Symptoms Of Frigidity - A Conspiracy Of Lazy Husbands And Pharmacological Concerns

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Symptoms Of Frigidity - A Conspiracy Of Lazy Husbands And Pharmacological Concerns
Symptoms Of Frigidity - A Conspiracy Of Lazy Husbands And Pharmacological Concerns

Video: Symptoms Of Frigidity - A Conspiracy Of Lazy Husbands And Pharmacological Concerns

Video: Symptoms Of Frigidity - A Conspiracy Of Lazy Husbands And Pharmacological Concerns
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Symptoms of frigidity - a conspiracy of lazy husbands and pharmacological concerns

Today, the role of a woman in society is not limited to cutlets and raising offspring. The woman went hunting on a par with the man and, along with him, received the ability to have an orgasm. Therein lies a meaning far greater than the physical satisfaction of sex.

Frigidity, sexual coldness, hypolybidemia are numerous names for the same phenomenon, which in sexology is characterized as "the absence or loss of sexual desire." According to Western experts concerned about this problem, symptoms of frigidity are observed in almost 40% of women.


The figure is rather big, so one might get the impression that getting an orgasm for a woman is really a problem. And in modern medicine they are very fond of coming up with diagnoses in order to prescribe then drug treatment, which often has side effects. Mol, lack of orgasm is the first symptom of frigidity, and the pills will help you cure it. Such treatment often harms the body than actually solves the problem, so do not rush to the doctor or apply the latest techniques to get an orgasm.

With men, everything is simple: they are given an orgasm and ensured at the end of intercourse, but a woman does not, hence such a range of opinions. One has only to remember that 100 years ago, the ability to have an orgasm in women was considered a deviation from the norm, and was even condemned by the people and was called "uterine fury." And to this day, some very offended men believe that the female orgasm is a mistake of nature, and in some countries they even try to correct it.

All processes occurring in our world are the interaction of two forces: bestowal and reception - man and woman, yin and yang, if you like. The man gives up his seed and gets an orgasm as a reward for giving. This is exactly how humanity developed: primarily the return of ejaculate contributed to the development of new neural connections.

When a woman takes a semen, it is absorbed into the walls of the vagina and enters the bloodstream along with testosterone, from which she also experiences pleasure, but this is not the same as having an orgasm. A woman receives inward and in this receiving is her reward, the child is her result of receiving ejaculate.

Today, the role of a woman in society is not limited to cutlets and raising offspring. The woman went hunting on a par with the man and, along with him, received the ability to have an orgasm. Therein lies a meaning far greater than the physical satisfaction of sex. But a woman still cannot overcome the so-called frigidity, the symptoms of which can, if desired, be found in the vast majority of women.

Symptoms of frigidity in modern medicine and psychology

Today frigidity has acquired a whole heap of legends and myths. For example, women cite studies by doctors about the relationship between the location of the clitoris and the ability to have an orgasm. Let's see what modern sexology has to say about the symptoms of frigidity.

Sexology distinguishes several reasons for the inability to obtain an orgasm and classifies them as symptoms of frigidity.


The first reason is purely physical: congenital defects of the genital organs, dysfunction of the endocrine glands, etc. As practice shows, such frigidity is rather an exception to the rule and is extremely rare.

Among the most common causes that, according to experts, lead to the identification of symptoms of frigidity are: bad first experience, improper (or inadequate) sex life, aversion to sex, resentment, depression, denial of sex and strict parenting.

For the first time, system-vector psychology makes it possible to draw up an effective typology of human sexuality; it distinguishes eight vectors, among which four are lower: urethral, muscular, anal and cutaneous - and four upper ones: visual, sound, oral and olfactory.

The lower vectors also set the sexual desire, strength and characteristics of sexual desire that a person experiences. The upper vectors set a different orientation of libido and can also be the reasons for the identification of symptoms of frigidity.

A woman learns to get an orgasm through direct contact with a sexual partner or through masturbation, but depending on the vector set, this happens in different ways. Modern sexology does not differentiate women, hence such discrepancies in the classification of female orgasms, because there are a lot of features that lie behind the vector set of women.

Frigidity symptoms. First, you are my first!

A transparent tear rolled down Lena's cheek. She was always a little clumsy, unlike her thin, plastic friends, and men always preferred them. And besides, she was very selective about the choice of a partner, so she sat on the bench until 22. And finally, HE appeared.

Handsome, slender, middle manager. After a short and stingy courtship, he invited her to his home, and Lena, gathering her courage, listening to the instructions of more experienced friends, agreed to come to him in the evening.

