Psychological Education Today - A Conspiracy Against Antiquity Freud

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Psychological Education Today - A Conspiracy Against Antiquity Freud
Psychological Education Today - A Conspiracy Against Antiquity Freud
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Psychological education today - a conspiracy against antiquity Freud

Psychologists don't give advice. Psychologists do not treat psychos. They provide psychological assistance to healthy people who find themselves in difficult life situations. They help to see the solution to the problem, since the person himself is mired in it, like a swamp, and cannot find a way out.

- I want to become a psychologist, what should be done for this? - the senior pupil Masha stunned me with a question.

“I’ll give everyone advice on how they should act,” she clarified.

Yes Yes. It was this idea that she had about the profession of a psychologist after watching popular TV shows. Listen to other people's problems and tell you what to do. Not dusty work. Fashionable. At the same time, the participants in the programs always leave the most positive reviews about the psychologist, because all their problems are resolved with extraordinary ease.

psih obr1
psih obr1

It was a pity to disappoint Masha. They do not teach at the Faculty of Psychology how to teach people to live correctly from TV screens. As well as many other things are not taught, more important and meaningful for the work of a psychologist.

However, in psychological education the principle is postulated: whoever wants, he will achieve, whoever does not succeed, he does not want enough. The admissions offices assure that all the doors are open for applicants choosing the Faculty of Psychology.

Let's try to figure out if this is really so.

How to become a psychologist?

The number of faculties that graduate certified psychologists is growing from year to year. In Moscow alone, from 5-6 faculties in classical universities in the 1980s, their number increased to eighty.

To enter a university, an applicant must pass the USE in Russian, mathematics, biology, social studies, sometimes they are required to pass the history of Russia, a foreign language or even physics - by decision of a specific educational institution.

In connection with the entry into force of the Bologna Agreements, now the future psychologist will have to first master the bachelor's program, then enter the master's program. Moreover, a bachelor-psychologist cannot hold the position of a psychologist, he is not a specialist.

The second higher psychological education and postgraduate studies are in great demand.

Why go to study psychology?

The motives for choosing the profession of a psychologist are completely different. Generally speaking, all students can be divided into three groups:

- those who consciously chose a profession (out of a desire to help people, to understand themselves, in those around them, to learn to influence the behavior of another person); reviews of this type of psychologist will be the most positive in the future;

- those who accidentally got into the faculty (did not get the passing scores for another faculty, became a victim of a parental whim);

- those who came to get crusts.

It would seem that to each - according to needs. Meanwhile, the majority of students leave unsatisfied after receiving a psychological education.

psih obr2
psih obr2

Only the last group fully satisfies their desire - almost all students receive the coveted diplomas, since the principle operates: there are no bad students, there are bad teachers who did not find the right key for each student, did not implement the main thesis of the new educational standards - they did not take into account their individual features.

What can be "deuces" and deductions if a student obediently attended all classes? At the Faculty of Psychology with wonderful teachers? Nobody needs unnecessary problems.

As a result, we get certified specialists who, apart from the assigned qualification of a psychologist, have nothing else for this profession. And as a result, reviews about the psychologist are only getting worse, because the need for psychological help is growing, but the psychologist is not able to meet the assigned tasks.

What is taught in the psychology department?

Psychologists don't give advice. Psychologists do not treat psychos. They provide psychological assistance to healthy people who find themselves in difficult life situations. They help to see the solution to the problem, since the person himself is mired in it, like a swamp, and cannot find a way out.

They teach three main areas in the work of a psychologist:

1. Protection from the onset of problems (how to diagnose, prevent, take preventive measures).

2. Support in difficult times (for example, how to apply different types of therapy).

3. Behavior correction.

They prepare for the fact that a psychologist in his work can combine the roles of a teacher, researcher, and practice.

Teachers work on the development of such personal qualities of students of psychological faculties as diligence, logical thinking, love for people, stress resistance, empathy.

Introduce the ethical code of a psychologist and the main commandment "Do no harm". They explain that you cannot be a psychologist of all trades, you need to choose a narrow niche and improve there, while remembering that if you stop studying after graduation, you will die as a specialist.

Learning and work will not grind everything

Students applying for the purpose of understanding psychology will be disappointed in the content of education. The main emphasis in classical education is on the study of all kinds of theories, concepts, paradigms. Tons of waste paper from the past that broadens horizons and enhances the ability to work with information, but have no meaningful relation to reality.

Diagnostic methods - projective techniques, tests, questionnaires, questionnaires, scaling - do not help much in preventing the occurrence of problems, to determine the boundaries of possible risks in the development of a particular person. We have to work with the consequences, while not knowing the root causes of the difficulties that have arisen.

psih obr3
psih obr3

It is also impossible to become a psychologist for yourself - one of the priority rules of psychologists: if you want to get rid of your problems, turn to a colleague.

All open questions, voids left after graduation, teachers strongly advise you to close yourself and come to terms with the fact that a working toolkit for psychological practice must be developed by yourself.

