"I Realized That Mathematics Is Evil, And You Have To Think With Your Heart." The Story Of Konstantin Khabensky

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"I Realized That Mathematics Is Evil, And You Have To Think With Your Heart." The Story Of Konstantin Khabensky
"I Realized That Mathematics Is Evil, And You Have To Think With Your Heart." The Story Of Konstantin Khabensky

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"I realized that mathematics is evil, and you have to think with your heart." The story of Konstantin Khabensky

He was born on January 11, 1972 in Leningrad and as a child, like many boys, little Kostya dreamed of becoming an astronaut, sailor, partisan or intelligence officer. He even had a sound idea of ​​becoming a hermit, however, in the end he entered the Leningrad Technical School of Aviation Instrumentation. Perhaps his choice was influenced by the positive example of his father, who worked as an engineer, and his mother, a mathematics teacher. However, the fate of Constantine turned out differently …

Life is a path. For some it is the way to the bakery and back, for others it is a trip around the world.

K. Khabensky

Hero of our time

He appeared on television in the difficult 2000s for Russia in the series "Deadly Force". It was after playing the role of senior lieutenant Plakhov that Konstantin Khabensky gained popularity, becoming a truly hero of the generation. Although this was not his debut film role. Konstantin got his first minute of fame by starring in a cameo role in 1994 in the film "To Whom God Will Send". 1998 was one of the most fruitful years at the beginning of the young actor's film career. He played excellently in the detective film "Natasha", in the melodrama "Women's Property" and in the drama "Khrustalev, Car".

To date, this talented actor has starred in more than 50 films and played in 20 performances. So sincere and dear, on the one hand, and courageous and strong, on the other, Konstantin Khabensky became an idol for an audience of thousands. To this day, he surprises us with new roles, each of which carries a special charisma and a deep message.

Let's start with the fact that Konstantin Khabensky initially chose a completely different career for himself. He was born on January 11, 1972 in Leningrad and as a child, like many boys, little Kostya dreamed of becoming an astronaut, sailor, partisan or intelligence officer. He even had a sound idea of ​​becoming a hermit, however, in the end he entered the Leningrad Technical School of Aviation Instrumentation. Perhaps his choice was influenced by the positive example of his father, who worked as an engineer, and his mother, a mathematics teacher.

However, by the third year, he realized that he was studying what he was not interested in and in which he could not become a professional. Then Konstantin rushed in search of earnings and his realization, working as a street musician, janitor and floor polisher, until he got to the studio theater "Saturday". Here he first worked as a stage editor, but very soon he began to appear in performances in the crowd.

What pushed Konstantin Khabensky to acting? How did he realize that this was exactly what he should be doing? Let's try to figure it out with the help of the knowledge of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

You need to go on stage, splash out and leave, but it doesn't make sense in another way

It is striking that if a person finds himself in his profession, he is absolutely happy. He works with pleasure, and the world around him seems beautiful to him. This is because every day brings him the realization of his natural properties.

System-vector psychology says that we are all born with our desires and properties, the sets of which are called vectors. There are eight vectors in total, and each of them carries its own talent, its own abilities. You can understand what kind of talent you have through emerging desires. Moreover, these should be sincere, heartfelt desires of the person himself, and not aspirations and priorities imposed by parents or society.

So, a person who is suitable for an acting profession is necessarily a carrier of the visual-cutaneous ligament of vectors. To live with emotions for the viewer is his realization. And on stage, such a person transforms into dozens of roles, letting the feelings of each character pass through himself. Moreover, by his acting he brings emotions out and makes the audience empathize with everything that happens on the stage or on the TV screen.

The story of Konstantin Khabensky
The story of Konstantin Khabensky

It was the desires of the visual vector that attracted Konstantin Khabensky to the acting profession. After his first experience on the stage of the Saturday theater studio, he decided to enter a theater institute. Not having collected enough money for a ticket to Moscow, he was forced to stay in St. Petersburg, but did not abandon his idea.

At the age of 28, he successfully entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. Cherkasov and, by a lucky chance, got on the course to Veniamin Filshtinsky. His colleagues on the stage were his friends and former classmates - Mikhail Porechenkov, Mikhail Trukhin and Ksenia Rappoport. The children played their first performances in the Perekrestok experimental theater, where they themselves pasted posters and built the scenery with their own hands. With great success at that time, the audience accepted the play "Waiting for Godot" by Y. Butusov, in which the actors show an amazing reincarnation.