Igor seemed to be constantly in a hurry somewhere. Lena was a little shy, she thought that maybe they would talk at first, they would discuss everything, but he did not think to talk about anything. Igor quickly took off her clothes, laid her on the bunk, giving her one or two kisses, and almost immediately wept. Lena stared at him in disbelief.

The wedding was played six months later, Igor turned out to be surprisingly quick and made an offer almost immediately. Lena was happy and imagined herself sitting by the hearth with embroidery and the kids running around her. Among her friends, Lena was the first to get married, and they looked enviously at her snow-white dress.


"Well, and sex, what … - Lena thought," he loves to love me, so we'll get used to it."

The first two years of married life, Igor, with grief, fulfilled his marital duties in half: quickly, like the first time, and Lena, meanwhile, was horrified to discover symptoms of frigidity. There was no question of getting an orgasm, given that sex gradually became a luxury that Lena could count on less and less. And she, as they say, was in the very juice: sexual desire accumulated day by day, she closed her eyes and imagined long and passionate sex with her beloved Igor.

He increasingly began to disappear somewhere, to linger after work, and Lena even began to suspect him of treason. She became more and more irritable, cursed more often: she was haunted by the resentment she had accumulated against her husband. Why bother there! Even a couple of times she put her hand to their son Sasha - so he looked like his father …

How to get an orgasm?

Psychologists were not so far from the truth when they argued that the first experience plays an important role in a woman's life and largely determines all her further sexual behavior and ability to get an orgasm. The only thing they didn't know was that this was only true for women with an anal vector.

Their sexuality is complex and conservative: it takes a long preparation to relax and arouse an anal woman, and a lot depends on the partner. So that she does not show symptoms of frigidity, she simply needs a long foreplay, and haste is contraindicated. Her sexual potential is high enough, but it must be revealed.

In the open state, she is able to obtain multiple vaginal orgasms due to her innate powerful libido, as well as orgasm from anal sex.

Her sexuality is slow, desire builds up slowly. Her usually dermal husband has moderate sexual potential, which peaks in his 20s, and then gradually decreases, especially if he lacks novelty. A situation may arise when, after a couple of years of marriage, the skin husband's desire disappears, and everything has just begun for her, and she pulls at him constantly with the fulfillment of her marital duty. He quickly, so that only he would be left behind, climbs onto it - 1.5 minutes - and you're done. Slid down, and immediately sleep. And her dissatisfaction and desire grow and grow from time to time.

It will be difficult for her to leave her husband, since her main priorities are family, children, home. She forces herself to suppress fantasies, clings to the first experience. Often, such a dissatisfied woman will take out her problems on children, beat them and strive for hyper-cleanliness.

If the first experience was unsuccessful, the anal woman will continue to show symptoms of frigidity with the rest of her partners. You should not expect that a simple change of partner will significantly affect the situation: to reveal the sexuality of such a woman, you need a special approach. It has the lowest range of sexual acceptability and should be carefully disclosed, trying with light eroticism, not hard pornography. But when she opens up, she is able to get a lot of pleasure, because she has a great desire.

Frigidity symptoms. How NOT to get an orgasm?

Mashenka was always proud of her long slender legs. Until the age of 20, she was waiting for her prince, who would shower her with diamonds, until Vasya appeared. Vasya was a programmer, he made good money. On their first date, they went to the store and bought Masha the jacket she had dreamed of for so long. It was then that she realized that Vasya was not going anywhere from her, and he could not get enough of his find.


Masha understood that it was possible to get married successfully if she kept her virginity until the wedding, so she refused all Vasya's premarital claims. And this played a role: he, of course, hesitated for a long time, got ready, but, in the end, made an offer.

Vasya performed his duty with great willingness and regularity, but somehow awkwardly, rudely he succeeded. Masha wanted gentle touches, massage, oral sex, in the end. But this did not even occur to her husband, who had sex with a mask of a selfless male on his face. There was no question of getting an orgasm. Masha increasingly showed symptoms of frigidity, refused Vasya and did not want to have sex in any way.

How to get an orgasm?

Masha is a skin woman, and such can be the most decent in terms of sexual abstinence. Some of them are “professional virgins” who cherish their virginity before marriage so that they can “sell at a higher price”, perceive the body as an asset and tend to control a partner through sex, since they themselves have a low libido: “yes” - “no”, and "no" is more often than "yes". If you want "yes" - buy a fur coat.

They also have trouble getting orgasms. Skin women in certain conditions have a large number of sexual restrictions and inadequate prohibitions on sex. Internally, they are afraid of various social and cultural prohibitions, prejudices, and other people's opinions. Its whole essence says: “NO. You can't."