Teachers explain the negative reviews of students about psychological education, in which they talk about confusion and chaos in higher psychological education, simply: normal situation. It forms in future psychologists the necessary skill to extract useful information from a massive flow of information.

If someone doesn't like something, it means that they could not cope with the study load, they do not have the necessary qualities and skills to comprehend science, so they blame everything on bad teachers and psychology itself as a science.

It is ridiculous to hear such excuses of teachers when excellent students in life, who graduated from the psychology department with honors, speak about the shortcomings and often the uselessness of psychological education.

“I advise you to read a couple of clever books, study oriental philosophy, foreign languages ​​- this is much more productive than going to a psychology department and paying money for an empty education. Trust my long-suffering experience. Learn from other people's mistakes … ".

Deceived, burned

Psychology students who have been blown there by circumstances are also full of disappointment.

The appetite for mastering the profession of a psychologist never wakes up during training. Boring, sluggish, uninteresting. Stupid pastime. In the process of practice, it turns out that working as a psychologist is not so easy, besides, it is far from prestigious and highly paid.

Such “non-psychologists” run to learn other professions, transfer to other faculties, look for another job or provide psychological assistance so that clients scatter in fright.

psih obr4
psih obr4

So, unfortunately, the number of graduates has not grown into their quality. If earlier the growth of social problems in Russia was justified by the insufficient number of psychologists, now they talk about the inconsistency of the content of psychological education with the requirements of society, the level of urgent tasks.

How to improve psychological education?

The problem of unqualified and incompetent psychologists of the rector of psychological and pedagogical universities, well-known figures in psychology propose to solve the following methods:

- create a solid standard for the profession,

- to reduce the number of psychological faculties, - introduce new modules in psychological education, - to make teaching psychology practice-oriented by reducing classroom hours and introducing practice from the first year, - introduce a compulsory entrance exam in a foreign language, so that future psychologists can themselves study the works of foreign psychologists in the original, without distorting the translation, - give preference to training forms of education, instead of the usual lectures and seminars, - to license psychological activities, - introduce specialized examinations to provide psychological assistance to the population, - to conduct mandatory supervision in the activities of a psychologist (that is, to receive professional feedback on their work from colleagues), - develop a system of advanced training after graduation …

In general, by all means to bring Russian psychological education up to international standards. At the same time, three big But are forgotten:

1. Abroad, not everything is as perfect as we imagine. And abroad, they just cannot cope with the growth of social tension, the increase in the number of suicides and other problems.

2. The mentality of the Russian people differs significantly from the people of other countries. What suits the Western man does not suit ours.

3. Change the form, but not the content of education. In the absence of a real picture of the processes taking place within the personality, in the heap of various ideas and theories, it is impossible to change the quality of services rendered by psychologists, as well as the quality of psychological education.

psih obr5
psih obr5

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan

It is clear that modern psychological education is in dire need of changes that can radically improve its quality, the level of psychological services provided to the population, so that positive feedback about the psychologist prevails and is the result of real help to a person.

Returning to the questions: “How to do it? Where to start,”- we propose to start with the main thing: first of all, from the restructuring to an effective method of working with a person.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan allows you to get away from numerous theories, discrepancies and vague understanding of what is happening with a person. System-vector psychology makes it possible to accurately differentiate people according to their innate properties (vectors), to understand the deep reasons for their actions, to know everything up to the life scenario of a particular person.

For the first time, systemic vector psychology explains and offers effective ways of working with such manifestations of a person as suicidal thoughts, fears and obsessive phobias, resentment, depression, lack of a sense of joy and satisfaction from life, and even helps to cope with a number of psychosomatic diseases.

Do not "treat" the bird with methods suitable for the kitty, and hopefully it will do. Do not hide behind the right to make a mistake - a psychologist does not have such a right, but, like a surgeon, to carry out mathematically accurate manipulations and get the expected result.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan does not provide general templates, it gives an accurate understanding of the psyche of each person. Systemic thinking allows the psychologist not to rely, as before, only on his own feelings when working with a specific client, but to clearly understand who turned to him for help and how he can be helped.

Help yourself - this principle is being implemented for the first time in system-vector psychology. People who have mastered the knowledge of system-vector psychology testify to the withdrawal of a variety of difficult conditions, and the effect is persistent and long-lasting. And also that the system-vector psychology has become an effective way for them to work with any of their states and even to help close people.

psih obr6
psih obr6

Any person who, to a certain extent, has mastered the knowledge of system-vector psychology, will be able to identify risks in advance and reduce them in time. Do not wait for the child to jump out of the window and crash to death, but in advance to determine the state of the sound vector and talk to the child in his language.

In addition, the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan opens up the broadest prospects for the development of psychiatry, pedagogy, sociology and a whole range of other areas of knowledge related to man and the functioning of society.

A qualitative change in psychological education and an increase in the level of psychological assistance is not a sky-high dream and not an ephemeral project. This is what today can become a reality using the knowledge of the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.

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