Mysterious Russian Soul

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Mysterious Russian Soul
Mysterious Russian Soul

Video: Mysterious Russian Soul

Video: Mysterious Russian Soul
Video: The Russian Soul: Dr. Pat Willerton at TEDxUniversityofArizona 2023, March

Mysterious Russian soul…

We are used to thinking that Russia is a special country, whose inhabitants have a mysterious, “Russian soul”. Why can't we build a full-fledged capitalist society, why is it difficult for business to survive here and have equal rights for everyone and a guarantee of their protection, while Russia is called "the country of wild capitalism"?

“The mind cannot understand Russia, A common yardstick cannot be measured:

She has a special become -

You can only believe in Russia!"

We are used to thinking that Russia is a special country, whose inhabitants have a mysterious "Russian soul". Why are we so different from other peoples, in what way Russia is so different from the West, why are we unable to imitate the Western way of life? Why can't we build a full-fledged capitalist society, why is it difficult for business to survive here and have equal rights for everyone and a guarantee of their protection, while Russia is called a "country of wild capitalism"? What is the mentality of the Russian people?

As you probably already guessed, the concept of "vector" is much broader than "psychotype", which allows you to distinguish not only the vector set of a particular person, but also the vector features of the mentality of the whole people. Of course, mentality does not mean that all citizens and residents of a given country must have a certain vector. To have a mentality means to have that stereotype of thinking, that general system of values, which is inherent in the carriers of a certain vector.


What is the phenomenon of the “broad Russian soul”?

What is the phenomenon of the “broad Russian soul”, what are the features of the mentality of the Russian people? How are we so different from the rest of the civilized world?

In Russia, the urethral-muscular mentality prevails, which could only be formed in conditions of life in vast steppe territories - open spaces. After all, the urethral leader is called upon to set the movement of his flock forward, into the future, and expand its presence geographically, and the wide unlimited space is a place for the application of his energy. The essence of the urethral vector is giving away from oneself to everyone, for the good of the whole flock, unlimited and in full.

From the great Chinggis Khan to the mysterious Russian soul:

Humanity today lives in the skin phase of development, this is the age of technology, market, consumer society and standardized law. The essence of the cutaneous vector is the limitation of the primary urge for sex and murder. The leatherworkers created the law and regulated social life.

The urethral person does not tolerate restrictions, he simply does not see them, does not notice, at any moment he is ready to go "behind the flags", there are no rules for him. Skin restrictions are artificial, while urethrality lives according to the only natural law - the law of bestowal.


Remember the movie "Beware of the Car" ?!

“Detochkin broke the law, and the law, as you know, does not like to joke. In all his many years of practice, the people's judge has never had such a strange paradoxical case. Under the law, Detochkin was threatened with imprisonment for up to 5 years.

- Detochkin broke the law … but he broke it out of noble intentions! He was selling cars. But he gave money to children. He is, of course, to blame. But he … is not to blame! Have pity on him, comrades judges, he is a very good man!"

No, Detochkin himself, of course, is not a urethral. But stealing cars from crooks in order to give money to children, leaving nothing for themselves - only a bearer of the urethral mentality is capable of this. And the standardized skin law is powerless in front of such people, it is simply not able to accommodate the cases when, according to the laws of “human”, the laws of bestowal, goodness and justice, a criminal is not a criminal, but a noble fighter for a better life for those living nearby. Justice is above the law - that's the urethral mentality!

When the urethral and the skinny meet, the first one does not seem to notice it, the skinhead is like an empty place for him, because there are no skin restrictions for the urethra, and the second one experiences colossal irritation, because restrictions do not obey his attempts! From the example of a cutaneous judgment over Detochkin's urethral act, one can clearly see that power and law are essentially polar phenomena.

And how accurately the characters of the secondary characters of the film, the heroes of Mironov, the skin Dima Semytsvetov, one of the robbed swindlers, and the friend of the defendant, the anal investigator Maxim Podberezovikov, played by Oleg Efremov, are captured!

“He swung at the most sacred thing that we have - the constitution! It says: everyone has the right to personal property, it is protected by law. From each according to his ability, to each according to work in cash! " - says the archetypal speculator Semitsvetov, purely skin-like altering the well-known phrase, full of urethral meanings: "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

And Maxim Podberezovikov, who sincerely made friends with Detochkin and honestly refused to conduct his business. Of course, he is on the defendant's side. If the cutaneous vector is counter to the urethral, then the anal, on the contrary, is completely complementary to it. These are vectors of one quarter, and the urethral value systems are one hundred percent accepted by the anuality. For any anal person, his urethral companion is the most adored person, an example to follow. An anal person, mentally urethral, is ready to give his life both for himself and for his just cause.