An open skin woman can have a clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm less often, and initially pleasure will still go through the clitoris. To do this, she must be manually stimulated (or she must be masturbated herself), and even better - orally and do not forget about the gentle and gentle touch on the velvet skin.

Frigidity symptoms. Hello father! My diagnosis is VAGINISM

Katya has always been a very sensitive girl. She cried from the sad cartoons, cried, as soon as they raised her voice at her, cried because I felt sorry for the bird. Yes, Katya loved to cry, fortunately, there were many reasons.

As soon as she went home, a stream of abuse fell on her. Her father, with a face flushed with anger, accused her of all grave problems, and next to her, her unhappy beaten mother lay crumpled, and Katya was crying again, it was so painful for her to watch this picture.


Soon dad had a heart attack, and Katya and her mom were happy to get rid of the tyrant of the house. Many years passed, she grew up and entered the university. Katya enjoyed success with men, but there was no question of a bed. Once one of her most impudent suitors persuaded to come to him, and Katya agreed. He undressed, and Katya felt a fit of nausea. There was no question of continuing the banquet, so she just ran away.

And then she appeared - the girl of her dreams. She cut her hair like a boy, acted like a real kid: she could easily have a fight in some musty bar. This is how they met: Katya tried to get rid of another dirty animal, which was trying to get under her skirt right at the disco. And Marina gave him a good kick, and since then they began to live together.

How to get an orgasm?

Katya is a skin-visual girl with the highest potential for sexual acceptability. In a skin-visual woman, the sexual potential is low, but she loves this business more than others and in an open state, as a tendency, gets a clitoral orgasm, and she rarely shows symptoms of frigidity.

However, our heroine with you was not lucky. Her sensitive visual vector was severely traumatized as a child, which led to a fixation on the fear of sex with men. So it was in Katya's family, where a sadistic father beat her mother, and this scene was clearly imprinted in my memory. The only way to realize yourself in a relationship was with girls.

Frigidity symptoms. What's wrong?

Olesya had no reason to complain about her husband. They met at the university, for some time they lived in a hostel. Kolya tried his best, he managed to do everything: earn money, shower flowers, and even help her around the house. Then we moved into our own apartment, rarely fought, and soon the children appeared.

Kolya never stayed late at work and was very gentle and sensitive with his wife, and she answered him in kind. Both loved this simple thing, but Olesya never managed to get an orgasm.

Once she talked about this with her close friend, and she advised to visit a sexologist to identify symptoms of frigidity. "A couple of pills and everything will pass."

The white-toothed doctor smiled as if in mockery. “She can definitely get an orgasm without any problems,” thought Olesya. After a detailed story, she handed her a long list of medicines, which, among other things, also included physiotherapy and even mud wraps. The sexologist advised to avoid stress, take up Zen Buddhism and yoga, except that she did not offer a conspiracy to orgasm. However, this did not bring results.

Frigidity symptoms. Cheating or Diagnosis?

The easiest way to get an orgasm is for women without upper vectors, and most easily for women without an internal cultural system of inhibitions. For a man, everything is simple: if he does not want a woman, he will not have an erection and orgasm, respectively. For a woman, everything is more difficult: she can madly love her only one and not get an orgasm with him, but have it with another man, a lover. Or to satisfy yourself on your own, and show symptoms of frigidity with a partner.


Even a urethral woman can only have an orgasm for the first time at the age of 30. Although, it would seem, such at 6 years old begin to masturbate, and at puberty they can generally sleep with the whole yard company. Everyone will adore her: there is a lot of experiment and mercy, and unlimited sexual acceptability.

Potentially, such an easily gets a vaginal orgasm without prior preparation and stimulation. She prefers sex as it is, penetration. The sexual choice for the urethral woman is primary, in all other vectors the choice is primary from the point of view of provision, that is, the material and social superiority of a man, his ability to become the guarantor of the survival of his woman and their offspring.

The problem with getting orgasms among women is greatly exaggerated. Sexual satisfaction for a woman is not necessarily equal to orgasm. But so much is said about it that many who still have not had an orgasm feel sick. Previously, orgasm was considered a perversion, now men demand that a woman have an orgasm as often as they do, and if something happens, they suspect she has symptoms of frigidity.

Remember! There are no frigid women, there are either undisclosed women, or those who have fear or aversion to sex, vaginismus, therefore they have never tried it. Every girl is capable of getting an orgasm today, you just need to get rid of psychological trauma and reveal your sexuality

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