Love story and tragedy

People with a visual vector realize themselves not only in the acting profession. They are wonderful singers, dancers, artists, doctors, educators and teachers. For the owners of the visual vector, the main thing in life is beauty and love. Only such people are capable of true sacrificial love in relation to another person.

That is how, with all his heart, Konstantin fell in love with his first wife Anastasia Smirnova. They met in 1999, when Kostya was an aspiring actor. He simply invited Nastya to his performance, and she fell in love with him at first sight. The relationship between them was very sincere and trusting.

Konstantin never parted with his beloved wife for a second and always took her with him to the shooting. For the sake of her husband, she moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg and worked as a journalist, occasionally playing small roles in films. Everyone noticed the harmony in their relationship. Possessing a visual vector, both, Kostya and Nastya, were able to create a strong emotional connection with each other, which became the basis for a mutual and strong feeling.

For a complete idyll, they only needed a child, and their long-awaited baby Vanechka was born in 2008. However, the happiness was short-lived. Even during pregnancy, Anastasia learned that she had brain cancer. Having refused chemotherapy for the health of the unborn child, after the birth of the baby, she fought death for a long time. Konstantin was worried about the health of his beloved, like no other. He exhausted himself in the theater and on the set, earning money for expensive treatment, and in between, he flew to Nastya in an American clinic.

However, the disease was stronger. Constantine was very upset about the death of his beloved. For any spectator, the loss of a loved one is the most difficult tragedy that he experiences for a long time and painfully. For Konstantin, the most important emotional connection in his life was cut off, and at that time it was something like the end of his life too.

After all, every life saved is priceless

After the loss of his beloved, Konstantin was left with a son, who is still living abroad with his grandmother. He sincerely would like to start raising his child, but being very busy in the theater and on the set does not allow him to be constantly with his son. “Now I have to love my son for two - for dad and mom,” the actor admits.

A great thing helped Konstantin Khabensky to return to his former life after the terrible tragedy, which shows that this person has the highest level of development of the visual vector. He moved from experiencing personal grief to compassion for other people who were faced with a terrible disease.

Applying the organizational skills of the skin vector, he showed himself to be an excellent leader and founded the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation to help children with brain cancer. This is the most important realization of the visual vector, which is expressed in a deep sense of empathy and compassion for others. Konstantin explains this by the fact that "with the first person you saved, you acquire a very correct inner self-awareness and confidence that you live where you need to and do what you need."

"You have to think with your heart." The story of Konstantin Khabensky
"You have to think with your heart." The story of Konstantin Khabensky

When he talks about charity, he does not condemn those who bypass other people's misfortune. However, he himself is the one who did not close in his personal grief, but went to meet people in trouble. At first, Kostya knocked alone on the offices of officials. But very soon he managed to assemble a large team of people with a developed visual vector, for whom someone else's misfortune truly became their own.

Moreover, Konstantin Khabensky is involved in the education of a new generation, the so-called army of mercy. He created the theatrical project "Generation Mowgli", in which children play on stage and earn money to save their own peers, who are caught between life and death.

I got into the actors only, probably because of some kind of obstinacy

The desire to go to the end and under any circumstances to complete the work begun, whether it is organizing a charitable foundation or opening children's theater studios, manifests itself in the anal vector.

The owner of the anal vector is a professional in his field, an attentive, diligent, hardworking person. Order for him is in the first place, so he always has everything in his head and in life. The carrier of the anal vector perfectly realizes himself in the profession of a teacher, doctor, trainer. Possessing a naturally phenomenal memory, such a person always learns with pleasure, since he easily remembers the material and happily teaches others. The sense of justice has a special meaning for him. A person with an anal vector understands it as equality, that is, it is important for him that everyone has everything equally. And the feeling of inequality, injustice brings him extreme discomfort, causing resentment or guilt.

That's how it felt to Konstantin Khabensky not for himself, but for other actors and directors, who often become little in demand and almost unemployed in small cities of our country. The visual vector emotionally strengthened this anal sense of injustice, and then Konstantin had an idea: why not help his colleagues and organize for them the opportunity to conduct lessons in acting and artistic expression in general education Russian schools?

