Vladimir Vysotsky - Freeman Of The Russian Soul

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Vladimir Vysotsky - Freeman Of The Russian Soul
Vladimir Vysotsky - Freeman Of The Russian Soul

Video: Vladimir Vysotsky - Freeman Of The Russian Soul

Video: Vladimir Vysotsky - Freeman Of The Russian Soul
Video: American Reaction to Vladimir Vysotsky - Koni Priveredlivye (Capricious Horses) & Biography 2023, March

Vladimir Vysotsky - freeman of the Russian soul

It is very difficult to live with a man like Vladimir Semenovich. A colossal internal tension is inherent in him. The combination of sound and urethra gives the hardest suicidal complex. What is it? Pushkin, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Lermontov and many others. All of them either committed suicide or fell into circumstances leading to death.

And, smiling, they broke my wings, My wheezing at times was like a howl, And I was numb from pain and impotence

And only whispered: "Thank you for being alive."

A new film has been released on the screens, dedicated to the Man with a capital letter, whose role in the history of our country cannot be overestimated. Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky, Genius and unique person, person of the era. Who is he? And how did he contribute to the development of each of us? Let us analyze from the point of view of System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

I have a vivid childhood memory. My teacher, a sophisticated, intelligent sound-visual woman, listens to Vysotsky with rapture. Then I did not understand what she finds in this, why she listens to such, as it seemed to me then, rough music.

Another memory is one of the films with Vysotsky in the title role. Then, not knowing why, I kept my eyes on him again and again. There was something special about him.

Vladimir Vysotsky
Vladimir Vysotsky

It really was a phenomenon: Vysotsky was listened to by EVERYONE - from members of the Central Committee, the intelligentsia, ordinary workers and to convicts in prison. Why was this so?

Thanks to Systemic Vector Psychology, we can give an exact answer.

The fact is that Vladimir Semenovich possessed a rare vector set - he was an urethral-sound-visual person with orality. To understand HOW it is, you need to go through the second level training. But let's try to explain it here, at least in general terms.


So. There are two types of words - oral and sound. Oral - when we pronounce our animal lacks - is clear to everyone. What are the deficiencies in our animal body? Eat, drink, breathe. Our animal essence is driven by the desire to survive at all costs and to continue ourselves in time. The sound word is a reflection of deficiencies of a much higher order. The sound engineer is always in search, sometimes unconscious, sometimes for a lifetime - in search of something higher, the cause of everything that happens in this world, the meaning of his existence.

Vladimir Vysotsky spoke in the language of the masses, simple and understandable, somewhere rough, somewhere sharp, using all the power of the oral word. But he spoke about eternal values, vocalized the deepest thoughts and feelings with the full force of a sound word. The combination of these two types of words, these two types of induction allowed Vysotsky to penetrate into the consciousness of every person, to excite these meanings, these values in the consciousness of everyone …

And all this is based on the most powerful desire for the urethral vector. LIFE, PASSION as they are. It is difficult to convey all the beauty of the urethral vector, its innate altruism “all yours is yours, and all mine is also yours”, always for the best, always at the maximum of possibilities.

Vladimir Vysotsky
Vladimir Vysotsky

We Russians are the bearers of a unique urethral mentality. Vysotsky brought us his values, incredibly strengthening him. When the Union collapsed and it seemed that soon nothing would be left of Russia either, the country held out. And who knows how it would have been if we hadn't had Vladimir Vysotsky.

It is difficult to put into words what we experience when listening to his songs. Strength, might, anguish and unity … such are WE, the Russians. Unbuttoned, peddled, open, generous, with all my heart out.

Suicidal complex

It is very difficult to live with a man like Vladimir Semenovich. A colossal internal tension is inherent in him. The combination of sound and urethra gives the hardest suicidal complex. What is it? All the most famous and brilliant urethral sound specialists possessed this complex: Pushkin, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Lermontov and many others. All of them either committed suicide or fell into circumstances leading to death.

