Libya Vs. Gaddafi, Or Socialism In Libyan

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Libya Vs. Gaddafi, Or Socialism In Libyan
Libya Vs. Gaddafi, Or Socialism In Libyan

Libya vs. Gaddafi, or Socialism in Libyan

Today we are witnessing the finale of yet another urethral attempt to break into the future, this time in the Arab world. An attempt that is expressed differently on a mental landscape different from the Soviet one, but doomed for the same reasons.

Socialism, communism, dictatorship, totalitarianism - it would seem that every person perfectly knows the meaning of these words. Ask yourself, is this really so?

Who, besides political scientists, is able to separate the essence of these concepts from those stable associative series that the 20th century created in our minds?

Often, our ideas do not go further than emotional associations from "he is a scoop" to "Stalin is not on you!" depending on your own life experience. Today we automatically equate socialism and the Soviet Union, totalitarianism and dictatorship - without hesitation and without giving free rein to judgment.

The elderly often advocate a return to the former order, interfering with their thoughts with nostalgia for the departed youth, and young people, in turn, feel freedom today and sincerely do not understand who else, besides “senile pensioners”, can talk about socialism as a boon !

Let us try to consider the essence of the ideas of social transformations apart from concrete historical experience and trace how the idea differs from its embodiment in certain geopolitical conditions.

Revolution - urethral movement into the future

Everything in this world, including humanity, develops according to the laws of nature in a certain order, which can be conditionally divided into four phases - muscular, anal, skin, urethral. Once the primitive flock - the inseparable animal "We", the society of the primitive communal system - for the first time broke into separate units - a clan, a family. This was the transition from the muscular phase to the next, anal phase of development, to the tribal organization of society. From this division, the era of the historical development of mankind began, during which the structure became more and more complicated, and the foundation of relations was the values inherent in the anal vector: patriarchy, family, succession to the throne, inheritance of power and property, reverence for ancestors, respect for elders, following tradition - in the first place. a religious line - and much, much more.

And just a few decades ago, after the Second World War, we moved on to the next, skin phase of development. The time has come for a civilization based on regulation by law. Today we live in a consumer society in which marriage loses value, weight in society is gained solely thanks to money, and society itself has unprecedentedly divided into even smaller units than families - today individualism is practiced, everyone has a legal right to personal opinion. Further, after the cutaneous phase, the urethral phase of development will follow, and for now we can only guess what this society will be like.

Nature is always trying, experimenting with new forms. We trace this, starting from the level of "random" genetic mutations and ending with social formations at the global world level. What is premature does not take root and dies off. The urethral phase always arises primarily in order to first leave without a trace and only then to gain a foothold completely.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” - what do we see in this phrase? The principle of giving "to each according to his needs" is not an anal justice "to all equally" and not a skin "who dared, he ate!" This is an exclusively urethral approach, the essence of which is unlimited return for the good of the whole flock, a guarantee of its life and movement into the future. The idea of communism as it is carries these very meanings. And who, if not sweeping away any obstacles on its way, striving for a bright future for the urethral, to arrange a revolution!

This is exactly what we observe in the example of building communism in the USSR.


Why was this attempt unsuccessful? The urethral revolution died down on the fertile soil of the urethral Russian mentality … but still in the anal phase of human development and without relying on a viable sound idea - after all, it is the sound engineer who is always the “court ideologist” under the urethral leader. Without his timely ideas adequate to the surrounding reality, the leader is doomed to come to a standstill in all his undertakings … Gradually, due to its prematureness, the idea began to turn into dogma and die: there was no ideology as such, the power of the urethral movement cracked, the archetypal skin element of society felt that other times are coming - and the era of speculation and the search for back doors began, where connections were decisive, and everything that was required by the primary material needs of everyone could only be contrived to "get". The experiment failed.

It is impossible to build a society of the future without a prepared base, the idea that the sound part of humanity carries, and it is impossible, bypassing the skin phase of development without losses, to go to the urethral one. And this is confirmed more than once - today we are witnessing the finale of yet another urethral attempt to break through into the future, this time in the Arab world. An attempt that is expressed differently in a mental landscape different from the Soviet one, but doomed for the same reasons.

Urethral Power in Action

In order not to go far for examples, let's turn to Wikipedia:

Libya's political structure:

The head of state is the leader of the revolution.

We are talking about Muammar Gaddafi, who has led Libya for the last 42 years. Gaddafi is a classic systemic example of an urethral leader.


From an early age he participated in underground political organizations, of course, in the future he headed them. He nurtured revolutionary ideas and attracted the masses under his banners. Overthrows the monarchy and formulates his own concept - "The Third World Theory" (Jamahiriya). Like his predecessors, starting with Plato, Gaddafi sought an ideal form of social coexistence, in which, along with social justice, there would be strong power, popular representativeness and national identity.

