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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Anal vector

“But our grandfathers lived correctly” - in the sensations of anal people, the world degrades. Everything that was once is better than what has become. The further some event of life remains in the past, the more joyful, the better it seems.

Typical speech turns:

  • Everything new is well forgotten old.
  • Repetition is the mother of learning.
  • Live and learn.

general characteristics

Number 20 %
Archetype Transfer of information (accumulated experience) about hunting and war in time
Species role In peacetime - the keeper of the cave, fire, hearth

In the military - rear

The most comfortable color Brown, purple
Geometry of the greatest comfort Square
Place in a quartet Inner quarter of TIME, introvert
Type of thinking Systemic

External signs

The growth is low. The physique is dense. Tendency to be overweight (slow metabolism).

Often he has problems with his legs - clubfoot or flat feet. Shuffling, swaying gait.

The facial features are broad. Strong-willed split chin.

A man goes bald early, likes to grow a beard.

A woman prefers a bump hairstyle, avoids high-heeled shoes.

Outside the home, a man strives to look solid and courageous. Appearance - flawless, buttoned up, neat. Shoes are always polished to a shine. At home he likes to wear slippers and robes.

A favorite gesture is rubbing palms together.

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Features of the psyche

Rigid, inhibited, clumsy psyche.

Mental cast iron: hardness (stubbornness, adherence to principles) and fragility (does not bend - only breaks).


Strong will.

Slow down, but lasting assimilation of knowledge.

Emotional stability.

Life values

House. Coziness. A family. Children. Marriage. Friendship.

Fidelity. Devotion.

True. Justice.

Respect for elders. Compliance with traditions, performance of rituals.


Personal qualities


Perseverance, diligence, obedience, diligence, accuracy, reliability, patience.


Stubbornness, persistence, tenacity.




Honesty. Truthfulness. Justice. Straightness.




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High sexual potential and at the same time very complex sexuality. It is precisely because of sexual dissatisfaction that various kinds of sadism develop in anality: both as physical violence and as verbal sadism.

Features of speech

Speaks slowly. Tells in detail, in detail, in detail.

He really doesn’t like being interrupted. If a person with an anal vector is interrupted, he stops, looks with reproach, meaningfully keeps silent and … begins to tell from the beginning. Prone to repetition.

He will always add a fly in the ointment to any barrel of honey: "You did everything well, BUT … here it is not right and over there it is not so."

BUT is an obligatory word in anal speech, portions of "fly in the ointment" depend on the state of realization of the vector. With an underdeveloped or unrealized anal vector, the size of the spoon reaches a scoop - verbal sadism.

The debater and the critic or the critic, depending on the state.

Lover of scaring - to tell some scary story from life.

When the speech of a person with an anal vector is replete with words on the toilet theme, when they pedal the so-called "anal humor", this indicates certain frustrations.

Distrustful in communication: "You can't fool me", "I know you …".

Favorite anal topic: "Where are we heading ?!"

Another marker of anal speech is the word "offense": "except for offense", "no offense", "Do not be offended by me, BUT …", "Have I offended you?" - that is, pedaling the topic of resentment.

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Some behavioral features

They say about him - a good, decent person, respectful, treats everyone with respect.

A person with an anal vector always strives to be the best. With normal development, he is the best student in the class, an excellent student, the best employee in the team. He does everything slowly, but conscientiously, thoroughly. Has a phenomenal memory.

A devoted friend and faithful spouse - "follow me like a stone wall." Reliable, executive employee.

Analnik is a “man of his word”. He said - did. Anal saying: "The man said - the man did."

All actions, both mental and physical, are performed in a strict order - one goes after another, and nothing else.

He brings any business he has begun to the end, to the point, but at the same time he tends to put off important things until tomorrow.

Always collecting thoughts and strength for a long time before starting something. In stressful situations that require quick decision-making, an instant choice of one of the many options, he often falls into a stupor. He is not inclined to make decisions on his own, he needs advice, recommendations, he has great confidence in proven experience and time. Respects authorities.