The same is true at the global level of the Russian mentality. In Russia, such anal values as honesty, friendship, adherence to principles and fairness have always been honored, being under the auspices of the urethra. And at the same time, the resulting system of values prevents the development of skin properties. This is precisely the reason that our anal-dermal people have a clear tendency to form a reliance on the anal vector, and the skin part remains in the mass undeveloped, stressful and archetypal. You can read about such people in detail in the article "Skin vector in the archetype".

Remember any fairy tale, any Soviet cartoon, a film for children. In them, the main positive character is always a courageous fighter for honesty, justice and goodness, with a direct open gaze on a clear brow. His opponent is a flimsy, nimble sneak, an unlucky swindler who is punished for money-grubbing and self-interest. Take the same skinny Koshchei, who, in a skin-like manner, withers over gold and steals a girl, a skin-visual beauty, rightfully belonging only to the urethral leader. And like a handsome, kind fellow, he rescues her from captivity and returns home. It would seem that everything is simple, everyone knows where is good and where is evil.

And how is it in Western works? Thanks to the knowledge of system-vector psychology, the peculiarities of the mentality of different peoples are immediately evident. A nimble and resourceful, slender and flexible hero finds a way to outwit the main villain, thinks out how to get around his antagonist - a stubborn, clumsy simpleton or a cruel tormentor. Jerry the nimble mouse, saving his own skin, and the stupid cat Tom … It is interesting that thirty years after their appearance, the USSR publishes "Well, wait a minute!" … Everything is exactly the opposite!

The Russian mentality has always been integral, the urethra patronizes anal patriarchal values, urethral power, tsar, "autocracy" and anal "Orthodoxy-nationality" - this combination is not accidental. And here there is no place for the development of true democracy guaranteed by law. And if we return to the principle "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs", give everyone enough - what is this, if not urethral altruism! The idea of socialism is fundamentally urethral, it is understandable why it was in Russia, and not anywhere else, that the first attempt to build a "society of the future" was possible. Unfortunately, as we know, unsuccessful. Unsuccessful because of its premature. Yes, the urethral part was torn forward, but the urethra always carries any ideas of social transformations created in the sound vector,for which at that time humanity was not ready. But to understand this, you need serious training in the sound vector, and now we have a completely different topic … the Russian incomprehensible soul …


What did we get after the collapse of the USSR? A brief moment of anarchy has come, a real urethral freeman, in which there is no law and cannot be. And then the undeveloped skin part of the population, which for the first time found itself without a restraining power, literally fell off the chain, having arranged a real skin chaos, spontaneous plundering of general stocks against the background of total lawlessness. And the anal part, which for decades lived in the greenhouse conditions of social guarantees, and therefore did not have sufficient adaptation skills, was unable to navigate in the rapidly changing conditions and was thrown to the sidelines of life. How many we have seen the best professionals in their field, brilliant specialists, honest workers who suddenly turned out to be useless to anyone, to this day concealing resentment for life: they gave their youth and strength to the country, which today leaves them beyond the brink of poverty!

The Russian mentality is urethral-muscular, a hot urethra stands on a powerful muscle base, a real "salt of the earth." Muscle is the fundamental mass of living matter. Muscle desire is wholly aimed at meeting the basic needs of the body: eat, drink, breathe, sleep. Muscle is balanced if these needs are satisfied, and is not able to feel a sharp shortage from the absence of other benefits. It's not a secret for anyone that the Russian people are the most meek and patient. Salaries are delayed for six months, the annual announcement of an increase in tariffs for housing and communal services, an increase in the cost of travel on transport is considered acceptable. In any state of the developed skin of the West, such an illegal increase invariably entails massive strikes, as, for example, it happened in 2008 in Spain, Germany, and other European countries.when the rise in energy prices triggered strikes by truck drivers, farmers, and fishing boat owners. But in Russia, a real Russian revolt breaks out only when living conditions become so unbearable that the provision of primary needs is threatened. Naturally, the leader of the uprising is the urethral leader, who is ready to ensure his people the right to life at all costs.