It is very difficult for such a person to endure himself. On the one hand - the entire depth of sound, aimed at comprehending the metaphysical world, the lack of desire for this life as such, indifference to the joys of this world. On the other - the urethra with all the desire for life and all its pleasures. These states do not mix. A person is alternately in one - deeply immersed in himself, in reflections, then in another - all outward, sociable, excited, full of energy and desires.

Vladimir Vysotsky
Vladimir Vysotsky

But oddly enough, Vladimir Vysotsky did not have a suicidal complex. His whole life, a life of bestowal, a life of himself towards others - this is evidence.

Despite all the contrariness of his vectors, he lived to be 42 years old. The life of urethral sound specialists usually ends even earlier. In addition, for all his power and the highest temperament, Vysotsky did not have a muscle vector. In such a weak body there is SUCH a strong spirit, such a colossal tension, a desire to create, a desire to throw it out.

It is difficult for us to understand this from the outside. But thanks to systemic vector psychology, we begin to feel HOW it is.

Thanks for the movie

The film, based on the script of Vysotsky's son, certainly brilliantly reflects many moments of his life. With great love and good memory, the son tells about his father, the way he knew him.

Here we see how Vysotsky drives at a breakneck speed along the avenue, passes on the red road, turns around through the double solid line. There are no rules for him and there is this feeling of SPEED. Faster and faster. Forward! The urethra does not give rest, she will never let sit in a corner when others feel bad. She will never let you "bend your neck", she always pushes forward with all her might. So that all the wires are stretched to the full coil. Passion! This is the urethra.

Nothing for yourself and everything for others. Vysotsky's dialogue with his skin impresario is indicative. When several people from the Izhevsk Philharmonic were seated, he said: “I'm not a fool, I do everything cleanly. It's their fault. " To which Vysotsky replies: “I'm not saying that you are a fool. I say people are sitting."

Vysotsky's skin-visual women are a separate and big story. A huge role in Vysotsky's life was played by his muse, his Woman - Marina Vlady. Perhaps it was thanks to the romance with her that he lived 10 years longer. Read more about the relationship between the urethral and the ophthalmic woman here.

Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi
Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi

As hard for such a psychic giant, indefatigable, always rushing forward, eternally dissatisfied with what has been achieved, to endure himself, so hard for his environment. At some point, it becomes simply unbearable. It's incredibly difficult for them. And the film shows everything: all the intricacies, all the swearing and all the strains that instantly move aside when "Vova dies". The tears of all are sincere. Everyone loved him, everyone loves him in their own way. Everyone has their own Vysotsky forever.

Even today, if we watch documentaries, then everyone with delight, aspiration, someone with a heart full of pain, but no one indifferently and without love remembers Vysotsky.

An amazing event is the clinical death of Vysotsky. 8 minutes. The brain had to die, the person had to die. Why was this life extended to him? This amazing, throat-tight monologue: “Forgive me. Please forgive me. I say this so often, but by God, sincerely. I tortured you, and you are with me anyway. I am grateful … I love you all. I live only by your patience. I pray for you. Lord, may it be good for them. And from the very beginning of all: both who are alive and who are dead - God has no dead. Mom, father, mother Zhenya, Marina … if I get lost or forget, then again from the very beginning: Lord, may they all be well, everyone who loved me. Who am I alive, even those who have gone and forgot about me. May they all be well. Lord, give me the strength to express how much I love them all. After all, why am I alive? For some reason they are all with me. I will definitely figure it out. May be,I didn't die today to figure it out?.."

Vladimir Vysotsky is a man of the era …

He will forever remain in our hearts …

The topic of revealing the personality of Vladimir Vysotsky is truly inexhaustible. To understand even deeper what Vysotsky did for the entire Russian world, to feel even more the depth of the meanings of his poetry can be done with the help of system-vector psychology. Registration for free online lectures by link.

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