What Qualities Should The Head Of The Company Have?

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What Qualities Should The Head Of The Company Have?
What Qualities Should The Head Of The Company Have?
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What qualities should a leader have

Good management is the foundation on which the company's success is built. What qualities should a manager-manager possess to do this? What qualities a leader should have in order to lead his business to success and earn the respect of subordinates, we understand the article …

The effective work of the team largely depends on the professionalism of the leader. Good management is the foundation on which the company's success is built. What qualities a leader must have in order to lead his business to success and earn the respect of subordinates, we understand the article.

The main skills of a good boss

These are the qualities a modern leader must have:

  • stress tolerance,
  • responsibility,
  • involvement,
  • competence,
  • communication skills,
  • high general level of development.

A world of super speeds and competition. The need to make difficult, timely decisions to achieve important goals. All this is associated with psychological and emotional stress and requires such a quality as stress resistance.

A successful leader cannot afford to give in to problems because he feels personally responsible for everything that happens to the company. Failed - I made the wrong decision. The subordinate made a mistake - I explained the problem poorly or gave the task to the wrong one. As a leader, I am entirely responsible for everything.

A good manager, be it a CEO or a middle manager, needs a heartache for the common cause. Engagement will not let you give up. It is this quality that spurs thoughts in the right direction, because we are driven by our desires - for the sake of their embodiment, we are ready to move. A detached person is not able to conduct good management activities.

As well as incompetent. The leader must have information about what the team is working on. The subtleties of each stage are what specific specialists are doing. But a good boss cannot do without general knowledge in the professional field.

What qualities should a picture leader have?
What qualities should a picture leader have?

Subordinates speak best of the leader who has delved into everything himself, understood the work. This means that he gave competent instructions, made adequate demands on employees and was able to effectively solve problems at a higher level.

The ability to understand people

The success of any enterprise depends on the teamwork of employees, good relations between colleagues and between subordinates and management. The atmosphere in the team and thus the efficiency of work can be largely influenced by the boss. What qualities should a manager-manager possess to do this?

First, a successful manager should have a clear idea of ​​the professional qualities of employees, of their individual characteristics. Know who to give what assignment, what powers to give for the best result. Be aware of what conditions are preferable for a comfortable working environment for each subordinate.

For example, one is not afraid of multitasking and is able to complete the task in the shortest possible time, it is easy to adapt to changes in conditions, but he cannot stand the routine. Another will not rush, tight deadlines are stressful for him, but give him time - he will do everything perfectly, paying attention to every detail, without making a single mistake. Assign the wrong task - it will affect the outcome of the work.

Or one person is sociable and open, can win over anyone - ideal for working in live communication mode. And the other is a thoughtful and concentrated loner, capable of giving out a completely new, maybe even brilliant idea, if he is not distracted and not disturbed by the silence.

Secondly, the leader has to make difficult decisions that not everyone likes. It is very important to correctly convey them to the team. "I said so, period!" - does not characterize a person as a good manager. The ability to understand people, to understand what and how to tell them, in combination with the aforementioned competence and resistance to stress, will make it possible to present the desired solution with a minimum degree of intensity.

The skill of finding an approach to any employee, superior official, client, competitor, business partner is worth a lot. A non-conflict, understanding, reliable and trustworthy leader is a pleasure to deal with even in difficult situations.

The peculiarities of the Russian mentality also have their influence. In our country, in contrast to the Western standardized, profit-oriented world, everything is based on personal relationships. “This person is pleasant to me, but that one is not very good - I will deal with the first, even if the second has more preferable conditions,” - oddly enough, this approach is not uncommon. And this must be taken into account at all levels of business relationships.

What qualities a good leader should have: general level of development

The development of congenital individual properties is also one of the main qualities of a real leader. What is in us by nature should always be used for the sake of a common cause, it is important to know how.

A realized person is able to understand not only other people, but also clearly realize his talents and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. Be able to apply them. The training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology" will help here.

For example, people with a certain psychotype are characterized by such traits as ambitiousness, logical thinking, competitive spirit, focus on benefits and benefits, quick reaction, discipline and organizational talent. These are the qualities that are in demand in modern management activities. Businessmen, heads of large corporations, successful managers cannot do without these properties.

People with a different psychotype are by nature solid, quality-oriented, honest and fair, erudite, value experience and knowledge, value respect and reputation. Such traits will also be a plus for the boss. Master in production, owner of a craft workshop, manager, ensuring order.

And imagine that a person is the owner of both a set of qualities. At the training, Yuri Burlan calls this a "maneuverable tank". All paths are open to him if he is developed in his properties and knows when and how to apply them.

A promising leader will not miss the opportunity

Here are the recommendations of successful people who took the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about themselves, others and how to apply it in their activities during the training:

It's no secret for them what qualities an ideal leader should have. Want to know more - come to the free introductory lectures by Yuri Burlan.

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