As with us and as with them - the mysterious Russian soul is reality or fiction

In Russia, in general, the attitude towards the law is completely different from Western standards. Russians often flaunt the violation of the law, and in most countries it is a shame to violate the law and established rules. And the difference is not only that. As an example, in the skin of the West it has long been considered the norm to draw up a prenuptial agreement before the wedding, in which the property relations between future spouses are clearly prescribed and the share of the total capital assigned to each is formulated in advance in the event of a divorce. Russian people continue to perceive this as savagery, cold calculation and soulless pragmatism. Does a Russian know that, according to statistics, a huge percentage of marriages break up? That the division of property and, worst of all, making a decision with whom a common child stays with is an extremely unpleasant and acute moment,which is complicated at times by the lack of legal regulation? Of course he does. But no, in our system of values, “marriage is sacred,” as before, and how is it possible in general - this is your own, dear and close person! Our people are numbered. Such is the Russian mentality.

A Russian is always easy to recognize at first sight abroad. The urethral person is the first in everything, everything should be the best, the urethral is the first braggart! Luxury is an attribute of power, it is imperative to show everything that he has, and if not, then show off! While in the skin mentality, on the contrary, it is customary not to stick out the values acquired by back-breaking labor - you never know who will envy, and God forbid they will steal it. And at the same time, how many times have we seen the archetypal skin behavior of Russians in foreign resorts, ready to sweep away everything laid out on a common buffet like locusts, and then, for completeness of happiness, also take out the supposedly owed soap, shampoos, towels from the hotel room. what is not nailed! And this is in the West, where the skin mentality reigns, and developed skin people just behave with restraint - restriction and self-restraint!

And the whole world, of course, knows the unshakable tradition of the Russian feast! The Russian soul is wide! If we receive guests, then we set a rich table, display everything that we are rich for for dear guests, sing songs until morning, do not let guests go home. We walk on a regal scale, wide and unstoppable. Legends go about how Russians walk in restaurants with the obligatory gypsies, music and beating shop windows. The restrained West not only does not understand and marvels at this, but even thinks that Russians have no other way. And intimate conversations after midnight with a friend in the kitchen? The concept of friendship itself, as we found out, is patronized by the urethral mentality. And for the skin consciousness, it is all the more unacceptable to open the soul to another, on the contrary, it is polite and correct not to ask a person about his problems. Skin individualism simply does not provide for intimate and intimate relationships, especially emotional ones! Emotion is the enemy of logic! Everyone, in their own way, with their own. Even schools are introducing the practice of confidential information on academic performance - so that no one envies anyone and everyone feels on an equal footing.

Russia and the West will never be able to "agree", Russia will never bring itself into line with the standard of skin civilization, and the West will not be able to adjust and adapt the urethral property of recoil. What can be worse than the need to give for the skin vector? It is illogical! Against your own benefit! This will always remain the greatest mystery to him. Mysterious Russian soul…

Are there two troubles in Russia?

And the whole mystery is solely in the fact that nowhere in the whole world has a mentality similar to that of the Russian people been formed. And this is the main problem of Russia today, when the extremely contradictory skin civilization rules the show! Urethrality is under tremendous pressure from the outside and, for the most part, does not receive proper development. We hardly see urethral people around us, they are not the ones you can easily meet in the crowd, there are few of them. Today they are the first to go to crime - and they are not among us; they, with their successful development, achieve transcendental heights - and then you will also not see them living next to us on the same staircase …


We have already seen that power and law are polar opposite things. Russian archetypal skin under the guise of a mental urethral freemen, in which there is no place for the law, gives rise to boundless corruption and lawlessness. There is no such legal restraining apparatus that could cope with this, and today society has no way to deal with it. But now, for sure, every Russian is worried about the question: what to do, how to ensure a decent life and a better future for themselves and their children? But it is impossible to cope with what is provided by the mental landscape of the whole country with pressure from above, with pinpoint small blows of demonstration courts over bribe-takers. It is impossible to change the situation outwardly without changing your thinking. Think about what the ability to systematically differentiate archetypal and thieving skinny in the organization of local power can give only one!

The urethral mentality is beautiful and majestic!.. The future is set, but not guaranteed, and the urethral leader provides the future for his entire pack. The future is always behind the urethral measure, and the only thing that matters is which way to move towards it.

You can learn more about the laws of the unconscious, about the differences between Russian and Western mentality and much more at the free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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