Jealousy As It Is. Passion For Modern Marriage

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Jealousy As It Is. Passion For Modern Marriage
Jealousy As It Is. Passion For Modern Marriage

Video: Jealousy As It Is. Passion For Modern Marriage

Video: Jealousy As It Is. Passion For Modern Marriage
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Jealousy as it is. Passion for modern marriage

This feeling haunts, a rich imagination draws in the head scenes of sexual intimacy of a loved one with another woman, for example, with a woman from the past or a work colleague. One careless glance of a loved one to the side - and in my head there are already thousands of pictures of the impending betrayal!

Jealousy spoils the nerves not only of those who are jealous, but also of those who are jealous themselves. There are many forums devoted to this problem, requests for advice come mainly from girls and are very similar to each other.

Basically, the girls themselves understand that the problem is not in the guys, but in themselves, but they cannot help themselves - you cannot get rid of thoughts, we do not control them, no matter how much we want it. There are those who do not see any problem in their jealousy and justify this feeling by what they love. Many are familiar with phrases like: “I'm jealous because I love you! And you don't really care, it seems! You don’t even look who I’m talking to!”

But more often than not, even if a person does not realize it, jealousy does not bring him pleasure from the relationship, but, on the contrary, only suffering. This feeling haunts, a rich imagination draws in the head scenes of sexual intimacy of a loved one with another woman, for example, with a woman from the past or a work colleague. One careless glance of a loved one to the side - and in my head there are already thousands of pictures of the impending betrayal!

When a loved one is not around, we constantly think about where he (s) is now, whether he (s) will now meet another woman (man), whether he is communicating with her (she is with him) right at the moment … We send him (her) SMS and rejoice when we receive SMS from him (from her). Every time asking, "Do you love me?" - and receiving a positive answer, we feel calm and warmth in our souls, but not for long: as soon as he (s) disappears from sight, these terrible thoughts make their way into our heads again.


These experiences exhaust you, deprive you of appetite and sleep … If this is familiar to you, then this article is for you. Here we will consider the nature of jealousy, its possible facets, how it is connected with love (and whether it is connected at all) and how you can really get rid of this feeling.

Common jealousy

Jealousy in its classical form is a property of people with a skin vector in a certain state. When the skinner is realized and brings the properties of his vector outward, he is an excellent organizer, legislator, engineer (depending on the level of development), a person who optimizes external conditions for a comfortable life for everyone. He is well versed in such categories as personal property, time, money, law, benefit - these are his native categories, with which he thinks and through himself bears to others.

However, if the properties of the skin vector are directed not outward, but inward, or he is under stress, then the main values of such a person will already be his own material wealth, social status, and personal property. The skin vector in the archetype is the only one for which material values are primary, and not living people, and which has no internal connection with others. Therefore, he perceives others from within himself as an object that can be owned. The leatherman has no friends - he has useful connections.

This manifests itself everywhere, including in relationships in a couple. The leather worker treats the partner as his own property, personal property, which must be monitored so as not to be stolen. In the case of a skin woman, there is also added the fear of losing support from her man, losing status (as we remember, at the root of all relationships between people are based on food). All this leads to the corresponding behavior of the skinner in the family (couple): total control on his part, constant questions "where have you been?", "Who did you meet?", "Why are you leaving work so late?" etc. At the same time, reasonable answers from the spouse are not taken with confidence, but also arouse suspicion.


It is imperative to note such features of the skin vector as low libido and a tendency to change, which also contribute to the formation of feelings of jealousy. Why is the leatherworker so sure that someone will steal his "property"? Why does he not trust his partner so much that he suspects him of treason and considers him capable of lying? Because he himself is! After all, each of us perceives his neighbor through himself, through his own inner properties.