With normal development, a child with an anal vector is distinguished by complete obedience - "Vasya is such a good and obedient boy." Becomes very stubborn if mishandled.

Needs unconditional mother's love. If he does not receive it, then all his life he lives with a deep feeling of resentment against his mother.

If the mother begins to manipulate the specific need for love in such a child, then a “good boy” complex is formed in him.

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With regard to money and things, he is thrifty. Principled and honest. He will never take someone else's: I don’t need someone else's, but I will not give my own. He is suspicious of any gifts from strangers - he does not take or give bribes. He always spends his money wisely. He buys in the store only what he came for. He spends as much money per month as he planned to spend.

He seeks to disassemble everything in the smallest detail. In everything he strives for systematization, orderliness and purity. Everywhere he has order - both in thoughts and in things. At home - perfect cleanliness, every week does a general cleaning. Everything is laid out on shelves, drawers and boxes. Everything is in place and signed. There is sugar in a jar labeled "sugar", and flour in a jar labeled "flour". Analnik is a specialist in processing and organizing information material, an impeccable classifier, systematizer; possesses a phenomenal memory, high erudition. Often refers to authoritative thinkers of the past, inclined to quote.

For the anal, everything should be even and square. The crooked spoon on the table will be corrected so that it lies parallel to the table, and the skewed picture will be aligned so that it hangs parallel to the floor.

Strong attachment to the past. Fixation on their first experience in anything: first friendship, first love … People with an anal vector are hostages of their first experience: "once and for all, to the grave" in everything.

It is they who become victims of unrequited love - without receiving reciprocity, they suffer, suffer, and cannot start a new relationship.

Fidelity in relation to things. The anal person keeps things, but not in a skin-like way, in order to save money, but as a memory of the past - "this is dear to me as a memory." Inclined to nostalgia - "before, the water was wetter and the snow was whiter." Strictly observes all traditions and rituals. He is suspicious of everything new. He prefers what is time-tested.

A lover of nature, the countryside and everything natural, grown, hand-made.

In an unrealized state, the anal sex is touchy and vengeful.

The first signal of resentment from the anal person is often repeated reproaches: "Well, how could you do this to me ?!" or "Well, are you not ashamed ?!" If at this stage he does not receive compensation in the form of a frank admission of guilt from the offender, then he can proceed to active actions - revenge. Only in the anal vector are there such serious conditions as resentment, revenge, only in the anal vector can there be stable sadistic scenarios.

Violence, sadism - all of these are the consequences of sexual dissatisfaction in anality, a reaction to stressful anality. A separate big topic. Participation in our online trainings gives you an understanding of the deep reasons for this behavior and gives you freedom from negative scenarios and conditions.

Realized vector in modern society

Professional, specialist, master of golden hands.

Approximate professional preferences: teacher, educator, historian, archaeologist, writer, antiquarian, librarian, surgeon, dentist, carpenter, cabinetmaker, compiler of reference books, catalogs, dictionaries, analyst-informant.

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Anal vector neurosis

Pathological slob.

An anal neurotic spreads dirt around him - everywhere crumbs, pieces of food, scraps of paper, garbage …

This also happens at the level of relationships with other people - wherever an anal neurotic appears, he always spreads psychological dirt around him, psychologically corrupting people around him.





Dog breeding. Of pets, he will always prefer a dog: a dog is man's best friend.

Favorite sports - cycling, rowing, swimming.

But still he prefers the passive to active rest: a stay-at-home. Likes to read books (primarily historical), daily in the morning regularly looks through newspapers, listens to news.

A favorite pastime for men is with friends in a beer bath.

A woman (and sometimes a man) is engaged in needlework - knitting, lace weaving, embroidery. Breeds indoor flowers.

Likes to collect puzzles and solve crosswords.

Member of amateur discussion circles.



Professionals advise!

Proven by experience!

Detailed information about the peculiarities of the psyche of people with an anal vector, scenarios of their relationship with others can be found already at the free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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