as a designer.

Temperament 4. I painted very well in school, graduated from art school, became an artist. My paintings have never been exhibited at exhibitions, no one has ever bought them. But all my friends and relatives know that I am a talented artist who is simply not lucky - he does not sell anything or exhibit anything.

Temperament 5. I painted very well as a child, graduated from art school, became an artist. I tried to break through - it didn't work, but I had a couple of exhibitions. True, no one has bought anything, but friends are buying to support.

Temperament 6. I exhibit at exhibitions from time to time and sell some of my work.

Temperament 7. I constantly exhibit at exhibitions and sell my work.

Temperament 8. I am an artist of genius. Everyone is talking about me. My work is in great demand.

And so on until 10. The higher the temperament and the more favorable the conditions for a person's development, the higher his achievements in a particular area. So after all, a temperamental man or woman is a given from birth? Or is being temperamental the result of a certain upbringing? Let's take a closer look at what the word temperamental means through the prism of systems thinking.

Temperament is a natural property, it does not change during life. Today you rarely meet people with one-vector, most of us have 3-4 vectors. Temperament for all these vectors, properties, desires is the same. It cannot be said, for example, that a person has a high temperament in sight and a low temperament in anality. This is not true. The temperament is the same, but different vectors in one capsule of living matter (one person) can be more or less developed and implemented. If this is a temperamental man with an anal-visual ligament of vectors, then the strength of desire in each of the vectors of his psyche is approximately the same.


You also need to understand that nature gives us innate properties, desires and temperament, but does not provide their development and realization. In other words, you can be born with a visual vector and a conditional temperament 5, but never enter an art school, not start drawing, and toil all your life that something is missing: “The soul wanted something different from life”. The set temperament will remain unused.

Training System-vector psychology confirms: temperament is only a potential that requires development and application.

You will learn more about innate properties and desires, temperament and how to realize oneself better at the training on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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