Naturally, in his concept all the same urethral values are traced: democracy, freedom of speech, the elimination of private (skin) property. We, who live in a country that still remember the revolution of the last century, are well aware of all this: "ensuring social justice, a high level of production, the elimination of all forms of exploitation and a fair distribution of national wealth."

However, we, of course, cannot unequivocally compare what is happening in two different countries - and the time is not right, and the conditions are wrong. The revolutionary activities that Gaddafi launched are carried out on the Arab mental landscape - the countries of the Arab world have an anal mentality. Despite the fact that modern civilized mankind has been living in the skin phase of development for half a century, the Arab countries still remain committed to national religiosity and tradition - exclusively anal values.

Let's see what else you can find about Gaddafi on the Internet.

In 1979, he asked the Libyan people to release him from all government posts in order to engage in ideological and theoretical work for the benefit of humanity. The people went to meet the wishes of Gaddafi, retaining the titles of "leader" and "brother-leader". Notice with what precision it systematically develops: in addition to the natural title "leader", his people, the bearer of the anal mentality, in recognition call him their brother - a reference to nepotism as a value in the anal vector. Do you remember that the address "comrade" was adopted in the Union? In Libya, citizens refer to each other as “brother” or “sister”. Quite typical!

He also did not remain in debt, but offered to transfer the oil fields from state ownership to the ownership of the poorest citizens of Libya, which was done. Now Libyans not only receive royalties from the sale of oil, as is done in Norway and Saudi Arabia, but also own fields. A perfect illustration of the urethral urge to provide for its flock. No, this is not a caricature of communism, this is not a vulgar reading at the level of Bulgakov's Sharikov "Take and divide everything!" This is the principle of giving of the urethral leader - to give where there is a lack.

As a result, the standard of living in this country is much higher than in neighboring Egypt, not to mention African countries. True, it falls short of European standards, but one must take into account that education and health care in Libya are free, rent does not exist, and prices for basic food products are purely symbolic. Free education, educational program, medicine - for us all this is quite recognizable.

It is very interesting to trace how the urethral revolutionary movement towards the future falls on the anal mentality of the country in which the revolution is taking place. How is the conflict between the old traditional and the revolutionary new within the framework of one quartet - quartels of time, the urethral and anal vectors - the future and the past, bizarrely expressed.

“One of the first steps Gaddafi took after coming to power was the reform of the calendar: the names of the months of the year were changed in it, and the chronology was started from the year of the death of the Prophet Muhammad."


He (Gaddafi) proclaimed a cultural revolution that included the following:

  • the abolition of all existing laws passed by the previous monarchical regime and their replacement with laws based on Sharia;
  • repression of communism and conservatism with the purge of all political opposition - those who spoke out or resisted the revolution, such as communists, atheists, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, defenders of capitalism and agents of Western propaganda;
  • encouraging Islamic thought, rejecting any ideas that do not agree with it, especially ideas imported from other countries and cultures.

According to Gaddafi, the Libyan Cultural Revolution, unlike the Chinese Cultural Revolution, did not introduce something new, but rather heralded a return to the Arab and Islamic heritage.

In the Arab world, a civilization of global skin standards has not been formed. Society rests on an anal tradition with a religious basis, and today we can hardly observe anywhere else such a strong influence of religion on the life and way of secular society as in the Muslim world.

The question of differentiating religious characteristics is in itself quite interesting. Let us illustrate some of the moral norms dictated by the Islamic religious tradition in support of the theme of the anal mentality of the Arab world. Materials are also taken from Wikipedia:

Moral norms prescribed by Islam:

  • Truthfulness (as-sidq).
  • Reliability and loyalty (al-amana).
  • Tolerance and the ability to forgive (al-khilm and al-safh).
  • Modesty (al-haya.
  • Dignity and Self-Esteem (al-izza).

  • The search for wisdom and knowledge (al-ilm).
  • Patience (al-sabr).
  • Addiction to purity and beauty (al-nazafa vattadjmmul).

The family in Islam is the main element of society. Extramarital affairs are expressly prohibited, moreover, severe punishment is provided for them. Such ties are considered the main source of the complete decomposition of the individual and society, they lead to the moral and physical degradation of people.

Thus, here we observe the systemic values of the monogamous anal vector. Also, even without being familiar with all the dogmas in detail, we can systematically trace what the position of a woman in a society that carries anal values can be. Wife after husband, "like behind a stone wall," where a stone wall gradually turns into a fortress … How different this is from the long-established free boyfriend-girlfriend relationships practiced in the skin West!

The urethral leader is aimed at the future and is able to go against the ingrained traditions, and, in turn, the anal part of society can accept such radical changes in the habitual way only from the "older brother" in his quarter of time - from the urethral.