For children, this is a great opportunity to learn something new and unleash their creative potential, and for actors - an opportunity to realize themselves and earn some money. Today, already in eight cities of Russia, such theater studios are preparing a new generation of children, bright, sociable, on the one hand, and clearly representing the work of the acting profession, on the other.

Another feature that is clearly manifested in Konstantin Khabensky, as in a person with an anal vector, is his desire to make something with his hands. The actor himself admits: “I am by nature a person who is carried away: if I start doing something (repairing a house or repairing a car), then I plunge into it entirely, all my thoughts are there, no longer up to the main profession. Therefore, I try to do 'needlework' as little as possible."

And of course, the most important value for the anal vector is home and family, beloved and only wife and children. Therefore, the life of such a person will never be perfect without a cozy family hearth, where you are always loved and expected. To great joy, Konstantin Khabensky again found family happiness in marriage with actress Olga Litvinova, with whom they play in the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. In June 2016, their daughter was born.

The story of the actor Konstantin Khabensky
The story of the actor Konstantin Khabensky

The roles of heroes with an anal vector work out especially well for Konstantin, because he is able to understand through himself the motives of their actions, and therefore, to play authentically. This is the indecisive school teacher Kolotilov from the comedy "Freaks", and the drunken biologist Sluzhkin from "Geographer Drank the Globe".

I've always wanted to play a silent person

Often, many journalists describe Konstantin Khabensky as a closed and reserved person. He really rarely talks about his personal life and comments on all events briefly and to the point. All this shows that the actor is also the bearer of skin and sound vectors.

The skin vector in the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan is characterized by a natural desire for savings and profit, whether it is saving money or words, emotions. It is the leatherworker who tries not to let strangers into his personal space, creating clear restrictions. He is always a disciplined person who comes to meetings on time. In an advanced state, he plans and successfully performs many tasks, quickly switching from one activity to another. For Konstantin Khabensky, it is important to try yourself in a new role. He himself explains it this way: "There is a certain internal logic here: first of all, I am interested in doing what I have not done before."

He perfectly coped with the role of the skin leader Alexander Kolchak in the film "Admiral", Leon Trotsky in "Yesenin" and Alexei Turbin in the "White Guard". And then he easily switched to completely different characters - the exterminator in Wanted and the maniac investigator Rodion Meglin in the Method series.

I would like to note that external restraint and, in some moments, emotionlessness are manifestations of the sound vector. This vector is dominant, and it requires filling like no other. The main unconscious desire for any sound engineer is to find the meaning of life, to answer the questions: “Why am I here? Where did I come from? " In line with this search, sound scientists become writers and poets, musicians, philosophers and spiritual leaders. And the skin-sound ligament can make its owners fans of any idea, and sometimes even lead them to terrorism, like Green from “State Councilor”, brilliantly played by Konstantin Khabensky.

For an actor with a sound vector, complex psychological roles are of particular interest. He constantly has an inexplicable desire to delve into the thoughts of the hero, to understand him with his whole being. Not just to feel and show him on stage, but to unravel some special meaning, transforming into a new character. Sound characters are especially good for sound actors. They do not have to squeeze a thoughtful look out of themselves, this happens naturally for them, since at this moment they realize the desires of their sound vector, looking into the psyche of their hero.

Surprisingly precisely, Konstantin Khabensky singles out roles that are special for him, as, for example, in the play "Caligula". "This story still gurgles in me," the actor admits. And from the final phrase, we understand that the main character is still in a sound search when he says: “But you know that I only need one thing. Impossible. I was looking for it at the borders of the world. I was looking for him at the edge of my soul. I hold out my hands. And everywhere I run into you. Only you are always in front of me."

Another sound engineer - musician - Khabensky talentedly plays in the solo performance "Contrabass" based on the work of Patrick Suskind. The main character with a sound vector is trying to find his place in this world, living someone else's life and not understanding the meaning of his own.

The story of Konstantin Khabensky
The story of Konstantin Khabensky

But Konstantin Khabensky himself found his way in life and perfectly realizes his innate abilities. He always says and does what he considers necessary, and thus finds an amazing response in the hearts of thousands of people.

If you want to understand more deeply what is behind this or that role of your favorite actor, what is the secret of his popularity and charm, to look deeper into his inner world and into the heart of his heroes, then knowledge about the human psyche, which can be obtained already at free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register using the link.

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