Realizing the factor of novelty in work or his hobbies, a person with a skin vector will not have the need to look to the left and, accordingly, will not be jealous of his partner either. But if the propensity to change is not applied "in the case", then the leatherman is easily capable of treason, while not feeling any sense of guilt. Having a low libido, he quickly loses sexual interest in a partner, therefore, betrayals are often short-term and do not lead to family breakdown (if the spouses, in addition to the past initial attraction to each other, have at least common property). Depending on the level of development and the presence of other vectors, he will either change physically, or only look to the left and dream of someone else, but in both cases jealousy of a partner is inevitable.

Thus, at the root of jealousy lies not love at all, but the feeling of ownership known to all. The desire to receive a stable life from their "property", so as not to worry about looking for someone else, some "pig in a poke", the desire to own a person undividedly. If control over a person is lost and the understanding comes that it can be lost, the skin vector in a person creates fidgeting, a desire to preserve what he has, vanity - and all this forms the feeling that we call jealousy.


Next, we will consider some of the variations of jealousy, obtained in combination with other vectors.

Emotional jealousy

Now let's talk about jealousy, supplied in addition with various fears, emotions, burning from the inside and breaking through with hysterics with a touch of tragedy, which haunts neither the jealous nor the jealous. We are talking about the skin-visual ligament of vectors. Most often, we observe such jealousy in women, although skin-visual men behave very similarly.

The fact is that the visual vector, by its nature, carries at its root the fear of death, from which follows all the variety of existing fears and phobias (the instinct of self-preservation, the desire to survive at all costs, inherent in every living being, is not the same fear, oh which is being discussed here). Spectators have the highest emotional amplitude, and their ancient role was to instantly become frightened when they saw danger with their keen and especially sensitive eyes. Fright is the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream. An intense sense of fear changes our unconscious smell. So, through this unconscious smell, the whole flock receives a signal for salvation.

What is love? This is the same fear of death. Yes, it was he. But fear brought out, turned inside out. Fear not for yourself, but for someone - empathy. Fear as the strongest experience inside oneself and love as the strongest experience outside are on two poles of the huge emotional amplitude of the visual person. Only a person with a visual vector is capable of love. Everything that others call and take for love is the projection of a given concept onto their categorical apparatus through the properties of their vectors.

The skin-visual woman is the one who created the culture with the property of compassion. This is the only woman who does not belong to anyone and belongs to everyone at the same time (we are talking about the roots, about what is hidden in the depths of our psychic), she has no desire to belong to one man - this is a collective woman, a fighting friend.

Taking this brief excursion into account, let's return to our topic - jealousy. Are skin and vision woman jealous and possessive?


When such a woman carries in herself a large share of fear, that is, she is either not developed or does not realize her properties outward - into compassion and love, then, being in a couple, she transfers her fear into a relationship: she is afraid of losing the attention of a man, which should belong she is undivided (to be in the center of male attention for her is the guarantor of survival), she is afraid to be left alone (loneliness for the visual vector is akin to death), and her jealousy takes the form of hysteria. Hysteria, emotional blackmail, instability of emotional states - these are the methods that she unconsciously uses in order to keep not only her man, but often all other men near her (since a woman is still a collective one, in a good way) …

So, the purpose of such tantrums is attention. A man's attention should belong only to her and no one else. If he looks at someone else, then thousands of pictures of betrayal are already sweeping through her head (it is the visual vector that supplies its owners with rich imagination and imagination). Moreover, she herself is not averse to flirting and shooting her eyes, justifying herself by the fact that "a woman needs flirting" (and in this she is right in her own way).

The more a skin-visual woman requires attention to herself, the greater her fear is. Therefore, the jealousy of a skin-visual woman is a shortage not only in the skin vector, but also in the visual one. This suggests that it is not fulfilling its natural role.

In a developed and realized state, a person with a visual vector is able to give his partner real emotional support, love, understanding, trust, sincerity and sincerity, creating and maintaining a warm atmosphere in a couple in which both will be comfortable and easy, and the relationship will bring joy, and not constant conflicts from scratch. After all, the causes of conflicts are in our internal states, and there will always be a reason.