Here is what Gaddafi writes in his Green Paper, where he formulated his Third World Theory:


Freedom means that a person has knowledge and skills that are in accordance with his nature, making him able to perform the appropriate work.

Human rights are equal for all - men and women, adults and children. However, their responsibilities are far from equal.

This urethral refrain of "justice for all" shines through in all of his ideas.

Even the Western media admit that Muammar Gaddafi did a lot for the Libyan people. Gaddafi practically eliminated illiteracy in his country and made men and women equal in rights, which came as a real shock to the traditional Arab society.

In Libya, a woman enjoys the right to vote (unlike Saudi Arabia), drives a car (unlike Kuwait) and can even become a military pilot (unlike Egypt). Most Livians wear a hijab, that is, a headscarf, but the veil is now very rare.


Most of his work, of course, is devoted to theoretical issues of democracy. It is interesting what the urethral Gaddafi writes about the problem of the Law, that is, the skin, counter to the urethra of the institution of regulating relations: “The law of dictatorial instruments of government has replaced the natural law. Since the law created by man has replaced natural law, the criteria have shifted "," Religion includes custom, and custom is an expression of the natural life of peoples. Therefore, religion, which includes custom, is the affirmation of natural law. Laws that are not based on religion and custom are deliberately created by man against man and are therefore illegal, since they are not based on a natural source - custom and religion."

The law is created by the skin vector as a limitation and regulation of relations within the pack. The power of the urethral leader is natural, as they say, "from God," there is no human law over him. Thus, a systematically ideally calculated picture is formed: the "law" of the urethral leader for the traditional anal society is custom and religion …

In fact, this is an attempt to revolutionary construction of the urethral formation on the basis of anal values - tradition and religion, again bypassing the passage of the cutaneous phase of development.

Systemic geopolitics: mental landscape, clash of value systems

Today, the mentally anal Arab world is witnessing the triumph of Western skin civilization. A civilization that has given rise to all such outwardly attractive advantages of a consumer society. The same thing happens that would happen between two people, say, an anal and skin neighbor: envy of a more successful skinner who knows how to take his own. This is the bitter sensation of "not given", experienced by the anal guy, no matter how much he was granted by the law of justice by the authorities and the society in which he lives. Urethral justice - to each according to his needs. The justice of an anal guy who is stressful in the skin world is to distribute to everyone equally, to distribute so that he is no worse than others!

Huge masses of people welcome the revolution. First of all, for the material benefits that it brings them. But only a few are ready to go beyond primitive saturation. All socialist ideas, no matter how attractive they are, sooner or later get bogged down in society's unpreparedness for such a social system. And not every urethral leader-revolutionary who is "set by nature" is able to steer in the right direction.

Gaddafi is building socialism in Libya, guided by his internal value system. What does urethral "animal" altruism mean, what is giving back to where there is a lack? The urethral power grants protection to the weakest strata of the population, freedom to the disenfranchised, while cutting off the possibility of unlimited saturation for those who have. And everyone will never be happy with the urethral power.

The urethral value system undermines the world order, as the anal part sees it, anal traditions become inoperative with the urethral power. Unthinkable, for example, is the abolition of the traditional succession to the throne, which Gaddafi is practicing today, not to mention the already described changes in the way of life that have occurred during his reign.

The urethral board also does not allow the skin formations to "unfold". In Libya, for example, it is forbidden to withdraw money offshore, Gaddafi himself does not have accounts in European banks, which makes it difficult for Western communities to manipulate him. There is no platform for creating financial pyramids, the system of law does not meet the requirements of the skin civilization, because the law is always a limitation of power, which is impossible in relation to the urethral leader. For this reason, the skin part feels unprotected, and for it the urethral power will always be perceived as nothing more than a dictatorship.

The overthrow of the urethral "dictator", "tyrant" is seen in advance as a liberation, a prospect for the development of a long-held and so desired democracy for some, and a return to the usual channel of primordial traditions for others.


The countries of the Arab world are still in the anal phase of development, the value system of the modern consumer society has not yet been able to develop with an anal mentality and urethral power. There does not exist a skin civilization with its developed standardized law, which guarantees democracy as a legal regulation of relations within society.

Therefore, the first thing that will happen when the urethral power is abolished is the achievement of "justice" as it is in the anal system of values, that is, an attempt to "divide everything," and what we call skin lawlessness is large-scale theft, lawlessness and corruption with complete lack of deterrent legal regulation. Needless to say, the weakest strata of the population will completely lose social guarantees and material security, in other words, quite traditional poverty among the ordinary population will return.

In the conditions of the anal mental landscape, the absence of a leader who provides the Future for his flock will lead to an inevitable regression into the Past. The religious tradition will take on the function that the law fulfills in Western civilization, which in this case will naturally lead to unification on the basis of Islamic fundamentalism.

Proofreader Natalia Konovalova

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