As for skin-visual men, the picture is the same in the case of their underdevelopment. They are a relatively new phenomenon in our world, since they began to survive quite recently. In ancient times, before the creation of culture, they were eaten as unnecessary or they died from diseases. The fear of death is strongly imprinted on their psychics. Most of these men have not yet developed to the level of compassion and love. But we already see some very developed skin-visual men, such as Sergei Filin. In the future, they will become the creators of a new culture - a culture of the male type.

Jealousy as an experience of betrayal


Here we will talk about those who, in general, by their nature are exclusively monogamous and extremely painful to treason - as betrayal. Such, if he catches, he will not forgive.

People with an anal vector are the best husbands and wives, loyal, devoted, honest and decent. Possessing a high libido, they do not need to change their sexual partners, and, moreover, it is overstress for them, because for a full-fledged relationship they need to get used to a person. Therefore, they are not prone to jealousy, but, on the contrary, are gullible in relationships, because they evaluate a partner through their own properties.

But if the analnik finds his wife with another man (precisely “for business”, because in any other case he may believe that “nothing happened”), then you cannot beg her forgiveness. For him, the relationship between his wife and another is a betrayal. Depending on the level of development and the presence of other vectors, his reaction to betrayal can be different: from proud silent leaving with the door slammed to reprisals against both right on the spot.

The "jealousy" of a person with a urethral vector can also end with violence. For him, a woman's betrayal is perceived as an attempt to lower him in rank, and he is by nature the first in everything. Any demotion in rank can cause uncontrollable anger on his part. Therefore, it is dangerous to change the urethral.

Ideological jealousy

The worst case of jealousy, the paranoid one, is the jealousy of the skin sounder.

The sound vector in a person is an intangible desires, a desire to cognize oneself, the structure of the universe, a desire to cognize the Creator. People with a sound vector are naturally egocentric, they need to focus on the external world, in which a thought or idea is born to them. Concentrating not outside, but on the inner side of the eardrum, the sound engineer feels his unrecognized genius, his huge shortcomings with such concentration do not give rise to thought, but lead to the fact that the outside world becomes illusory for him, ceases to be felt, and inside himself he feels his own greatness … In the material world, there is nothing that could fill the lack of the sound vector.

If a person's sound vector is in such a state - a state of unfilledness and concentration inside oneself, and not outside - and at the same time the skin vector experiences a feeling of jealousy (according to the mechanism described above), then this jealousy becomes an obsession. The perception of reality ceases to be adequate, such a skin-sound fanatic (in this case, the fanatical idea is jealousy born of a skin sense of ownership) no longer perceives the words of a partner, even if he does not leave the house at all and sits within four walls.


Delirium of jealousy is dangerous precisely because a person no longer hears what is happening outside, in his reality betrayal has already occurred and is happening, he is not able to stop in his feelings, bringing the situation to insanity. Even a very loving and caring partner cannot help him in any way. Sometimes, vaguely assuming that this is a disease, and suffering from this, such a jealous person becomes a patient of a psychiatrist. And in the worst case, completely losing touch with reality, he is able to break wood. In one of the programs on television, it was told how such a jealous man mutilated the face and body of his wife with a knife, and she miraculously survived.

This state of the sound vector, when the loss of connection with reality occurs after puberty, is called secondary autism, or moral and moral degeneration, in systemic vector psychology.


Jealousy, as we see, has various facets of manifestation, but it is always a reflection of internal shortcomings, and above all, in the skin vector. One can get rid of this feeling only by understanding its nature in oneself, realizing one's innate properties and their possible manifestations in realized and unrealized states.

The method of system-vector psychology allows you to look at the world in its full eight-dimensional volume, see your place in it and clearly understand your desires and the desires of your neighbors, as well as how you can fill these desires in the best way in order to get more from life joy. After all, a person was born for happiness.

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